Monday, August 15, 2016

Malpractice in Lyme Treatment, Mazda MPV Minivans and First Street Sweetened Condensed Milk...(GMO beets)

Hello out there in the online world. It's been months since I've posted, so I want to touch base.
Lyme update: Even though my symptoms are 90% in remission, I've noticed a recurring theme of fatigue. Since Lyme is a cousin of Syphilis, which shows up and then goes under, it is a reminder that I should remain vigilant in zapping, exercise and juicing.

I went to a local Medford, Oregon doctor, Dr. Cullen who said he gives all his patients 30 days of antibiotics for 'treatment'. I asked if he then retests them to make sure the Lyme (Borrelia B forms) are dead, and he said no. I told him this was malpractice. He said his patients 'felt better'. Of course they do, I said, as the spirochete burrows through their tissues, creating inflammation and infection, and the antibiotics address that. It won't kill the Lyme infection, but is like a temporary analgesic for the damage done.
Eye roll. Head shake. Moving on.

This local doctor was suddenly unavailable indefinitely from his practice after I shared my experience with one of the nurses co-facilitating the Lyme Support group (SOLD/Southern Oregon Lyme Disease). The Western Blot test with Igenex has to be paid up front, and the Insurance Company doesn't allow the patient to pay the bill, so it's obviously a strange combination, as the Clinic won't go into the hole and order and pay for it, not being fully reimbursed. The local doctor wrote my diagnosis as 'fatigue', not Lyme, and said I was 'untreated' because of course I had not had the 30 days of antibiotics. I was treated by Dr. Cowden.
I have felt I was on my own for some time. My dilemma is if I spend the $250 or so? w/ Igenex, for a result that may still not show the 'required' bands for Lyme, can I afford that? The last one showed the antigen? for flagella. C-41? I'd have to dig the test up.

Good news: Just listed my MPV minivan in Craig's List for almost nothing, as the heater core is leaking, and now some external head gasket leak. A fellow from Grants Pass who has an MPV called and said Don't! I know what is wrong with the leaking. It's a small hose. And, the heater core took him an hour to replace. Hope in the Rogue Valley. (Believe me, it is rogue here. I have never met so many dishonest, dysfunctional people in my life in one area. But, maybe it's the theme for the country with the leaders voted in the last few years.)

Bad news: Just found out my First Street brand Sweetened Condensed Milk is made from rbST-free milk, but has GMO sugar beets!!! No wonder when I made my turmeric ginger tea I felt like total CRAP every time I sweetened it with this condensed milk and coconut milk. Glyphosate (from GMO's) surrounds aluminum and allows it to pass the blood brain barrier instead of being eliminated by the stomach. Glutamate is also a culprit for cancer, and both aluminum and glutamate are found in vaccines!!!
If you want a final resting place for your vaccine questions, see the video below. An interview with a female scientist:

I had to call Smart and Final at 323-869-7500 about the First Street brand, and found out it's a private label, and the Customer Relations gal, Karen, found out the sugar on the label is not cane, but beets.  So much for muddy labels. "Milk, Sugar"
I'm going to tell Cash N Carry, not that they are an organic store... and look for another sweetened condensed milk brand w/ cane sugar. Sometimes I just want my Mexican Coffee. Iced. It's made w/ the SCMilk. It's an occasional treat. Without it, my life of Lyme celibacy may not be bearable. :o) Only one cup on weekends?

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