Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Prostate Cancer, Placebos & Apathy

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I follow Robert Cohen’s comments and researched articles on his Notmilk Yahoo forum. I am infuriated at the many men who have become prostate cancer victims, given money-making cancer-to-lymph-node spreading biopsies, radium seeds, radiation, etc. in a growing business. The AMA/Pharma symbiotic parasites have not only managed to gain government support for their profit schemes, they squash all other natural help and voices simultaneously through Codex and the corrupt FDA. Eventually their kingdom will topple. Meanwhile, too many men drinking hormone-laden dairy, set up for Candida by drugs and diet, and predisposed for prostate problems by age and culture, stay unaware of products with antioxidants to bring down PSA in 6 weeks, protect against DNA cellular damage, others that build the body’s immune system, and PREVENT and HEAL.

Below are my comments RE: Aug. 26th 2009 Notmilk Posting:

Interesting how this Pharma posting is in sync with my own thoughts this morning. How has this monster called the AMA, and Pharmaceutical companies been allowed to erode our personal freedoms, and good sense, until they euthanize people with their wares, and even work with our lawmakers to mandate some worthless, population-thinning vaccine? How have Americans gotten so apathetic, that they allow their family members to get on a Whitman's sampler of drugs, like Coumadin, a rat poison, to 'thin' their blood, to 'avoid' clots? How has the ADA gotten away with putting flouride in the white fillings, and mercury in the amalgams for so long? There isn't anything else offered at my dentist. And at the grocery store with irradiated, GMO, processed, adulterated, DDT-imported food is truly an experience of the frog being boiled in the pot, one degree at a time. The pink ribbons to support the 'War' on breast cancer is a naive symbol of a complacent society. I personally am very angry at the money made on a duped and poisoned public. We have had to settle for what is least harmful to purchase, while our air and water quality produce chemical combos for genetic warp. Ever gone down the cleaning aisle at the grocery store? The off-gassing combos are 'unknowns'.

I already knew that sexual abuse had gone unchecked, and our prison populations had become quite the business, the legacy for our children marred beyond words, and debt has gone wild with the political wars set up by inside jobs like 9-11 and other greed.

Many people think of fleeing our nation, as it is corrupt in all facets, from religion to government to our apathetic, overweight anti-depressant, non-exercising, television-surfing waste of time Pepsi/Coke sappy 'war'-advertising osteoporosis-producing Ativan-popping, what's-wrong-with-being-unavailable to our families and neighbors w/ alcohol and pot-smoking public.

Our whole nation has become a 'placebo' of 'not doing anything'. Or so it seems. Or is it the ant and grasshopper scenario? Thank Goodness for the few ants like and Mr. Cohen's relentless information war with one corrupt industry. Where is the voice of the people, or is it too late for Lemmingsville?

*Rant not apologized for.

Have a better day. Pamela

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