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Cancer Therapies and Treatments: Natural Solutions w/ Better Results

April 2011. Endocervical Cancer Survivor/2004.

Ever since I was diagnosed with endocervical cancer in 2004, I have become interested in natural healing therapies. I did research prior to my revised radical hysterectomy, took charge of important surgical decisions, gave my Oncologist an abstract to support my request for a blood marker test to monitor any recurrence, etc.  I didn't allow the stripping of the pelvic lymph nodes, for instance, as I knew I needed them for the manufacture of part of my immune system, and if my cancer had spread, there are no 'sentinel nodes' to determine if it truly had. I was unwilling to live with bladder and rectal nerve damage from this surgery, or other numbness down my legs, etc. One oncologist that I did not use, and wouldn't refer to anyone, told me "we try to miss the nerve, but most likely you will have some feeling gone after surgery". He had been trained in the most 'radical hysterectomy' surgery. No thanks. Even the oncologist that I allowed to do my surgery didn't respect all my requests that I printed off the morning of surgery in large font, and LOST both copies, after asking for my signed copy back. I would not refer anyone to her, either. I like medical personnel who respect the right I have to make decisions for my own body.

I asked the second pelvic oncologist if any of her patients had not allowed the stripping of the lymph nodes. Only one, she said. Is she still alive, I asked? She was. Many of her other patients were not. If the 2-3 on each side I did allow to be removed for testing had been positive, only changing the Ph and nutritional therapies, etc. would have given me a chance to live, anyway, in my opinion.

Since I believed my Pelvic Oncologist when she gave me NO PROGNOSIS as I fought my cancer for 8-12 years, I didn't take any supplements for 2 years. The probable reason I'd survived under the extreme stress of single parenting 7 distressed children was I occasionally would take antioxidants or the Shaklee Vita Lea multi vitamin when I started to flag under my burdens, and I was active. I was not consistent, and totally uneducated in nutrition, really. At the time of my surgery, I had a blood panel done by a Naturopath. I was low in calcium, betacarotene, zinc, b vitamins, etc. All of these predict cancer, especially epithelial cancers.

Looking back on my baby health record, I had impetigo at 11 days old. I was put on antibiotics early, and had pneumonia twice as a kid, etc. I was set up for Candida, an imbalance of gut flora which morphed to the fungal form at some point, giving me recurrent sinus infections from cigarette smoke sensitivities, and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI's). My immune system was screaming for help, and the antibiotics the MD's gave me, only set me up further for more Candida and cancer.  I had Sulfa as a kid, and was now allergic to it, along with sulfites. The sinus infections became more intense, causing a tonsillectomy at age 49 while in a stressful Masters Program, and increasing respiratory lung infections. The spotting after sex was put off as pre-menopausal problems, when it was a sign of cervical cancer. I told the gynecologist who gave me a clear pap smear 1.5 years earlier if she was going to make an error in the future, to err on the side of safety. She was one of these ego-centered people who argued with me, instead of listening, as I fell 'through the cracks'. I had more energy than people half my age, but I was a walking health disaster. It was when I began needing to lay down from some kind of instant severe fatigue that I knew something was wrong. I had never taken a nap, unless it was in the first few weeks after having a baby. There had always been too much for one person to do.

 After surgery, I wasn't sure what I should be doing, or how long I'd live. Only after my teeth began looking opaque, did I decide since I was still on the planet, I might as well be the healthiest I could be, and stave off Osteoporosis from the hysterectomy. I started on an extensive supplement program with SHAKLEE supplements, as I knew they worked from personal experience in my past. I had become careless with my self care, putting everyone and everything else first, raising my children, resurrecting 'Earthquake Ethel', an old 1920 three-story home on 2.38 acres in the Oregon countryside, dragging myself through college, with a BS and my Masters in Social Work, etc. Instead of finding employment finally, having earned 5 scholarships and graduating with High Honors, I found how dysfunctional and corrupted the Corrections and Social work agencies really were, and that I didn't fit. I started my own social work practice, taking care of my failing elderly father, until a couple of years later, while preparing for a 13 mile bike ride around Sauvie's Island, I got the phone call with my cancer diagnosis, from a recent pap smear at my Gynecologist's office.

I will share more about the particulars of my life in an upcoming book. Prod me to get it done, will you?

 WHY SHAKLEE??? Their supplements are natural, tested for raw material purity and finished product safety, tested in long term studies for efficacy, have the enzymes intact for bioavailability, and their herbs are standardized for safety and consistency. They also are the leader in DELIVERY SYSTEMS, as in making sure their supplements are paired with the proper nutrients to get into the cell, and open up at the right place in the body, etc. Folic acid, for instance, is coating their Vita Lea, and opens up in the stomach where it's needed, instead of being bound up in a compacted pill, likely to be found in your city's water purification system.

SHAKLEE has been around for 50 years, and are known for their integrity. They have never been on the FDA list of vitamins with LEAD in them, like many other brands, etc. There was a market test done on probiotics on the grocery shelf, and all of them showed less than 5% the amount of live bacteria that they claimed on the label. These probiotics also did not have the patented delivery system of triple wall protection to ensure it got past the hydrochloric acid of the stomach, into the colon where it's needed.
There are too many reasons to choose and trust this little company.

The most important product SHAKLEE makes in my opinion, (and another scientist on their staff) is Optiflora, their Probiotic that is triple-encased, getting to the colon to repopulate it with healthy flora. This is CRITICAL for your IMMUNE SYSTEM.
Get the set-as the prebiotic feeds the probiotic, making it more effective.

Conventional therapies and drugs kill these bacteria, leaving the body susceptible to Candida and the return of Cancers, even collateral damage and new blood cancers, etc. SHAKLEE can be used along with conventional therapies if that is what you choose to do. My experience and research shows most medical doctors are severely misguided in their recommendations and know little or nothing about nutrition and parasites. Friends and family are often wanting the person with cancer to return to normal diets and lifestyles, and unwittingly influence them poorly, and support them into their graves.

Making the right diet, exercise and supplement decisions is very important, and can be hampered by the depression caused by chemical changes, chronic inflammation and pain, and simply facing loss of life as we know it. As a social worker who has been there, and faces these challenges, I also offer counseling online, either email or by Skype, or in my Oregon home.
Contact me for this service and a fee arrangement at

Ask me for a FREE informational handout on How to Reduce Depression Naturally.

Nutritional-based cancer therapies? Coffee enemas? Pancreatic Enzymes? Supplements for depleted bodies?
Do they really have better results than the expensive, miserable and dismal chemo/radiation/surgery options of standard medicine?

See the interview below of Suzanne Somers and her new book 'Knockout', and read the transcript of another interview on the Larry King Show.

 For those who want to read Case Studies, getting into the specifics of conventional and non-conventional therapy outcomes, click the link Case Studies, above. This is Dr. Nick Gonzalez's website.

For those students of science and health, who love to hear what the cheating Washington agencies have sabotaged and refused to publish on Cancer to allow Americans to get legitimate medical help for cancer, listen to  Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Nick Gonzalez.

Below: Interview w/ two cancer patients: Ovarian, Breast, etc.

Also See:
**Cervical/HPV/Recurrent UTI's: Alotek.com
Dr. Glickman, author of medical resource books for nurses and doctors: Phantom Notes...

**Dr. Revici M.D.'s work in the book by Kelley Eidem: The Doctor Who Cures Cancer. He discovered lipids are the gateway to enter compounds needed in the cells, for healing. His work reminds me of Dr. Hannah Budwig's  work using flax seed oil with sulphurated protein (organic lowfat cottage cheese) to accomplish like results. Dr. Revici's patients had blood tests and reported pain levels so he could monitor their Ph and make diet changes to eradicate any pain, and manage cancer. He didn't say 'cure' cancer, as he knew it could come back, especially when patients got careless with their diets, toxic load, stress environment, etc.

Search Dr. Simoncini, the Italian Oncologist on YouTube, who reports many cancers are fungal based, white, and can be eradicated with sodium bicarb to change the tissue back to pink, healthy cells. Dr. Mercola also interviewed him in this link- Dr. Simoncini's interview w/ Dr. Mercola  You can listen to Dr. Simoncini's patients discuss their cancer experience on YouTube.

Dr. Hulda Clark did some extremely important work as a Parasitologist and Physician. She demonstrated with thousands of cancer patients that all of them had parasites, which can cause or contribute to cancer. A simple parasite cleanse and a colon cleanse (email me (address below) for the simple instructions) are crucial to eliminate nutrient loss, and unresolved inflammation in the organs invaded by parasites. ANYONE with inside pets or working with animals is especially susceptible. We pick up these biological works of wonder easily, even from poorly washed fruits and vegetables. Dr. Hulda Clark never met anyone with CANCER who did NOT have parasites. Every person with diabetes also tested positive for Eurytrema, or the Pancreatic Fluke. Onelifeusa was instructed how to manufacture this parasite cleanse, and it's less than $17, with about $5 for shipping. Annual cleansing is suggested.
**Tell them I sent you!
Write me for the Colon Cleanse I recommend-- for many reasons--to take along with the Parasite Cleanse. You don't want any of these critters left hanging around, dead or alive.  Write:
leangreencafe@yahoo.com and put Colon Cleanse in the Subject line for quick instructions.


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