Friday, March 12, 2010

Self Poetic Form

Photo at Cannon Beach. My friend, Ali, kept asking if "I was ready for the picture"?
How long can I smile with the wind drying out my eyes? lol

Many are discouraged in these hard financial and world times. We have to adjust to survive, and some are probably blaming themselves or finding life difficult. Adversity is said to be the 'Breakfast of Champions", but it isn't always welcome...

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Just wanted to share an article from the San Francisco newspaper in regard to contaminated fish oil.

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Subject: SFGate: Lawsuit says fish oil supplements contain PCB

The original article can be found on here:
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 (SF Chronicle)
Lawsuit says fish oil supplements contain PCB
Erin Allday, Chronicle Staff Writer

 An environmental group filed a lawsuit in San Francisco on Tuesday
alleging that 10 types of fish oil or shark oil supplements contain a
toxic industrial compound, and that manufacturers and sellers need to warn

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The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court by the Oregon group
Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation and two individuals, claims that
under California's Proposition 65, the makers and sellers of fish oil
supplements are required to tell consumers that the pills contain the
compound polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB.
 Fish oil has become an increasingly popular supplement because it has high
levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.
 More than 100 brands of fish oil are available. The plaintiffs in the
lawsuit tested 10 products, all of which had some amount of PCB, they say.
They found wide ranges in PCB levels, but because scientists haven't
agreed on a safe level of consumption, consumers should be made aware of
potentially toxic compounds in their supplements no matter what the
amount, said David Roe, attorney for the plaintiffs.
 "People buy fish oil to improve their health," Roe said Tuesday in a
teleconference with reporters. "We have no way of knowing if all of the
other fish oil products have PCB, too."
 The lawsuit names CVS/Pharmacy, General Nutrition Corp. (GNC stores), Now
Health Group, Omega Protein, Rite Aid, Solgar, Twinlab and Pharmavite,
which produces Nature Made supplements, as defendants.
 Representative of those companies said they wouldn't comment because they
hadn't seen the lawsuit.
 PCBs were once used to insulate transformers and capacitors, but were
banned more than 30 years ago. They are still found in San Francisco Bay
and other waterways, where they are consumed by fish.
 Most people don't eat enough fish to risk serious exposure to PCBs, Roe
said, but because people generally take fish oil supplements every day,
they can potentially consume harmful levels of the chemical.
 PCBs can cause cancer, reproductive problems and damage to the nervous
system, environmental scientists have said.

 A list of products named in the PCB lawsuit. C4
 Fish oil
 The products named in the PCB lawsuit are:
 -- GNC Liquid Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
 -- Nature Made Cod Liver Oil
 -- Nature Made Odorless Fish Oil
 -- Now Foods Double Strength Cod Liver Oil
 -- Now Foods Salmon Oil
 -- Now Foods Shark Liver Oil
 -- Solgar 100 percent pure Norwegian Shark Liver Oil Complex
 -- Solgar Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
 -- Twinlab Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
 -- Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

I doodled last night and wrote this: I also wrote the one after it. It's more like a hymn. I've shared it before...It needs music. The one below is a bit rough. lol
(This didn't publish in poetry form until I saved it in draft. Hope it stays now...More learning for me...)
Self Therapy 
Sometimes when I feel desolate, dejected and alone
Full of doubt, all worn out, a failure to the bone,
I focus on dreams of mine that haven’t come to pass, 
On relationships that have gone south, and take myself to task. (Had to edit this line...)
I fail to see that misery is shared with anyone 
So sad and sorry am I, a loser that’s no fun.
How humorous that I forget the other side of life, 
When I’m hungry, tired and lonely, angered at all the strife. 
What do I do to balance, do I get a bite to eat 
Making sure it’s good for me, instead of something sweet?
Do I create a little triumph and say a tender word 
Surprise a neighbor with a loaf of bread, It isn’t that absurd. 
Buy one rose, some daisies, or clip flowers for my home 
Share something from the garden, A gift that I have grown.
Call a friend, or help to mend a rift that has gone too long, 
Send a card, plant some chard, listen to a favorite song?
I can make my list of what is right. And just what needs to change.
I can list my goals, prioritize, in the realistic range.
No matter what the weather, I won’t melt in the rain, 
I can slowly walk around the block, Get some oxygen to my brain.
Go feed the ducks, find some sun, Catch a mocha at a café, hon,
Search for recipes on the internet, and make a soup that I haven’t cooked yet. 
Muffins are great, bet I can’t wait to make that pumpkin kind 
Add pineapple, or raisins, or a little orange rind. 
I’m sure that other folks exist, that feel as down as I, 
Why not throw a singles dance, bringing potluck, punch or pie. 
It’s tempting now to waste my time and sloth around some more
I could always clean the bathroom, or wash the kitchen floor. 
When my life’s a mess, I need some rest, a sprinkle or two of faith.
I’ll adjust my view, find things to do, and seek a balanced path.  

Pamela Cohen 3-11-10 *******

When sunlight drifts to open shadows You'll someday look up to find 
That you were loved. Surely watched over And sorrow will be left behind.
Who knows why the journey taken When those tears wash down your face 
But peace waits and all desires Granted, comfort in His grace. 
Faith is hardest kept in valleys Though we reach, we fail the mark 
But all along the light won't falter, Constant love amid the dark. 
Where to look for arms to hold us When to lay our burdens down
Joy is waiting like a jewel As we surrender, we are crowned.  
Pamela Cohen 10:46 10-26-09

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