Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vaccines....the 'meat and potatoes'...

Note: The Lyme Journal and Update are the two following posts.

Saturday, June 14, 2014 is the first post about my experience with Lyme. I include as much information as I can about tests and various treatments. 

Below are four + videos about vaccine injury. A special court has paid out several billion for vaccine injury, though thousands have no resources to pursue this for their own children, or their cases have been turned away.
 Since 'safe' vaccines are a myth, and there is no long-term study done on the effects or efficacy of the almost 40? vaccines being marketed, pushed and legislated for us and our children, parents need to do their own research. A former Pharma rep did his when he had a child, and there was so much more research showing why NOT to vaccinate, he and his wife chose not to. Listen to Dr. Moulden's presentation on Youtube about vaccines in general, and catch up on the news that Nagalase levels are very high in Autistic kids, which shut down the immune and cause cancer and autism. The only way it could have been introduced is with vaccines. Dr. Bradstreet found this out, and used GcMAF to activate the body's immune system macrophages. His clinic was raided by the FDA and only days later he was found dead, shot in the chest. The overseas manufacturing plants making GcMAF were shut down. I sent this information to one of the nurses I met with Lyme, who was injecting herself with GcMAF to the tune of $1000 per vial.

When there is an attitude of overpopulation, it seems that making money off of drugs and vaccines as a population is sickened, burdened and killed is the allowed practice. Every parent has a responsibility to read and protect their family and self.
Why has Europe been able to ban GMO's, and Americans are overrun with them, to the point that there are DARK acts introduced, not allowing us to know what we're eating or feeding to our children? Who puts controls on corporations, and who actually owns Monsanto?
Ebola and anthrax have been introduced as bioweapons. Perhaps that is what Legionnaire's is, or AIDS. Malaria kills thousands each year, and yet two doses of Chlorine Dioxide showed -0- infection when retested. The Red Cross participated in this videotaped study, and now deny it. The CDC, FDA, Red Cross, etc. need to be thrown out and ethical organizations created to replace them.

If you don't know that the Government redefined Polio, reducing the numbers artificially to show vaccine efficacy when the amount of cases had reduced dramatically prior to the vaccine, that nuclear fallout and a push to tell Mothers to use Formula vs. breastmilk (which passes Mom's immunity to the baby) happened before a rise in Polio, then you need to educate yourself. Laziness or apathy won't protect you and yours, nor will blind trust of your Government or a 'Doctor' getting kickbacks from Pharma.

In old times, the way to easily conquer a people would be to poison the well. Sick warriors can't fight. Burdened parents can't, either. 
Well, now 1 in 6 kids is on the Autism spectrum or has some neurological disease, and in 20-25 years, it is predicted that the number will be 1 in 2. 

Get Informed!

The address below on Youtube is of a former Merck sales rep who refused to vaccinate her child after much research. She found that vaccines are about Profit, and not Public Health. When there is risk, there can be no mandatory vaccines. Listen to her detailed, factual presentation to learn how vaccine safety trials are different than normal drugs, how we give our kids twice...the vaccines as European children, and our SIDS rate is very high, and our kids are very sick with Diabetes, Allergies, Neurological Problems like ADHD and Autism, etc.

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