Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Melanoma Survivor/Doctor Now Helps Others

I received this email from a doctor who survived Melanoma and works with terminal cancer patients. Any referrals or knowledge about cancer treatment options or any ailment is welcome here on this site. All information is shared as research and a resource list, and presumes no liability as posted in the past.

One of my five daughters went in for a routine check at age 29 to her dermatologist and after a mole was shaved, discovered her own melanoma. She has two children now, and is working towards her PhD five years later. I will share a poem I wrote for her during that difficult time, in a later posting.

"I am Dr. Joe Brown here in Tempe Arizona. I work exclusively with patients diagnosed with cancer and wanted to know if You could add me as a contact on your website as well as a referral list for your clinic.

Unlike other clinics we specialize in treating terminal cancer patients and would appreciate any referrals. I would be happy to add you to our referral list and refer when needed for any other cases outside of cancer.

My website is below, which you can view if you like. Thank you in advance.
Here is a recent award we received by Channel 3 T.V.;
Winner of the Spirit Award-2008-Presented by Channel 3 T.V.-Good Morning Arizona


Can you please add myself to your website. The following is my information;

Dr. Joe Brown - Naturopathic Doctor

Natural Health Medical Centers
2055 E. Southern Ave., Suite B
Tempe, Arizona 85282

602-421-2613 ph
480-456-8600 back line (only answered during business hours)

Emphasis: Cancer

Dr. Joe Brown -
Naturopathic Doctor,
-Winner of the Spirit Award-2008-Presented by Channel 3 T.V.-Good Morning Arizona
-CoHost of 1310 Independent Radio
-Winner of the Hero Award-2008 from 104.7 F.M.-Radio Station, Phoenix Arizona
-Featured in the INCURABLES Series, Satellite & Cable T.V. (Cancer Survivor, Now Cancer Doctor!!)
-Winner of the "Who's Who in Medicine" - 2008, New York.

"There are More Options than chemo and radiation!!" "

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