Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Personal Introduction of Blog Owner

Introduction of myself to a CafeMom website:
I wrote on Feb. 25, 2009 at 5:27 PM
Hello. I'm a Master's level Social Worker, endocervical cancer survivor, empty nester of seven children raised by myself, poet, gardener, interested in healthy cooking and good food in general, natural healing methods, and prevention through nutrition for optimal health. I started two blogs this year. sharing environmental concerns, pictures and personal stories and poetry of myself and the community members here, and which is a health and nutrition blog.

I have been in the remodeling/real estate investment/business, sold life and health insurance, worked in the Corrections system, facilitated Sexual Abuse Groups for Parents of Molested Children and Adults Molested as Children, facilitated anger management and Batterer Intervention groups,and been an eldercare giver for my father who passed in December at 86 years old. He was my closest friend.

My social work practice was named Cafe for the Soul. I ran a Women's Group, and a Life Transitions Group before learning of my cancer. I have gone from no prognosis to good health.
I worked for a School of Nursing as a Graduate Research Assistant, and love learning and sharing about health issues.
My nutrition business is Leangreencafe
I'm a Shaklee Independent Distributor for good reason, and I refer women to medical and natural doctors and other products and companies for women's and children's health.

I have so many resources, handouts, etc., and I'm here to give back and offer myself as a mentor and friend.

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