Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Discussions of Bread, Bromine, Sulfuryl Fluoride and Sulfites...

Portlanders voted down water fluoridation by 60/40. Perhaps the 'establishment' would have forced this 'down our throats' if it had come up for vote after....fluoridation, as fluoride lowers IQ and makes humans docile and lethargic, amid a bevy of other toxic study results. Banned in many other countries, the US Corporate Gang boldly produce junk science to confuse the masses, despite years of valid scientific studies.

I did a bit of research and wrote the following on this site:

"After the Portland, Oregon water fluoridation issue failed (TG), I did some quick research as to how we still ingest fluoride. I read about sulfuryl fluoride used on everything from wheat to beans, rice, etc.
I was initially curious about Oroweat, as it tastes so horrible to me, I wanted to 'decode' it myself. (I just don't buy it.)
 Bromine is added to so many things, bread included, and is a poison, banned in the UK and Canada, and California.
Any processed food, any use of water, and things like reconstituted juices, etc. have fluoride in them. Then there is the sulfite additives to every boxed food, and even sprayed on salads.
During a cancer surgery, the hospital had nothing to feed me afterwards that didn't contribute to cancer. After I said no to sulfites (allergic) caffeine, MSG and sugar, I got a tray with only jello and caffeinated tea?  Had a friend not brought homemade chicken noodle soup and yogurt, the hunger pains when I needed nourishment would have surpassed the surgery woes. Food is our the US?
Dave's Bread stays vegan, so no honey or GMO sugarbeets they say, but they just sold 50% of their biz. Personally, I've noticed all those whole seeds doing sneak attacks w/ inadequate chewing of each one can stimulate intestinal problems. Some breads out there use whole flax seeds, which the body can't break down.
And as to 'unbleached flour', instead of  sulfoxone? causing diabetes, I guess we get more chemicals. Kind of like the 'protective' act of the FDA irradiating all the almonds or spraying them w/ fire retardant chemicals.
It's getting to the point of, do we stay in the US and starve, or go elsewhere?"

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