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Psoriasis Solutions. Balancing Body Chemistry.

Psoriasis: (Supplements that I would recommend for my own family listed below for easy understanding.)
Knowledgeable doctors say it doesn't matter the name of the disease, but the acidic environment that enables them in the first place. Water is an easy first consideration to tip your body to alkaline. Psoriasis is about fungus manifesting itself. That is why sun helps. Vitamin D makes calcium, which alkalinizes. Fungus can't grow well in that environment. Even a healthy cell can evolve into bacteria, yeast, fungus, and cancer if bathed in acid and toxins. Medications are often looked at as a convenience for fast results, but they further acidify us, and side effects can be serious and deadly. Too many medications are rushed for human use without adequate testing, like the 33 vaccines that have never been tested for the cumulative or long-term effects when used in the first short years of a child's life. Profit has unfortunately been a fraudulent force in approving many meds.

One of my sisters had psoriasis as a child and was given doctor-ordered tar baths. Coal tar derivitives are known to cause cancer. Did you know that many synthetic vitamins are made from the same thing? You want natural food supplements w/ enzymes intact for easy absorption.
Family note: We moved from snowy Spokane, Washington to Mesa, Arizona so my sister would get more sun to help her psoriasis. A brother got asthma from the pesticides sprayed on the cotton fields there. Hmm.

I did a lot of PH testing of water: R/O unit, Britta charcoal/carbon -Filtered water, Distilled water, tap water, and my Bestwater Stainless Steel with Coconut Shell Medium Carbon large surface water filter!!! I was thrilled to find my little $220 on the counter Bestwater unit was alkaline at 9.1. The others were acidic, with the R/O and Britta actually more acidic than just chlorinated tap water. I did it with a professional PH tester, not the strips. I don't drink bottled water, as it is not only acidic, I don't know what kinds of chemicals leach into the water from the plastic. I keep my 9.1 alkaline water in a glass gallon jar on my counter, and work on drinking it all in tea, green smoothies, or just good old clean water. (As clean as I can get it with the vast amounts of chemo, anti-depressants, chemicals, etc. of all kinds. The Bestwater unit also reduces parasite cysts. Even though the testing shows over 99.95%, we don't say remove.) I've looked at the Kangen water units, and they look impressive, but the $4000 is a bit steep for most people. Hopefully, like the advent of microwaves, toasters, etc. the price will descend on alkaline water units as competition advances. For now, I filter my day's drinking water into a gallon glass jar as I said, and empty it during the day for hydration and flushing environmental toxins, etc. It's a good way to keep track of getting that 8-12 glasses a day. The Bestwater filter is for 1000 gallons or 1 year. I will use it longer as I'm a single user. A replacement filter at member price is $90.80 making the second year's cost 9 cents a gallon.

Did you know that drinking 6 and up glasses of water a day will reduce most joint pain?

Doctors in Japan are giving women with breast cancer and other cancers, and babies with horrible eczema, alkaline water to drink. Babies have the water patted on their eczema. Within 2-3 months they are well or vastly improved. The change of diet to alkaline and the alkaline water changes the colonoscopy pictures of the cancer patients like night and day. I just read the book called "The Ultimate PH Solution. Balance Your Body Chemistry to Prevent Disease and Lose Weight". by Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc

I like her material, though if you don't know how soy milk, tofu, etc. is processed, I say, don't buy it. Almond or rice milk is an alternative. A good plant protein is Shaklee's Energizing Soy. It is processed w/ water, removes the anti-thyroid substance, is non-GMO and has 50% calcium added so it neutralizes the acidity of this legume. The taste is so creamy and wonderful. I love Cocoa or Vanilla, plain in almond or rice milk, water if you are out of everything, or with fruit or nut butters or in smoothies. A friend of mine puts it in his cereal or with fruit and yogurt.

Health is about kicking the acid, balancing the ph, getting sun, exercise, reducing stress, good diet and supplementation for Optimal Health!!! 70% alkaline foods and water, and 30% acidic foods.

I shared the following on YouTube for people suffering with psoriasis:
For Psoriasis: Think fungus manifesting itself, helped by stress. What has worked well for others: Vita Lea multivitamin, Energizing Soy and Optiflora-a probiotic to balance the gut flora. Drink filtered, alkaline water-1/2 your body weight in ounces, purify your blood with Alfalfa. It strengthens and cleanses kidneys. GLA is important for all skin disorders, DTX to clean the liver of fungus and toxins, Stress relief complex to feed the adrenals and Carotomax (betacarotene from algae) to nourish epithelial tissue.

Indep. Distrib.

Another one:

My psoriasis is gone for years. Think fungus, which loves acid environments. Stress lowers the immune system and causes outbreaks, usually during winter with low Vitamin D. There are natural supplements that work for many people. Medicines just deplete your nutrients further. Trust your own intuition. Ask me for the list of natural supplements.

My best. Pamela

See Psoriasis supplements from the Common Ailments Doc below:

***The program is to start on the Vita Lea multivitamin, Soy Protein for a good plant protein, and Optiflora (probiotic guaranteed to get 100% in the colon where it's needed.)
Then you add the first 3 items, and any others you think would help you.

Note: We tend to get low on the same nutrients throughout our lives, as diet habits are hard to completely change.

*_PSORIASIS:_* (drink adequate water for proper detoxification of skin,
bowels & kidneys) Make it pure water, and alkaline!

1. ALFALFA: blood purifier & cleanser; strengthens & cleanses kidneys

2. GLA: IMPORTANT for all skin disorders

3. HERB-LAX: detoxifies toxins from the body

4. DTX: reduce toxin load

5. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: to relieve stress-related root causes

6. CAROTOMAX: reduces effects of UV light from the sun; nourishes

epithelium skin tissue

7. VITA C: speeds tissue healing; detoxifies sensitizing substances;

boosts immune system

8. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: promotes healing of skin; increases


9. ZINC: needed for connective tissue repair in scar tissue

10. B COMPLEX: improved nutrient absorption

11. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies many chemicals

12. GARLIC: detoxification; increases capillary circulation; speeds

tissue healing

To order these products, click on Gabi's picture on upper right, or call me at 503-429-0240 for free membership (a $19.95 value) with your first order of $80 or over, for 15% off all products, including Bestwater Under or On Countertop Filters. Calls returned immediately, or within 24 hrs.

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