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Personal Introduction of Blog Owner

Introduction of myself to a CafeMom website:
I wrote on Feb. 25, 2009 at 5:27 PM
Hello. I'm a Master's level Social Worker, endocervical cancer survivor, empty nester of seven children raised by myself, poet, gardener, interested in healthy cooking and good food in general, natural healing methods, and prevention through nutrition for optimal health. I started two blogs this year. sharing environmental concerns, pictures and personal stories and poetry of myself and the community members here, and which is a health and nutrition blog.

I have been in the remodeling/real estate investment/business, sold life and health insurance, worked in the Corrections system, facilitated Sexual Abuse Groups for Parents of Molested Children and Adults Molested as Children, facilitated anger management and Batterer Intervention groups,and been an eldercare giver for my father who passed in December at 86 years old. He was my closest friend.

My social work practice was named Cafe for the Soul. I ran a Women's Group, and a Life Transitions Group before learning of my cancer. I have gone from no prognosis to good health.
I worked for a School of Nursing as a Graduate Research Assistant, and love learning and sharing about health issues.
My nutrition business is Leangreencafe
I'm a Shaklee Independent Distributor for good reason, and I refer women to medical and natural doctors and other products and companies for women's and children's health.

I have so many resources, handouts, etc., and I'm here to give back and offer myself as a mentor and friend.

Melanoma Survivor/Doctor Now Helps Others

I received this email from a doctor who survived Melanoma and works with terminal cancer patients. Any referrals or knowledge about cancer treatment options or any ailment is welcome here on this site. All information is shared as research and a resource list, and presumes no liability as posted in the past.

One of my five daughters went in for a routine check at age 29 to her dermatologist and after a mole was shaved, discovered her own melanoma. She has two children now, and is working towards her PhD five years later. I will share a poem I wrote for her during that difficult time, in a later posting.

"I am Dr. Joe Brown here in Tempe Arizona. I work exclusively with patients diagnosed with cancer and wanted to know if You could add me as a contact on your website as well as a referral list for your clinic.

Unlike other clinics we specialize in treating terminal cancer patients and would appreciate any referrals. I would be happy to add you to our referral list and refer when needed for any other cases outside of cancer.

My website is below, which you can view if you like. Thank you in advance.
Here is a recent award we received by Channel 3 T.V.;
Winner of the Spirit Award-2008-Presented by Channel 3 T.V.-Good Morning Arizona


Can you please add myself to your website. The following is my information;

Dr. Joe Brown - Naturopathic Doctor

Natural Health Medical Centers
2055 E. Southern Ave., Suite B
Tempe, Arizona 85282

602-421-2613 ph
480-456-8600 back line (only answered during business hours)

Emphasis: Cancer

Dr. Joe Brown -
Naturopathic Doctor,
-Winner of the Spirit Award-2008-Presented by Channel 3 T.V.-Good Morning Arizona
-CoHost of 1310 Independent Radio
-Winner of the Hero Award-2008 from 104.7 F.M.-Radio Station, Phoenix Arizona
-Featured in the INCURABLES Series, Satellite & Cable T.V. (Cancer Survivor, Now Cancer Doctor!!)
-Winner of the "Who's Who in Medicine" - 2008, New York.

"There are More Options than chemo and radiation!!" "

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Psoriasis Solutions. Balancing Body Chemistry II.

'41 Buick Fastback w/ Body Cancer, waiting for restoration....
Here are several experiential accounts or qualitative data of people with psoriasis and what supplements helped.

Subj: Psoriasis Testimonies
From: Sheryl N.

Hello! In gathering information for a friend with psoriasis, these testimonials were found. Another good resource is the flyer, Essential Fatty Acids---EPA, GLA, Lecithin

Subject: Re: Psoriasis
Date: 1/30/99 6:17 PM Central Standard Time
From: Laurine

One of the side benefits of EPA is to help some people with psoriasis; also Shaklee Basic L laundry concentrate is, I have been told, recommended by the Psoriasis Foundation. Laurine
Subject: Re: Psoriasis......
From: Truehealth...

Vita-lea, along with Epa & Lecithin seem to work very well with people that have psoriasis. The body needs the fatty acids to heal this disease. Epa does not work alone, it needs a balance of other nutrients, as in Vita-lea.

Subject: Re: Psoriasis......

My dad has had psoriasis since he was 5. He started adding EPA 3-4 with each meal to reduce his cholesterol and as a SIDE BENEFIT his psoriasis cleared up! Worth a try!!! But BE CONSISTANT!
Anne and Doug Siloy Berea, Ohio
Through Shaklee, we improve the lives of everyone we touch.
Subject: Re: Psoriasis......
From: Zannrose

HI - I went to a seminar with Dr. Linda Rodrigez -- she mentioned that there seems to be a link between candida and psioriasis -- the program she recommends is: cleansing/de-toxing -- optiflora, dtx, herblax, fiber tabs, alfalfa, lots of pure water. Add foundation nutrients: protein, multi, b-complex, cal/mag, vit. c. Add fatty acids, gla, epa, lecithin, antioxidents. Also garlic is helpful for candida related problems.

Hope this helps.

Subject: Psoriasis, using Enfuselle
From: Dino...

I have been using Enfuselle for only one week on my Elbows and Knees. I have Psoriasis on them. In the morning I use Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Toner, Calming complex and A.M. Repair. In the Evening: Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Toner, Calming complex and Hydrating Moisturizer. After one week I can not believe the difference. On my elbows it is starting to clear up, my knees are taking a little longer. I have had Psoriasis for years and never found anything that works like Enfuselle


June 4, 2001 - 02:26 pm:

Psoriasis Testimonials 5/13/00

Hi Bob:
I have a friend who simply took EPA and it helped the psoriasis on her hands. Actually cleared it up totally in a couple of weeks. I believe she took 6 or 9 EPA a day.

Paul and Bev Raine - Shaklee Success - Successful people expect good things to happen. What do you expect to happen in your life?


I've had a problem with psoriasis since I was in my teens--just a few years ago! Ha! It began on my scalp and developed into a spot near the nape of the neck and was about the size of a silver dollar. Nothing seemed to help the scaling and sometime itching and soreness when I couldn't keep my hands off of it. About fifteen years ago it also started on my fingernails. The nail would separate from the nailbed and it would look as though the nail might come off. Although that never happened and they always, after a month or two, went back to normal this continued to happen four or five times a year. Nail polish, although it hid the problem, seemed to make it worse. Then, perhaps ten years ago it started in one ear canal.

Although I've been a faithful Shaklee supplement user with extra EPA, GLA and trying Ester Droplets, Multi-Purpose Cream, Beauty Recovery Complex, etc, etc nothing seemed to help. I didn't want to go the drug route and kept hearing that perhaps acupuncture might be a solution. About four years ago, I went to an old Chinese gentleman in San Jose who had just retired but was still working with a few patients in a friend's office. He said he thought he could help but that he didn't know how long it would take. At that time I had been a vegan for seven or eight months. I told him about my diet and the thorough Shaklee supplement regimen I'd been on for years and he felt those were positive things. He said that, if I were to begin eating animal products again, I should avoid red meat and dairy products. He also cautioned against too much shellfish and sour things. I went in for treatments three times a week to start and, within two to three weeks, the scalp problem was entirely gone! He was surprised it happened
so quickly. I continued treatments for several months. The nail problem lessened to the point that I rarely have difficulty anymore and the ear canal completely cleared for a period of time although I still have difficulty with it once in awhile.

I remained a vegan for a total of about ten months. I'm still primarily a vegan because I just feel really good eating that way but do have poultry and fish occasionally. I feel that when I went to see him perhaps all the positive things I was doing just came together with the acupuncture at the right time. He said that the worse and more lengthy a condition like that is the more important it is to seek out someone who's been practicing for fifteen years or more. He had been trained in China and was one of the first to be admitted to the U.S. to perform acupuncture. He said that, like in any other field, experience makes a big difference in the results a patient may receive and he felt that the Chinese training also gave the practitioner an edge that someone else may not have.

I feel that, in my case, avoidance of dairy is critical too. Occasionally when I've eaten something containing dairy and have done that a number of times in close succession, I have a flare up with my nails. I continue, as I have for more than twenty five years, to use a large range of Shaklee supplements and I'm certain that works to keep my immune system built to the point that potential problems are less likely to happen.

Barb Madorin

We have had several astounding reversals of psoriasis using a simple program: Optiflora, GLA, EPA, E capsules and Slim Plan (now Cinch)! It's great and it works! One was a severe case! Hope this helps others.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Psoriasis Solutions. Balancing Body Chemistry.

Psoriasis: (Supplements that I would recommend for my own family listed below for easy understanding.)
Knowledgeable doctors say it doesn't matter the name of the disease, but the acidic environment that enables them in the first place. Water is an easy first consideration to tip your body to alkaline. Psoriasis is about fungus manifesting itself. That is why sun helps. Vitamin D makes calcium, which alkalinizes. Fungus can't grow well in that environment. Even a healthy cell can evolve into bacteria, yeast, fungus, and cancer if bathed in acid and toxins. Medications are often looked at as a convenience for fast results, but they further acidify us, and side effects can be serious and deadly. Too many medications are rushed for human use without adequate testing, like the 33 vaccines that have never been tested for the cumulative or long-term effects when used in the first short years of a child's life. Profit has unfortunately been a fraudulent force in approving many meds.

One of my sisters had psoriasis as a child and was given doctor-ordered tar baths. Coal tar derivitives are known to cause cancer. Did you know that many synthetic vitamins are made from the same thing? You want natural food supplements w/ enzymes intact for easy absorption.
Family note: We moved from snowy Spokane, Washington to Mesa, Arizona so my sister would get more sun to help her psoriasis. A brother got asthma from the pesticides sprayed on the cotton fields there. Hmm.

I did a lot of PH testing of water: R/O unit, Britta charcoal/carbon -Filtered water, Distilled water, tap water, and my Bestwater Stainless Steel with Coconut Shell Medium Carbon large surface water filter!!! I was thrilled to find my little $220 on the counter Bestwater unit was alkaline at 9.1. The others were acidic, with the R/O and Britta actually more acidic than just chlorinated tap water. I did it with a professional PH tester, not the strips. I don't drink bottled water, as it is not only acidic, I don't know what kinds of chemicals leach into the water from the plastic. I keep my 9.1 alkaline water in a glass gallon jar on my counter, and work on drinking it all in tea, green smoothies, or just good old clean water. (As clean as I can get it with the vast amounts of chemo, anti-depressants, chemicals, etc. of all kinds. The Bestwater unit also reduces parasite cysts. Even though the testing shows over 99.95%, we don't say remove.) I've looked at the Kangen water units, and they look impressive, but the $4000 is a bit steep for most people. Hopefully, like the advent of microwaves, toasters, etc. the price will descend on alkaline water units as competition advances. For now, I filter my day's drinking water into a gallon glass jar as I said, and empty it during the day for hydration and flushing environmental toxins, etc. It's a good way to keep track of getting that 8-12 glasses a day. The Bestwater filter is for 1000 gallons or 1 year. I will use it longer as I'm a single user. A replacement filter at member price is $90.80 making the second year's cost 9 cents a gallon.

Did you know that drinking 6 and up glasses of water a day will reduce most joint pain?

Doctors in Japan are giving women with breast cancer and other cancers, and babies with horrible eczema, alkaline water to drink. Babies have the water patted on their eczema. Within 2-3 months they are well or vastly improved. The change of diet to alkaline and the alkaline water changes the colonoscopy pictures of the cancer patients like night and day. I just read the book called "The Ultimate PH Solution. Balance Your Body Chemistry to Prevent Disease and Lose Weight". by Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc

I like her material, though if you don't know how soy milk, tofu, etc. is processed, I say, don't buy it. Almond or rice milk is an alternative. A good plant protein is Shaklee's Energizing Soy. It is processed w/ water, removes the anti-thyroid substance, is non-GMO and has 50% calcium added so it neutralizes the acidity of this legume. The taste is so creamy and wonderful. I love Cocoa or Vanilla, plain in almond or rice milk, water if you are out of everything, or with fruit or nut butters or in smoothies. A friend of mine puts it in his cereal or with fruit and yogurt.

Health is about kicking the acid, balancing the ph, getting sun, exercise, reducing stress, good diet and supplementation for Optimal Health!!! 70% alkaline foods and water, and 30% acidic foods.

I shared the following on YouTube for people suffering with psoriasis:
For Psoriasis: Think fungus manifesting itself, helped by stress. What has worked well for others: Vita Lea multivitamin, Energizing Soy and Optiflora-a probiotic to balance the gut flora. Drink filtered, alkaline water-1/2 your body weight in ounces, purify your blood with Alfalfa. It strengthens and cleanses kidneys. GLA is important for all skin disorders, DTX to clean the liver of fungus and toxins, Stress relief complex to feed the adrenals and Carotomax (betacarotene from algae) to nourish epithelial tissue.

Indep. Distrib.

Another one:

My psoriasis is gone for years. Think fungus, which loves acid environments. Stress lowers the immune system and causes outbreaks, usually during winter with low Vitamin D. There are natural supplements that work for many people. Medicines just deplete your nutrients further. Trust your own intuition. Ask me for the list of natural supplements.

My best. Pamela

See Psoriasis supplements from the Common Ailments Doc below:

***The program is to start on the Vita Lea multivitamin, Soy Protein for a good plant protein, and Optiflora (probiotic guaranteed to get 100% in the colon where it's needed.)
Then you add the first 3 items, and any others you think would help you.

Note: We tend to get low on the same nutrients throughout our lives, as diet habits are hard to completely change.

*_PSORIASIS:_* (drink adequate water for proper detoxification of skin,
bowels & kidneys) Make it pure water, and alkaline!

1. ALFALFA: blood purifier & cleanser; strengthens & cleanses kidneys

2. GLA: IMPORTANT for all skin disorders

3. HERB-LAX: detoxifies toxins from the body

4. DTX: reduce toxin load

5. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: to relieve stress-related root causes

6. CAROTOMAX: reduces effects of UV light from the sun; nourishes

epithelium skin tissue

7. VITA C: speeds tissue healing; detoxifies sensitizing substances;

boosts immune system

8. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: promotes healing of skin; increases


9. ZINC: needed for connective tissue repair in scar tissue

10. B COMPLEX: improved nutrient absorption

11. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies many chemicals

12. GARLIC: detoxification; increases capillary circulation; speeds

tissue healing

To order these products, click on Gabi's picture on upper right, or call me at 503-429-0240 for free membership (a $19.95 value) with your first order of $80 or over, for 15% off all products, including Bestwater Under or On Countertop Filters. Calls returned immediately, or within 24 hrs.

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Collateral Damage. Part III Cancer Story

One of the tests spoken about by Dr. Crimm was the more intensive ultrasound where liquid was actually injected into the uterus, and then cancer looked for. There is the possibility that liquid and free-floating cells could backwash into the fallopian tubes, and into the pelvic cavity. Dr. Gosewehr assured me that studies were done in Israel with women there, and no cancer was spread in this type of uterine cancer testing. I felt sorry for the Israeli females used as guinea pigs. He couldn't assure me this wouldn't be the case, however, and even though my tubes had been cut and cauterized with my seventh baby, I didn't find this test to be worth the risk. By the time I got into the Pelvic Oncologist, my cervical cancer was beginning to wake me up at night. I felt a strange pain, especially when stressed.

The initial meeting with this doctor was important to me in information-gathering, and terribly stressful. I wasn't told how many minutes we had to discuss the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Was it fifteen minutes to decide life and death issues? Was it 20? A young intern who was learning, was in the room. My months as a hospice volunteer gave me a different perspective, perhaps.

I had been dealing with death or the end of this life's journey through watching and interacting with others at an inpatient Hospice Care. 10% graduated from hospice and went home, and others not knowing why they were there, hating the bad food, arguing with nurses and doctors about their medications and continuing on with their bad eating habits of sugar and soda pop eventually succumbed to be covered with a 'special' quilt, followed by a few hours of family visiting, music and possible prayer. Many were in some level of denial. Most continued their own personality habits up until the end. I had tried to be as caring and positive, peaceful and comforting as I could, while I was quietly wanting to make them all fresh vegetable/fruit juice, take over the cooking in the kitchen because the food would literally make me want to die sooner if it were me, systematically reduce the medications that were absolutely toxifying them, and send more of them home with instructions for optimal health and healing. The problems included trusting doctors who 'gently' medicated them to death, certainly into acidosis, no healthy food or sunshine, nobody at home to research and follow natural healing protocols with nutrients, etc., and most times no funding for home health care. The institutions using medications had won the Tiddly Wink funding game. Tax payers were paying to disenfranchise themselves.

One man who fought for his life, went home briefly and returned, fought for an air mattress as laying on his back with fluid in his abdomen caused pain with old back injuries from a moving vehicle accident. He had an air mattress before coming to this Hospice House, but his communication attempts were seen as 'manipulation' by the social worker. I advocated for him saying that certainly we wanted to maintain the same level of care, especially when someone was dying. Not until his last few minutes was he given an air mattress. It was some economic/political situation, not in the best interest of this patient. I will never forget what I witnessed there. A nurse and I later had coffee together and agreed that if it were not for the needs of the people there, we would not volunteer. Hospice is a business. The hospitals didn't want statistics of people dying in their institutions, so they would often drug up the dying person and ship them off to Hospice. Without permission of the patient or families, the drugged sometimes were unable to have their last lucid moments with their loved ones. Paternalism or 'knowing best' was the costume, but Pharmaceutical profit was the unmasked partnership.

Though I digressed, (wow, did I) you can tell I have something to say about my hospice volunteer experience. Now, in this initial endocervical cancer visit, this Dr. Gosewehr immediately said he'd do radiation and then a radical hysterectomy. I immediately said, "No, I don't believe in radiation. There is too much collateral damage." "Collateral damage? I've never heard that before", he said. "What number was he in his graduating class?" I thought. I felt distrustful and irritated with this person's assumption that he could decide what was going to happen to my body, without even consulting me. What arrogance. No one seems to question these guys. I went to school with some of them, and toyed with becoming a medical doctor myself. Many students never read the books, or quickly forget after the testing. Too many medical doctors today are so narrowly trained, they are almost useless, especially in a more complicated situation. Too many depend on drugs, radiation and chemo, like Big Pharma Zombies. The Medical Monopoly needs revamping.

I used humor during that visit to defer my anxiety and impatience in getting the picture so I could make decisions. I was not the typical patient, turning myself over to this 'God'. He was no God to me. He was someone who decidedly would do a lot worse on the academic tests than I would. I wanted to hear what he had to say, but I had a lot of questions, and tried to fill him in on my personal history, talking quickly, as if he would actually do a good job at listening. Somewhere in the interview, he asked me if anyone in my family was manic.

I wondered if he was so used to "Sheeple" that someone who thought independently was intimidating. I also wondered if he understood how cognitive the Jewish culture was. I met another Jewish woman in the recent past who was some type of natural physician, and in talking about her health experiences, she could fill diaries. It was interesting to have met someone who talked more and faster than me. In any case, this oncologist did not seem to be a match. He didn't recognize humor and banter as a way to deal with a cancer diagnosis. I didn't expect him to be a social worker like myself, but his listening skills had given way to diagnosing beyond his scope. It was not until the next (and last) visit, that his agendas came forth, beyond the self-proclaimed "narrow training in pelvic oncology". He has never to this day sent the medical records produced in his office, nor online notes. Instead he sent a copy of the summary letter thanking the referring physician, Dr. Crimm. His office has been totally uncooperative in sending my complete medical records after multiple requests. A Medical Board Complaint is in process.

The next posting will detail what I had to tolerate while trying to get cancer care, and why I would never refer anyone to the next pelvic oncologist, either. The reason I share so explicitly, is to break the bond of silence in unearned trust of many doctors. I look forward to the day when medical doctors and hospitals and hospice institutions will be listed and rated, complete with accounts from everyday people.

To be continued...

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Green Smoothies and Valentines

Where do I begin? My internet has been down since Friday due to a lot of Verizon errors. After a cumulative exasperation of several hours of phone time with various reps, and being told my DSL wouldn't be up again till tomorrow evening, I noticed the internet bars on my MacBook. I can only hope to catch up a bit. In reading my past blogs, I am aware there are many subjects I'd like to share with you, that I have mentioned. Please feel free to request any health subject, and I will share my research, articles, and experiences of myself and/or others. I will begin with trying to relate the rest of my cancer story. That is not a short subject, nor without emotional land mines for me.

Before I descend into those memories, let me share my newfound recipe experimentation with Green Smoothies. You can see one in the photo, next to my Valentine cookies. Since learning about the bleaching of white flour and sugar, and the chemical residues left like sulfoxon? that made lab rats fat and gave them diabetes, the traditional 'sweets' are going to have to evolve. I made these sugar cookies the night before my youngest son was born, 31 minutes after Valentine's Day. I ate entirely too many, as I have been a Cookie Monster. They are part of past memories, but then, we are also aware of the struggle to 'evolve' past teflon, flouride, vaccines with mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum, asbestos, microwaving, tobacco, and the 3 whites: flour, sugar and one transfat, shortening. It is surely a photo of the yin and yang. I prefer freshly ground whole wheat flour, etc. which the 101Cookbooks blog that I follow, promotes.

Okay. Green Smoothies. These healthy drinks are so full of fiber, phytonutrients for healing and nutrition and alkalizing properties, they are amazing. You will want to add them as a daily or several times a week health tonic. I do like juicing as the fine particles are so readily available for the body to absorb. In fact, if someone is eating to heal cancer, the liver and other organs don't have to work so hard to digest and assimilate when you drink your daily fresh veggie juice. This way your body's energy can be used for immune and repair purposes. You can add fiber and vegetable protein (Shaklee's Energizing Vanilla Soy-pictured), a bit of dulse (sea vegetables) for iodine, ground flax seeds, etc. (Always get the dark flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder fresh. They go rancid easily, and you want to preserve the Omega 3 fatty acids in them. 45% of the ground seeds are considered flax seed oil. There is a whole forum on Yahoo on Dr. Hannah Budwig's cancer treatment using sulphurated proteins and flax seed to give cancer cells what they need to repair themselves: cottage cheese mixed with flax seed oil or ground seeds.

Green Smoothies: THE FIBER IS LEFT IN, NOT SEPARATED LIKE JUICING! For a creamy smoothie with more usable protein than a small steak, add an avocado -peeled, pit out please! In a blender-You can see my $4 garage sale blender in the sink, awaiting dish washing... Add 1/2-1 cored and diced apple, unpeeled, celery pieces, a leaf of kale picked from the stalk or stem or spinach leaves, any kind of chard, or what washed greens you have from your garden or an organic food section. A smoothie only needs one leaf of kale! Not too expensive! Add parsley or cilantro, dandelion greens for detoxing if desired or on hand, and 1-2 c. filtered water. You can add a couple of drops of stevia for sweetener, but with an avocado and fresh greens, the smoothie is pretty sweet already.

Don't chug it down. Chew slowly until the saliva turns sweeter, so you know the enzymes are busy digesting the food. Without the avocado, it's not as smooth, but just as healthy and edible. I added some wheat grass to the blender of veggies-just a 2x2" square from the $1.99 wheat grass container from New Seasons. My goal is to grow my own in the windowsill or the greenhouse out back, made from old mill windows. I read where wheat grass is a strong detoxifier, and that chlorophyll is very much like the makeup of our blood. So, give yourself a health infusion!

There are so many recipes. Some use different veggies for different purposes. I will share them in a blog in the future. Use veggies you can digest easily. I like raw food, but not to an excess. Protein is essential for building cells and 90% of the immune system is made of it. You can throw a 1-3Tbsp. of Vanilla Soy Protein or Whey in your green smoothie.

II. Cancer Story continued...
An ultrasound several months prior to the bad pap smear showed a thickened uterine lining, which can be a sign of uterine cancer. When the pap wasn't able to be done, I remember thinking, it was just as well if I did have cancer, as I didn't want to be poked and scraped and disturb cells. If I knew what I do now, I'd have given myself a douche with baking soda, 6 separate treatments, though I don't know the amount of bicarbonate the Italian Doctor used. I went on an immediate low carb and no sugar diet. I would also have made sure I took Shaklee's Vita Lea, which are natural vitamins with live enzymes, that get into the bloodstream quickly. I would have needed Carotomax, which is betacarotene from algae, (1 lb of algae is equal to the betacarotene of 170 lbs. of carrots, and it's not toxic or an overdose problem like Vitamin A). The body uses betacarotene to make Vitamin A when it needs it. A study showed women with cervical cancer that spread had low betacarotene. A blood panel post-surgery showed I was low on B vitamins, zinc, calcium, betacarotene, etc. Stress uses up necessary vitamins, robbing the body of its building blocks. My life was full of constant stress and grief for years. I used to say I had enough stress to kill a horse. It's usually when there is a lull in the storm, that the body gets permission to 'let go'. Adrenals, the thymus and the liver get hit hard when under constant stress.

Another cervical cancer treatment is Dr. Joe Glickman's Alotek product. Aloe Vera substances inserted vaginally and taken orally help the body recognize and fight HPV. HPV is epidemic. Mothers pass it on to their children. There are many different strains, some more cancer-causing. I am not a proponent of any HPV vaccines, as the side effects are too dangerous in my opinion, for only a strain or two of HPV. They have not been tested adequately, like so many other Pharma products. Building immune function by nutrition and Dr. Glickman's specific nutriceutical that has helped over 95%? of those women who have used it would be my personal recommendation. One sexual partner can carry many strains. I had no signs of HPV, but as I read and researched, recurrent urinary tract infections were one of the signs listed. The PH and environment of the cell is changed with the virus. Helping the body recognize the virus and fight it naturally makes sense to me. Smokers may not be able to be helped with Dr. Glickman's products, as the toxins dumped daily overload the immune system. A bad pap smear is a good red flag warning to stop smoking.

Another problem not spoken of much is that smokers have nicotine and its 3000? chemicals imbedded in their fingers, and laced in their own fluids and cells. Touching your sweetheart, children or pets with those fingers is like administering a subdermal patch, just like a hormone, pain, or nicotine patch. HPV is epidemic in America. A County Health Nurse shared with me that they are finding the chemicals from cigarettes in the cervical tissues of women. The skin absorbs what is put on it. It is the largest permeable organ we have. It makes sense to me that the toxic chemicals from smoking are also in the semen and other bodily fluids, and during sex, there is a straight shot to the cervical tissues for absorption. Protection of our women and families seems to be a strong reason for both men and women, to end smoking. Too often we are in denial of what our habits do to ourselves, and we have to start somewhere. Sometimes we care more about others than ourselves. I say, whatever it takes to make healthier choices.

Shaklee's Carotomax is the betacarotene that is protective to epithelial tissues. It nourishes epithelial skin tissue to resist infection, is a free radical inhibitor, stimulates and strengthens immune response, etc. It protects the mucous membranes and skin in the vaginal tract before and after menopause. Deficiency has been linked to poor vision, Macular degeneration and cataract formation. It is anti-inflammatory, useful for the prostate, and reduces effects of UV light from the sun for those with psoriasis. For sinus infections and ulcers, it promotes the healing of mucous membranes. Likewise for Crohn's disease, betacarotene helps to heal the bowel lining. It speeds healing of canker sores.

to be continued...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mercury in Dental Work. Tungsten in Implants...Lead in Vitamins.

The following story I heard two days ago from a doctor about sudden early onset of dementia in a friend of hers:
One of the things I've done recently is listen to a lecture on detoxing. A friend of the doctor speaking called to say she was having signs of sudden onset early dementia. She had just gotten a tooth implant. The dr. does a bloodtest, in which tungsten shows up as a toxic metal in the blood. They call the dentist, and then the manufacturer of the implant post. It seems the post was just changed to tungsten, coated with titanium.

The following article is also a victory to rational thought, about banning mercury in dental fillings in Norway.
Amalgam Fillings: Norway is first to ban mercury in teeth
Published on Saturday, March 29, 2008
by Healthy News Service
Mercury has been banned from all dental fillings in Norway. Dentists in the country had to start using safer alternatives as a matter of law from the beginning of this year. The metal has also been banned from all products, including measuring instruments.

The country had previously restricted the use of amalgam fillings, especially in children and pregnant and nursing women, but is the first in the world to enforce a complete ban.

Announcing the ban, Norway’s Minister of Environment and Development Erik Solheim said: “Mercury is among the most dangerous environmental toxins. Satisfactory alternatives to mercury in products are available, and it is therefore fitting to introduce a ban.”

Norway is concerned that mercury in our teeth and in the environment is extremely dangerous, and can harm the development of children. Unfortunately for Norway, most of the mercury in its environment comes from other countries that take a more relaxed view to one of the most toxic substances known to man.

Don’t expect our dental guardians in the UK and the USA to follow their lead any time soon.

(Source: Townsend Letter, 2008; 297: 33).

I just thought you would want to know this info. More coming on iodine deficiency causing thyroid issues, fat cells storing toxins and ways to detox.

There is an FDA website listing prenatal, women's and children's vitamins with lead in them.

When I say I feel comfortable recommending Shaklee vitamins, one reason is they are tested for purity problems like this. One year, when the supply of Panax Ginseng was polluted with an anti-fungal, Shaklee was the only company who pulled their Ginseng as they couldn't find a supplier without this problem.
My best,

Coming soon: PMS natural solutions...
Contact me if you have questions about a particular ailment. I will send the list of recommended nutrients. The 3 basic products to begin with are the Vita Lea multiple vitamin, Energizing soy or whey protein, and Optiflora for a probiotic. The list of supplements for each ailment list how they are helpful. You start with the first 3 listed, and then find others that are important for you.

Cost of 3 basic products: Member price of Vita Lea is $40.10 for a 4 month supply, or $10 a month. Soy protein is around $1 a serving, and Optiflora $19.10 a month. Ask about specials. You are worth $2 a day.

For a customized recommendation based on your own diet and health challenges, ask for a free Wellness/Nutrient Survey.
Call me after you fill it out. You will be amazed at how thorough my lens is. :-}

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Health Subjects Coming Up...

Today I read a great article on Dr. Mercola's website about chlorine and some of it's byproducts which are carcinogens. Showering in warm water enlarges the skin's pores which absorb as much chlorine as in 6-7 glasses of chlorinated water. I'm going to do a comparison of shower filters and types of water filters. There are benefits and downsides to each type. Some are inexpensive with little filtering surface, and some are very expensive. It's hopefully like the advent of the microwave in that prices came down with increased competition. Clean water is important business.

Chlorine aids acidosis, which sets up disease. You can get a countertop or undercounter Bestwater Filter to take 97.5% out, costing 22cents a gallon the first year, and 9 cents the second year for a new coconut shell recyclable, large surface filter. Stainless steel casing... There are Reverse Osmosis units that take out good and bad components in water, including flouride, which was originally used as a rat poison. There is a unit called Kangen and other acid/alkaline water-producing units. The videos on the Kangen site are hopeful in that 80% of chemicals used to treat greenhouse and golf courses (that leach into the groundwater) are being replaced with acidic water to kill fungus and pests. Small children with severe eczema are treated topically with alkaline water, along with drinking it, to avoid the horrible effects of previous steroid treatments, with success. (In my opinion, parasites need to be ruled out, as well as changing laundry products to green non-toxic ones that don't linger in clothing and sheets). The alkaline water is sent home for the child's use, from the hospital's electroplated water filter units.

There's a video of a doctor who changes the diets of breast cancer and other diseased people along with orders to drink a quart or two of alkaline water per day for them. He shows pictures of their colons, before and after. Wonderful successes. 90% of all disease is said to originate in the colon. Below is the link, fyi. I am not affiliated. For me at this stage of exploration, I'll use the coconut shell medium water filter, and alfalfa. One tab to alkalinize a gallon of water. I take 10 tabs a day. I also bought a filter for my showerhead.

I embarked on my cancer story, which I'd like to share in detail for the benefit of others. My next few posts will finish that story. I realize I could write a book about my experiences with endocervical cancer, choosing a pelvic oncologist, trust in doctors, and researching cancer treatment to make decisions.
From a comment by my sister, Alison, I was also reminded that I need to share what I've learned about urinary tract infections, and repeated UTI's.

The sun is out, and I must take advantage of that after a cold winter and little natural Vitamin D. I took distilled fish oil with GLA this year, along with joint health compound for the cartilage in my knees. One of the few releases while raising my children was dancing, and I could easily get carried away.

The extra calcium I take now helps insure against further bone loss after the instant menopause of a radical hysterectomy. My walk will be a weight-bearing exercise that also creates calcium . If our bodies don't have enough minerals or calcium, it simply robs from one part to give to another. A woman nicknamed 'Tab' for all the soft drinks of that name she liked to drink, was a tennis player. Her right arm's bone mass was normal, while her left arm was that of an elderly woman. Phosphoric acid in carbonated beverages robs calcium from our bones. The 'evidence' will be seen in decalcifying teeth with cavities and fractures, bone spurs and on fingers, with the effects of acidosis, where the body sends calcium to 'put out the fire', causing deformed, crippled and inflamed joints known as arthritis.

A friend and I talked about how long we thought we'd live, and the pros and cons of taking food supplements to insure optimal health. I think feeling good while we are here makes life worth living, and doing our best to avoid the 5-6 'dementias' and being drugged and diapered in a care center may best be avoided by making sure we have the nutrients, sun and exercise we need. I personally think many people have felt the effects of failing health for so long, they begin to wonder if it's worth living anymore, without knowing there are natural methods for regaining your health and energy. Many have 'tried natural products' from Walmart to Trader Joes, and given up, not knowing there is a huge difference in the ingredient assay, purity and science of a product's makeup. Ask for a copy of the Landmark Study for an amazing 20 year look at no supplement use, a single supplement, and Shaklee supplement users. I'll share it in the future.

If I were to recommend a few products to start back on the path to feeling great, they would be:
*Vita Lea multivitamin/mineral supplement
*Soy Protein (Vanilla, Cocoa, or 4 flavors of Cinch inch loss shakes for 1-2 meal replacements.
(Cinch is the only product with Leucine to preserve muscle mass, which keeps weight off.)
*Calcium (Osteomatrix)
*Probiotic (Optiflora)
*Distilled fish oil at least in winter (OmegaGuard). Helps brain, heart, skin, hair, eyes.
**Alfalfa for microminerals and to alkalinize in our Acidic-producing food culture

Some spend $7 a day for Vitalizer (80 bioavailable nutrients in a 30-day pack), Vivix (anti-aging, antioxidant) Cinch protein inch loss shake and Nutriferon for immunity....Available in a Special Offer under RX for Health on my Shaklee website. Member price is 15% off. Autoship is 10% less.

My best,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I. My Intentions for this Blog. My Cancer Story.

A little over 4 years ago, I was unloading my bike at Sauvie's Island, 15 min. from my Scappoose, Oregon home, when my cell phone rang. The morning air was crisp. After a summer of hot sun, autumn weather encouraged the 12-13 mile ride around the Island. My biking partner, a young woman named April, pumped up a low tire while handling male attention from two other bikers. A Dr. Crimm was on the line, and asked if I was sitting down. This is the Gynecologist who argued that I hadn't really passed tissue when I hemorrhaged after sexual relations, had scraped out a lot of blood and tissue, made several slides to send to a lab, and said she would see me in a few months for a repeat pap smear. I looked at her in leaving her office and said I was falling through the cracks. I didn't think she was a good listener. She seemed caught in her ego, needing to be right, instead of listening to the person who lived with her body on a daily basis. Paternalism, or someone else thinking they know best for me, is a pet peeve of mine. To get my mind off waiting for the results that weekend I went to the Oregon coast, at Astoria.

Monday found me with twice as much energy as people half my age, as usual. Besides some pain and discomfort and bleeding after sex with my partner, I had bouts of profound fatigue for the past 8-10 years. My gynecologist said I was just going through peri-menopause, and with sexual relations, perhaps the uterine lining that may not have fully been shed in the last menstrual cycle may just be causing the bleeding. I'm sure for her it was confusing, as the woman in her office looked so young and vibrant and healthy. I had all the signs of cervical cancer. When someone has these signs, it is usually at a serious stage.

Of course, raising seven children alone could tire anyone, but somehow I knew something was not right. Despite a normal pap smear a year and a half ago, and a normal uterine biopsy, I instinctively knew I had some kind of uterine or pelvic cancer. I'd take vitamins or antioxidants which bought me time, and then I'd stop (a careless and casual attitude. Most of us forget why we are feeling good, and take it for granted we're still young and we eat well enough to give our bodies the tools it needs for immune health and optimal health. Right.) I'd again feel the slide into fatigue, and then repeat the cycle, pushing myself to get my Master's Degree so I could finally earn a decent living someday. Hmm.

I heard the lab results involved two kinds of cells-adenocarcinoma and squamous, and that I needed a radical hysterectomy immediately. Crimm referred me to a Gynecological Oncologist, or pelvic cancer doctor named Dr. Gosewehr......

An attempted pap smear several months earlier at a local doctor's office was unsuccessful. Besides a cold room, a door that kept opening to the office staff area, the wrong equipment, and a breaker that kept going off, it appeared that my cervix was closed. No cooperation for some reason. One evening at my Hospice Volunteer job, with a few minutes of break, I picked up a medical encyclopedia and read that a closed cervix was a sign of uterine cancer. I also looked up polyps, (a small growth) as when I had two of my children, a bleeding cervical polyp was cauterized. I read they are seldom cancerous. My life always seemed to be complex and unusual, and I felt bothered. I was waiting at this time for my appt. with Dr. Crimm.

Even though this information is personal, this blog is meant to be an adult, real, supportive and educational resource. That is what you will get. My main intention is to help others who have cancer (and other health concerns), those who will get such a diagnosis, or know others that do. I did hours of research after my DX (Diagnosis), so much so that I often ate late in the day, which was not good, but I was driven to find answers and make the best decisions. I could not find anyone else who had written about their cancer, especially endocervical, and felt very alone. I was determined to make decisions that were based on as much information as I could possibly gather.

When I called a social worker referred to me later by Dr. Gosewehr to see if there were any cancer groups, the woman immediately told me that Effexor was helpful for the depression of a cancer diagnosis. There was no group offered, but I was immediately disgusted at her pushing drugs when she had never met me, and was not a psychiatrist or a mental health nurse practitioner, or anyone to be even suggesting psychiatric drugs. There was more egregious inappropriate behavior coming down the pike from the doctor. I soon decided he was 'going nowhere' near me. I sought a second doctor.

Just the ignorant, cavalier decision to put dishes of candy out at this oncologist's office really turned me off, when my research showed cancer cells have many more insulin receptors than normal cells, and fed off sugar. There was an ITP? treatment, where a small injection of insulin was given to activate cancer cells, and then a very small injection of chemo followed, targeted at the active cells. When the Italian Oncologist on Dr. Mercola's site (link given on previous posting) said cancer was a fungus, and/or a reaction to fungus in all of his research and practice and treating it, I thought of how the sugar always made the yeast grow so well when I made bread.

One outcome in all of this experience, is that my interest in nutrition and health was finally manifested. When I was young, I wanted to become a medical doctor. I married young, had seven children, divorced at age 30, started college, got a BS in Administration of Justice and then a Masters in Social Work. I wouldn't have fit in the medical field well, as I personally believe drugging to be the last resort, not the 7-11 'convenience' it has become, with Big Pharma contaminating the trust between doctor and patient. The push to diagnose and drug people in Social Service agencies in America is also why I don't fit in there. This week I listened to a radio program in which a Watchdog group of the Psychiatric Profession noted over 8 million of our very young children have been diagnosed as Bipolar, ADD and ADHD and put on serious psychiatric drugs, some as young as 2 years old.

The Corruption of 'Corrections', the invasion of people's civil and human rights was not something I could do with my degree, even for a nice paycheck. I am more of an investigative reporter, or historian. I always knew I would have to have a private practice. I have been on hiatus with my social work since my cancer surgery, for my best interest. This blog is the beginning of the sharing of my story and my truth. If I can make income from Google Adsense or other links, or help people create healthier lives as their Shaklee Independent Distributor, than I will also be grateful that my helping others is reciprocated, as I do well by doing good.

To be continued....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Healthy Breakfast Ideas...

MMmm. Breakfast. I trade whole grain hot cereal one day, with eggs the next, and the best remedy for boredom is inviting someone over for breakfast so I cook better than usual, for my single self. I have a killer applesauce oatmeal cranberry walnut muffin recipe that is like eating half a bowl of oatmeal. I put ground flax seed and half whole wheat flour and wheat germ, etc. Honey and butter on hot muffins. Will email it if you like.

Smoothies are great for breakfast. Green smoothies or protein/fruit smoothies can solve a no-time-for-breakfast meal, and make you glow. Add a muffin or a piece of toast, etc.
* My favorite berry protein smoothie: 1c. apple or grape juice, 1/2 c. frozen berry mix: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, vanilla whey or soy protein powder for about 1/3 of the day's protein. (I mix 1 scoop whey for that melted vanilla ice cream taste with 1 heaping T. vanilla soy.) Add 1/4 c. pomegranate juice or 2 frozen cubes of pomegranate juice. Blend. What a refreshing drink!
In Oregon the blackberries grow wild for the picking, and I try to freeze some each year for cobblers, pies and now my favorite blackberry-rich smoothie. Their rich berry smell and taste are so wonderful, the seeds don't bother me. I just spit them out. Red raspberry seeds have ellagic acid in them, but I don't know what properties the blackberry seeds have.
**Shaklee whey and soy protein are the ones I recommend for quality and safety.
To order: Click on Gabi's picture on Upper Right.

There's a blueberry Colada smoothie with 1-2c. fresh or frozen blue's, 1/2 c. lite coconut milk, 1/2 c. pineapple juice, 1 banana, 1 T. honey or few drops Stevia. If fresh blue's used, add 1 c. crushed ice or cubes if you have a strong blender. I freeze juice as cubes to add to smoothies, like pomegranate juice, pineapple, apple, etc. when I take the time. These juice cubes add nutrients and texture to juice-based or mixed w/rice, almond or organic milk smoothies. Find your favorite combo.

Yogurt/Cottage Cheese or Ricotta mixed w/honey and vanilla, layered w/ granola or favorite cereal, nuts and fresh or frozen fruit. My favorite addition are Oregon blackberries, or a berry combo: blue, rasp & blackberries w/ nectarines or peaches in the summer. The colors are marvelous!

Personally, I"m in love w/ my Energizing Cocoa Soy Protein and organic milk or homemade almond milk .Can add peanut butter, almond or cashew butter, strawb's or bananas. Mix it in the blender with a couple of ice cubes or some crushed ice.

A calcium/protein rich smoothie (can add yogurt to smoothies), mini potato/ spinach quiches, chile rellenos casserole, german pancakes w/ fruit compote like blackberries w/ some sour cream or yogurt on top. MMmm. Eggs w/ basil, two no-nitrate pieces of diced pepperoni for flavor, garlic and/or onion, or chives, cottage cheese, tabasco and salt and pepper. Serve w/ toast, eng. muffins, (pictured with my Applesauce Oatmeal Walnut Muffin) etc. w/ fruit. Smoked salmon bits in eggs w/ non-hormone cheese on top.

Protein sustains energy and blood sugar, keeping it level, and keeps cravings down- a must for immune health.

As for packaged cereal, I like shredded wheat, though it's minimal in nutrients, and rare in my house. The shredded mouth from Cap'n Crunch when my kids got to choose their birthday cereal, (didn't buy it otherwise) and stomach problems speak loud enough. I'd cringe.
For sugar-fed yeast problems: I recommend the ONLY probiotic that gets past hydro. stomach acid, (Optiflora by Shaklee-upper right click) and enzymes to break down yeast walls w/ no die-off. Alfalfa to rebalance w/ alkalinizing microminerals. Science only!

To order Vanilla or Cocoa Soy Protein, the best probiotic available or that Multivitamin insurance you've been putting off, go to or click on Gabi's picture at top right of blog. Best deal is the one time Membership for 15% off all products.

My best to you!