Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Green Smoothies and Valentines

Where do I begin? My internet has been down since Friday due to a lot of Verizon errors. After a cumulative exasperation of several hours of phone time with various reps, and being told my DSL wouldn't be up again till tomorrow evening, I noticed the internet bars on my MacBook. I can only hope to catch up a bit. In reading my past blogs, I am aware there are many subjects I'd like to share with you, that I have mentioned. Please feel free to request any health subject, and I will share my research, articles, and experiences of myself and/or others. I will begin with trying to relate the rest of my cancer story. That is not a short subject, nor without emotional land mines for me.

Before I descend into those memories, let me share my newfound recipe experimentation with Green Smoothies. You can see one in the photo, next to my Valentine cookies. Since learning about the bleaching of white flour and sugar, and the chemical residues left like sulfoxon? that made lab rats fat and gave them diabetes, the traditional 'sweets' are going to have to evolve. I made these sugar cookies the night before my youngest son was born, 31 minutes after Valentine's Day. I ate entirely too many, as I have been a Cookie Monster. They are part of past memories, but then, we are also aware of the struggle to 'evolve' past teflon, flouride, vaccines with mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum, asbestos, microwaving, tobacco, and the 3 whites: flour, sugar and one transfat, shortening. It is surely a photo of the yin and yang. I prefer freshly ground whole wheat flour, etc. which the 101Cookbooks blog that I follow, promotes.

Okay. Green Smoothies. These healthy drinks are so full of fiber, phytonutrients for healing and nutrition and alkalizing properties, they are amazing. You will want to add them as a daily or several times a week health tonic. I do like juicing as the fine particles are so readily available for the body to absorb. In fact, if someone is eating to heal cancer, the liver and other organs don't have to work so hard to digest and assimilate when you drink your daily fresh veggie juice. This way your body's energy can be used for immune and repair purposes. You can add fiber and vegetable protein (Shaklee's Energizing Vanilla Soy-pictured), a bit of dulse (sea vegetables) for iodine, ground flax seeds, etc. (Always get the dark flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder fresh. They go rancid easily, and you want to preserve the Omega 3 fatty acids in them. 45% of the ground seeds are considered flax seed oil. There is a whole forum on Yahoo on Dr. Hannah Budwig's cancer treatment using sulphurated proteins and flax seed to give cancer cells what they need to repair themselves: cottage cheese mixed with flax seed oil or ground seeds.

Green Smoothies: THE FIBER IS LEFT IN, NOT SEPARATED LIKE JUICING! For a creamy smoothie with more usable protein than a small steak, add an avocado -peeled, pit out please! In a blender-You can see my $4 garage sale blender in the sink, awaiting dish washing... Add 1/2-1 cored and diced apple, unpeeled, celery pieces, a leaf of kale picked from the stalk or stem or spinach leaves, any kind of chard, or what washed greens you have from your garden or an organic food section. A smoothie only needs one leaf of kale! Not too expensive! Add parsley or cilantro, dandelion greens for detoxing if desired or on hand, and 1-2 c. filtered water. You can add a couple of drops of stevia for sweetener, but with an avocado and fresh greens, the smoothie is pretty sweet already.

Don't chug it down. Chew slowly until the saliva turns sweeter, so you know the enzymes are busy digesting the food. Without the avocado, it's not as smooth, but just as healthy and edible. I added some wheat grass to the blender of veggies-just a 2x2" square from the $1.99 wheat grass container from New Seasons. My goal is to grow my own in the windowsill or the greenhouse out back, made from old mill windows. I read where wheat grass is a strong detoxifier, and that chlorophyll is very much like the makeup of our blood. So, give yourself a health infusion!

There are so many recipes. Some use different veggies for different purposes. I will share them in a blog in the future. Use veggies you can digest easily. I like raw food, but not to an excess. Protein is essential for building cells and 90% of the immune system is made of it. You can throw a 1-3Tbsp. of Vanilla Soy Protein or Whey in your green smoothie.

II. Cancer Story continued...
An ultrasound several months prior to the bad pap smear showed a thickened uterine lining, which can be a sign of uterine cancer. When the pap wasn't able to be done, I remember thinking, it was just as well if I did have cancer, as I didn't want to be poked and scraped and disturb cells. If I knew what I do now, I'd have given myself a douche with baking soda, 6 separate treatments, though I don't know the amount of bicarbonate the Italian Doctor used. I went on an immediate low carb and no sugar diet. I would also have made sure I took Shaklee's Vita Lea, which are natural vitamins with live enzymes, that get into the bloodstream quickly. I would have needed Carotomax, which is betacarotene from algae, (1 lb of algae is equal to the betacarotene of 170 lbs. of carrots, and it's not toxic or an overdose problem like Vitamin A). The body uses betacarotene to make Vitamin A when it needs it. A study showed women with cervical cancer that spread had low betacarotene. A blood panel post-surgery showed I was low on B vitamins, zinc, calcium, betacarotene, etc. Stress uses up necessary vitamins, robbing the body of its building blocks. My life was full of constant stress and grief for years. I used to say I had enough stress to kill a horse. It's usually when there is a lull in the storm, that the body gets permission to 'let go'. Adrenals, the thymus and the liver get hit hard when under constant stress.

Another cervical cancer treatment is Dr. Joe Glickman's Alotek product. Aloe Vera substances inserted vaginally and taken orally help the body recognize and fight HPV. HPV is epidemic. Mothers pass it on to their children. There are many different strains, some more cancer-causing. I am not a proponent of any HPV vaccines, as the side effects are too dangerous in my opinion, for only a strain or two of HPV. They have not been tested adequately, like so many other Pharma products. Building immune function by nutrition and Dr. Glickman's specific nutriceutical that has helped over 95%? of those women who have used it would be my personal recommendation. One sexual partner can carry many strains. I had no signs of HPV, but as I read and researched, recurrent urinary tract infections were one of the signs listed. The PH and environment of the cell is changed with the virus. Helping the body recognize the virus and fight it naturally makes sense to me. Smokers may not be able to be helped with Dr. Glickman's products, as the toxins dumped daily overload the immune system. A bad pap smear is a good red flag warning to stop smoking.

Another problem not spoken of much is that smokers have nicotine and its 3000? chemicals imbedded in their fingers, and laced in their own fluids and cells. Touching your sweetheart, children or pets with those fingers is like administering a subdermal patch, just like a hormone, pain, or nicotine patch. HPV is epidemic in America. A County Health Nurse shared with me that they are finding the chemicals from cigarettes in the cervical tissues of women. The skin absorbs what is put on it. It is the largest permeable organ we have. It makes sense to me that the toxic chemicals from smoking are also in the semen and other bodily fluids, and during sex, there is a straight shot to the cervical tissues for absorption. Protection of our women and families seems to be a strong reason for both men and women, to end smoking. Too often we are in denial of what our habits do to ourselves, and we have to start somewhere. Sometimes we care more about others than ourselves. I say, whatever it takes to make healthier choices.

Shaklee's Carotomax is the betacarotene that is protective to epithelial tissues. It nourishes epithelial skin tissue to resist infection, is a free radical inhibitor, stimulates and strengthens immune response, etc. It protects the mucous membranes and skin in the vaginal tract before and after menopause. Deficiency has been linked to poor vision, Macular degeneration and cataract formation. It is anti-inflammatory, useful for the prostate, and reduces effects of UV light from the sun for those with psoriasis. For sinus infections and ulcers, it promotes the healing of mucous membranes. Likewise for Crohn's disease, betacarotene helps to heal the bowel lining. It speeds healing of canker sores.

to be continued...

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