Saturday, January 29, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere....and

Comments below were made on Mercola's site regarding his article on water. The comment section was great with sharing ideas and opinions on Ph, what kind of water and filter to benefit health, etc.

Below are my comments there. Here is the web address for the article.

I read Dr. Revici's book, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer that Kelley Eidem markets through his blog. Information and discussion are a good thing....He found that diet worked for a while, and then the cancer would revert or flip. He tested people's urine, pain level, etc. to keep them on track. Some cancers are anabolic, and some are catabolic,  (cell growth or destruction) and have to be treated by someone who realizes the importance of Ph. Sadly, the ACA undermined Dr. Revici's work, or we would have been able to progress much further in cancer healing.Dr. Revici's patients weren't in pain like the rest of the poor people suffering under the AMA theories of the day, which are still functioning. I remember Sloane Kettering wanted to have the first 'cancer cure', and so were integral in sabotaging Dr. Revici's work w/ ties to the ACA. Basically, the chemical warfare manufacturers still wanted profit after the World Wars, so came up with the idea that chemo might be pushed to help with cancer. No different than Monsanto's greed to sterilize seed and contaminate corn, alfalfa now, etc. to control the world's food supply, or the petro dollar responsible for controlling transportation energy inventions and polluting the environment.
Dr. Mercola: What do you recommend as ACTION to turn this crazy planet around? Education? Media merely quotes one junk science study to confuse people after solid studies.
Thank you Barbfieck for the tips on wheat grass and sprouts in water... I live w/ well water now, and want to know what kind of potable point of use method is best-ozone or UV. In the last small town I had heavily chlorinated water, but no flouride, and I loved my coconut/carbon medium filter. The water was pure and sweet-tipped to alkaline. I'm drinking organic lemon squeezed into a qt. jar of nasty Culligan-type water for a mild cleanse. Though acidic, it's supposed to turn alkaline in the body. I hate the plastic storage container or the R/O acidic/dead water idea.
I have a suspicion that we simply are struggling with a lack of full understanding or knowledge, which means there is an exciting new frontier being opened up by challenge, and sharing experience. Sharing sure happens more quickly on the internet. When the Ph of water can resolve eczema-(even if temporarily, as fungus, toxins, Candida, etc. have to be addressed in diet, detox, oxygen, heavy metals, even the detergent residues and household cleaners coming in contact with the person's skin and lungs, etc.,) or can kill insects without poison, we can't merely throw that fact away. Sometimes I can laugh at my own frustration level, and I certainly see it here in this forum. If we form coalitions of intention for the good of mankind, we can bring our many ideas and 'gadgets' together. Dr. Mercola for instance, even introduced different 'body types'-so we know we are not all cut from the same cookie cutter. There is variation in what works for one....
I listened to a microbiologist/Dr. discuss her training that Ph is not involved in cancer, and that the body just balances itself. She tested cancerous tissues in the lab, and found her training to be inaccurate. We all know that certain foods can tip people to form uric acid, and thus gout, and it requires diet etc. to balance and heal, the same with arthritis deposits, teeth and bone loss, and heart attack victims with heart cells bathed in acid. Today this forum sounds like a sharing of 'mad scientists'. Bravo for us.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Thorough Presentation on Flouride I've Seen...

Professor Paul Connett speaks on the risks and benefits of flouride in our water. This the most complete presentation I have seen yet, and Mr. Connett's wife is to thank for her persuasiveness in getting her husband to investigate, write and speak on this subject so there can be hope to begin to protect our young and old from harm.

Please feel free to comment below...

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Friday, January 21, 2011

I Needed This...

Sometimes being a rabid researcher has its pitfalls. Thank goodness for the laughter that is just around the corner. Today, in the midst of my mental mood and muddle, as the gray clouds enclose the picture windows, a friend sent a Dr. Mercola article. She doesn't know I subscribe, I guess, but when she pointed out this video, I took the time to listen. Thank you, friend. 

I hope you enjoy it as well....

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love in 90 Days?

Just to share, the following embedded video gives a tip on getting out of a recycled abusive relationship.

Social health is just as important as physical health, and they are very much tied together...
I've been looking at some handouts from my social work practice about relationship skills, like How to Turn An Argument Into A Discussion, Equal/Non-Violent Relationship Model, Non-Equal/Violent Relationship Model, Controlling Behaviors, Verbal Abuse Categories, Thinking Errors, 12 Dating Mistakes, etc.

I have other condensed informational sheets that will be available on Decreasing Anxiety and Depression, etc. Requests are welcome.

I'm planning on making a website for my social work business and including a tab for other interests and things I like to share like recipes/cooking, poetry, gardening tips, preparedness/survival skills and supplies, etc.

 I will be offering Skype sessions or email letters/advice on a variety of subjects: single parenting, nutrition, surviving cancer and natural solutions for healing, elder care, dementia, sexual abuse recovery, divorce adjustment, general issues and life transitions.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Autism, ADD, ADHD and Aluminum Poisoning

Note: Dr. Mercola will be on Dr. Oz's show tomorrow, Tuesday...
Here's the link for the Trailer:

I  blended a bit of research and experience in a comment I left this morning on Dr. Mercola's Comment Section under his article on what to eat for good skin....

Please bear with the condensed attempt to tie fungus/Candida together with several health issues, as there is a space limit in comment sections. As I've read more about aluminum poisoning and realize the correlations with Candida, I am amazed and appalled at the complexity of choosing non-aluminum foods and personal care products, (staying away from beverages in tin cans), etc. Salts and baking powder and baking soda and the bakery foods and processed and restaurant foods with aluminum in them are so widespread, that not only do I want to grow and buy organic, staying away from hormones and antibiotics, but I now need to go one more level deep in awareness to avoid the many problems of aluminum poisoning.

Here's a link for you that will put you in another dimension of awareness. This writer had aluminum poisoning, and shares her story and others, how cheating works, what happened when an Alzheimer's patient stopped eating, drinking and taking his meds, etc. Absolutely fascinating and critical to know....

This will address Autism, ADD, ADHD, Candida, Aluminum Poisoning, Gluten problems, etc., if just briefly. Feedback welcome.

We are a gluten-based society, with wheat as a staple. When people get a Candida overgrowth, and it goes into the fungal stage, going through the intestinal wall, allowing bits of our enter the body and be treated like an allergen, we have problems. I am suspecting that if the Candida problem is not addressed, the new seeds and grains we use will end up in the same way, as allergens. Aluminum poisoning through vaccines and deodorants, etc. (breast cancer had a high incidence of the upper, outer margin near underarms) causes Candida to flourish. Heavy metals shelter Candida and make it harder to get rid of. Cilantro used with Chlorella to eliminate heavy metals may be helpful to detox. If you do a SEARCH on Youtube on Chemtrails, you'll hear about aluminum being dumped on us,-proven with testing-along with other toxic metals. Flouride is  a toxic byproduct of aluminum manufacture. I read where Prozac is 20% flouride, and the drugs being pushed on us have heavy metals. There is a correlation with psoriasis and heavy metals and parasites. If fungus flourishes with heavy metals, perhaps a detox is the answer. I've seen it work, but somehow the chemtrails and flouride dumping HAVE TO BE ADDRESSED. Did you know the FDA has NO safety guidelines on the amount of aluminum in vaccines our little ones are getting, especially important as they now get 17 vaccines in a short period of time, setting them up for autism, ADD and ADHD. Aluminum hijacks the iron carrier system, inhibits mercury excretion and crosses the blood brain barrier. Males are more vulnerable. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN...SPEAK OUT. There is no long term study testing safety of the number of vaccines pushed on our young. Drugs, steroids, antibiotics, sugar, meat and dairy, and stress all create acidic environments that fungus (Candida), cancer, virus, bacteria and parasites love. Dr. Mercola has a great list with sun, exercise (oxygen) etc. skin care products, etc. for health and balance.

Caution with the number of vaccines allowed, insistence on SAFE vaccines or NO vaccines, prevention with diet and exercise and nutritional food supplements, juicing, etc. is recommended.

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