Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Prostate Cancer, Placebos & Apathy

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I follow Robert Cohen’s comments and researched articles on his Notmilk Yahoo forum. I am infuriated at the many men who have become prostate cancer victims, given money-making cancer-to-lymph-node spreading biopsies, radium seeds, radiation, etc. in a growing business. The AMA/Pharma symbiotic parasites have not only managed to gain government support for their profit schemes, they squash all other natural help and voices simultaneously through Codex and the corrupt FDA. Eventually their kingdom will topple. Meanwhile, too many men drinking hormone-laden dairy, set up for Candida by drugs and diet, and predisposed for prostate problems by age and culture, stay unaware of products with antioxidants to bring down PSA in 6 weeks, protect against DNA cellular damage, others that build the body’s immune system, and PREVENT and HEAL.

Below are my comments RE: Aug. 26th 2009 Notmilk Posting:

Interesting how this Pharma posting is in sync with my own thoughts this morning. How has this monster called the AMA, and Pharmaceutical companies been allowed to erode our personal freedoms, and good sense, until they euthanize people with their wares, and even work with our lawmakers to mandate some worthless, population-thinning vaccine? How have Americans gotten so apathetic, that they allow their family members to get on a Whitman's sampler of drugs, like Coumadin, a rat poison, to 'thin' their blood, to 'avoid' clots? How has the ADA gotten away with putting flouride in the white fillings, and mercury in the amalgams for so long? There isn't anything else offered at my dentist. And at the grocery store with irradiated, GMO, processed, adulterated, DDT-imported food is truly an experience of the frog being boiled in the pot, one degree at a time. The pink ribbons to support the 'War' on breast cancer is a naive symbol of a complacent society. I personally am very angry at the money made on a duped and poisoned public. We have had to settle for what is least harmful to purchase, while our air and water quality produce chemical combos for genetic warp. Ever gone down the cleaning aisle at the grocery store? The off-gassing combos are 'unknowns'.

I already knew that sexual abuse had gone unchecked, and our prison populations had become quite the business, the legacy for our children marred beyond words, and debt has gone wild with the political wars set up by inside jobs like 9-11 and other greed.

Many people think of fleeing our nation, as it is corrupt in all facets, from religion to government to our apathetic, overweight anti-depressant, non-exercising, television-surfing waste of time Pepsi/Coke sappy 'war'-advertising osteoporosis-producing Ativan-popping, what's-wrong-with-being-unavailable to our families and neighbors w/ alcohol and pot-smoking public.

Our whole nation has become a 'placebo' of 'not doing anything'. Or so it seems. Or is it the ant and grasshopper scenario? Thank Goodness for the few ants like and Mr. Cohen's relentless information war with one corrupt industry. Where is the voice of the people, or is it too late for Lemmingsville?

*Rant not apologized for.

Have a better day. Pamela

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Salad

I recently joined Twitter, which is a challenge with it's 140 character limit, as you see my novels, below. Nevertheless, it will help me connect with others.

One of the recipes on looked good, and I had the cukes and cherry tomatoes, basil in the garden, etc.
Here the link is below:

I didn't have couscous, so I used quinoa. I cooked 1 c. quinoa and 2 c. filtered water for 20 min. on low heat, covered, (like cooking rice) and let it cool.
Add: fresh cukes. I had some small crisp babies fresh from the vine...I striped the peel a bit, cut off the ends and cut them into pieces. (Thank goodness for friends who share their garden produce. My daughter is hoping for some 'extra' green and yellow wax beans today, from my garden today when we meet for a Sunday walk together.)
Cherry tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes cut in half and added.
Either a red or Walla Walla onion, or green onions added to the mix.
I sliced a half can of black olives.
1 can drained garbanzo (chickpeas) beans, or some frozen (defrosted) you've cooked up ahead of time to have on hand for quick hummus recipes.
Basil or cilantro

Here's Heidi's www.101cookbook recipe for another quinoa salad dressing she has on her site:
I used almond butter instead of tahini, as that's what I had on the shelf.
I used lemon juice and a bit of lime zest....
OR: you can use the olive oil and lemon/lime juice of the link's recipe, above...

Tahini Dressing:
1 garlic clove, smashed and chopped
1/4 cup tahini
Zest of one lemon
scant 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons hot water
scant 1/2 teaspoon fine grain sea salt

Next recipe I'll share is one for zucchini soup. It's from a chef I know of, who has been cooking for a long time. It's a blended soup, with a hint of bacon or ham. Makes me want to make some cornbread or bread sticks, or a homemade loaf of french bread with poppy seeds on top....

My Scappoose home is for sale. You can find it on Portland's Craig's List under Scappoose Country real estate for sale. I've downsized to Vernonia, and am even thinking of selling this one and traveling until I find a place with enough sun and a college I could take some classes in, and perhaps teach some. The winter commute to civilization over wet or icy winding roads does not appeal to me. I've thought of getting a room mate for this house, and keeping it, as the spring and summer through fall here is wonderful. We'll see what shakes. I have a lot of work to do. I want to start another blog about my coming books. One is called When Love is Not Enough, and chronicles the struggles and destruction of a family, hopes and dreams with the price of sexual abuse. I want to also write about America's treatment of their elderly, the health"care" system, etc. My poetry and recipes will be sprinkled in some of them. I have a daughter who says I'm like a mirror, challenging others to be as open, which is hard for some. My belief is that we are our brother's keeper, and hiding from our problems only complicates life. If we strive to live honestly, and share what we have and know with others, we perhaps will leave the planet better than we found it.

I'm an Independent Shaklee Distributor not only for income, but because their natural supplements work, and everyone needs to be using their non-toxic green cleaners in their home. This company has been making green cleaners for a better safer home and planet for over 50 years. The Get Clean kit comes with everything you need to trade out your poisonous carbon-producing (all the water shipped instead of concentrate, and packaging clogging our landfills) cleaners with healthy alternatives, made with corn and coconut surfactants, etc.

The $149 Get Clean kit (one of Oprah's favorites) replaces $3400 worth of product. The question is: If I can show you Green non-toxic cleaners that are less money, and work as well or better, would you be interested in changing brands? The only product not costing less, is the Basic Laundry liquid, made of corn and coconut surfactants, that cleans your plumbing pipes instead of clogging them and isn't dumping phosphates in our already compromised waterways. I use 1 oz. or 2T. in my laundry loads. It's also a stain and grease spotter and handwashables laundry detergent.

Keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.
Eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.

Here's a quick link:

My best---
Pics are of my Scappoose Home...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"A customer came to buy her
third bottle of Stress Relief Complex for her daughter. It is the only product her daughter
takes. The mother reported that her daughter has suffered terribly with
Migraine headaches and Psoriasis. Both have disappeared since she started
taking the Stress Relief Complex."

Many of the health problems we have are linked to stress. To balance, we must plan breaks amid our work, or just take off and relax to see nature's beauty. This summer my sister Alison, from Utah, and a friend-Alex, from Fort Worth, Texas have come to Oregon for various reasons. It's been a great excuse to show them the beauty here, and relax away from the 'to do' list, which is very long.

Shaklee's Stress Relief is taken once a day, and is made from Ashwagandah, an herb used in India for many years. This herb relaxes a person without drowsiness, creating alpha waves. It can help the adrenals, which get worn out with chronic stress. I take Stress Relief when I know I'll be facing a very hard situation, or when my neck starts to crack, it's so tight. I also take Cor-Energy, which not only normalizes the stress response, but it normalizes my energy with the panax ginseng.

I want to include more stories on migraines in this post, below. Notice the different products, that point to different causes and triggers. I have several good articles on the types of migraines, and how to eliminate them without drugs. Request them at

My best, Pamela

Optiflora & Migraine Testimony

I have had migraines since the age of 12 that were associated with my
menstrual cycle. They were predictable and terrible. During pregnancy and
lactation I did not have a headache (I was either pregnant or nursing for
eleven wonderful, headache-free years).

I thought that menopause would cure the problem, but like 20% of migraine
sufferers when menopause hit I had a headache for a year and a half. I
really couldn't stand living! I tried everything and a completely restricted
diet which eliminated all processed or aged foods helped to give me several
days a week headache free. Imitrex was life-changing for me as it would
knock a headache down, but at the cost of $139 per nine pills it was
cramping to my finances.

I added Optiflora to my Shaklee nutrition program simply because I have
always used health food store acidophilus and am totally convinced that it is
a symbiont to the human body and must be present for digestion. After
taking Optiflora for just two days I attended a party and ate cheese and had
a beer...a SURE headache within four hours, but I had my Imitrex in hand. I
was ready! make a short story long... I can eat cheese, I can eat
anything except foods with MSG...I can't believe that this product made an
immediate change in my ability to digest foods, especially dairy foods,
without a migraine.

Judy Decker
Fairview, Pa
Dear Diane,

This is just a short note to let you know how thrilled I have been with
all my Shaklee Products. They all do exactly what they claim---AND MORE!
I started on the shaklee Protein powder to increase my soy intake. I had
read that soy helps alleviate migraine headaches. The protein powder has
dramatically decreased my headaches! I wish every migraine sufferer knew
about this terrific product. As a result, I now use much less Imitrex and
can count on many more days of wellness. (Now I'm counting on "rolling
the clock with the new Enfuselle Line...)
Thanks again Diane....and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sincerely yours,
Linda Pellegrino/WKBW-TV


Passing on a testimonial through Val Setterholm

It was in the Meijers produce department that Kenny popped the question,
What do you recommend for headaches? He asked, as he glanced at his
wife, Phyllis. I remembered the results in the past when people would
take 4 B Complex, 4 Calcium Magnesium, and 4 Lecithin for their
headaches and the headache would be gone within 10-20 minutes. So of
course, that was my suggestion along with -- Ïif it isn't gone in that
length of time, repeat the amounts.

It wasn't until quite a while later that I learned the end result of
this encounter. Phyllis McNew woke up on September 22, 1998 with a
horrible migraine headache from which she vomited repeatedly. Prior to
this migraine experience, Phyllis used to wake up many days with a
headache that would eventually wear off after a couple of hours.

She went to the doctor that day, thinking he might want to do some tests
to see what brought this on. He simply called in a couple of
prescriptions and said to call back later if she wasn't better. The
medicine killed the pain but when the medicine wore off, the headache
was still there. After several weeks, Phyllis called her doctor back
hoping that this time he would run some tests.

His next suggestion was ÏI can give you a prescription that will work, but
you will need to take it the rest of your life.

Not liking that idea, Phyllis sought another opinion, thinking it might
be sinus. The second doctor did x-rays but her sinuses were clear. His
recommendation was prescription strength Motrin -- 600mg 3X daily. Just
like the previous medicine, the headache was still there when it wore

On Nov. 13th we were having a dinner at our Shaklee Express --- Jim
and I were in the kitchen dishing up lasagna and rolls, people in the
dining room were sharing Shaklee result stories and I couldn't believe
my ears when it was Phyllis' turn!

After our encounter at Meijers, Phyllis apparently took to heart what I
suggested and after having had a headache for 5-6 weeks she decided to
start taking 4 each of B Complex, Cal/Mag, and Lecithin. She related
that she took this amount every 15, 30, or 60 minutes for 1 1/2 days at
which point the headache completely disappeared. Phyllis also said that
another very important part of the answer was a lot of prayer.

Now Phyllis may take one or two rounds of the supplements daily, and if
she feels a headache coming on, she immediately takes Ïthe formulaÓ and
the headache vanishes. And the really great news is she no longer wakes
up with headaches like she did in the past

Dear Mike,

I have a neighbor who has suffered with migraines for years. They were
reoccuring everyweek and she would spend a couple day a week in bed. She
was also having problems with depression. I had spoken with her about
Shaklee over the years, but she was not interested. Finally last May she
that she was ready. I gave her: Soy Protein, Vita Lea, B-Complex, Vita
C, Calcium Mg., GLA, EPA, Lecithin, Optiflora, and Moodlift for her

We went out of town and I did not see her for almost a month. When we
came home she came over and said that she had not had a migraine since she
started with Shaklee. She is off all her medication, including her
medication. She said that it is the first time in several years that she
has felt like doing anything.

She has had a few little headaches, but no migraines. She is so excited
that she is sharing it with friends who have migraines and other health
problems. She has cut back on some of the supplements. She has also become
more aware of her diet. She ate many sweets and other snacks that were not
too healthy. I hope this has been of some help for you

Helen C

Friday, August 7, 2009

High Energy Wellness Program

Order online at and then sign up for your One-time $19.95 Membership at the end of the process for 15% off all Retail prices.

The basics for optimal energy and health are:
1. Vita Lea natural multi vitamin/mineral w/ or w/out iron
Vita Lea Gold-w/ or w/out Vitamin K for those over 50. This may be the only natural, bioavailable Mulit-vitamin with a choice of Vitamin K or not, for those using blood thinners.

2. Energizing Soy Protein in Vanilla, Cocoa or Plain, or Meal Shakes. (Great for kids or meal replacements for elderly.) We offer Whey Protein, also.

3. B complex-a non-animal source of balanced b vitamins especially important for nerve transmission, and numerous bodily functions and protections. Important for vegetarians, those under a lot of stress, those drinking alcohol, and those on certain medications that deplete the B vitamins.
(Medication-Induced Nutrient Deficiency sheet available in earlier blog postings.)

4. Cor-Energy for normalizing energy and stress response. For those with High Blood Pressure, since Panax Ginseng can cause an increase in blood pressure in some, and a decrease in others, the Stress Relief complex or Garlic and Fish Oil may be used instead. Ginseng is known as an adaptogen. It normalizes stress response and energy.

The 'new kid on the block' for energy because it promotes mitochondria biogenesis, (as we age and lose mitochondria we tire more easily) is Vivix, the powerful ANTI-AGING liquid antioxidant over 5000 ORAC value. Just one teaspoon a day has the resveratrol of 100 glasses of red wine. It protects the DNA, etc. Google grape skins and seeds to find our how these antioxidants help type II Diabetes, Alzheimers, etc.

Use the SEARCH BOX to find what you need at and be sure to read the ABOUT ME section for my experiences with Shaklee supplements, and why I use and recommend them.

My best,

The RX for Health is a 30 day packet of 80 natural bioavailable vitamins called Vitalizer.
(Vitalizer has your 2 daily Vita Lea multi's, 2 Sustained Release C&B Complex, 2 Vitamin E/Fish OIl/Betacarotene called Carotomax, and the Probiotic called Optiflora.)

This is sold as a package deal with Vivix, the Anti-aging Antioxidant, Nutriferon for stimulating the body's production of interferon for optimal immune function, and your choice of Cinch Protein for healthy weight loss, and is 10% off with AUTOSHIP. About $7 a day for an entire program. THIS RX FOR HEALTH INCLUDES A $10 COUPON FOR ANY SHAKLEE PRODUCT UP TO $93.25 RETAIL, INCLUDING VIVIX. This RX for HEALTH makes taking food supplements easy.

OR: TRY VITALIZER AND VIVIX AND SAVE 10% AUTOSHIP if desired. This includes a $10 coupon for a canister of Cinch Healthy Weight Protein Mix. $40.80 Member price/$48 Retail.
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