Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July 2011-Best Wishes!!!

Well, I turned down a boating activity on a 35 or 40?' yacht. I could have had breakfast or a cup of tea or Kobos decaf coffee at Marks on the Channel while waiting for my 'ride' to pick me up, and head to Astoria. I reconsidered last night, after remembering my last boat ride, in Mexico. I went on a deep sea fishing trip, took my Dramamine too late, and lost it from both ends. My boyfriend's son and I had to be dropped off on the docks, making everyone's trip a bit delayed. I never knew land rocked under ones feet, like the ocean waves.

Since even looking at a floating restaurant from the wrong angle can bring nausea, I decided a shorter trip to test out my resilience on a river, might be a better idea.

Well, I woke this morning to rain in Oregon. It's mainly sifting, but the deck is wet. The sun will come out some time, and I'm guessing it will be a bit humid. I hope my friend Charlie and his boating company have a great time. He went hiking with one of his sons yesterday, feels exhausted (probably trying to keep up with the younger generation-I heard him huffing and puffing on a phone call) and upon waking, grabbed shorts to meet his friends. When I checked with him this morning, he said he went from feeling overheated yesterday, to freezing his buns off today, and was napping as they headed towards St. Helens.

For myself, I have organizing to do, in preparation for a possible move. Tomorrow I'm going to deliver some 4th of July surprises to a few friends of mine. The picture above is my gift idea this year-a root beer float in a mug.

As is so common for me the last few years, I find myself alone on a holiday. A friend of mine helped me cut a couple of trees down yesterday and we went to dinner, and I'll be delivering my 4th of July gifts (minus 1 I guess, as I accept moving on...) tomorrow morning. The poems below were written in rough draft, together, a couple of days ago. In sharing them, you may be able to gather something for your own life, or know this traveler, better. My best...Pamela

The Captain’s Coffers…

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to make it work.
No matter how badly we want to be with them
It will never be written on the tablets of time
Not how, why, or what, if only or when.

How dangerous the warmth of touch,
The recognition of softest ever lips
A chest and chiseled waist, the perfect curves
The satiety of flesh and hips.

Familiar smells of soap, and oils and sweat
Immersion seared into their memory
Of a forbidden love, one never meant to be
The graduation to alone, the hardest disappointment yet.

The awkward sharing, shy, anomalies
The feet his mother said that she saw first
Around a corner, Oh the thirst
As past acceptance, attention turns, to please.

Those Viking shoulders, broadest back
The golden curls have softly turned to gray
The moustache still proudly blonde
A muscled vortex to his small derrier’.

At 62, he found the best lover yet
Resurrecting the man of twenty five
Craving her, yet scared to death,
Unsure if he’d keep love alive.

Sometimes regardless of our grasp,
Time tears our fingers wide apart,
For blind, he let fear say she was too poor
When she could have filled the coffers of his heart.

Pamela Cohen


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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Memories

Photo Title: The answer is Yes, or I Don't Know. What is the Question? (Below)

The former post is called Mother's Day Meanderings, and is the documentation of my relationship with my own mother, though not complete, and the telling of a story of sexual abuse and the loss of family, again not complete.

Though the man my mother married harmed my children and siblings with sexual abuse, and perhaps other grandchildren, or whomever he had access to, as sexual abusers are opportunists, and are wired to be aroused by children from their own victimization, I saw a Facebook posting from a sister and a comment from another, as if nothing ever happened. His WWII picture was posted to FB.

Though marrying this man was like letting in a wolf to the lambs, (most of my nine siblings were still at home) and he destroyed my family of origin and fractured my children's lives, there is no concerted attempt to discuss this, offer apologies, make any amends, or move forward. I have not heard from any 'family' member, anywhere, since my last posting. This is not going away. Anyone discussing this is ignored or made to feel unwelcome or somehow tainted or bitter, as the majority continue their various Mormon or Christian patterns, minus honesty.

When my father was alive, he told me my mother was molested by her mother's boyfriend, Mike, and that it was a famous case in her town. Her mother blamed her, and she was sent to a sister's house, where she was again unwelcome, according to my father's account, as her sister felt threatened that my beautiful black-haired mother would somehow seduce her husband. My mother ended up in San Antonio, Texas, staying with a brother in the military. It was there she met my father.

My father spoke of a teacher using him sexually. A friend today mentioned a nurse molesting him when he was a young teen, hooked up to tubes in a hospital bed. Another friend disclosed how a coach had touched him, and how angry he had been for years, not knowing how to deal with this.

Sexual abuse is prevalent, and just as damaging to both sexes. Today, for the first time, one of the above friends realized that his sexual arousal patterns had formed around his first sexual experience, and that the normal responses that would have developed from his own innocence and birthright, were hijacked. There is nothing mild or worthy of stifling or dishonesty when it comes to violations of children.

My sweet sister who was molested by my youngest brother and also the very man she holds up on Facebook as her 'father', was wakened sexually, and 'shared' this with some of my children, as did this 'father' figure married to my mother spoken of in this and the previous posting, my youngest brother, and most likely, because of a string of events and history, their own father. The ripples in the pond are wide, and ever-reaching.

My youngest sister, who has not ever admitted what she did to my children, carries a burden that she should never have had to carry. She does have an opportunity to make it right, to the best of her ability, as does anyone who has fallen in these patterns from their own victimization. On her Facebook page, the following quotes are shared, which are very appropriate for this entire subject.

"Hope is not a strategy."

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds"

I will include in my book any progress or contact from my family of origin or others that come forward. The damage is so reaching to our entire country and world, that being persistent is a worthy cause. I have a desire to see healing in this area of life. Our prisons are not doing the job, our court systems fail us, even the 'treatment' for offenders is lacking and archaic. It is going to take those severely impacted, with insight and a spiritual approach to make a difference in this field of misery.
I heard appropriate questions on a short video yesterday:

If not now, When?

If not you.  Who?

My best....Pamela Cohen 

**Answer to the First Question, Above: 
What is the Question?
Have you ever been sexually abused?
Most have to look at what their first sexual experience was, to be able to answer this.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Meanderings...

Mother's Day is not my strong point or favorite day. I reviewed a daughter's blog, read her comments about me, and considered discussing my experiences as a mother, from my own perspective. I'm not sure I will be any more popular in doing so. I've stopped worrying about being accepted or understood. Each of my children has the right to their memories and their journey, and their choices even now, to cultivate a relationship with their own mother, or not. Occasionally one will call and I will listen and try to give a bit of guidance when needed, and I will hear appreciation for my efforts in the past or present. Other calls do not go well. Motherhood is such an enormous feat of sacrifice and loyalty and love. Its complexities could take up volumes.

I read a review once about Blaming Mother. I could be the poster child for that book. At 17 I escaped a chaotic, sad family life in which most of us had some flavor of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Second of ten, definitely not a favorite of my mothers', and unfortunately a triangulated favorite of my fathers', I can only remember a single conversation with my mother as a child at 16 yrs. old.  I do not ever remember her telling me she loved me. I felt lost and confused, alone, depressed and angry. 

It was a burden to have some sort of 'special' relationship with my father, yet watch how he treated my mother, at least the times when he was actually home. He traveled as a salesman. When I took him in to care for him in his elder years, he told me my mother would relentlessly criticize me, and he warned her that I would probably have nothing to do with her when I grew older, if she didn't stop. I cannot remember her ever talking to me, much less what she said. Extreme pain shows up like that. Our psych shuts it down so we can survive. My relationship with my mother laid an imprint on my life that has affected me greatly.

While in the 6th grade, I wrote a poem about Mothers that was published in the Mormon ward our family attended. A woman illustrated it, and it was given to the children so they could attach a picture of themselves or their mother, and give it as a Mother's Day gift. It was a poem that described what I saw as a mother's role, watching my mother interact with my siblings. I held my mother on a pedestal, regardless of my vacuous relationship with her. The poem was like an Elmer's Glue fantasy version of what a mother should be.

Years later, I wrote the following poem, below. Though my mother now has Alzheimer's Disease, and I have seen her two times in 21 years, once passing through Utah on the way to Texas after the onset of her dementia, and prior at my nephew's funeral where she asked if she could hug me, (though my children and I were not invited to the gravesite or the dinner afterwards), I asked my sister Alison one day to give her cell phone to my mother who was in her car at the time, and I told her I loved her. I know I do, though I cannot feel it often, especially after her choices in regards to denying the sexual abuse that took place against my children by my youngest sister and brother, and her then current husband, Frances Bernell Johnson, who also exposed himself to 3 of my daughters and at least one of my siblings. Another sibling reported molestation by him, to a daughter of mine. He is now deceased, buried in his Mormon temple garments, and praised as a WWII vet and the perfect father and husband as funerals tend to do. My sister unwittingly put my name on his obituary as one of his children. 

Though I didn't feel anything when I allowed my mother to hug me at my nephew's funeral, nor could I much over the phone, my sister told me that my mother smiled and was happy that day. I am truly glad. It may have been my last gift to her. Even though people with dementias are in some kind of cognitive/speech prison, I know that the last thing to go is our hearing, even in death. Perhaps she thought somehow all was well finally, or that her daughter Pamela had forgotten what had happened to her children, the betrayal of her entire family and the destruction of her hopes and dreams for her own children and grandchildren. I don't know. I am glad I made the effort.


Who is this woman who I called Mom?
I do not know her any more
Since she betrayed me once again
When I was Mom to little ones.
I see her face, the hopeful eyes.
The glossing over what is fact.
She begs me to forgive her 
For the deeds she readily forgets.
So used to covering the pain,
Familiar face, she asks me to
Take care of her, by paying for
The deeds she readily forgets.

Confused and hurt emotions mix.
Her weakness takes me to disgust.
Her covering and fixing up
Can almost make me want to trust
Her fragment views, Her air of cheer,
And anger is my only rock.
To hold my head to what is real
To squelch the crying child within.
The child that cries for Mother Dear,
Abandoned, I must seek for light,
Comfort self or try to sleep,
And carry on, a Mother/Child

I recently signed up to speak at a Toastmaster's meeting for a 4-6 min. 'Icebreaker' speech about Mothers, but decided not to join at this time as money is thin, and I may be moving. I do have a bit to say about Mothers. I have compassion on my mother, and can forgive her for wanting to protect her youngest son and daughter from public scrutiny and her 'wallet' as my brother Evan termed her husband, but the price of all the secrecy and denial has been high. While I blessed my own father on his way, as he was dying, and told him I released him from what I knew he had tried to admit to me and what my memory still keeps in some Mason jar, there is still a melancholy mix of what was and wasn't and what any child might wish of their parents. While forgiveness frees us, it does not erase the debt of truth and justice or the scars that years of fraud, fear, frustration and disappointment create on the lives of those harmed.

Only when we are willing to look squarely at our own lives, and forgive others, are we truly able to forgive ourselves, perhaps. What makes the process very difficult, is when others like my family of origin never admit what they have done, and there has been no justice. The 3-step Admit/Acknowledge-Accountability/Amends never has happened with my family of origin. It is a burden that tips the scales. A friend of mine said to a son: "I've made my share of mistakes", but he didn't want to carry any others mistakenly assigned to him.

I have had the experience of being a scapegoat for my family of origin, who denied the molestation by my youngest sibs, even seeing an attorney according to my youngest sister, who advised the fam to pretend I didn't exist. The most egregious tactic, perhaps, was to accuse me of merely being a poor example, since I left the Mormon religion, and wasn't celibate for the last 26 years, attributing 'what my kids knew to go on behind closed doors in my personal bedroom' as the reason for the following response to sexual harm and betrayal of one's own: 
Grand mal seizures after my oldest daughter saw a third therapist, cervical cancer, shoplifting, grades going from A's to F's, running away, teenage pregnancy, foster homes, suicide attempts, telling the neighbors 'mom' was not giving seizure meds, was beating her and locking her in her room (no lock on the door), drug and alcohol use, wanting to be an assassin, therapist visits, stealing mom's car and driving it to Utah with the help of police on the way amid an APB, rape, seeking effective counselors when you're poor, eating disorders, more foster homes for at least two other daughters, running away from the foster homes and bringing other foster kids to our home, finding out there is no 'foster home' for older teens, a whole lot of chaos, shoplifting while in foster care, stealing, more shoplifting and mom calling the police to ensure a consequence, no counseling while in foster care for the reason 98% of kids are there, prison, jail, melanoma, abusive relationships, domestic violence of partners, DUII's, PhD's and law school and a lot of alienation, poor self-esteem, an inability to trust since you can't even trust your own tribe, ruined memories of holidays that reminded us of 'family', and rivers of sadness, anger and tears, etc.

Being a scapegoat also of my kids for the abuse and betrayal of Grandma/step-Grandpa/aunts/uncles and the loss of a silent bunch of cousins, and their father's own sexual deviance that caused the divorce, along with his animosity  afterwards was like being battered emotionally. All the chaos robbed us many times of any hope of normalcy. Depression would strike when yet another sibling hit teen years, and ended up in a foster home. One by one, we took hits. Sexual abuse and each family member's response can absolutely destroy the family as a whole. Single parenting alone is hard enough, and 7 children without support was an awesome task. I always felt inadequate. It was excruciating because I cared.

The family dynamic was entrenched. Mom was blamed for not being able to 'fix' it, and since there was no father or tribe, or village, though it is an honor for one's children to think your shoulders are strong enough to take all their pain and anger, the expression of it was not always civilized or short in duration. Sexual abuse is such a shaming experience, and the victim wants it kept quiet most often, yet their behavior is screaming the truth. I had my own feelings about my children not telling me, though I understood my brother had threatened to hurt my daughter. This usually is what was effective in their own silence, after their own victimization. 

My oldest daughter claimed she behaved as she did not because of the sexual abuse, but because of me. She was effective in punishing me and making her sibs feel sorry for her one minute, while acting like an angry perpetrator the next. Blaming Mother was alive and well when the poorly trained Child Protective Services ordered a 'Psychological' on me, which I refused. Later my daughter told them in front of a judge how stupid they were to allow her to punish her own mother. 

I often felt like I was asked to be a Jesus Christ, with no limits or bounds. I was anguished if I was angry with punishing teens-5 at a time-, but the guilt was unfounded, as I told them they were lucky I was not a child beater with what they pulled. I could not understand why I was still alive, and when I was diagnosed with endocervical cancer in 2004, having fought it for 10 years prior, I was not surprised. I have never taken the role of 'Mother' lightly, and remained devoted, though not unscathed by the ensuing chaos. How could I not be absolutely furious, and at the same time, grief-stricken by my two youngest sibs whom I loved dearly, having changed their diapers and cuddled them as babies.? One sister left a message not to come to her wedding. ??

Though I was over-protective and hyper-vigilant, the one place I relaxed was with my family of origin. I left home first, and was happy to have a family birthday dinner, Grandma's Halloween Carnival for the grandkids,  the Easter egg hunt, etc. to reconnect to my family. It was in the day before a lot of publicity came out about sexual abuse. I had taken two of my daughters with medical issues like headaches and biting nails and another one with bedwetting to the medical doctors. None of them even suggested sexual abuse as an option. My naive assumption that my family was loyal and honest, and at each other's back and thought like me,  was rudely erased. It was not until I began taking Psych courses in college that my children's  behavior started making sense as symptoms of abuse, and one Mother's Day after we arrived back home from Grandma's, the truth began spilling out.

Because of my own lack of love in childhood which I did not understand back in those years, I was determined to make sure my own children knew I loved them. I wrote in my journal about their births, milestones in their lives and in their own journals about what was best in their day, etc. I wrote poems about them, took photos of them, kept a clean house, baked bread, gardened, taught church classes, taught my children to read and how to memorize poetry, etc., sewed underwear, levis, pj's and teeshirts, etc. And I would still meet people who asked me if I worked.

I'm writing a book of my life called When Love Is Not Enough: The Price of Sexual Abuse on Children, Families, Country and World.  I specialized in research and treatment options for the victim and offender as a Social Worker. 

I know I've taken you on a long journey beginning with my commentary on Mother's Day. There is more to share. I hope I have helped you in some regard, given you hope for your own relationships, insights into forgiveness or warnings of how important truth and justice is. On Mother's Day I never know if I'll hear from any of my 7 children, as we are all tired. We all carry a lot of pain still, as is evident with the quick reaction to various subjects. 

Being spread out now, it's hard to solve problems of the past. When I feel like a dart board or the target as the 'bad guy', I let them know. It's not unlike a woman who is abused for years by her husband, and simply won't tolerate any more. My children are wonderful people, each struggling in their own lives, and I am proud of them. What remains is a Herculean effort to mend the past, so we don't pass on grief and isolation to the next generation, the grandchildren. I have found it impossible to effect change, to learn or mend gossip in the sibling group, and communicated my feelings the best I could in family emails over the years. Adding family by marriage has also added complexities. Not to trivialize 8 person's realities, I acknowledge that family life had its wonders and its griefs for all of us. Sometimes lessons cannot be learned without a certain Stage in life, and my beliefs are that we probably signed up for our college classes on this earth.

Six of my 7 are uninsurable for various reasons; a marker for the cost of sexual abuse without justice. It is difficult if not impossible to fully develop as an individual amid chaos. Someday I will share another poem called Invisible Wounds from Invisible Winds. Perhaps in my book.
Please feel free to comment below. 

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cancer Therapies and Treatments: Natural Solutions w/ Better Results

April 2011. Endocervical Cancer Survivor/2004.

Ever since I was diagnosed with endocervical cancer in 2004, I have become interested in natural healing therapies. I did research prior to my revised radical hysterectomy, took charge of important surgical decisions, gave my Oncologist an abstract to support my request for a blood marker test to monitor any recurrence, etc.  I didn't allow the stripping of the pelvic lymph nodes, for instance, as I knew I needed them for the manufacture of part of my immune system, and if my cancer had spread, there are no 'sentinel nodes' to determine if it truly had. I was unwilling to live with bladder and rectal nerve damage from this surgery, or other numbness down my legs, etc. One oncologist that I did not use, and wouldn't refer to anyone, told me "we try to miss the nerve, but most likely you will have some feeling gone after surgery". He had been trained in the most 'radical hysterectomy' surgery. No thanks. Even the oncologist that I allowed to do my surgery didn't respect all my requests that I printed off the morning of surgery in large font, and LOST both copies, after asking for my signed copy back. I would not refer anyone to her, either. I like medical personnel who respect the right I have to make decisions for my own body.

I asked the second pelvic oncologist if any of her patients had not allowed the stripping of the lymph nodes. Only one, she said. Is she still alive, I asked? She was. Many of her other patients were not. If the 2-3 on each side I did allow to be removed for testing had been positive, only changing the Ph and nutritional therapies, etc. would have given me a chance to live, anyway, in my opinion.

Since I believed my Pelvic Oncologist when she gave me NO PROGNOSIS as I fought my cancer for 8-12 years, I didn't take any supplements for 2 years. The probable reason I'd survived under the extreme stress of single parenting 7 distressed children was I occasionally would take antioxidants or the Shaklee Vita Lea multi vitamin when I started to flag under my burdens, and I was active. I was not consistent, and totally uneducated in nutrition, really. At the time of my surgery, I had a blood panel done by a Naturopath. I was low in calcium, betacarotene, zinc, b vitamins, etc. All of these predict cancer, especially epithelial cancers.

Looking back on my baby health record, I had impetigo at 11 days old. I was put on antibiotics early, and had pneumonia twice as a kid, etc. I was set up for Candida, an imbalance of gut flora which morphed to the fungal form at some point, giving me recurrent sinus infections from cigarette smoke sensitivities, and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI's). My immune system was screaming for help, and the antibiotics the MD's gave me, only set me up further for more Candida and cancer.  I had Sulfa as a kid, and was now allergic to it, along with sulfites. The sinus infections became more intense, causing a tonsillectomy at age 49 while in a stressful Masters Program, and increasing respiratory lung infections. The spotting after sex was put off as pre-menopausal problems, when it was a sign of cervical cancer. I told the gynecologist who gave me a clear pap smear 1.5 years earlier if she was going to make an error in the future, to err on the side of safety. She was one of these ego-centered people who argued with me, instead of listening, as I fell 'through the cracks'. I had more energy than people half my age, but I was a walking health disaster. It was when I began needing to lay down from some kind of instant severe fatigue that I knew something was wrong. I had never taken a nap, unless it was in the first few weeks after having a baby. There had always been too much for one person to do.

 After surgery, I wasn't sure what I should be doing, or how long I'd live. Only after my teeth began looking opaque, did I decide since I was still on the planet, I might as well be the healthiest I could be, and stave off Osteoporosis from the hysterectomy. I started on an extensive supplement program with SHAKLEE supplements, as I knew they worked from personal experience in my past. I had become careless with my self care, putting everyone and everything else first, raising my children, resurrecting 'Earthquake Ethel', an old 1920 three-story home on 2.38 acres in the Oregon countryside, dragging myself through college, with a BS and my Masters in Social Work, etc. Instead of finding employment finally, having earned 5 scholarships and graduating with High Honors, I found how dysfunctional and corrupted the Corrections and Social work agencies really were, and that I didn't fit. I started my own social work practice, taking care of my failing elderly father, until a couple of years later, while preparing for a 13 mile bike ride around Sauvie's Island, I got the phone call with my cancer diagnosis, from a recent pap smear at my Gynecologist's office.

I will share more about the particulars of my life in an upcoming book. Prod me to get it done, will you?

 WHY SHAKLEE??? Their supplements are natural, tested for raw material purity and finished product safety, tested in long term studies for efficacy, have the enzymes intact for bioavailability, and their herbs are standardized for safety and consistency. They also are the leader in DELIVERY SYSTEMS, as in making sure their supplements are paired with the proper nutrients to get into the cell, and open up at the right place in the body, etc. Folic acid, for instance, is coating their Vita Lea, and opens up in the stomach where it's needed, instead of being bound up in a compacted pill, likely to be found in your city's water purification system.

SHAKLEE has been around for 50 years, and are known for their integrity. They have never been on the FDA list of vitamins with LEAD in them, like many other brands, etc. There was a market test done on probiotics on the grocery shelf, and all of them showed less than 5% the amount of live bacteria that they claimed on the label. These probiotics also did not have the patented delivery system of triple wall protection to ensure it got past the hydrochloric acid of the stomach, into the colon where it's needed.
There are too many reasons to choose and trust this little company.

The most important product SHAKLEE makes in my opinion, (and another scientist on their staff) is Optiflora, their Probiotic that is triple-encased, getting to the colon to repopulate it with healthy flora. This is CRITICAL for your IMMUNE SYSTEM.
Get the set-as the prebiotic feeds the probiotic, making it more effective.

Conventional therapies and drugs kill these bacteria, leaving the body susceptible to Candida and the return of Cancers, even collateral damage and new blood cancers, etc. SHAKLEE can be used along with conventional therapies if that is what you choose to do. My experience and research shows most medical doctors are severely misguided in their recommendations and know little or nothing about nutrition and parasites. Friends and family are often wanting the person with cancer to return to normal diets and lifestyles, and unwittingly influence them poorly, and support them into their graves.

Making the right diet, exercise and supplement decisions is very important, and can be hampered by the depression caused by chemical changes, chronic inflammation and pain, and simply facing loss of life as we know it. As a social worker who has been there, and faces these challenges, I also offer counseling online, either email or by Skype, or in my Oregon home.
Contact me for this service and a fee arrangement at

Ask me for a FREE informational handout on How to Reduce Depression Naturally.

Nutritional-based cancer therapies? Coffee enemas? Pancreatic Enzymes? Supplements for depleted bodies?
Do they really have better results than the expensive, miserable and dismal chemo/radiation/surgery options of standard medicine?

See the interview below of Suzanne Somers and her new book 'Knockout', and read the transcript of another interview on the Larry King Show.

 For those who want to read Case Studies, getting into the specifics of conventional and non-conventional therapy outcomes, click the link Case Studies, above. This is Dr. Nick Gonzalez's website.

For those students of science and health, who love to hear what the cheating Washington agencies have sabotaged and refused to publish on Cancer to allow Americans to get legitimate medical help for cancer, listen to  Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Nick Gonzalez.

Below: Interview w/ two cancer patients: Ovarian, Breast, etc.

Also See:
**Cervical/HPV/Recurrent UTI's:
Dr. Glickman, author of medical resource books for nurses and doctors: Phantom Notes...

**Dr. Revici M.D.'s work in the book by Kelley Eidem: The Doctor Who Cures Cancer. He discovered lipids are the gateway to enter compounds needed in the cells, for healing. His work reminds me of Dr. Hannah Budwig's  work using flax seed oil with sulphurated protein (organic lowfat cottage cheese) to accomplish like results. Dr. Revici's patients had blood tests and reported pain levels so he could monitor their Ph and make diet changes to eradicate any pain, and manage cancer. He didn't say 'cure' cancer, as he knew it could come back, especially when patients got careless with their diets, toxic load, stress environment, etc.

Search Dr. Simoncini, the Italian Oncologist on YouTube, who reports many cancers are fungal based, white, and can be eradicated with sodium bicarb to change the tissue back to pink, healthy cells. Dr. Mercola also interviewed him in this link- Dr. Simoncini's interview w/ Dr. Mercola  You can listen to Dr. Simoncini's patients discuss their cancer experience on YouTube.

Dr. Hulda Clark did some extremely important work as a Parasitologist and Physician. She demonstrated with thousands of cancer patients that all of them had parasites, which can cause or contribute to cancer. A simple parasite cleanse and a colon cleanse (email me (address below) for the simple instructions) are crucial to eliminate nutrient loss, and unresolved inflammation in the organs invaded by parasites. ANYONE with inside pets or working with animals is especially susceptible. We pick up these biological works of wonder easily, even from poorly washed fruits and vegetables. Dr. Hulda Clark never met anyone with CANCER who did NOT have parasites. Every person with diabetes also tested positive for Eurytrema, or the Pancreatic Fluke. Onelifeusa was instructed how to manufacture this parasite cleanse, and it's less than $17, with about $5 for shipping. Annual cleansing is suggested.
**Tell them I sent you!
Write me for the Colon Cleanse I recommend-- for many reasons--to take along with the Parasite Cleanse. You don't want any of these critters left hanging around, dead or alive.  Write: and put Colon Cleanse in the Subject line for quick instructions.


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Vaccines Promote Breast Cancer: Iron's role in Cancer Growth, and Wormwood's Ability to Target iron-rich Cancer Cells...

Below are two web addresses of articles important to understand breast cancer.

Dr. Mercola's latest newsletter today addressed breast cancer's relation to aluminum via vaccines, and how iron is displaced. Iron plays a role in creating cancer. 
Wormwood, one of the 3 simple ingredients in Dr. Hulda Clark's Parasite Cleanse, targets iron-rich cancer cells.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Reasons People Don't Heal

Shared from

What upsetting factors from your past are lurking in your present? Factors that might very well be stopping your healing ... within your subconscious state, physical state, and spiritual state ... withholding your mind, body, and spirit?
  1. Where is your personal truth? Personal baggage of loss? Painful yesterdays unknowingly personified?
  2. Can FORGIVENESS accelerate the speed by which your wounds heal? (Wounds being physical, mental and/or spiritual challenges and barriers)
  3. Do you know anyone who is carrying around subconscious mind and body baggage that is draining them? Baggage that is holding them back from their true potential and purpose?
  4. Are you "unknowingly frozen" by your past, in the present?
  5. The abyss of lacking insight. As you break through, ideally this very moment, gaining renewed value and insights, will you promise to share these learned steps with loved ones?
"When failure is suddenly not an option" we can live a purposeful life, minus the subconscious drag that otherwise binds us to yesterday.
Most of us will harbor (or are harboring right now) feelings of pain, anger, resentment and hurt against someone we feel did us wrong. If they are not released, by way of forgiveness, these negative notions will slowly drain your energy while fanning the fires of chronic stress.
Caroline Myss’ story about a Navajo Indian could be the sudden awakening that brings you past prior limitations and belief(s), allowing yourself to forgive and release.
Another approach that can be very successful and beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit can be found at, which blends ancient and contemporary movements with eastern philosophy to open your mind and nourish your total self.
SheaNetics is based on the Five Living Principles, which are intertwined with your core mind, body, and spirit:

We truly wish you a life of wellness through continuous inner-peace.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Guardianship Mafia. Seizing the Wealth of America.

The following feed has information about illegal Guardianships, where your husband, wife, parents, etc. can be seized, a Guardian appointed, then drugged, while you drown in shock that this could be happening in America, or to you.
The courts and lawyers, Senior and Disabled 'Services', Institutions and Big Pharma all profit while your loved one suffers into death.

This process happened to my father.
This feed also has blog radio about the aspartame that is now morphed into neotame? and put without notice in processed foods and animal feed, chemtrails, etc.

It is past time to get involved. Though no one likes bad news, to ignore it is to be part of the problem...


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere....and

Comments below were made on Mercola's site regarding his article on water. The comment section was great with sharing ideas and opinions on Ph, what kind of water and filter to benefit health, etc.

Below are my comments there. Here is the web address for the article.

I read Dr. Revici's book, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer that Kelley Eidem markets through his blog. Information and discussion are a good thing....He found that diet worked for a while, and then the cancer would revert or flip. He tested people's urine, pain level, etc. to keep them on track. Some cancers are anabolic, and some are catabolic,  (cell growth or destruction) and have to be treated by someone who realizes the importance of Ph. Sadly, the ACA undermined Dr. Revici's work, or we would have been able to progress much further in cancer healing.Dr. Revici's patients weren't in pain like the rest of the poor people suffering under the AMA theories of the day, which are still functioning. I remember Sloane Kettering wanted to have the first 'cancer cure', and so were integral in sabotaging Dr. Revici's work w/ ties to the ACA. Basically, the chemical warfare manufacturers still wanted profit after the World Wars, so came up with the idea that chemo might be pushed to help with cancer. No different than Monsanto's greed to sterilize seed and contaminate corn, alfalfa now, etc. to control the world's food supply, or the petro dollar responsible for controlling transportation energy inventions and polluting the environment.
Dr. Mercola: What do you recommend as ACTION to turn this crazy planet around? Education? Media merely quotes one junk science study to confuse people after solid studies.
Thank you Barbfieck for the tips on wheat grass and sprouts in water... I live w/ well water now, and want to know what kind of potable point of use method is best-ozone or UV. In the last small town I had heavily chlorinated water, but no flouride, and I loved my coconut/carbon medium filter. The water was pure and sweet-tipped to alkaline. I'm drinking organic lemon squeezed into a qt. jar of nasty Culligan-type water for a mild cleanse. Though acidic, it's supposed to turn alkaline in the body. I hate the plastic storage container or the R/O acidic/dead water idea.
I have a suspicion that we simply are struggling with a lack of full understanding or knowledge, which means there is an exciting new frontier being opened up by challenge, and sharing experience. Sharing sure happens more quickly on the internet. When the Ph of water can resolve eczema-(even if temporarily, as fungus, toxins, Candida, etc. have to be addressed in diet, detox, oxygen, heavy metals, even the detergent residues and household cleaners coming in contact with the person's skin and lungs, etc.,) or can kill insects without poison, we can't merely throw that fact away. Sometimes I can laugh at my own frustration level, and I certainly see it here in this forum. If we form coalitions of intention for the good of mankind, we can bring our many ideas and 'gadgets' together. Dr. Mercola for instance, even introduced different 'body types'-so we know we are not all cut from the same cookie cutter. There is variation in what works for one....
I listened to a microbiologist/Dr. discuss her training that Ph is not involved in cancer, and that the body just balances itself. She tested cancerous tissues in the lab, and found her training to be inaccurate. We all know that certain foods can tip people to form uric acid, and thus gout, and it requires diet etc. to balance and heal, the same with arthritis deposits, teeth and bone loss, and heart attack victims with heart cells bathed in acid. Today this forum sounds like a sharing of 'mad scientists'. Bravo for us.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Thorough Presentation on Flouride I've Seen...

Professor Paul Connett speaks on the risks and benefits of flouride in our water. This the most complete presentation I have seen yet, and Mr. Connett's wife is to thank for her persuasiveness in getting her husband to investigate, write and speak on this subject so there can be hope to begin to protect our young and old from harm.

Please feel free to comment below...

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Friday, January 21, 2011

I Needed This...

Sometimes being a rabid researcher has its pitfalls. Thank goodness for the laughter that is just around the corner. Today, in the midst of my mental mood and muddle, as the gray clouds enclose the picture windows, a friend sent a Dr. Mercola article. She doesn't know I subscribe, I guess, but when she pointed out this video, I took the time to listen. Thank you, friend. 

I hope you enjoy it as well....

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love in 90 Days?

Just to share, the following embedded video gives a tip on getting out of a recycled abusive relationship.

Social health is just as important as physical health, and they are very much tied together...
I've been looking at some handouts from my social work practice about relationship skills, like How to Turn An Argument Into A Discussion, Equal/Non-Violent Relationship Model, Non-Equal/Violent Relationship Model, Controlling Behaviors, Verbal Abuse Categories, Thinking Errors, 12 Dating Mistakes, etc.

I have other condensed informational sheets that will be available on Decreasing Anxiety and Depression, etc. Requests are welcome.

I'm planning on making a website for my social work business and including a tab for other interests and things I like to share like recipes/cooking, poetry, gardening tips, preparedness/survival skills and supplies, etc.

 I will be offering Skype sessions or email letters/advice on a variety of subjects: single parenting, nutrition, surviving cancer and natural solutions for healing, elder care, dementia, sexual abuse recovery, divorce adjustment, general issues and life transitions.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Autism, ADD, ADHD and Aluminum Poisoning

Note: Dr. Mercola will be on Dr. Oz's show tomorrow, Tuesday...
Here's the link for the Trailer:

I  blended a bit of research and experience in a comment I left this morning on Dr. Mercola's Comment Section under his article on what to eat for good skin....

Please bear with the condensed attempt to tie fungus/Candida together with several health issues, as there is a space limit in comment sections. As I've read more about aluminum poisoning and realize the correlations with Candida, I am amazed and appalled at the complexity of choosing non-aluminum foods and personal care products, (staying away from beverages in tin cans), etc. Salts and baking powder and baking soda and the bakery foods and processed and restaurant foods with aluminum in them are so widespread, that not only do I want to grow and buy organic, staying away from hormones and antibiotics, but I now need to go one more level deep in awareness to avoid the many problems of aluminum poisoning.

Here's a link for you that will put you in another dimension of awareness. This writer had aluminum poisoning, and shares her story and others, how cheating works, what happened when an Alzheimer's patient stopped eating, drinking and taking his meds, etc. Absolutely fascinating and critical to know....

This will address Autism, ADD, ADHD, Candida, Aluminum Poisoning, Gluten problems, etc., if just briefly. Feedback welcome.

We are a gluten-based society, with wheat as a staple. When people get a Candida overgrowth, and it goes into the fungal stage, going through the intestinal wall, allowing bits of our enter the body and be treated like an allergen, we have problems. I am suspecting that if the Candida problem is not addressed, the new seeds and grains we use will end up in the same way, as allergens. Aluminum poisoning through vaccines and deodorants, etc. (breast cancer had a high incidence of the upper, outer margin near underarms) causes Candida to flourish. Heavy metals shelter Candida and make it harder to get rid of. Cilantro used with Chlorella to eliminate heavy metals may be helpful to detox. If you do a SEARCH on Youtube on Chemtrails, you'll hear about aluminum being dumped on us,-proven with testing-along with other toxic metals. Flouride is  a toxic byproduct of aluminum manufacture. I read where Prozac is 20% flouride, and the drugs being pushed on us have heavy metals. There is a correlation with psoriasis and heavy metals and parasites. If fungus flourishes with heavy metals, perhaps a detox is the answer. I've seen it work, but somehow the chemtrails and flouride dumping HAVE TO BE ADDRESSED. Did you know the FDA has NO safety guidelines on the amount of aluminum in vaccines our little ones are getting, especially important as they now get 17 vaccines in a short period of time, setting them up for autism, ADD and ADHD. Aluminum hijacks the iron carrier system, inhibits mercury excretion and crosses the blood brain barrier. Males are more vulnerable. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN...SPEAK OUT. There is no long term study testing safety of the number of vaccines pushed on our young. Drugs, steroids, antibiotics, sugar, meat and dairy, and stress all create acidic environments that fungus (Candida), cancer, virus, bacteria and parasites love. Dr. Mercola has a great list with sun, exercise (oxygen) etc. skin care products, etc. for health and balance.

Caution with the number of vaccines allowed, insistence on SAFE vaccines or NO vaccines, prevention with diet and exercise and nutritional food supplements, juicing, etc. is recommended.

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