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Is it True that the Red Cross Participates in Genocide?

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1 child dies every minute of Malaria. A test on 154 Malaria patients was done, resulting in -0- or a negative test for the Malaria parasite in 24 hrs, yet now the Red Cross denies being involved, and denies the video-taped field test.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

By Their Fruits...

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  • Discussion on The Salt Lake Tribune

    The quest for Mormon intellectuals: how to balance facts and faith

    • Pamela Cohen  15 hours ago
      Shaking the dust off the feet as a testimony against those foreigners, etc. that don't accept 'the Gospel' so they'll fry like bacon when the 'destroying angel' flies in the last days doesn't sound too unconditional. Add not paying tithing, a drop of black blood, etc.
      As one Bishop put it as I left...after marrying the missionary in the temple and having 7 kidlets: "But Pam, you're a good person". Meaning I'm not if I'm not a member of your church? Part of this is 'group think', as I've experienced the 'outsider' feeling elsewhere.
      Tammo, your statement on priority of love is accurate in my life. I had 9 siblings, who decided w/ my Mother and her husband when my youngest bro and sister's sexual abuse was disclosed with some of my children, to pretend I didn't exist. Me leaving the Mormon religion made it easy for them. Anything my children suffered could be blamed on my 'bad example.' Sad. So much for sibling bonds. Naively, I thought we all loved each other, and were loving, loyal and honest. People like Thomas Paine appealed to me: "The world is my country, and to do good is my religion."
    • Pamela Cohen  18 hours ago
      What is difficult, and personal, is whether the life after life/death experiences reported by many count, as quantitative and/or qualitative data for a loving God.
    • Pamela Cohen  18 hours ago
      I think that 'intent to defraud' includes claims of 'fact'. Kind of like our current presidency, and previous. US presidency. In the Mormon religion, claims include the First Vision, the Golden Plates, the interpreting stones, etc., including written 'witnesses'. This is fraud. Not belief. Humans are just gullible. And, no matter how many times we hear in a Testimony Meeting..."I know" is based on beliefs, lured in by fraud, until the investment is too painful to defrock. Reminds me of 9-11. Pass on the truth. Now, pass the salt. Business as usual.
    • Pamela Cohen  18 hours ago
      Investing time, tithing, etc. for years in a cult culture after swallowing fraud, I see how 'emotional intelligence' can be blunted or jeopardized. Asserting oneself after doing ones own thinking or forbidden research in historic newspapers and books will give one the boot-w/ Disfellowshipment or Excommunication. It was with pride in self-scrutiny that I researched and wrote a college paper on 'The Unique Expression of Racism in Utah'. In Graduate School, I merely wrote about Racism Within Religion. John Lennon said basically those that speak the truth may not have many friends, but those that are left, are the right ones.
      Out of curiosity, I recently went to watch a man who runs 'the Gemstone Ministries' speak, and realized I was listening to a man like Joseph Smith. He just wasn't as talented. Why would Christ or God need magic, or claims of it, like the Golden Plates, the 'First Vision', the Urim & Thummim (sp), that disappear? As for 'witnesses', the Pastor was in on this fraud w/ the Gemstones guy, and people who had an appetite for magical 'wonders', spoke about the Gemstones they found (where the roving man in socks had just been) and the 'diamond countenance' on people. Too bad Joseph Smith couldn't have used this visual aid, as fine glitter hidden in hats like Epimenandes can suddenly douse a willing participant. The Pastor even had a box w/ his dead wife's ring, waiting for God to come and take it to his wife, since after all, He could send gemstones here. I think we just have to have humor.

      April 7, 2014:

      For me, it was 9 siblings, their partners, my mother and her husband. The stain of disappointment in humanity, when your own tribe betrays you for their convenience is one that won't bleach out. In ancient societies, the 'shunned' were not expected to live. Grief and stress does cut the longevity. Scapegoating was a ritual. 
      Actually, I saw where the sibling bond was stronger than parent/child. Instead of dealing w/ who sexually abused them, my kids just focused the anger on me. That has caused its own dilemmas, as in setting limits, patterns of unequal expectations, knowing Mom is there unconditionally when you really need her, but not being there for her, etc. Still wanting to act out the patterns of childhood, where their Mormon father ate into the one person's credibility they had left to trust, for his own selfish reasons--casting the only one loyal to them and the truth as the 'bad guy', has left them alone. Not one has done any personal work. I get cut out of every grandchild and family outing. Stonewalling. Several who used alcohol and drugs to cope, blamed Mom along the way. After a while, damage from a culture of blaming and lying is irreparable. Too bad my youngest son went into regular law instead of specializing in mediation and problem solving. After reaching out ad nauseum, my role is now to take care of myself and find meaning. A secret in life is service, but the heart can carry wounds that may never heal, and it makes the journey difficult. Time with loved ones can never be made up. Ages of grandchildren, etc. Raised without the wisdom and guidance of Gramma, extends the damage. Those 'kids' who refuse to do their own work will see anyone willing to honestly deal with it, as a threat. If your mate punishes you, expect your kids may do the same. You can divorce the mate, but the modeling residue can be a lifelong challenge. What was he hiding, projecting his own self-hatred? Exhibitionism while serving twice in the Mormon Bishopric. It's best to feel compassion as we are all wounded, but full discovery of further deviance has not yet surfaced, though it's well documented. Who knows if entire lives will be wasted and impacted forever, and death will come before the truth. Perhaps the lesson lies between the human impulse of a mother whose children were violated, man's search for meaning, forgiveness and moving on.
  • Discussion on Natural News

    Flight 370 reality check: A Boeing 777 doesn't disappear unless governments want it to disappear

    • Pamela Cohen  5 days ago
      I watched a woman named Leuren Moret on Youtube line out Topol's demo by Russia, which makes every Navy weapon obsolete. The next day there's a media piece about LAWS-Laser ...Weapon System whose limitation is being 10 miles away. Following day a witness says the tail of the aircraft was blown off, and dived into the ocean. Vietnam was honest in the media till the US/British spin took over. Sounds like a couple of gym rats flexing their ego and muscles, w/ human lives. I heard the terms DEMO, payback, killing about 9 trained techs for some company, and that a 22? yr. old gal working for Bitcoin was found murdered on the street in one of the Asian countries where (3) had made Bitcoin illegal. What a time we live in.
  • Discussion on Mother Jones

    My Interview with a Pediatrician Who Thinks Vaccines Are "Messing With Nature"

    • Pamela Cohen  6 days ago
      Start by reading, where several hundred or thousand people write in and list side effects and rate a medication. The AMA has long tried to divert valid arguments and evidence by using terms as 'anecdotal'. Qualitative data is just as valid as quantitative. The denial, outright dishonesty and corruption in the medical field and our 'protective' govt. agencies is a stench. The suicide rate among physicians is staggering. They start out with good intentions, and find themselves in a system that harms people, and overlooks common sense like nutrition and parasitology, etc.
    • Pamela Cohen  6 days ago
      I am personally glad there are independent thinkers like this Pediatrician. The US now has 1 in 6 children w/ Autism or some other kind of neurological/immune-based disease. Autism rose 30% in 2 years in the US. Our obsession as germ phobes has harmed our kids. There is no long-term study showing effects of all the many vaccines kids are now getting. Parents also need to be more aware of choices, as in vaccines made without preservatives, delayed schedules, etc. With live virus's, foreign proteins being injected into bodies and mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum, we are setting up our kids for disease, as we herd them in to 'protect' them from something they might get. 'Messing with Nature' is a valid concern, especially shown with 'superbugs' from antibiotic-resistant germs, bacteria-imbalanced digestive systems and the vaccinated getting and infecting others w/ a shedding virus. One day maybe we'll get the honest scoop on increased Shingles cases, Whooping Cough, etc. and realize the most dangerous place to be is in a clinic or hospital, if we have to breathe or open our eyes.
      Where is the child's voice for instance, if they're already sick, but being herded in for shots on Mom's schedule, or the new infant getting a Hepatitis vaccine, where the toxic adjuvants crossing the blood brain barrier have just altered an entire life-and the whole family's? These problems have to be addressed. Every parent should be informed, and demand safe vaccines, delivered in a protective, timely manner.
  • Discussion on

    Nearly half of American adults believe in a medical conspiracy theory

    • Pamela Cohen  17 days ago
      Some of us are well-read researchers. It is not important to be 'right', Gaius. But it is a good idea to be respectful and look at all sides, including many 'qualitative' data, not 'suggesting' we have work to do in our country to achieve good health, but 'illustrating' it. Learning is exciting, especially if you can leave this world better than you found it.
      Today's children w/ diabetes, neurological disorders, etc. will be the first generation that have less lifespan than their parents. This is not a gift. Ask an Amish person why they don't have to worry about their children being damaged by vaccines and Autism, and the other neurological disorders. Sometimes the truth is living and breathing right in front of us.
    • Pamela Cohen  17 days ago
      The 'lifespan' is going the opposite direction. The quality of life, also. Tho the idea of vaccination is not 'perfect', it is currently imbalanced, ridden w/ 'preservatives' that cross the blood brain barrier, and the FDA who we pay to protect us, is in bed w/ your beloved Pharma. Wait till one of your own kids or grandchildren is harmed by the number of vaccines, or by being an involuntary guinea pig. Wait, we do a lot of that testing in other countries... or prisons, or the military. Documented.
      Your comment would earn you a bar of soap in my upbringing. Try and focus.
      And nutrition. That is a sad subject. Are you on your knees thanking Monsanto, also? When the food we work to pay for, spend time buying and preparing and eating is only a motion and charade because of the lack of nutrition, it is also time for reassessment. Who cares if the strawberry looks perfect, and is tasteless and deficit of any meaningful nutrients? Some of us have been mothers, and care not only for our own, but others.
      My opinion, is that we all have a right to our opinions. No cheap grade school 'guilting' manipulations in corporate-owned media will change that.
    • Pamela Cohen  17 days ago
      Americans seem to be the most vulnerable, dense people, believing their 'doctors', who have been trained and paid handsomely to 'market' a plethora of drugs and vaccines. Look around the world, and see who else is sucked into believing babies need a Hep vaccine on their first day of life and children need 17 vaccines in a non-studied time period till 1 in 6 have some form of neurological harm. Notice this 'news' article, and how the title 'defines' this discussion for the sheep. 'Conspiracy', theories, as if every adult who doesn't succumb to blood pressure checks and meds, statins to ruin their health and Coumadin to not only thin their blood, but give them blood clots, gangrene and cognitive decline, as documented in 'side effects' is a problem. Of course you that think for yourselves are a problem. You stand in the way of profit up until the time the undertaker makes his.
  • Discussion on Tunedbody

    Heart surgeon declares on what really causes heart illness

    • Pamela Cohen  2 months ago
      I'd fire the 'Psychiatry specialist'. Anyone prescribing Cymbalta has a few ethical problems or is short of a full deck. Check
      B12 deficits often come from meds, like Prilosec, etc. Prilosec was prescribed like mad after a plethora of problems and side effects from other drugs. One side effect of anti-depressants is no appetite=a set up for malnutrition and disease. There are 8 reasons for depression, at least.
      Check out 'Medication-Induced Nutrient Deficiencies'. Very illuminating.
      I appreciate being reminded about inflammation again, but I'm w/ the first poster, in that references are best used.
      Check out FullyRawKristina on YouTube for what to eat. Pretty enlightening. And after seeing how chickens are bred and raised to 'harvest' within 30-40 days, complete w/ ammonia burns on their legs b/c they can't support their weight after the food and crowding and lay in waste, absorbing it..., I'm inching towards dropping the 'white meat'.
      And why did I have to watch the documentary on child trafficking that's used to harvest our cocoa pods on the Gold coast? Shame on Hersheys.
      Check out MMS, Dr. Simoncini, etc. when you have signs of cancer. Cancer is fungal based, but is also about unresolved inflammation.
  • Discussion on Mother Jones

    How Your College Is Selling Out to Big Ag

    • Pamela Cohen  2 months ago
      Earthworm: I'm sorry, but after reading your comments, finding all the supposed exceptions, and minimizing, rationalizing, etc., me thinks you belong in a field, as you are a 'plant'. Monsanto is not going to support or publish anyone not in line w/ the 'party line', unless they have some angle in mind. Even if it's timely eradication. For instance, the GMO-Roundup Bt? corn study, showing huge tumors on rats was criticized for their 10-rat study, and rats that supposedly are prone to cancer, was already done by the 'big rats', with the same small number and kind of rats, with -0- negative results. I've always hated cheaters. Personal flaw.
      I have a mattress that is softer than some of your deflection.
  • Discussion on CNN

    We know it can kill us: Why people still smoke

    • Pamela Cohen  3 months ago
      Balance is not a bad thing, nor is indulging to enjoy life, but cig smokers don't realize the amount of deaths occurring for those who absorb second hand smoke (50K a yr. in the US plus kid's asthma, ear infections, etc.), or the chemical transfer to their kids and loved ones from their nicotine, et al fingers, just like a patch. Maybe a nasty secret is that the poisons from cigs are found in a female's cervical tissues, and cervical cancer has gone epidemic. No toxic untested vaccine will fix this one.
      As for coffee, I hear the new thing is to get organic roasted beans and grind and use them within 7 days of their roasting, so they are not dead, stale and gross beans, with minimal antioxidant value left. Bicycle Coffee (Calif?) is one of those companies who roast and deliver it fresh. But coffee, like other roasted foods contains acrylamide which is a carcinogen. Apparently complete roasting helps remove it in coffee, but burned beans are not popular. Brewing brings the amount down. The FDA has a list of foods high in acrylamide, like Cheerios, Hershey's Cocoa, Postum, chicory roasted drinks, veggie chips in some brands, etc. Lays Potato chips was sued by Calif. for their acrylamide levels b/c of the cancer it causes.
      Acrylamide is found in cig smoke.
      Your real influence is measured by your treatment of yourself.
      – A. Bronson Alcott
  • Discussion on Mercury News

    Evander Holyfield says homosexuality is curable

    • Pamela Cohen  3 months ago
      It seems many people are less than educated in the area of homosexuality. One cannot 'black and white' this subject. Some are born this way, and some suffer sexual abuse or some kind of sexual violation and have their sexual arousal patterns and gender identification patterns affected by this. To lump everyone in one pot would be a mistake, as it would be to refer to all homosexuality as a 'handicap'. What is concerning to me, are the heterosexual and homosexual relationships that begin and seem to be based on sex instead of trust, compatibility and commitment, as if addictions or animalistic behavior create healthy relationships.
  • Discussion on CNN

    Investigators search for clues behind U.S. Capitol car chase and shooting

    • Pamela Cohen  6 months ago
      Like radiation poisoning or organ failure from chemo, you have to hold the 'treatment' accountable, also. As you do the control and corruption of medical journal articles, research, medical personnel who won't speak up or get educated further from the AMA/pharmaceutical box, etc.
      Americans have to be the most medicated people on the planet. It's residues are in the water, so we're all getting it. Capitalism at its worst. Though medication can help humans, to overlook our current state of affairs would be absolute denial.
    • Pamela Cohen  6 months ago
      The police in general, as you might recognize from a plethora of stories and YouTube live filming have become increasingly militaristic, use unreasonable force and take advantage of citizens who don't know their Constitutional rights. It is irresponsible and 'not very bright?' to lump citizens the police come in contact with as 'scumbags' as much as it would to express a prejudice that all police are always to be blamed. Is it true that this woman was running away and got shot in the back 6 times? When drone assassinations are sanctioned from our Executive branch, which direction will law enforcement be going? Respecting human life?
    • Pamela Cohen  6 months ago
      What a tragic ending to a too-familiar story of unnecessary police violence and murder and the end-product of 'treating' someone's depression and turmoil with anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. This young woman was obviously expressing the anger many have about Obama's betrayal of our nation, but in a fog of drugs that her 'doctors' betrayed her with. Since she is black, and left a one year old, this will affect Obama's conscience. (The 16 yr. old he ordered killed by a drone, obviously didn't.)
      I just hope it begins the discussion of police actions and training to kill when it is certainly not protecting or 'appropriate' or necessary, and the larger discussion of how many people have been killed by suicidal/homicidal ideations of these psychiatric drugs. Tip of the American Iceberg.
      My heart goes out to this mother, her child and her loved ones.
  • Discussion on PBS NewsHour

    For some wounded veterans, strong prescription drugs may be causing more pain

    • Pamela Cohen  6 months ago
      Vets are used in unnecessary wars, and are then throw-aways. We all know drugs are not 'treatment' and docs that prescribe don't monitor. It's a broken system.
      My favorite is Seroquel being given to Vets for a sleeping pill. Ghastly and criminal.
      As for your cancer, that is another area in which not to trust the current medical field. As a cancer survivor, I may be able to help you. If I trusted the poor gal that called herself a 'doctor', I would have been gone. After thousands of hours of research, I just like to help others that may choose to stay a while longer.
  • Discussion on The Hollywood Reporter

    Emmys: Michael Douglas Explains 'Two-Hander,' Reveals Why He Can't See His Son

    • Pamela Cohen  7 months ago
      If we can't 'stimulate the economy' further Agenda 21 and invest in petro security by bringing death to other countries, we have to make a business of making money on our own sons and daughters. When there is drug and alcohol treatment offered along with sexual abuse counseling-individual and group, for every economic group, and corrupt judicial and law enforcement removed, the jails will empty. What is the point of years of isolation, rape and abuse of people who need help? The stocks in days of old were more successful to bring change, as were the Quakers giving food, clothing and support.
      A drug user/pusher getting years, but a Drone-assassin still in DC. Hmm.
  • Discussion on The Wire

    Discouraging Coffee Drinkers from Lingering Will Only Drive Them to Starbucks

    • Pamela Cohen  8 months ago
      What a great idea for your Library to implement! Gathering around a WIFI spot where the public can also check out books, free movies and audio tapes for entertainment and learning everything from a new language to gardening tips, etc. is a fabulous evolution. Coffee shops are great for socializing, but there's something about a well-read (balanced) man (or woman). Here in Oregon where it rains a lot in fall and winter, we have indoor computer stations and library WIFI. There's no limit if you bring your own laptop, etc. With economics, I can see patrons walking, biking or taking the bus to check their emails and do research. Comcast recently went from the $50 for a 6 month promotional (w/ taxes) for my phone and internet, to $72 to $111. Now they offered 3 MGB speed for the $50 w/ tax price again. Change is in the wind. The local Centurylink is $15 a mth for basic home phone service, totaling $23-28? a mth w/ taxes. Why not spend that on gas or bus fare or exercise to a library or coffee shop, see humans and answer your phone calls and emails? Besides, this eats too much of my time some days. btw...I'd visit Starbucks if it went organic or offered it, time limit or not. Looking for the Value Package for my time, $ and effort.
  • Discussion on The Wire

    Discouraging Coffee Drinkers from Lingering Will Only Drive Them to Starbucks

    • Pamela Cohen  8 months ago
      First of all, as much as I love the rich smells of various coffees in Starbucks, I don't need that splash of insecticide or fungicide (or growth hormones in the dairy) or know that I'm supporting cancer and birth defects for the indigenous people who are aerially sprayed with the stuff, and have to ingest it through their air and water supply, food, etc. For my comfort? As for WIFI, it's fun to relax and check the emails and read the news amid the people-watching and coffee smells for me, even if I am drinking juice or tea. A reasonable limit is courteous. Anyone can get carried away visiting, etc., and forget how long they've kept a space. I got reminded once in my favorite tea shop, but I guess it's just not like the library in getting lost in a book, etc.. Rotating patrons are their bread and butter.
  • Discussion on

    So Long, Stainless: Whirlpool Introduces a New Finish For Premium Kitchens -

    • Pamela Cohen  9 months ago
      Oh, now. Discussion is refreshing, but soon it will be defined as economic terrorism, 'comrade'.
      As far as manufacturing migrating to other countries, American unions went from protecting the worker, to corruption and wage entitlement till we priced ourselves out of the market. I wonder what will bring the pendulum back. Is it true that China bought one of America's 3 Deep Sea Ports? The one in California? Appliances are a diversion from some other important information.
    • Pamela Cohen  a year ago
      American quality is sold out. We shipped our factories to cheap labor, and buy from China where prisoners are forced into slave labor, to produce them. The greed and graft has polluted most everything. Just think, our Defense parts are 'Made in China'. Since we don't need to be watching the hen house, let's keep using drugs like alcohol, pot and cocaine and the mind-numbing television, so our children can 'rock it' in the future with a polluted world, in every sense, or wake up.
  • Discussion on Mother Jones

    WikiLeaks: We Know Where Snowden Is, But We're Not Telling You

    • Pamela Cohen  10 months ago
      None of the men named are 'my boys'. My radar usually recognizes liars and criminals. They are a national shame. My alarm went off with even the possibility of Bush's regime. The voices of such-propaganda and lies- grate on my aura. Torture and murder are not acceptable- by the alphabet agencies, shock and awe, drones, etc.
      I am one of the many Americans wondering who will return this country to the 'rule of law', and make me proud to be part of it. Since I am a mother, Snowden and Manning could easily be one of my own sons. The treatment of Manning is horrific. Snowden is wise to avoid his own similar fate. Obama is intent on hunting him down and punishing him, with terms like espionage, etc. Let's turn that energy instead, to Obama and associates, then Bush, et al.Why don't we investigate how many nuclear secrets Clinton shared or sold to China, instead, (see the address below) or why the system even allows Obama and his group freedom regardless of the flavor of scandals? Why don't we privately investigate how many witnesses were killed to hide the true 9/11 story, or how large the simultaneous insider-aided insurance fraud was, when these buildings went down with their planned nano-thermate, including Bldg 7? The corruption is so ingrained in every government agency, it is  a grief.Interesting article:http://www.criminalgovernment....
    • Pamela Cohen  10 months ago
      I think O has called Snowden and Manning worse, when they are the real 'men' and patriots.
      Actually, O got off easy. I have respect for the office of Presidency. The person who speaks with a hollow voice, I have pity for. He doesn't even believe in himself. He is lost.
      Seriously, for the accumulated lies and acts of his Presidency, he is no better than Bush, whom I sincerely hope will find himself in prison with his cohorts, also. Both are responsible for taking innocent people's lives. Or do you condone the drone killings, and the increasing amount of 'suicided' witnesses and hounded whistleblowers? Personally, I cannot stand to even listen to the voices of Bush or Obama.  I read one of O's first assertions, that 'we should accept the official version of 9/11' and I was disgusted. I wrote O that based on just that lie, I could not trust him as the leader of this country. Human to human, I asked him to make his life count. Any person, President, Congressperson, etc. is 'responsible' (blame is not an accurate word) when they participate in anything else but representing the truth, and protecting human beings. The latest absolutely retarded attempt at avoiding accountability to the American people is for the Executive branch to 'blame' the Judicial branch for their NSA invasion of privacy. See power will be seen the day we have a leader with a pure heart, not run by corporations, cartels, agendas, the UN, CDC, FDA, Pharma, the Banksters, etc. For the people. By the people.I voted my conscience. Ron Paul. The first term of Bush, when the radio announced his possible win, it was November 8th, the day of my youngest child's birthday. I was so upset, I temporarily forgot it was her birthday, poor gal. I knew if he got in, we'd go to war. It's past time the mothers of this country spoke up.These are my true feelings and thoughts. It is not a rant, or some arbitrary  'speech' that can be defined into non-existence. Let's stop neutralizing the truth, sugar-coating it, minimizing it, imposing our ideas of being politically correct, or trying to shame grown adults we don't agree with, as if we have the corner on propriety in petty control tactics, like I've experienced below. My generosity ends where my boundaries begin. We should have all had enough by now.
    • Pamela Cohen  10 months ago
      Many people can't fathom what this breach of privacy-- for years...can really accomplish.
      They aren't familiar with it yet. Stored phone calls and emails, even false claims of such "evidence". And we thought the media... was controlled.
      Besides the Congress being blackmailed, news reporters disappearing before they can print articles and fear shutting down normal investigative reporting and human interactions with a government surveillance state, our business community is also part of this violation. I remember working at Intel for instance, and knowing anyone found with a cell phone on premises would be fired immediately. Taking photos of technological property: Forbidden. Think of pricing, planning, any commerce open to be sold out to the highest bidder, the discussion of such in any government's hands, especially a tyrannical one such is being demonstrated. It is no more a threat than any other organized crime syndicate.
      When I read that Britain has been spying on Americans and giving it to the US, and vice versa, to fit within certain laws of each country, the likely evolution has to be enlarged access, laws passed under the DHS and other bogus threats, till the largest threat is the government and other para-agencies. America is in the midst of an off-balance pendulum swing. Only when we see the horrific results, will it hit home, and even then, there will be apathy for many, hoping someone will 'fix it'.
      No matter what shocks and insults are in store for the future, we can bet that the Pres. will have 'just learned about it on the telly', just like us, refuse to discuss it and hope the ripples go away as other media opportunities arise, or simply pull a Holder, saying "Don't know. Can't say. Won't say." There is an agenda.
      The boundaries are the 'rule of law'. They are being sidestepped, with puppets put in the banking system, etc. and any whistleblowers punished. And we are chatting and being identified. It used to be the only list we had to worry about was Santa's. There have to be other men besides Snowden and Manning and Assange that are willing to make their lives count. Men that know a paycheck and security aren't worth the selling out of fellow humans.
    • Pamela Cohen  10 months ago
      While I agree that I should not connect Obama with 'what a bummer', being an enraged citizen, watching his murders and lies and intent, following in the path of the Bush admin, everyone deserves a voice, lady. I'm not sure what is worse, punishing those that are speaking up to the level of corruption at the threat of death,  speaking ones truth or not seeing the forest. My people did come from Russia, and when my father said, the planes are flying and the ships are sailing, leave if you don't like it here, I reminded him that our country was founded on freedom....including freedom of speech. That is the only way to change things, not silence or guilting someone for cursing, or saying something you don't like. We all have an equal voice.
    • Pamela Cohen  10 months ago
      So sad to be droll, but I'm no troll. Are you?
      It's time to lay down the Demo or Repub and just talk sense.
      O's the worst president in our history, to punish whistleb's.
      By their fruits.... as the saying goes.
      The ism doesn't matter. We haven't gotten it right yet.
      He just does the bidding, and we seem to allow it.
      I wrote a blog post about O being a liar, traitor and terrorist.
      Americans deserve to know what they're eating, and choose?
      Destroy the Constitution and then use it to complain about his appointee timeline?
      27K political prisoners worldwide so far, as I read. Guantanamo is just another diversion.
      NDAA? Drones assassinating worldwide, including a 16 yr. old American citizen, and
      'collateral damage'?
      I stand by my words.
  • Discussion on LAist

    Bruce Jenner Was A Bad Father, Says Son Brody

    • Pamela Cohen  10 months ago
      The time, skill set and resources available in earlier parenting sometimes is not equal to the more relaxed, older parent, later on, perhaps with a second family. The son is probably just reflecting on what he sees as the difference, and what he would have liked to experience, himself. Now that it's expressed, I hope they both build a stronger relationship, so time is not wasted. This is not a dress rehearsal. 
      Many times the 'child' forgets in his analysis all the sacrifice and love the parent has given to them, in all of the 'imperfection'. Parents are learning themselves, how to parent. When  a balanced view is expressed, gratitude and living in the present, points to their maturing 'adult' self. Until the 'splinter' is out, the wound will fester, so these two are on their way to solution.
  • Discussion on OPB Think Out Loud

    Protecting Oregon's Elders From Abuse

    • Pamela Cohen  10 months ago
      Check out the story below. A common story on Marti's show:
      One of the largest problems in our country has been the emerging abuse of elders by court-appointed 'guardian' or conservatorship. The judges get a cut of the estate, and there is often collusion with these 'guardians', which have kept elders away from their familes, drugged in institutions, controlled- while they suck the estate dry. In my experience of the elder abuse agencies, they have long standing relationships w/ the elder care places and courts, not the families. It's a horror story. I've lived it.
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    So Long, Stainless: Whirlpool Introduces a New Finish For Premium Kitchens -

    • Pamela Cohen  a year ago
      My favorite shopping place for appliances is Craig's LIst. For $50 I found a 1947 Gibson stove that was gorgeous. The fridge that never gave up was the GE w/ the old single hinge handle. The new frost-free kind freezer-burn the food, and the plastic inside breaks, as do the cheap plastic handles. I like to buy older Whirlpool washer/dryers, also, and if they need fixing, I watch YouTube, and do it myself. Not everything new is 'progress'.
  • Discussion on Gossip On This

    Rihanna Confesses to Oprah: I Will Always Love Chris Brown

    • Pamela Cohen  a year ago
      What a heartwarming interview. It's often hardest for others to forgive, but Rihanna has found a huge secret in what she was able to do, realize how her father's example played into her choices and feelings, and find peace in accepting where her life goes from here. When we love each other, we want the best, as in healing-- not revenge. It is a process. Her songs and clothing reflected that process. Those tender desires and memories can be marred by anger and violence, leaving a fragile and fractured trust, never to be the same, perhaps. It takes maturity and courage to get help, and move on. I loved how she realized despite her own father's worst, she could also acknowledge and appreciate his best instead of labeling him for the trash. When we do that to each other, we are the ones with a lesson to learn. Beautiful young woman.
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    Gardasil Destroys Girl’s Ovaries: Research on Ovaries Never Considered

    • Pamela Cohen  a year ago
      When I say coerced, bribed etc. it is the leaders that are. It naturally follows that they pass laws without any true representation of their populace. Instead, the corporations have gained control and the corruption brings on Fascism. In the US, parents are bullied about losing their children for not allowing them to be diagnosed and drugged for supposed ADD/ADHD, or other spins, or vaccinated. It has gotten ugly. When enough parents pull their kids out for private schools, lost funding will force the issue.
      Here in Portland, Oregon, for example, the Council and media all pushed for fluoridating the water supply lately, with the attitude of avoiding public consent. Enough fuzzy avoidance/change of focus manipulations of the media, (corporate owned), and the public thinks they will be safe and be able to vote on this issue. While the media focus is elsewhere, Americans have lost many rights, not even knowing what's gone down. Can you imagine drones, making hits on some 'Kill LIst', (instead of business as usual by the CIA) or citizens being able to be arrested and detained indefinitely, stripped of any rights? Laws floating out there... while Americans gather for turkey dinner. A 'President' who is the biggest supporter of GMO's, with business as usual, showboating lies and promises to gain support.
      No wonder many states are passing petitions to secede from the Union/Federal Government.
      My comment about the Tinkertoy Brigade, is about starting over.
      My best...
    • Pamela Cohen  a year ago
      Heidi, sadly, EU following US footsteps doesn't surprise me. They've been coerced, bribed, blackmailed, threatened, etc. Mold grows in dark places. Time for enlightenment.
      Looks like 'Mother's Day' -or -- monthly days-- a designated time period for all good moms and dads (or humans insisting on alignment for the good of mankind) all over the world needs to be about demanding immediate change, educating and boycotting the grocery stores, All GMO corporations, schools, medical facilities, churches, etc. like the Tinkertoy Battalion. Dismantle. Rebuild. New 'leaders'. New media. Home gardens. Sprouting. Pet chickens in a rolling coop if possible, or trading w/ those who can. Direct bulk food buying from independent farmer coops. Free energy info released. Arresting Corporate Shills and Eu and US Government co-conspirators for mass murder. Mom's signature required for sending your sons to war. Restore US Constitutional individual rights and freedoms and remove the despots. Remove electoral and allow popular vote. Ensure no fraud at polls. Independent auditing groups balanced by a second group in all agencies. Politicians on volunteer time or stipends for living expenses. Public stocks for shameful behavior. Schooling to retrain or teach what wasn't learned. No more Corrections as a business. Stop the endemic sexual abuse of children and violence/objectification against women. Critically review all law 'enforcement' and judicial personnel and hire better fit individuals. Allow our men to be true protectors. Free schooling/education. No more drinking of inorganic coffee so indigenous people get sprayed with pesticides and fungicides and get cancer and birth defects for their children for our convenience or ignorance. No more cancer/growth-promoting hormones allowed in milk or meat. A healing, aware focus. Isn't it time?
      A penny for your thoughts.
    • Pamela Cohen  a year ago
      Kind of hard to be a 'woman' if you never make it to womanhood, as in losing your ovaries, getting ovarian cancer, etc. Why don't we ask the victim if she feels like a woman, now that she has no ovaries, or how she feels at all? If you haven't bought the Gardasil line, then certainly you've had your 'flu shot', since it's pimped on loudspeakers all over the cities, even at Target and RiteAid, or your Shingles vaccine, or the Pneumonia shot, or the Tetanus that you're not sure you even needed. Are you still lining up for the steroid injections, hoping yours won't have fungus in it, or destroy your cartilage, causing some DVT event? Did you even think to research for yourself whether you should counsel your kids about allowing their babies to get Hepatitis injections, or does the Coumadin you were suckered into taking already cause blood clots, gangrene and cognitive decline, while you picked up your statins and blood pressure meds, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, Ativan and other Psych drugs, while chewing your Aspartame gum, which obviously crosses the blood brain barrier, making formaldehyde factories in the old gray matter, and blood cancers or breast cancer? And is it even disturbing that animal testing won't show the buildup of wood alcohol poisoning because they're not affected like humans, from that Aspartame, because the 'tests' were done by cheating corporations, with intent to harm, while making profits. Ay vey. Arguments.
      Do our children have the right to grow up healthy, with a non-engineered birthright derailing, without tumor-causing GMO foods and Autism-producing, disease-ridden vaccines, or are we content to be morons, second-rate to European Nations who better protect their young?

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