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Carpal Tunnel. What Helps...

Carpal Tunnel Testimonials.

What causes carpal tunnel, especially the increased incidence of it? Is it repetitive motion, or hasn't man always worked hard, and specific occupations demanded a toll that perhaps Grandpa just didn't share? Is it nutrient deficiencies, as our food has become processed, soils depleted, medications have become the norm and interfered with nutrient absorption, enzyme production, etc.? Changes in water or food supply can affect vast numbers of people before answers are sought after, and found. Pharmaceuticals take advantage of these deficiencies, and create drugs to treat the symptoms, making one wonder if there are pressures engineering dietary shortfalls, creating media advertising with profit-making targeted agendas.

One example is flouride added to water, which leaches iodine from the body. Additionally, our main sources of iodine for those living inland, are dairy, bread and salt. A study I recently read said much of the cattle feed now had reduced iodide, bread conditioners containing iodide have been removed and people have been urged to lower salt intake. How many people have been put on Thyroxine, or other synthetic drugs for 'thyroid problems'? Even the natural Armour used instead, has had the formulation changed. Reminds me of the raw almonds I liked to eat each day and make almond milk from, that with a supposed case or so of e-coli, which can be added to almost any food maliciously, are now being 'pasteurized' which kills the live enzymes and seed, or sprayed with a chemical fire retardant.

In the carpal tunnel testimonials below, notice the repeated mention of certain nutrients.
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Shared Material from past archives:
These testimonials are not from the Shaklee Corp., but people who use and distribute their nutritional products.
I got these posts from a search of the
archives from the SHAKLEE AND DISTRIBUTORS board on AOL. Hope this helps!
Since only 6% of the population diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel actually
have it, the first thing to do is find out what really is causing the Signs and
Symptoms. Many times it is coming from the elbow or the neck or the
Thoracic Outlet. Nutrition can help if this is due to a vitamin deficiency or if
there is inflammation. In that case you would use B-complex, GLA, EPA, Lecithin
and Cal/Mag. Avoid teas, sugar, white flour and coffee and carbonated

Chances are this is structural in nature and so they need to find out
what the cause is.

Joe Hansen, D.C.
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel Date: 1/26/98
From: aol://3548:DrHansen2"DrHansen2

Approximately 90% of the population diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel do not
have it. Usually the problem is due to a problem in another area. Sometimes
there may be more than one area involved. The term 'crush' is then used to
denote nerve compression. For example, a tendonosis at the medial aspect of the
elbow may mimic carpal tunnel. If there is some nerve compression in the
thoracic outlet then you have a double crush syndrome. If there is a
fixation in the cervical you have a triple crush
syndrome and so on.

If this person does not have any of these things going on...perhaps it is
then a neuropathy in which B-complex and lecithin would be very helpful.

Personally, I would have someone look at it to identify the cause. Perhaps
it is from an overuse syndrome and they have a tendonosis with forearm
muscles that are in spasm. This is the most common cause and can take months to
heal if not treated right.

Go see a Chiropractor about it. If you need a reference then E-mail me and
I will assist any way that I can.

Dr. Hansen
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Date: 6/24/98

Amen to that. I thought I had carpal tunnel; major numbness in the hands
in almost any reclining position, etc, etc. My chiropractor checked me over
and said that it was due to some major misalignment my neck (13 different
problem areas). After only two months of three adjustments a weeks, I'm symptom
free and doing great. He was aware that I used Shaklee and said that was great,
that adjustments healed better and longer if the body is getting proper
nutrients into it. Probably the basic program with and emphasis on extra
B, extra cal mag and regular intake of Physique would be helpful.

Good luck.
Robin Stimac
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 12/26/97

There is a nutritionist here in Boston who is part of the Cranney
organization and regularly speaks to their Shaklee University meeting. She
claims that glucosamine (Osteokinetics) was instrumental in helping
someone she knew who had severe carpal tunnel.

Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 5/9/98

Take lots of B and add E. Have also been advised to see a chiropractor
and/or masotherapist regularly. I have a lady who had the surgery and is
still having problems, so that is not the only answer. Massage is a must.
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel Date: 1/25/98

Hi Linda-
I know a Shaklee Dist. who is a physical therapist. She works a lot with
people with Carpal Tunnel. She has actually helped people who would have
otherwise had to have surgery. She uses B Complex and Lecithin.

Hope this helps.
JoAnn Healthy Home Advisor
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 12/24/97

Have a member who had both hands in casts with Carpal Tunnel. Started
taking Alfalfa and then went on the Basic Program. She has avoided any surgery
and does not take any medication, only Shaklee. Symptoms are gone.

Faye Bass
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel Date: 1/25/98

I've had customers who had tennis elbow symptoms clear up when they added
DTX. Joint pain may be associated with a toxic liver. Hope this helps.

Helping people achieve personal excellence.

Phyllis Willkomm
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 8/6/98

I also read at some point that lecithin and the fatty acids (EPA, GLA) are
helpful for carpel tunnel....
Hope this helps.


Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 8/6/98

I have had Carpal Tunnel for quite some time now. In fact, I had my right
hand operated on about four years ago. I truly believe in the taking of
Shaklee's B Complex for the Carpal Tunnel that has come back. It isn't as
bad as before but has come back. I take the Shaklee Vita Lea's and the Instant
Protein along with the B Complex. When I run out of the "B" and stop using
it for a few days or week, I really notice the bad feeling in my hand. Hope
this helps.
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Date: 6/23/98

I believe in the Ounce of Prevention there are some testimonials. I know
that lecithin is one of the recommended nutrients.

Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel syndrome Date: 1/30/98

I have a friend who has had relief since taking the GLA. Hope this helps.
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel syndrome Date: 1/29/98

If I were the person you are dealing with I would be more concerned about
taking too many B-6. It is a well-known fact that the B vitamins work best
when taken all together in the B-complex form. The B complex is
water-soluble. Have been using them myself for 19 years and take 8 per day
for some personal reasons. Have helped many people with Carpal tunnel
syndrome and found that each person is different. Some only need 4 or 5
per day of the B complex for relief and others take as many as 12 per day.
Additional Lecithin has helped also. One of the many things we like about
Shaklee products is that we have found that - more - most of the time is
better and have never had a problem by taking -more - only good results.
Subject: Re: Carpel Tunnel? /Dr. Miller/anyone Date: 3/19/98

I have two people with carpel tunnel. Could I get info on how to help them
and on the syndrome?

B complex, cal/mag, EPA, glucosamine and GLA have all been mentioned in
the literature as being of help.

Be well:
Pamela from Lean Green Cafe, Independent Shaklee Distributor
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