Thursday, May 30, 2013

Politics in America...GET OUT OBAMA!!! YOU AND YOUR CORRUPT National Security/Change of Focus Murdering Crew...

And here's Kissinger: Arm around Obama as he left college...

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Effects of US Use of Depleted Uranium in Iraq

"If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor."
Albert Einstein

This morning I watched a YouTube video of a Raw Food person, Matt Monarch, on 'setting boundaries' and what to do with his coconut shell graveyards. His family lives in Ecuador, where for $40-150 a month, you can rent a place, grow your food and create a more peaceful life. I was reminded to scan and share some of my great informational handout sheets on human relation skills, like 'Boundaries', which will have to wait till I find my printer software in a storage unit. I also commented on what he might do with the piles of coconut shells on his property.

The fiber is used to make the base of worm composting beds, and coconut medium is also used in wonderful water filters. I use a pitcher filter from Shaklee w/ this kind of filter. It tips the water towards alkaline, and the water  tastes sweet. Here are some other reasons why I use this filter: BPA-free 10-cup pitcher, gives a year of clean water for a family of 4, for under $106, saving over 2400 plastic water bottles from the landfills, or the fuel and pollution to deliver them to stores. It takes more pollutants out than the other leading brands.

To order this Pitcher or a Surgical Stainless On or Under-Counter Water Filter, See Below:

As is normal for me, I look at other YouTube vids, and end up on a journey, delaying the day, if I'm not careful. This morning I listened to a man diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, whose knees were giant beach balls, with doctors offering to replace his joints. This made him turn to a water fast and then raw food. He healed himself. His two young sons share their own experience eating Raw.

I looked at other vids- two women, a 70 and 72 yr. old vegetarian/Raw who look remarkably healthy and youthful. One lady has a 51 yr. old boyfriend, and the other a husband who didn't follow his wife's diet, and looks like her father, on several meds for several disease processes-diabetes and high blood pressure, etc.

Then I watched several videos showing starving children which is devastating to see, forced abortion of a 7-month-old baby in China, and lastly, babies born after the use of Depleted Uranium by the United States, in Iraq. I embedded this video, above. All of these subjects give us food for thought, and beg us to turn our lives and hearts to healing this world. How can we be part of the solution?

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To order the coconut medium water filter for a year's supply of filtered water for a family of 4, for $105.95 Member price (one-time $19.95 membership good for all product ordering) or $124.65 Retail, call 1-800-SHAKLEE and give them my number: WB06068 or visit the link below:

Depleted Uranium, Starvation in Africa, Raw Food, Vegan lifestyles, Boundaries, Counselingwithpamela, Diabetes, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Abortion, China, Chinese policy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Discussions of Bread, Bromine, Sulfuryl Fluoride and Sulfites...

Portlanders voted down water fluoridation by 60/40. Perhaps the 'establishment' would have forced this 'down our throats' if it had come up for vote after....fluoridation, as fluoride lowers IQ and makes humans docile and lethargic, amid a bevy of other toxic study results. Banned in many other countries, the US Corporate Gang boldly produce junk science to confuse the masses, despite years of valid scientific studies.

I did a bit of research and wrote the following on this site:

"After the Portland, Oregon water fluoridation issue failed (TG), I did some quick research as to how we still ingest fluoride. I read about sulfuryl fluoride used on everything from wheat to beans, rice, etc.
I was initially curious about Oroweat, as it tastes so horrible to me, I wanted to 'decode' it myself. (I just don't buy it.)
 Bromine is added to so many things, bread included, and is a poison, banned in the UK and Canada, and California.
Any processed food, any use of water, and things like reconstituted juices, etc. have fluoride in them. Then there is the sulfite additives to every boxed food, and even sprayed on salads.
During a cancer surgery, the hospital had nothing to feed me afterwards that didn't contribute to cancer. After I said no to sulfites (allergic) caffeine, MSG and sugar, I got a tray with only jello and caffeinated tea?  Had a friend not brought homemade chicken noodle soup and yogurt, the hunger pains when I needed nourishment would have surpassed the surgery woes. Food is our the US?
Dave's Bread stays vegan, so no honey or GMO sugarbeets they say, but they just sold 50% of their biz. Personally, I've noticed all those whole seeds doing sneak attacks w/ inadequate chewing of each one can stimulate intestinal problems. Some breads out there use whole flax seeds, which the body can't break down.
And as to 'unbleached flour', instead of  sulfoxone? causing diabetes, I guess we get more chemicals. Kind of like the 'protective' act of the FDA irradiating all the almonds or spraying them w/ fire retardant chemicals.
It's getting to the point of, do we stay in the US and starve, or go elsewhere?"

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Proctor and Gamble Doesn't Disclose Ingredients in Sanitary Pads, etc. B/C They're a Medical Device?

Monsanto has bullied, bought and cheated away our right to know what we are eating and feeding our children and grandchildren, in America. No problem. As we get cancer and disease, the Pharmaceuticals can clean up with major profits.

Proctor and Gamble doesn't have to disclose what toxic ingredients are in their tampon and sanitary pads because they are considered a medical device? Watch the experiment with pads shown on this video. Imagine. Women in the US get to absorb whatever chemicals are in these products monthly, as the cancer rates soar.

Eric Holder recuses himself from giving any information or testimony. The IRS minimizes White House involvement from the top, by defining their harassment of political groups as "bad customer service". A lead IRS witness takes the 5th. The Press is investigated in the name of 'national security'. People are afraid to speak out or even voice their opinion on the phone, as they can be labeled a 'terrorist', be neutralized or harmed in some way.

The clearest sign of our Rogue, Authoritarian Government is the punishment of Whistle Blowers. Or is it the total erosion of the Constitution w/ the ability to declare war without Congressional approval, the drones, the FEMA camps, the NDAA so people can disappear, the silent campaign for a year to push fluoridation of the public water supply without public consent in one of the last non-fluoridated major cities? Take your pick, but be aware. Beware.

Could the cheating and fraud get any worse?

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Monday, May 20, 2013

"You're the Answer that Makes My Questions Disappear...."

Just a different angle, to revisit some history, waiting to be unearthed...

So, (the famous intro line of NPR(National Public Radio)) the witnesses and survivors who told of the 'explosions', and the water-tight witness: Bldg 7.

After looking at the news this morning....Thoughts.

Ordering help to 'stand down' after misleading the public w/ some stupid video- sparked action suggestion, means prison. Not rhetoric. Stop the vacuous 'lawyer speak'. Whistle blowers are getting harassed or killed in Obama’s administration, ordered by the ‘Chief’. It is the Patriots that are ‘standing down’, to live with themselves the rest of their lives. We need to go retroactive, and take care of all the 'Stand down' and changed Protocols, from 9/11 Towers and Bldg 7 which showcased the 'real controlled demolition story', which fraud---financed by higher rates for the American People.... The Pentagon fraud-missile. 

Oh that's right. What's the difference in financing a war by dead Americans? 3000+ all the war dead, the civilian dead, the hungry and elderly who go hungry to feed an illegal war. Our borders open to do a controlled demolition on economics, schools are closing, but we can send soldiers who will be pharmaceutically abandoned once they return, if they do. Like Rodriguez’s song: “And give a medal to replace the son of Mrs. Annie Johnson” For what? A UN agenda? The filthy rich? So the Banksters can take over one of 4-5 countries left without their Banking scourge?

Boots down. Gun Control so we can't protect ourselves. Remember Katrina, where women were raped by New Orleans Police, etc. w/ no protection? Citizens ordered to turn in their guns, against Constitutional Rights to Protection? Boots down, asking if the high and dry citizens needed help while kicking down their doors, and demanding the guns. Did you know any verbal protesters were 'tuffed and cuffed' and arrested? A practice run of the Despot.

Why do we live in a country where it's common knowledge the Government is trying to thin the herd with poisoning the food, the air and water-drugs and vaccines, and the confusion is, "Who is minding the store?" What does it take for action and protection? Which Enforcement and Judicial offices have had their beams strapped with Nano Thermate, (the military grade of Nano Thermite)-with a letter stuffed full of money, or threats, to ensure criminal Government actions? The corruption level is no less than Organized Crime. The Gang of 8.

Where are our leaders? Were they herded (politicians, media and actors) into a large room of late, to drink champagne and tolerate inane jokes from a lying President? Laughing, grateful to be included?  If you speak out, the IRS can be sent to harass you and bankrupt your life with legal fees, or worse. How many witnesses from 9/11 have been murdered, along with their families, like Philip Marshall? But hey, let's toast the Chief, with our gowns, guffaws and hair products. Do we really all need a tuning fork to recognize a Liar? Is this harsh and unfounded? Not if you don't have your head in the sand.

This is the age of "I recuse myself", in a blatant attempt to avoid accountability. Does it matter if Holder and Obama lie about 'not knowing'? Bush in the classroom? Rumsfield away from his Pentagon post, so he couldn't give the order to protect the Washington DC No Fly zone w/ jets that fly faster than the speed of sound? Why isn’t it media news every day, that the Protocols to Protect DC were re-instated on 9/12? No focus on the removal of evidence from both sites? Our regime just murders to accomplish their goals with White Glove Dinner courtesy, and a President so full of self-hatred, his lying cheating voice falls flat. Soulless. While his henchmen, like Hillary Clinton, hope that the aneurysm won’t get in the way of her next chess move. Where is the Robin Williams’ waiter to tell them all,  “Your table is ready?” Like Dr. Leonard Coldwell says, “We do not forget”. Those of us who have avoided the not forget. We wait to see the karma of justice.

And by the way, "give a medal to replace the son of Mrs. Annie Johnson…"
One of Rodriguez's songs, via Youtube or the album.  'Cause'

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Potpourri of Happiness, Intelligent Folk, Music, Mistakes and Warning...

Potpourri on a Sunday....after the Peppy Kernals for Porridge.

One of the biggest missteps of America. Not electing Ron Paul.

Listen to the military personnel report the violations of personal rights to protection in Katrina--Military trained to break into homes while asking if help was needed, and confiscating guns---of homes well above any flooding. Listen to the elderly toughed and cuffed in their own homes, and how any verbal protest meant throw-down and arrest.

Establishing precedent for authoritarian agendas...

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psychiatric Medications: Disease Mongering

The video below shares numerous professionals reporting on what has happened to the American public. How many people do you know that have been diagnosed with a 'disorder' and drugged? How many of the school killings in the US were done by psychiatric drugged individuals, and did you know 50% of the suicides are on psychiatric drugs?

What is the connection between the Pharmaceuticals, the FDA and the Doctors? See this film and decide for yourself.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

When Should You Fire Your Physician?

I'm going to share a video on Fluoride used in Concentration Camps, and why the level is the same in fluoridated communities. After the race riots in our history, the water was fluoridated, in a particular order.

This Pathologist speaks the truth, and you will know it when you hear him. Everyone in our country should hear this video....

Here the same Physician is, sharing why Cancer Treatments kill the patient, not cancer. He has done autopsies on thousands of people who had cancer.

Dr. Lorraine Day talks about how she healed from Cancer:

Dr. Leonard Coldwell speaks about his history with genetic family cancer, and why he has a 'slight problem with the medical profession'.

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A Closer Look at a Dog Bite...

A Closer Look at a Dog Bite...

I have a 67-year-old friend who got deep puncture wounds from a dog bite. I wrote about it in a previous post, and shared some pictures. How serious are dog bites? Well, he has gone down some horrible rabbit hole of an experience.

The bite happened at 5 pm at the end of March. The police called him at 7 pm and he called me at 9pm, too tired to think of going to the doctor's till the next day. I was able to convince him to seek care immediately, as the saliva from animal bites can cause cellulitis and blood poisoning. His bite happened while on a bicycle, slowly navigating past a group of young people. The dog was not on a leash, somehow he had escaped or been let out of his fenced yard. As my friend slowly made his way by a group of young people, the young man, son of the owner, assured him it was a 'friendly dog'. Slowly, the older dog made his way to my friend's bicycle, sort of like an old curious dog, and then he chomped down on my friend's ankle. The dog had bitten a woman on the arm who was walking by a few years ago, and had picked up her small dog to keep him safe. She reported it to the police. Whether they wrote a report is questionable. Since the owner told my friend State Farm has paid 3 claims in 10 years, I am wondering how many were regarding dog bites from this animal?

The hospital gave my friend Doxycline and Cleocin (Clindamycin). Upon reading about Cleocin, (the patient ratings and side effects which are horrible-including death), and because my friend is very sensitive to many medications, the following day when seeing his own doctor, he was put on Septra DS or Bactrim. It had a worse rating than Cleocin. One of the side effects of both is death, I believe. Several days later, the bite wasn't healing. Cellulitis set in. It's where there's an infection deep in the tissues. Then it formed an abscess and needed lancing. My friend was put on yet another antibiotic. Ceftin.

 Antibiotics set people up for yeast infections and urinary tract infections, as they imbalance the good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract, and create an acid environment conducive to the growth of yeast and fungus.  Pro...biotics help build back the good bacteria. Some doctors encourage their patients to eat yogurt. Fermented veggies are also good for their probiotics or good flora.

3-4 weeks of this soreness, using crutches at first, swelling and bruising, not being able to sleep except briefly, in one position, etc., he was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection.  The Kaiser Doc put him on Cipro. Two doses of that, and he woke in pain, his skin burning, etc. Then purplish rash appeared on one hip, down the leg, and in some pretty private, sensitive parts....
Think ...all of them. Shingles can be triggered by Cipro. They can also be triggered by injury, trauma and stress. Just knock the immune system down far enough, or be fighting some kind of disease or cancer, and Shingles can be the beacon of caution and warning. Shingles in the eyes is very serious, and in the brain, can cause death. They also can re-emerge... forever.

There has been a new phenomena after Chickenpox vaccines, as adults are getting Shingles at an alarming rate, and even kids are getting it. The virus sheds and is quite contagious. It seems the new problem of Shingles outbreaks for young and old that has been caused by the Pharmaceutical marketing of the Chickenpox vaccine, also make them money in selling the idea of getting Shingles vaccines (some docs say they're useless, and stats show about a 51% effective rate. It's the adjuvants, the MSG and aborted fetal tissue used to grow the ingredient needed that introduces foreign proteins to each poor fool that takes it, that is causing havoc. And of course, there are many cases of people getting Shingles from the vaccine. Foreign proteins set up autoimmune diseases and cancer, by the way. Read some of the forums on Shingles to get an idea of the pain, joint pain, etc., involved. Like anything else, when the immune system is hammered, a person is susceptible to virus's, bacteria, etc.

Now, the Health Dept. was faxed the dog bite info the following morning from the Hospital ER room. The dog was not picked up for the State-mandated 10-day observation by the Police Dept., in concert with the Animal Control Officer. The next morning, the female owner reported the dog had been 'run over'. Not one agency verified that report, or took responsibility to make sure it was verified, and besides the initial Police phone call at 7, and a few afterwards after I contacted Chief Conner, no agency spoke to my friend until a week had passed, and only because I contacted the Animal Control Officer, the Police, and later, the Health Dept. official. The dog should have been dug up if indeed it was dead. A Vet with a mask and goggles for protection has to remove the head as a sample and send it in so the brain is tested for Rabies. A Rabies shot is not fail safe, and sometimes actually infects an animal. This dog admittedly by the owner, ran wild, despite Leash Laws.

Since Rabies takes 1-3 months, and in one case up to 7 years to surface in the victim, it has been a cruel and unusual punishment to have negligent public agencies that had to be pushed to do their job, and that failed to protect and ensure my friend for his peace of mind, that he does not have a possibility of Rabies. When the wound starts itching, or he drives himself to a hospital for shooting pain for possible nerve damage, there are questions not put to rest.

The Police Officer told my friend he'd have to ask permission of the owner to send the dog's head in, and pay the $100 himself. His Chief didn't agree the bite victim would have to pay for this test, but he also didn't move ahead with the proper agencies to verify the dog's death for my friend's health and safety and mental suffering, or for the next victim, should the dog still be alive, but only hidden.

The Health Dept. official told my friend he considered the bite a minor risk of Rabies-a week later, and the budget wouldn't pay for it, but my friend could, at $100-1000. My friend didn't know the dog even was recorded as having a Rabies vaccine for a week after the bite. The young man who told him the dog was friendly, also told him the dog had his Rabies vaccine. Even that has not been verified by the Vet reportedly involved, as far as I know.

The Animal Control Officer and Policeman involved, both asked my friend if he wanted them to write up a Citation, though the ORS protocol is clear. The next victim wouldn't appreciate them skating their Civil and Criminal responsibilities, would they, asking a Bite Victim to direct their legal protocols? Not until I told the Animal Control Officer that I was writing this up on a personal blog and sent him the bite pictures did he write up the Citations. It makes one wonder what we are paying for, with our taxes. I emailed the AC Officer that it sounded like Fraud to me--collecting paychecks, but not following protocols for public protection.

Rabies symptoms can take 1-3 months, or up to 7 years to surface, as shared. There have also been cases where entire packs of dogs being trained with coyotes or animals outside of their area had to be put down after becoming infected with Rabies, despite them having Rabies shots prior to the exercise. This suggests that there are variants of  Rabies.

Here is some information to help address these Shingles:

(A Chiropractor wrote that intravenous Vitamin C helped almost immediately. My friend is trying the Probiotic, B Complex, Vitamin C w/ bioflavanoids and Nutriferon route.) He was also given an anti-viral.

Shingles Testimonial:

Pat Stemmed says, "I take all the nutrients daily, but when I came down with a case of shingles, I doubled all the supplements that help supply nerves: B Complex, Lecithin, and Calcium/Magnesium.  I did this for 2-3 days and also made a cream to use topically from Herbal Blend Multi-Cream mixed with the oil from Vita-E capsules.  " She pricked them with a pin and squeezed the oil out. She said she had an area about the size of a grapefruit on her upper back and it was gone in about 10 days
Testimony on Shingles
 I first got shingles when I was pregnant with my first child 5 years ago. It broke out on my right thigh and right arm. Very painful. The Dr.  told me that it is a form of the herpes virus like a cold sore, etc. I was told that stress brings it out and when I find myself in unusually high stress I have had tendencies to breakouts. B-Complex is awesome for this and so is Cal-Mag. I regularly take Vita-Lea, soy protein, Sustained Release-C, Alfalfa, and Optiflora.   I haven't had an outbreak in quite sometime!

HealthOne, Anna Hammons  Date: 12/22/99 11:06:33 AM CentralFrom:Sue@T... (Susan L Holdren)    Obviously the Basics and Protein are important, but the real "miracle worker" is the B-Complex.  Shingles is a virus (the same one that causes Chicken Pox in young children) and it causes painful itching along certain nerve tracks. In very simplified terms, the B Complex helps the nerves to heal and resist the "over-reaction" caused by the virus. It is important that the person continue to supplement with B-Complex in order to prevent recurrence of the shingles. This has worked for my aunt who would get shingles every year. She has not had them for 8 years now - she's 85. Each person is different, so "how many?" is a difficult question to answer. It would probably be a good idea to start with 4 a day (evenly spaced) and increase until a level of maximum improvement is found. (I take 12 - 16 on high stress days.) Good luck. Sue

Here are nutrients that can greatly speed the healing of Shingles, and help avoid a recurrence:


   1. VITAMIN C: immune support; speeds up healing
   2. B COMPLEX: provides nutrients needed for healing the nerve damage
   3. ZINC: needed for healing of connective tissue
   4. NUTRIFERON: Powerful stimulation of body’s own interferon production.
   5. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: immune support; speeds up healing
   6. CAROTOMAX: immune support; heals epithelial tissue
   7. COQHEART: increases healing energy
   8. OPTIFLORA: strengthens immune system; reduce toxin load
   9. GARLIC: for the immune system
  10. DTX: reduce toxin load

Here are nutrients and herb tea that greatly speed the healing of Urinary Tract Infections, (UTI's), also known as Bladder Infections and that can become Kidney Infections if not healed soon enough.
Marshmallow tea helps cut the pain quickly, unlike the nasty orange urine-producing Western Medicine ---Pyridium. I should know about this, as before I was diagnosed with Endocervical Cancer in 2004, I had recurring UTI's, especially after sexual activity. At the same time, I was fighting recurrent Sinus Infections. Both urinary tract infections and sinus infections are all symptoms of Candida. See nutrients to address that, below. Grapefruit Seed Extract should be added to that list. It is a powerful healer. Nature's antibiotics rarely have side effects, or list DEATH as one of the side effects. Just food for thought....

*Note: The DNA of Candida is cancer. Dr. Simoncini, an Italian Oncologist treats his patients with Bicarbonate of Soda, as it's a fungus problem, which speaks to a PH problem. Sunlight, exercise and meditation and deep breathing all help fight cancer. We all have Candida, but it has to be balanced. Antibiotics and steroids, etc. kill the good gut bacteria and allow the bad bacteria to grow wild. When the Candida morphs to the Fungal form, it goes thru the gut walls with its roots, and particles or molecules of proteins from the food we eat, go into the body, causing food allergies. We in America have been a gluten-based society. However, even stopping gluten may not be the whole answer, if the Candida is not addressed. One of the nutrients that prevent the morphing of Candida from a yeast or bacteria to a fungus, is BIOTIN. This ingredient is in Shaklee's Vita Lea multi-vitamin, 100%, and is in a BIO-AVAILABLE form. Many people waste their money and time with nutrients that just are not usable by the body. Shaklee coats their Vita Lea with Folic Acid. This opens up in the stomach, instead of being bound up in some capsule. 

If people will listen, this little 50+ yr. old company holds some important product information that can save or extend their lives, and bring vigorous health. Our food should be our medicine, but most are not eating well, or in balance. Supplements help bridge the gaps. I don't use it and recommend it for any small profit involved. My website has a lot of product information. 

You can check out these products at: or call 1-800-SHAKLEE and give then my Shaklee number: WB06068 to order. I spend individual time with my customers. Contact me at, or at, or my phone number is on-

* CANDIDA:  *(avoid sugar, fruit juices, alcohol, caffeine, white flour, simple carbs and uncultured dairy products.)

   1. GARLIC: destroys overgrowth of yeast
   2. OPTIFLORA: replaces friendly bacteria
   3. VITA C: strengthens the immune system
   4. B COMPLEX: increases absorption (candida prevents absorption of nutrients)
   5. ZINC: strengthens the immune system
   6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: strengthens the immune system
   7. CAROTOMAX: strengthens the immune system
   8. NUTRIFERON: to strengthen the weakened immune system
    **Online Enzyme Product Called Candex breaks down Candida cell walls without die-off symptoms.
    **Digestive Enzymes like Shaklee’s EZGest can also help.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

* CANCER: * (purify the air you breathe . AirSource is no longer sold by Shaklee) Get reasonable SUN exposure for natural Vitamin D. It is said breast cancer may be a disease of Vitamin D deficiency. The breast tissue (fat) also stores toxins.
    Request ‘Natural Solutions to Cancer’ CD. Dr. Sandra Bevacqua educates Medical Dr’s on using Nutrition for Cancer.
    Change the pH Environment of your blood and body w/ diet, water, supplements, oxygenating exercise.
    Cancer thrives in acid and low oxygen. So do bacteria, virus’s and parasites.
    Get a Bestwater coconut shell carbon medium water filter for pure alkaline water. On or under counter or pitcher.
     9.1 pH tested w/ professional tester w/ tap water. (Area supply may differ.)
     Approx. $220 Member price. 22cents gal 1st yr. and.09 gal. the second year or 1000 gallons, with new filter. Or, get the Shaklee Pitcher, costing about $100 for a year for a family of four. Don't skimp on clean water w/ less efficient filters.
     Reduces chlorine, lead, toxic organic compounds and parasite cysts 98.3-99.95%
     Important: **See Parasite Cleanse Info pg. 15 of this document: Common Ailments

   1. VITA C: increases production & stimulation of T-killer cells which destroy cancer cells
   2. CAROTOMAX: strengthens immune system; greatly reduces risk of epithelial tissue cancer
   3. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: powerful free radical scavenger
   4. NUTRIFERON: strengthens the immune system
   5. ZINC: strengthens the thymus gland for a stronger immune system
   6. GARLIC: enhances the immune system: causes T-killer cells to be more active
   7. GLA: immune system strengthener / slows down cellular multiplication
   8. B COMPLEX: increases speed of the immune system response
   9. HERB-LAX: reduces body toxins
  10. OPTIFLORA: increases friendly bacteria
  11. COQHEART: energizes the healing power in each cell
  12. LECITHIN: strengthens neurotransmitters which allows communication to the nervous system
  13. DTX: Reduce the toxin load in the body
  14. ALFALFA: blood purifier and mineral smorgasbord
  15. EXTRA SOY PROTEIN: contains anti-cancer components
***Ask for the Natural Options for Cancer Resource List/See Page 15 of this document.
You don’t necessarily need all of the above. Ask for help for a personalized list of nutrients. Vitalizer and Non-GMO Soy Protein and Nutriferon is a great place to start, as is baking soda and maple syrup or molasses in water upon waking, Turmeric tea, etc. There are many success stories for aiding in the healing and/or remission of cancer using holistic methods.. You read them and judge for yourself. Tweak your diet to alkaline, juice for optimal nutrients w/ minimal digestive energy needed, green smoothies and organics. A necessity is Optiflora. Nutriferon at 4-6 a night with an extra dose of protein has been used to erase all evidence of pancreatic cancer. Research Hulda Clark, Bryzinski, Dr. Revici, Dr. Simoncini, Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Gonzales. Western Medicine obviously doesn’t have all, or many times, any answers. Critical thinking, or thinking for yourself can save your life. One man whose doctor almost killed him with malpractice for his heart issues, wrote the book :I Fired My Doctor and Saved My Life. Cancer treatment fraud is as plentiful as those pink ribbons. It’s a profitable business. 

A good Plan Overview: Detox (Parasite cleanse and Colon Cleanse) and Good Nutrition w/ supplements, Exercise and Sunlight.

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