Saturday, February 7, 2009

Health Subjects Coming Up...

Today I read a great article on Dr. Mercola's website about chlorine and some of it's byproducts which are carcinogens. Showering in warm water enlarges the skin's pores which absorb as much chlorine as in 6-7 glasses of chlorinated water. I'm going to do a comparison of shower filters and types of water filters. There are benefits and downsides to each type. Some are inexpensive with little filtering surface, and some are very expensive. It's hopefully like the advent of the microwave in that prices came down with increased competition. Clean water is important business.

Chlorine aids acidosis, which sets up disease. You can get a countertop or undercounter Bestwater Filter to take 97.5% out, costing 22cents a gallon the first year, and 9 cents the second year for a new coconut shell recyclable, large surface filter. Stainless steel casing... There are Reverse Osmosis units that take out good and bad components in water, including flouride, which was originally used as a rat poison. There is a unit called Kangen and other acid/alkaline water-producing units. The videos on the Kangen site are hopeful in that 80% of chemicals used to treat greenhouse and golf courses (that leach into the groundwater) are being replaced with acidic water to kill fungus and pests. Small children with severe eczema are treated topically with alkaline water, along with drinking it, to avoid the horrible effects of previous steroid treatments, with success. (In my opinion, parasites need to be ruled out, as well as changing laundry products to green non-toxic ones that don't linger in clothing and sheets). The alkaline water is sent home for the child's use, from the hospital's electroplated water filter units.

There's a video of a doctor who changes the diets of breast cancer and other diseased people along with orders to drink a quart or two of alkaline water per day for them. He shows pictures of their colons, before and after. Wonderful successes. 90% of all disease is said to originate in the colon. Below is the link, fyi. I am not affiliated. For me at this stage of exploration, I'll use the coconut shell medium water filter, and alfalfa. One tab to alkalinize a gallon of water. I take 10 tabs a day. I also bought a filter for my showerhead.

I embarked on my cancer story, which I'd like to share in detail for the benefit of others. My next few posts will finish that story. I realize I could write a book about my experiences with endocervical cancer, choosing a pelvic oncologist, trust in doctors, and researching cancer treatment to make decisions.
From a comment by my sister, Alison, I was also reminded that I need to share what I've learned about urinary tract infections, and repeated UTI's.

The sun is out, and I must take advantage of that after a cold winter and little natural Vitamin D. I took distilled fish oil with GLA this year, along with joint health compound for the cartilage in my knees. One of the few releases while raising my children was dancing, and I could easily get carried away.

The extra calcium I take now helps insure against further bone loss after the instant menopause of a radical hysterectomy. My walk will be a weight-bearing exercise that also creates calcium . If our bodies don't have enough minerals or calcium, it simply robs from one part to give to another. A woman nicknamed 'Tab' for all the soft drinks of that name she liked to drink, was a tennis player. Her right arm's bone mass was normal, while her left arm was that of an elderly woman. Phosphoric acid in carbonated beverages robs calcium from our bones. The 'evidence' will be seen in decalcifying teeth with cavities and fractures, bone spurs and on fingers, with the effects of acidosis, where the body sends calcium to 'put out the fire', causing deformed, crippled and inflamed joints known as arthritis.

A friend and I talked about how long we thought we'd live, and the pros and cons of taking food supplements to insure optimal health. I think feeling good while we are here makes life worth living, and doing our best to avoid the 5-6 'dementias' and being drugged and diapered in a care center may best be avoided by making sure we have the nutrients, sun and exercise we need. I personally think many people have felt the effects of failing health for so long, they begin to wonder if it's worth living anymore, without knowing there are natural methods for regaining your health and energy. Many have 'tried natural products' from Walmart to Trader Joes, and given up, not knowing there is a huge difference in the ingredient assay, purity and science of a product's makeup. Ask for a copy of the Landmark Study for an amazing 20 year look at no supplement use, a single supplement, and Shaklee supplement users. I'll share it in the future.

If I were to recommend a few products to start back on the path to feeling great, they would be:
*Vita Lea multivitamin/mineral supplement
*Soy Protein (Vanilla, Cocoa, or 4 flavors of Cinch inch loss shakes for 1-2 meal replacements.
(Cinch is the only product with Leucine to preserve muscle mass, which keeps weight off.)
*Calcium (Osteomatrix)
*Probiotic (Optiflora)
*Distilled fish oil at least in winter (OmegaGuard). Helps brain, heart, skin, hair, eyes.
**Alfalfa for microminerals and to alkalinize in our Acidic-producing food culture

Some spend $7 a day for Vitalizer (80 bioavailable nutrients in a 30-day pack), Vivix (anti-aging, antioxidant) Cinch protein inch loss shake and Nutriferon for immunity....Available in a Special Offer under RX for Health on my Shaklee website. Member price is 15% off. Autoship is 10% less.

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Kathryn said...

I've really appreciated all your thoughtful, intelligent posts. I wonder, if at a later time, you might write on your recommendations of soy? As someone who is estrogen-dominant & very much wanting to have a family, i avoid soy like the plague.


rare1walking said...

Hello Kathryn-I believe I wrote you a personal email, but this morning I found this comment and question on soy, and I want to respond on the blog. Thank you for your compliments, by the way. It is a lonely world on blogging if there is no feedback. I can't improve, or know how my words affect others, so thank you for sharing that.
The body's estrogen is strong, is made of protein and is a growth initiator. When the weaker phytoestrogens of soy attach to the cell receptor sites, the stronger natural estrogen is unable to do so. In this way soy is thought to be 'protective' against breast and prostate cancer. More important in an overall view, is dairy and meat in the diet, which not only are laden with saturated fats and no fiber, but are most often laced with residues of antibiotics and hormones. Milk by itself is a hormonal liquid. Personally, I use dairy sparingly, such as organic yogurt or other fermented type of products like kefir, but in fact, I use mainly rice and almond milk. Soy and other plant proteins are cleaner and healthier in my researched opinion. Almond milk is easy to make. I think I refer to it in a post. My best, Pamela

Pamela Cohen said...

In reading my past post response to Kathryn's comment, I realize I failed to really address important factors about soy. Soy has to be Non-GMO, and 90+% of today's soy is GMO. I like Shaklee's product for many reasons: cold water washed to remove the anti-thyroid part of soy, added calcium (50%daily requirement) because soy is very acidic. Naturally cholesterol free-(plant protein), Naturally low in fat. Gluten free. No artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives added. I buy non-flavored w/ -0- grams of sugar, and 2 Tbsp's =32% daily protein.
I also use Shaklee's Cocoa Soy-love it with rice milk, 2-3 ice cubes and a dollop of organic almond or peanut butter, and the Vanilla Soy is also good w/ fruit. Sometimes I throw a few greens in w/ my protein drinks, for added nutrition.
Whey protein is great, as long as you know what you're buying. Again, Shaklee's is so good tasting, but since I'm on a budget, I half whey with soy, for the taste. My body creates mucous from dairy, so Soy has been the best for me.
Shaklee's Soy Protein is the creamiest best tasting drink. Soy also is a cholesterol adaptogen, and has so many other qualities, that to demonize it as some organizations do, is really unfortunate. Even raw edamame should be slightly cooked, and I'd make sure it's non-GMO.
This 'rest of the story' comment won't help this question of 4 years ago, but it may help others.
After a radical hysterectomy, and seeing my teeth demineralize after two years of no supplementation, I take calcium from my Vita Lea, Osteomatrix (Shaklee's calcium) sometimes take extra chewable calcium, and also at least one Soy Protein shake a day, for 50% calcium.
People w/ too much calcium in their blood probably have failing kidney function or are taking calcium the body can't use or assimilate. Meds often compromise kidney function. Especially with the body reaching a toxic level.