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Psoriasis Solutions. Balancing Body Chemistry II.

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Here are several experiential accounts or qualitative data of people with psoriasis and what supplements helped.

Subj: Psoriasis Testimonies
From: Sheryl N.

Hello! In gathering information for a friend with psoriasis, these testimonials were found. Another good resource is the flyer, Essential Fatty Acids---EPA, GLA, Lecithin

Subject: Re: Psoriasis
Date: 1/30/99 6:17 PM Central Standard Time
From: Laurine

One of the side benefits of EPA is to help some people with psoriasis; also Shaklee Basic L laundry concentrate is, I have been told, recommended by the Psoriasis Foundation. Laurine
Subject: Re: Psoriasis......
From: Truehealth...

Vita-lea, along with Epa & Lecithin seem to work very well with people that have psoriasis. The body needs the fatty acids to heal this disease. Epa does not work alone, it needs a balance of other nutrients, as in Vita-lea.

Subject: Re: Psoriasis......

My dad has had psoriasis since he was 5. He started adding EPA 3-4 with each meal to reduce his cholesterol and as a SIDE BENEFIT his psoriasis cleared up! Worth a try!!! But BE CONSISTANT!
Anne and Doug Siloy Berea, Ohio
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Subject: Re: Psoriasis......
From: Zannrose

HI - I went to a seminar with Dr. Linda Rodrigez -- she mentioned that there seems to be a link between candida and psioriasis -- the program she recommends is: cleansing/de-toxing -- optiflora, dtx, herblax, fiber tabs, alfalfa, lots of pure water. Add foundation nutrients: protein, multi, b-complex, cal/mag, vit. c. Add fatty acids, gla, epa, lecithin, antioxidents. Also garlic is helpful for candida related problems.

Hope this helps.

Subject: Psoriasis, using Enfuselle
From: Dino...

I have been using Enfuselle for only one week on my Elbows and Knees. I have Psoriasis on them. In the morning I use Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Toner, Calming complex and A.M. Repair. In the Evening: Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Toner, Calming complex and Hydrating Moisturizer. After one week I can not believe the difference. On my elbows it is starting to clear up, my knees are taking a little longer. I have had Psoriasis for years and never found anything that works like Enfuselle


June 4, 2001 - 02:26 pm:

Psoriasis Testimonials 5/13/00

Hi Bob:
I have a friend who simply took EPA and it helped the psoriasis on her hands. Actually cleared it up totally in a couple of weeks. I believe she took 6 or 9 EPA a day.

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I've had a problem with psoriasis since I was in my teens--just a few years ago! Ha! It began on my scalp and developed into a spot near the nape of the neck and was about the size of a silver dollar. Nothing seemed to help the scaling and sometime itching and soreness when I couldn't keep my hands off of it. About fifteen years ago it also started on my fingernails. The nail would separate from the nailbed and it would look as though the nail might come off. Although that never happened and they always, after a month or two, went back to normal this continued to happen four or five times a year. Nail polish, although it hid the problem, seemed to make it worse. Then, perhaps ten years ago it started in one ear canal.

Although I've been a faithful Shaklee supplement user with extra EPA, GLA and trying Ester Droplets, Multi-Purpose Cream, Beauty Recovery Complex, etc, etc nothing seemed to help. I didn't want to go the drug route and kept hearing that perhaps acupuncture might be a solution. About four years ago, I went to an old Chinese gentleman in San Jose who had just retired but was still working with a few patients in a friend's office. He said he thought he could help but that he didn't know how long it would take. At that time I had been a vegan for seven or eight months. I told him about my diet and the thorough Shaklee supplement regimen I'd been on for years and he felt those were positive things. He said that, if I were to begin eating animal products again, I should avoid red meat and dairy products. He also cautioned against too much shellfish and sour things. I went in for treatments three times a week to start and, within two to three weeks, the scalp problem was entirely gone! He was surprised it happened
so quickly. I continued treatments for several months. The nail problem lessened to the point that I rarely have difficulty anymore and the ear canal completely cleared for a period of time although I still have difficulty with it once in awhile.

I remained a vegan for a total of about ten months. I'm still primarily a vegan because I just feel really good eating that way but do have poultry and fish occasionally. I feel that when I went to see him perhaps all the positive things I was doing just came together with the acupuncture at the right time. He said that the worse and more lengthy a condition like that is the more important it is to seek out someone who's been practicing for fifteen years or more. He had been trained in China and was one of the first to be admitted to the U.S. to perform acupuncture. He said that, like in any other field, experience makes a big difference in the results a patient may receive and he felt that the Chinese training also gave the practitioner an edge that someone else may not have.

I feel that, in my case, avoidance of dairy is critical too. Occasionally when I've eaten something containing dairy and have done that a number of times in close succession, I have a flare up with my nails. I continue, as I have for more than twenty five years, to use a large range of Shaklee supplements and I'm certain that works to keep my immune system built to the point that potential problems are less likely to happen.

Barb Madorin

We have had several astounding reversals of psoriasis using a simple program: Optiflora, GLA, EPA, E capsules and Slim Plan (now Cinch)! It's great and it works! One was a severe case! Hope this helps others.

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