Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alternative Energy. Alternative Thought.

Here is an engine run mostly on water that creates power from steam, and has minimal pollution. For $15, Andreas Kalcker transforms a generator into a GEET engine, developed by Paul Pantone. Mr. Kalcker is a man traveling the world in a truck powered with mostly water.

He shares the simple concepts with those he meets, and here in this YouTube video. (See above.)  I also listened to him discuss the making of a documentary on MMS, the 'Miracle Mineral Solution' mixed with citric acid solution to release chlorine dioxide. Taken internally by mouth, IV, soaking in it, etc., according to the health issue, MMS has cured thousands of cases of malaria in several African countries, and has helped many people with cancer, diabetic ulcers, hepatitis, herpes, flu, Candida, teeth and gum problems, etc. (See previous posting).

In my opinion, everyone should have an MMS kit on their shelf, for spider bites, flu, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, abscessed teeth, malaria, or any blood borne pathogen...
Here's a link for the MMS Starter Kit

Or  Call: 1-888-349-9428   x4788

I think it's important to share alternative methods for healing and health issues, and someday I hope these methods will be recognized as the 'real medicine' they are, and help to balance what allopathic doctors offer. Despite lifesaving knowledge and procedures, the AMA/Pharmaceutical bonds have caused countless deaths and needless suffering, much like the Petro dollar has oppressed the world with glut for a few at the expense of what is good for mankind. For example, a chemo sensitivity test would have saved many cancer victims from needless assaults to their immune systems in demonstrating no effect with their particular cancers. Just the statistics alone are gruesome, as is the attitude of 'managing' disease.

Personally, I'm weary of seeing individuals trust their medical doctors without doing research of their own. Readers would learn their doctors are not well-trained in nutrition for the prevention or treatment of disease in the human body, nor do many have time to do their own research to keep up with new findings. They would begin to realize the scope of collusion with Big Pharma, and that many drugs create nutritional deficiencies that ensure disease,  weakened immune systems and side effects, sometimes including death.

I'm weary of the cost of gas and electricity shaping our societies, and am grateful for Dr. Stephen Greer and his efforts to forge ahead as a leader for the good of mankind with the Orion Project and Project Disclosure.

These leaders need recognition and support. Leaders like Michael Moore who forge ahead, without regard to popularity, to say what must be said. Men like Robin Williams, who can crystallize in comedic lines the truths of our political quagmire. They are the Movers and Shakers of our times. They are the men worthy of respect; they are men who are making their lives count for the betterment of mankind.

There is much to do. Whether you speak out for the 190 days of meals your kids eat at schools that shape their health and weight, the needless surgeries and 'treatments' taking place for profit, the corruption of the FDA and other regulatory agencies that allow poisons like Aspartame and unsafe drugs, GMO foods, and corporations to run amuck with profit agendas, pharmaceutical euthanization of our elderly, impotent law enforcement agencies and corrupt courts that are an embarrassment to our legal system, the 'business' of luring and making our sons and daughters into job security for prisons until we are financially and socially bankrupt, the impotence of child protection agencies and the collusion and excuses of the DA offices, our focus on punishment instead of being an ally and offering help and healing to those looking for it, our right to have clean water without industrial wastes like fluoride, the audacity of government agencies aligned with population agendas and pharmaceutical pressures trying to spread manmade disease and force mandatory vaccinations as if we are cattle without rights, dental work with no choice but mercury and toxic plastic fillings, slanted and distorted media sprinkled with drug commercials, Social Security buying only half the retirement 'insurance' private investments would make and stolen long ago, ensuring burdensome taxation, engineered economic collapse, promotion of pornography to destroy lives and families and healthy sexuality, Home Economics teaching kids ten meals they can make for survival and what the body needs for nutrition, communication and problem resolution skills missing from schools....line up and sign up in your communities.

We are the world. We decide what we leave the children with. Our first priority is caring and protection.

This week I learned of a book inspired by a recently departed psychiatrist (Robert Schofield), written by Muriel Donaldson. It is called Always an Ally. Never an Adversary  Not only does it offer guidance of how to effectively relate to others (I need it myself), it discusses the boundaries needed, also.

Thank You to all those who care enough to make a difference, and leave this earth better than you found it.

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