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Medical School Scorecard on Pharma Conflicts of Interest

Here is a press release from AMSA, the American Medical Student Association, where we still have hope for changes in the corruption of the medical field, directly affecting our health and longevity.

Thought you would be interested in the scorecard of universities teaching the new docs on the block...

 to me
show details 5:17 AM (6 hours ago)


Reston, Va. and Washington, D.C. — The majority of U.S. medical schools have implemented strong conflict-of-interest policies this year, according to the 2010 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) PharmFree Scorecard, released today. The Scorecard, developed by AMSA and the Pew Prescription Project, finds that 79 of 152 medical schools (52%) now receive a grade of A or B for their policies governing pharmaceutical industry interaction with medical school faculty and students, compared with 45 last year.

The AMSA PharmFree Scorecard (, now in its fourth year, offers a comprehensive national overview, as well as an in-depth, school-by-school analysis in 11 areas, including gifts and meals from industry to doctors, paid promotional speaking for industry, acceptance of free drug samples, interaction with sales representatives and industry-funded education.

Of the 152 U.S. medical schools, 19 receive As (13%), 60 Bs (39%), 24 Cs (16%), 18 Ds (12%) and 26 Fs (17%). Schools that declined to submit policies and schools that did not respond to repeated requests for policies received an automatic ‘F’ (12 schools). Five respondents received a grade of “In Process” because their policies are currently under review or revision.

Highlights of the survey include:

•       The University of South Dakota, Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine and Tufts University School of Medicine have increased from ‘D’ policies to ‘A’ policies this year. Tufts is now the highest scoring medical school in Massachusetts.

•       The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, increased its grade from a ‘F’ to a ‘C’.

•       The University of Central Florida College of Medicine, which only opened its doors in 2009, received a ‘B’.

•       There are only two medical schools that received a perfect score for limiting access of sales representatives – the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine and Florida State University College of Medicine.

•       Nearly one-third of medical schools now teach medical students to understand institutional conflict of interest policies, to recognize how industry promotion and marketing can influence clinical judgment and to consider the ethics around conflict of interest.

The other top-ranked, (‘A’) schools in the 2010 report include: Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York), University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, University of California Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, University of California Davis School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Mayo Medical School, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, and the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

“As conflict-of-interest policies become part of mainstream medical education, this is an exciting time for future physicians and the health care industry as a whole,” says John Brockman, AMSA national president and fourth year medical student at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. “With all of the compelling data about how marketing influences even the best-intentioned physicians, it is gratifying to see that medical schools are taking the necessary steps toward practicing evidence-based medicine, which translates into better patient care.” Case Western increased its grade this year from a ‘D’ to a ‘B’.

AMSA developed the rigorous scorecard methodology with the Pew Prescription Project, which works to promote consumer safety through reforms in the approval, manufacture and marketing of prescription drugs.

“Conflict of interest policies ensure appropriate relationships between caregivers and drug and medical device companies,” said Allan Coukell, director of medical safety for the Pew Health Group, which supports AMSA’s work. “The 2010 scorecard shows that medical schools are moving towards stronger conflict-of-interest standards and that the Scorecard is an increasingly accepted assessment tool.”

Virtual News Conference  

On Wednesday, December 15th at 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST, AMSA will host a virtual news conference to review the results of the 2010 AMSA PharmFree Scorecard:

Call-In Number:                
(661) 673-8600

Participant Passcode:        

For more information or to schedule an interview with AMSA, Pew or a local medical student, please contact: press(at)amsascorecard(dot)org.

About the American Medical Student Association
Celebrating its 60th Anniversary, AMSA is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States. Founded in 1950, AMSA is a student-governed, non-profit organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. To learn more about AMSA, our strategic priorities, or joining the organization, please visit us online

AMSA’s PharmFree Campaign, which began in 2001, guides medical students in organizing to advocate for evidence-based rather than marketing-based prescribing practices, the removal of conflicts of interest and global access to essential medicines. AMSA provides toolkits, talks and training institutes to help medical students advance these goals. For more information, please

About the Pew Health Group
The Pew Health Group is the health and consumer-product safety arm of The Pew Charitable Trusts, a nonprofit organization that applies a rigorous, analytical approach to improve public policy, inform the public and stimulate civic life. For more information, please

# # #

Media Contact:
Kim Cunningham
American Medical Student Association
Phone: (781) 223-4042

**Happy Holidays
See the last few posts for a Cookie Exchange Party.
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Gift Ideas...Cookie Exchange Holiday Party

Christmas and Holiday Times can be difficult if we have lost family and friends-for any reason- or are in a tough financial spot. One of the best ways I've found over the years to soothe the sadness that I feel most during the holidays is to make food and surprise neighbors and friends. This year I will have a 'Cookie Exchange' party to make good memories. 

I thought I'd serve a light supper around 6pm, and have some soup, rolls or homemade bread (with honey butter perhaps), and a great organic green salad with a homemade honey mustard dressing. (It's good I visited the Scoggins Valley Apiary and have a gallon of pure honey in the shelf). I have one guest who is allergic to onions, and that will be a huge challenge as far as soups are concerned. I'll have to put my 'thinking cap' on, as my mother used to say. I have a recipe for a Senagalese Peanut Chicken Soup that uses butternut squash and is very comforting and tasty. I can send the recipe if anyone is interested. Just put Soup Recipe in the subject line.

For dessert everyone will have a plate of cookies they have made, or will bring at least a box of chocolates or some holiday treat if they don't bake, and we'll make up variety plates to take home.

Last year I created baskets to give away. This year I have some good grapefruit that were 3/$1 and some wonderful Hood River Apples. Making cookies is therapeutic for me. I picture making some baskets with good cookies and fruit, and little surprises tucked in. 

Our expectations and losses seem to distill on family-oriented times of the year. I find the best way to beat the blues during the Holidays is to make other people's lives happier and better in some way. Being part of creating surprise and happiness cannot help but make our own holidays brighter. So, if you want to glow like those Christmas lights, roll up your sleeves and roll out the dough for gingerbread boys, drop Russian teacakes on the cookie sheet, or make those nutty little Thumbprints with a chocolate kiss or a bit of homemade raspberry jam in the middle.  

Please send pictures of your Christmas Elf creations for others-baskets, cookies, etc. 

Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

GMO Sugarbeets Coming here? Uncontrollable Contamination...

The message below was sent in response to notification that GMO sugarbeets are being pushed on us now. Contamination of organic or natural crops is unpreventable.
Underlined is my direct input...

President Barack Obama
Tom Vilsack, Secy. Of Agriculture
Cindy Smith DVM, MBA, Administrator

This message is meant to document yet another proposed violation of human rights, and request a cease and desist of allowing ANY corporate/government /organization liaison to overlook or allow basic food contamination.

If you are intentionally or negligently allowing agricultural warfare in yet another crop, then please just announce that America is under siege through the very government agencies we pay to protect us. When did any government agency have a right to sanction or allow biological contamination of major food crops? Please play God and shorten life span or depopulate a country on some other planet.

Should you allow this corporate invasion of our primary right to choose what we eat, or have something safe to eat, you not only will be seen as criminals in the history books, but you and yours will most likely succumb from the same GMO greed and ignorance that you have helped promulgate.

Would you please just do your job, and help heal the world and leave it a better place, starting with your own obligations and responsibilities in the position this country's citizens have entrusted you (or at least hoped for).

I am writing to strongly oppose the USDA's proposal to allow the commercial planting and sale of of genetically engineered, "Roundup Ready" sugar beets before the agency has completed the court-ordered review of that crop's impacts (Docket No. APHIS-2010-0047).

The USDA's proposal violates environmental laws that are meant to ensure that agencies analyze potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts before they take action, not allow those activities to continue under another name while they undertake that analysis.  The proposal also violates the law because it allows commercialization under provisions meant only for research, making an end-run around actually making a commercial approval decision. 

As a consumer I am harmed by the loss of my right to choose non-GE foods.  The harm to me happens because the sugar made from biotech beets is made by a production system that I know is harmful to the environment and farmers, regardless of the differences between biotech-derived sugar and other sugars.  These harms include the risk of transgenic contamination of organic and non-GE crops, the creation of resistant "super weeds" from the overuse of Roundup, and the impacts of Roundup on biodiversity and protected species.  Allowing commercialization to continue will not only eliminate my choice to choose non-GE food, but it will prejudge the agency's forgone conclusion to eventually commercialize again.

The USDA has proposed an unprecedented scheme with measures it claims will ensure harm such as transgenic contamination won't happen.  But those measures have never been analyzed by our government for any biotech crop.  They are the same measures that the Federal Court refused to adopt in August of this year.  These measures should not be adopted now, at least not without a full Environmental Impact Statement analyzing their efficacy.

Additionally, the USDA's track record at overseeing biotech crops in field trials is abysmal, as numerous government reports have concluded (GAO 2008, USDA IG 2005).  The failings of the USDA's field trial oversight have led to dozens of contamination episodes and billions of dollars in lost markets and businesses, such as with genetically engineered rice and corn.  The USDA's actions belie its rhetoric of concern for non-GE crop growers, and continue to undermine its credibility. The USDA refused to disclose to the public a major contamination episode that came to light just a few weeks ago when GE bentgrass was discovered to have contaminated at least 20 square miles in eastern Oregon. GE bentgrass is not commercially approved and the contamination is believed to have spread from a field trial that ended more than five years ago. Congress even required USDA to improve its oversight of field trials in the 2008 farm bill, an order USDA has ignored.  Now the USDA is claiming that its system of field trials is sufficient to contain an entire industry across the country.  The measures should not be adopted at least without a full EIS. 
The companies claiming economic harm from the failure to plant biotech beets in 2011 - Monsanto, Syngenta, and other agro-chemical giants - have not disclosed what conventional seed stock they have to plant if they cannot plant biotech beets.  Any claims of economic harm to them are speculative and a result of their own gambling, since these companies have known since 2008 that they should plan to revert to conventional beets since it was likely biotech beets  would again be illegal. Biotech beets are illegal and they threaten the environment through transgenic contamination and weed resistance, and consumers by inhibiting the fundamental right to choose.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gulf Coast BP Oil Spill Truth

Watch this short video for:
More government and corporate lies at our expense. How many will die from the oil and chemical sprays and residues? Is seafood safe to eat at all? Does the package say where it's coming from, and which government agency can you trust to protect you and your family? You decide...

The Consequence of Oil from Global Access Media on Vimeo.

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Fraud: Latest Calcium dilemma: To take Calcium or not...

Below is an article that shows why the latest news on Calcium is misleading and harmful, as this 'meta-analysis study' used only 15 of 11,363 studies--excluding those studies using calcium w/ Vitamin D or Vitamin K, or other minerals to aid absorption. This is going to help Americans head towards Osteoporosis and other  diseases that are dependent on adequate calcium in the diet.

Also, many think Tums, for instance is a good form of insurance, or form of calcium. This is also covered here, in detail....
Thank you Dr. Chaney....

My personal experience after a hysterectomy for endocervical cancer: Taking no calcium supplement meant my teeth began to look opaque, or transparent. Now I'm paying for those years without calcium, before I went back to Shaklee, with some cracking teeth. A root canal costs from $925-1500, and crowns are $925-1100, with bridges around $3000. Calcium coats nerves, helps prevent cancer and is integral in many body functions.

My diet includes 2 Vita Lea w/ 45% calcium, 2-4 Osteomatrix and 1-2 Soy Protein drinks a day. When my self care suffers, I notice. Prevention is much more inexpensive.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

99 years old and counting...

Who is a Shaklee user, and is now 99 years old and counting?
See this link to find out what one woman's experience is in using Shaklee and staying alive and healthy.

or: paste the link in your browser:

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Write me at the above address and put FREE Health Profile in the subject box. I'll send you an online version, and one you can print out. You can see by symptoms checked what nutrients you are needing.

Ever wonder what medications are doing to you? Write me and put MEDICATION-INDUCED NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY HANDBOOK in the subject box.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eczema and Skin Care

Below is a short letter about the benefits of lecithin with eczema.
I also want to share a short story of a young man in his twenties with psoriasis that looked like bad eczema.  A mother called for some health information for her son who had yet another vaccine while in the military in Iraq, and broke out over his body with reddish clumps of rashy stuff that would dry and look bad enough to really discourage him. He wanted to feel attractive at his age with the young gals at home.
I recommend for ALL people to take the Dr. Hulda Clark parasite cleanse. onelifeusa sells it for $16.77 and some shipping. It's an 18 day cleanse using green black walnut hull, cloves and wormwood. The military had given this young man medications for his condition, including one that cost us taxpayers $40,000 a year, with no improvement to his condition.
Simultaneous to taking the Parasite Cleanse, I recommend the Colon Cleanse with 5 of Shaklee's products, starting with HerbLax, as you want to rid your body of the parasites and fungus, Candida, etc. throughout your body, including the liver which is the major filter. All roads lead to the liver.
This young man did the Parasite Cleanse, and took the first step of the Colon Cleanse, the HerbLax. He cleared up entirely. This tells us that his problem is involved with parasites and fungus. A couple of months later he called to say it was coming back. He was drinking beer and eating American foods, feeding fungus, and had not finished the Colon Cleanse. I recommended doing the MMS mop-up cleanse, as is listed on my 7 step protocol, and to finish the Colon Cleanse.
Good health involves discipline.

One of my favorite Shaklee skin products is the AM Repair. I mix it and any cosmetic base with a dab of Hand and Body Lotion, just to stretch the product, and because I like to add moisture to my skin. The Hand and Body Lotion actually has a prebiotic in it, to protect our skin.

I'll copy the list of nutrients recommended for healthy skin, and for addressing Eczema after the letter below.

Dear Pat,
First  I want to thank you for suggesting the Lecithin tablets. They've done wonders for me and now Jim wants to take them for his cholesterol problems.  I want to tell the Shaklee Family that I am very happy with this item.  I had eczema for over 60 years and developed a bad itch and very dry itchy skin.  I tried every cream on the market and drug store to no avail.  I only took Lecithin for 3 weeks and all have cleared up.  I even look younger.  I hope other people with my problem can benefit from it.
Love and best wishes,
Lillian Gallerani

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dementia and Cognitive Decline

My father gave me my first close-up of one of the kinds of Dementias. There are about 5-6, including Alzheimer's. My dad had a stroke and several TIA's, or Transient Ischemic Attacks, and suffered with vascular dementia, having short term memory loss. He had 'malignant hypertension', a fancy name for high blood pressure that comes on suddenly. Even as a kid I remember seeing a blood vessel in his temple that stood out when he would get irate about something. Perhaps trying to have a dozen children (he had ten) was his nemesis.

Treating high blood pressure reminds me of witch doctors and blood letting, because it is not a science. Too many doctors put their trusting patients on one blood pressure med after another, upping the dose of one, adding another, switching to another, giving one med that does one action and another that does the opposite, or prescribing two that do the same action, which is very dangerous. A friend of mine here in town actually had a substitute Pharmacist give him a different blood pressure medication, without a doctor's change in prescription. My friend was awake for two nights, and thought he was going to die. **Always have a pharmacist you can trust. I recommend Don West of Lloyd Center Pharmacy in Portland, Oregon: They are a compounding pharmacy, that treat people as individuals, not one-size-fits-all.
 38 East Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97214-1108
(503) 281-4161

Natural solutions to maintaining blood pressure are: walking or mild exercise (my dad walked 5 miles a day for years, which creates other pathways for blood vessels and oxygenates the blood. He lived to 85. He would have lived longer if not for the malpractice and maltreatment, including a plethora of drugs,  at the institution where he ended up in.)

Staying hydrated to avoid sludge blood is important, and avoid chlorinated water in general (clogged arteries). It's important to stay on the alkaline side, with lots of greens and fruits and veggies and whole grains, little meat, wild salmon, etc. ALFALFA is a natural anti-inflammatory, and provides a host of micro-minerals not found in other plants. It is extremely alkalinizing.  I get the 700 bottle, and  make a comforting tea out of 5 or so, with 2 drops of Stevia or a little honey. You can see the chlorophyll. I just swallow the other 5. Some people take 20-30 alfalfa a day for arthritis, and to counteract all the processed foods, stress and meds that acidify us. (There is a new study showing most people with diabetes have high uric acid.)

Food supplements shown by study to lower blood pressure are garlic (which naturally thins blood, also), fish oil-which changes the viscosity of the blood and is good for the brain, also, and flax seed oil. You can grind brown flax seeds in an inexpensive coffee grinder fresh, and add to your cereal, smoothies, breads, pancakes and muffins, etc. A trucker friend of mine had to pass his CDL medical, and he had high blood pressure from the time he was a teenager. He took flax seed oil and passed the test. He also got off the coffee and Pepsi he was chugging and ate better when  he was on my watch. (It's good to have someone at your back.)

Vivix is rich with resveratrol, and has been shown to thin blood, protect DNA, generate new mitochondria to create energy-which we lose as we age, and it strengthens the blood vessels. This is especially important for those with diabetes, with blood vessels behind the eye that need protecting. People on Coumadin have had to have it lowered as the Vivix did the job. Coumadin has several possible nasty side effects to be aware of: blood clots, gangrene and cognitive decline. Natural solutions tend to be devoid of side effects, severe withdrawals that can be harmful or fatal, and are cost effective for optimal health.

Here is a great article on Cognitive Decline and the role of the B vitamins-and the importance of their sustained release delivery, with the intrinsic factors necessary for bodily use. You may know more than your doctor about B vitamins and cognitive decline after reading this article. I became aware during my cancer how narrowly trained many medical doctors are, and that many do NOT keep up on recent studies. I found it unsettling to have to do research, so I could hand my pelvic oncologist the abstract of a study showing a blood marker for my cancer was available and important. Though she argued with me, the first thing from her mouth when she visited me post-surgery was "you were right".

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

YouTube vids on Natural Solutions for Cancer

Spring at Vernonia Lake this year includes these goslings with their protective parents, and a Mallard couple with 7 ducklings. The sun has been hiding for a while, and will be welcome when it returns.
I'll post the ducklings when I get the photo from a friend who snapped the little webbed critters with her phone as we walked around the lake this morning.

Now for weightier matters:
Being a cancer survivor, and having done hours of my own research, I try to share this with others for their benefit. Below is just a bit of it.

Here is a smattering of info on Ph-adjusted water adding MMS, and a few videos about Dr. Simoncini's work. The pressure on  him is tremendous, from the conventional witch doctors, as he tries to share his simple treatment for fungal-based cancer. The corruption of the medical field reminds me how many great scientists have been killed, neutralized with slander, etc. all for greed, ego, ignorance and jealousy. Check out Eustace Mullins for instance, for the history of chemotherapy, flouride, etc. (Older posts.) Or read about Dr. Revici in The Doctor Who Cured Cancer, and find out why his lipid-based Ph treatments where none of his cancer patients had the pain of conventionally-treated patients and many recovered after the medical doctors had given up, never went mainstream to help mankind.

This week I heard some murmurings about Canada banning MMS from a complaint. When I think of the deaths from medical idiocy treatments of radiation, chemo and surgery, and the medications that have killed so many, I am both humored and disgusted. I have always despised liars and cheaters since I noticed them in grade school. Droves of humans have suffered and died needlessly because of false piety and ignorance of the medical field and the conspiracy of greed. It makes the warrior in me brace.

How to make your own Ph water by the liter-with 3 drops of MMS:

What I heard in listening to these videos, listed below, is to take non-aluminum bicarb of soda in water in the morning on an empty stomach. Dr. Simoncini gives the amounts on his video. It goes to the liver, which filters everything. The alkalinity and oxygen shocks the cancer. The fungus dies in 6 treatments when applied topically, or by IV. Watch the vids below for actual results.

What I've also learned is that heavy metals can shield parasites and Candida, making them hard to get rid of. Parasites can actually carry Candida and virus's, like miniature Trojan horses. It seems cancer and parasites, virus's and fungus are very interrelated.

I've been using cilantro in my 1/3 organic cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, 1/2 an apple in filtered water green smoothie. Cilantro and parsley is a good detoxifier, especially for heavy metals.  Wheat grass is, also. More is not better-- in most applications, and starting small, like with MMS drops (1 vs. 15) is not so burdensome on the liver, etc. when it comes to flushing out toxins from blood and tissues. Despite the rush to flush, being kind to your organs, rest, gentle walks and sunshine, nutritious organic foods and food supplementation is a program and journey best taken gently. There is a saying: Kindness matters, and Go with your gut. 

Speaking of the gut: Candida says the yeast has overgrown and is probably now in the fungal form, throughout the body. To aid healing of cancer, and fungal related problems leading to cancer or the overwhelming of the immune system, such as sinusitis, recurring bladder and yeast infections, prostatitis, etc., I would use 2 of Shaklee's garlic morning and night, and at least 1-2 Optiflora to balance the gut flora. Garlic is an antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. I would also take 2 Vitamin C, morning and night for a while. I like natural sustained release Vitamin C, and it's in the Vitalizer daily strip.

Also, 4-6 Nutriferon taken at night with an extra dose of Soy Protein was taken by a man with pancreatic cancer. Several weeks later, there was no sign of it. He was also on the Basics, like Vita Lea or Vitalizer with the Wellness Pack Vitamin C, fish oil (OmegaGuard)  Optiflora, (included in the Vitalizer daily strip)  calcium (Osteomatrix), etc. Any epithelial cancer is usually a sign of Zinc and betacarotene deficiency. (Carotomax is Shaklee's Betacarotene, and is included in the Vitalizer Daily Strip.) Vita Lea has increased Vitamin D now, to keep up with the increased knowledge of the importance of the sunshine vitamin.

Remember to drink lots of FILTERED WATER. Try cleaning something in your house without water.... (Now, think of your body having to do the same, being dehydrated.) I have the on-counter Bestwater Filter, instead of drinking chlorine and it's cancer-causing byproducts. Avoid flouride, etc. My water tastes really great, clear and clean, and costs me 22 cents per gallon the first year, and 9 cents a gallon for a clean coconut shell medium large filter per year after that, MEMBER PRICE.  I feel good about not contributing to the land fills with lots of plastic bottles or polluting the air with the shipping of water on our highways, and avoid drinking acidic plastic-leached water. Coconut is an anti-fungal, if you didn't know this, and is alkaline vs. acidic.

Video #1: Dr. Simoncini on bicarbonate soda and cancer...

Video #2: Candida always found in tissues of cancer patients. This film shows how fungus functions...

Video #3:  Terrible suffering and endless experiments with the unfounded theories of allopathic medicine, while many natural solutions make cancer disappear quickly.

*****A man who had melanoma and went to Dr. Simoncini

*****Woman w/ breast cancer:

*****Lorna w/ bladder cancer:

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After a lot of research, I compiled a 7 step Protocol that I would recommend to my own children. Email me at the above address and put Protocol in the subject line for a FREE compiled step by step optimal health guide.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Wild Horses...

How inspiring....
I love the spirit and voice of Susan Boyle. Here she sings a song written by Keith Richards and/or Mick Jagger about a girlfriend who tries to commit suicide, etc. The music and words emote sadness for me, regardless of the origin. I hope you connect to some part of you that needs releasing, also.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

ADHD: Hyperactivity findings.

Here is an article on ADHD by Dr. Stephen Chaney on the drug side effects, and the causes of Hyperactivity....

Each year between 3 and 10% of school aged children
hare diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD), also known as hyperactivity.

Most of these children are currently being treated with

And these drugs have side effects - ranging from
relatively minor (loss of appetite, weight loss,
insomnia and mood swings) to major (suicidal thoughts,
psychotic behavior and drug abuse).

So it is only natural for parents to ask whether there
is a more natural approach that they could follow and,
more specifically, whether diet could make a

To answer that question lets start by looking at just
one aspects of children's diets - the increasing
prevalence of artificial food colors and preservatives
in the diet.

The average child today is consuming over 10 pounds of
food additives every year!

The idea that food additives - specifically artificial
colors and preservatives - might be responsible for
hyperactivity was first raised by Dr. Ben Feingold over
30 years ago. He devised the Feingold Diet - a diet
that was free of artificial food colors, preservatives
and other artificial food additives.

Some small scale clinical studies suggested that the
diet might be successful and millions of parents used
the diet for their hyperactive children with great

But the medical authorities pooh-poohed the Feingold
Diet. They pointed out that when parents are putting
their child on a special diet they are also giving that
child more attention - and it might be the parent's
increased attention that decreased the child's
hyperactive behavior.

They also pointed out when you eliminate food additives
from the diet you are decreasing the "junk" food and
increasing fresh fruits and vegetables - in short the
child's diet is much healthier.

So eventually the Feingold Diet lost popularity - but
the idea that artificial food colors & preservatives
might trigger hyperactivity has refused to go away.

In fact, a couple of recent studies have substantially
strengthened the link between artificial ingredients
and hyperactivity.

The first study was a meta-analysis of 15 previous
studies looking at the effect of artificial food colors
and preservatives on hyperactivity (Journal of
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 25: 423-434,

This meta-analysis concluded that artificial food
colors & preservatives caused an increase in
hyperactivity in 28% of the children tested.

Almost all of the children in those previous studies
were selected for the study because they had been
diagnosed as hyperactive (ADHD).

However, a more recent study looked at 297 children
from Southampton England who had not been diagnosed as
hyperactive (Lancet, 370: 1560-1567, 2007).

After an 8 week elimination phase in which artificial
food colors and preservatives were removed from their
diets, they were given a one week challenge consisting
of fruit juice containing one of two different mixtures
of four artificial food colors and the preservative
sodium benzoate or a placebo.

The amount of artificial food colors and sodium
in the fruit juice drinks was designed to match the
average amount found in the English diet (which isn't
all that different from the American diet).

Once again, the results were clear. The amount of
artificial food colors and preservatives found in the
typical child's diet is enough to trigger hyperactivity
in many children.

So what does that mean to you if you have a hyperactive

Could the simple act of eliminating artificial colors,
flavors & preservatives from your child's diet
eliminate hyperactivity and give you back that calm,
sweet child that you love?

The available data suggest that removing artificial
food additives from your child's diet can make a
difference in their behavior, but I tend to side with
experts who suggest that a holistic approach is best.

Eliminating food additives from your child's diet is
important, but also make sure the diet is a healthy
one, that your child is getting all of the nutrients
that they need and that they are getting all of the
attention and support that they need.

To Your Health!
Dr. Stephen G Chaney

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soluble and Unsoluble Fiber. What kind to use....

Below is a letter from someone who learned the difference between soluble and non-soluble fiber, and what is important to know. They shared what they had learned. I hope you enjoy the letter....

"I was reading an article about fiber. Most of us know we need fiber in our diet. There are two kinds of fiber soluble and non-soluble. I found out that when the toxins are dumped from our cells into the blood they are carried to the liver for removal. The liver removes the toxins from the blood and sends them to the intestine in what is called bile. When in the intestine the toxins get attached to the soluble fiber and carried out of our bodies. If there is no soluble fiber the toxins get reabsorbed back into the blood.
I took a look at my Cinch shake and found that it contained 6 gm of soluble fiber. In fact that was the only fiber that was in it. The organic high fiber cereal that I have been eating made by Kashi had 6 gm fiber but only 1 gm of it was soluble. I would have to eat 6 bowls of Kashi cereal to get that same amount of soluble fiber that is in one Cinch shake.  I also noticed when I was at the store that a lot of products just say fiber and don’t tell you what kind is in it. My guess would be that those may not have any soluble fiber at all."

I use a teaspoon of Fiber Plan in my Cocoa Soy Shake each morning. I also take 1 Herb Lax because I like to keep my pipes clean. 90% of disease starts in the colon. Keeping the colon clean so toxins are not reabsorbed is important. Fiber also lowers cholesterol. Fiber Plan lasts me two months. I like the Fiber Tabs, also, but since they have dairy in them, and I avoid it, I use the Fiber Plan.

Many people use the Metameucil products. One has aspartame in it, which has serious possible side effects, and the other kind of Metameucil has sugar in it. Picture fiber bulking up and moving slowly down the intestinal tract, feeding all the Candida yeast and bad bacteria with sugar. Cinch products like the Shake, Snack bars and Meal bars all have fiber in them. When a person starts using  fiber, and their system is not used to it, they can get gas. If this happens, you have to back off and start slowly. This also indicates a Colon Cleanse would be a wise step to clear waste, mucous, parasites, etc.  The Colon Cleanse instructions are included below...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Every Day is Earth Day...

I'm involved with preserving our planet, and am asking for your help and participation. Below is a basic cleaning product made of corn and coconut surfactants that can help save our environment and save you lots of money. It is also non-toxic, which means your skin and lungs will not absorb chemicals to harm you, your family and your pet's health.

Member price is only $10.35 for 16 oz. of Basic H, or you can get 16 oz. of Basic H and 3 pint spray bottles to mix your cleaners for only $13.80. See Directions below:
To Order Basic H click the link.
A Membership for Shaklee is a one-time $19.95 charge for 15% off all products.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Kind of Fish Oil Do I Buy?

Tips from the Professor:

Another Mystery solved!

Men living in Japan have 1/2 the risk of heart disease
compared to men living in the United States despite
having adopted a mostly western lifestyle since World
War II.

If you look at risk factors, Japanese men and US men
have very similar serum levels of total cholesterol,
blood pressure and rates of type 2 diabetes.

And Japanese men now have a much higher rate of smoking
than US men.

It seems like they are doing everything wrong - but
they still have a much lower risk of heart disease!

Actually, they are not doing everything wrong. They do
eat a lot more fish than US men - and since those fish
come from the Northern Pacific they are loaded with
omega-3 fatty acids.

But it had never been clear whether it was the omega-3
fatty acids in their diet or differences in their
genetic make up that were protecting the Japanese men.

So Dr. Akira Sekikawa and colleagues at the University
of Pittsburgh School of Public Health undertook a study
to determine the cause of the remarkably lower
incidence of heart disease among Japanese men (The
study was published in the August 5, 2008 issue of
Journal of the American College of Cardiology).

The study enrolled 868 randomly selected men aged 40 to
49. Of these, 281 were Japanese men from Kusatsu,
Shiga, Japan; 306 were white men from Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania; and 281 were third- or fourth-generation
Japanese-American men from Honolulu, Hawaii.

As previous studies had shown, all three groups of men
had similar blood cholesterol and blood pressure
readings and similar rates of diabetes.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Self Poetic Form

Photo at Cannon Beach. My friend, Ali, kept asking if "I was ready for the picture"?
How long can I smile with the wind drying out my eyes? lol

Many are discouraged in these hard financial and world times. We have to adjust to survive, and some are probably blaming themselves or finding life difficult. Adversity is said to be the 'Breakfast of Champions", but it isn't always welcome...

I have FREE information on how to reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise for example, works better than anti-depressants, without the negative side effects and eventual withdrawals, etc. You can request this information on reducing anxiety and depression by writing me and putting FREE INFO in the subject line.

Dr. Amen, a famous doctor who takes images of the brain to determine the 7 reasons for depression, suggests a good multi-vitamin and fish oil for EVERYONE!!! Fish oil is good for the brain and the heart. The only multi I recommend is Shaklee's Vita Lea, (See sidebar for the Catalog on which one is right for you) and their fish oil is called Omega Guard, free of mercury and PCB's, and triple distilled for purity. It has twice the DHA and EPA of other leading brands. Fish oil helps to balance all the Omega 6's in our diet, to FIGHT INFLAMMATION! Shaklee's Moodlift is also helpful, with St. John's Wort. Their herbal products are standardized, which means consistent amounts. VERY IMPORTANT!!

Just wanted to share an article from the San Francisco newspaper in regard to contaminated fish oil.

Shaklee products have never had a product recall, they have 75 scientists on staff, every day.
Shaklee OmegaGuard is the World's Finest Fish Oil, Ultra-Pure and Pharmaceutical Grade.
More information at your Shaklee member center, my website, or just call for information. 503-429-0240,, or see the catalog on the upper right sidebar.

Subject: SFGate: Lawsuit says fish oil supplements contain PCB

The original article can be found on here:
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 (SF Chronicle)
Lawsuit says fish oil supplements contain PCB
Erin Allday, Chronicle Staff Writer

 An environmental group filed a lawsuit in San Francisco on Tuesday
alleging that 10 types of fish oil or shark oil supplements contain a
toxic industrial compound, and that manufacturers and sellers need to warn

(Be sure to comment on the poetry after the article... I'd like feedback!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alternative Energy. Alternative Thought.

Here is an engine run mostly on water that creates power from steam, and has minimal pollution. For $15, Andreas Kalcker transforms a generator into a GEET engine, developed by Paul Pantone. Mr. Kalcker is a man traveling the world in a truck powered with mostly water.

He shares the simple concepts with those he meets, and here in this YouTube video. (See above.)  I also listened to him discuss the making of a documentary on MMS, the 'Miracle Mineral Solution' mixed with citric acid solution to release chlorine dioxide. Taken internally by mouth, IV, soaking in it, etc., according to the health issue, MMS has cured thousands of cases of malaria in several African countries, and has helped many people with cancer, diabetic ulcers, hepatitis, herpes, flu, Candida, teeth and gum problems, etc. (See previous posting).

In my opinion, everyone should have an MMS kit on their shelf, for spider bites, flu, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, abscessed teeth, malaria, or any blood borne pathogen...
Here's a link for the MMS Starter Kit

Or  Call: 1-888-349-9428   x4788

I think it's important to share alternative methods for healing and health issues, and someday I hope these methods will be recognized as the 'real medicine' they are, and help to balance what allopathic doctors offer. Despite lifesaving knowledge and procedures, the AMA/Pharmaceutical bonds have caused countless deaths and needless suffering, much like the Petro dollar has oppressed the world with glut for a few at the expense of what is good for mankind. For example, a chemo sensitivity test would have saved many cancer victims from needless assaults to their immune systems in demonstrating no effect with their particular cancers. Just the statistics alone are gruesome, as is the attitude of 'managing' disease.

Personally, I'm weary of seeing individuals trust their medical doctors without doing research of their own. Readers would learn their doctors are not well-trained in nutrition for the prevention or treatment of disease in the human body, nor do many have time to do their own research to keep up with new findings. They would begin to realize the scope of collusion with Big Pharma, and that many drugs create nutritional deficiencies that ensure disease,  weakened immune systems and side effects, sometimes including death.

I'm weary of the cost of gas and electricity shaping our societies, and am grateful for Dr. Stephen Greer and his efforts to forge ahead as a leader for the good of mankind with the Orion Project and Project Disclosure.

These leaders need recognition and support. Leaders like Michael Moore who forge ahead, without regard to popularity, to say what must be said. Men like Robin Williams, who can crystallize in comedic lines the truths of our political quagmire. They are the Movers and Shakers of our times. They are the men worthy of respect; they are men who are making their lives count for the betterment of mankind.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Herpes, Hepatitis, Skin Infections, Cancer, Arthritis, etc.

What can cure MRSA, when high-powered antibiotics aren't doing the job? What can bring a Herpes outbreak down in 3 days (besides freeze-drying an outbreak with ice cubes or using medications), decrease and eliminate Hepatitis, cure skin infections, replace necrotic skin tissue in cancers, attack the acid of arthritis and attract to anerobic cancer cells? What can eradicate malaria, and has cured thousands of cases of this world killer, caused by mosquitos depositing a parasite in their human victim?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carpal Tunnel. What Helps...

Carpal Tunnel Testimonials.

What causes carpal tunnel, especially the increased incidence of it? Is it repetitive motion, or hasn't man always worked hard, and specific occupations demanded a toll that perhaps Grandpa just didn't share? Is it nutrient deficiencies, as our food has become processed, soils depleted, medications have become the norm and interfered with nutrient absorption, enzyme production, etc.? Changes in water or food supply can affect vast numbers of people before answers are sought after, and found. Pharmaceuticals take advantage of these deficiencies, and create drugs to treat the symptoms, making one wonder if there are pressures engineering dietary shortfalls, creating media advertising with profit-making targeted agendas.

One example is flouride added to water, which leaches iodine from the body. Additionally, our main sources of iodine for those living inland, are dairy, bread and salt. A study I recently read said much of the cattle feed now had reduced iodide, bread conditioners containing iodide have been removed and people have been urged to lower salt intake. How many people have been put on Thyroxine, or other synthetic drugs for 'thyroid problems'? Even the natural Armour used instead, has had the formulation changed. Reminds me of the raw almonds I liked to eat each day and make almond milk from, that with a supposed case or so of e-coli, which can be added to almost any food maliciously, are now being 'pasteurized' which kills the live enzymes and seed, or sprayed with a chemical fire retardant.

In the carpal tunnel testimonials below, notice the repeated mention of certain nutrients.
You can find any of these nutrients in products here:

Shared Material from past archives:
These testimonials are not from the Shaklee Corp., but people who use and distribute their nutritional products.
I got these posts from a search of the
archives from the SHAKLEE AND DISTRIBUTORS board on AOL. Hope this helps!
Since only 6% of the population diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel actually
have it, the first thing to do is find out what really is causing the Signs and
Symptoms. Many times it is coming from the elbow or the neck or the
Thoracic Outlet. Nutrition can help if this is due to a vitamin deficiency or if
there is inflammation. In that case you would use B-complex, GLA, EPA, Lecithin
and Cal/Mag. Avoid teas, sugar, white flour and coffee and carbonated

Chances are this is structural in nature and so they need to find out
what the cause is.

Joe Hansen, D.C.
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel Date: 1/26/98
From: aol://3548:DrHansen2"DrHansen2

Approximately 90% of the population diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel do not
have it. Usually the problem is due to a problem in another area. Sometimes
there may be more than one area involved. The term 'crush' is then used to
denote nerve compression. For example, a tendonosis at the medial aspect of the
elbow may mimic carpal tunnel. If there is some nerve compression in the
thoracic outlet then you have a double crush syndrome. If there is a
fixation in the cervical you have a triple crush
syndrome and so on.

If this person does not have any of these things going on...perhaps it is
then a neuropathy in which B-complex and lecithin would be very helpful.

Personally, I would have someone look at it to identify the cause. Perhaps
it is from an overuse syndrome and they have a tendonosis with forearm
muscles that are in spasm. This is the most common cause and can take months to
heal if not treated right.

Go see a Chiropractor about it. If you need a reference then E-mail me and
I will assist any way that I can.

Dr. Hansen
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Date: 6/24/98

Amen to that. I thought I had carpal tunnel; major numbness in the hands
in almost any reclining position, etc, etc. My chiropractor checked me over
and said that it was due to some major misalignment my neck (13 different
problem areas). After only two months of three adjustments a weeks, I'm symptom
free and doing great. He was aware that I used Shaklee and said that was great,
that adjustments healed better and longer if the body is getting proper
nutrients into it. Probably the basic program with and emphasis on extra
B, extra cal mag and regular intake of Physique would be helpful.

Good luck.
Robin Stimac
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 12/26/97

There is a nutritionist here in Boston who is part of the Cranney
organization and regularly speaks to their Shaklee University meeting. She
claims that glucosamine (Osteokinetics) was instrumental in helping
someone she knew who had severe carpal tunnel.

Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 5/9/98

Take lots of B and add E. Have also been advised to see a chiropractor
and/or masotherapist regularly. I have a lady who had the surgery and is
still having problems, so that is not the only answer. Massage is a must.
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel Date: 1/25/98

Hi Linda-
I know a Shaklee Dist. who is a physical therapist. She works a lot with
people with Carpal Tunnel. She has actually helped people who would have
otherwise had to have surgery. She uses B Complex and Lecithin.

Hope this helps.
JoAnn Healthy Home Advisor
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 12/24/97

Have a member who had both hands in casts with Carpal Tunnel. Started
taking Alfalfa and then went on the Basic Program. She has avoided any surgery
and does not take any medication, only Shaklee. Symptoms are gone.

Faye Bass
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel Date: 1/25/98

I've had customers who had tennis elbow symptoms clear up when they added
DTX. Joint pain may be associated with a toxic liver. Hope this helps.

Helping people achieve personal excellence.

Phyllis Willkomm
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 8/6/98

I also read at some point that lecithin and the fatty acids (EPA, GLA) are
helpful for carpel tunnel....
Hope this helps.


Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Date: 8/6/98

I have had Carpal Tunnel for quite some time now. In fact, I had my right
hand operated on about four years ago. I truly believe in the taking of
Shaklee's B Complex for the Carpal Tunnel that has come back. It isn't as
bad as before but has come back. I take the Shaklee Vita Lea's and the Instant
Protein along with the B Complex. When I run out of the "B" and stop using
it for a few days or week, I really notice the bad feeling in my hand. Hope
this helps.
Subject: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Date: 6/23/98

I believe in the Ounce of Prevention there are some testimonials. I know
that lecithin is one of the recommended nutrients.

Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel syndrome Date: 1/30/98

I have a friend who has had relief since taking the GLA. Hope this helps.
Subject: Re: Carpal tunnel syndrome Date: 1/29/98

If I were the person you are dealing with I would be more concerned about
taking too many B-6. It is a well-known fact that the B vitamins work best
when taken all together in the B-complex form. The B complex is
water-soluble. Have been using them myself for 19 years and take 8 per day
for some personal reasons. Have helped many people with Carpal tunnel
syndrome and found that each person is different. Some only need 4 or 5
per day of the B complex for relief and others take as many as 12 per day.
Additional Lecithin has helped also. One of the many things we like about
Shaklee products is that we have found that - more - most of the time is
better and have never had a problem by taking -more - only good results.
Subject: Re: Carpel Tunnel? /Dr. Miller/anyone Date: 3/19/98

I have two people with carpel tunnel. Could I get info on how to help them
and on the syndrome?

B complex, cal/mag, EPA, glucosamine and GLA have all been mentioned in
the literature as being of help.

Be well:
Pamela from Lean Green Cafe, Independent Shaklee Distributor
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