Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Kind of Fish Oil Do I Buy?

Tips from the Professor:

Another Mystery solved!

Men living in Japan have 1/2 the risk of heart disease
compared to men living in the United States despite
having adopted a mostly western lifestyle since World
War II.

If you look at risk factors, Japanese men and US men
have very similar serum levels of total cholesterol,
blood pressure and rates of type 2 diabetes.

And Japanese men now have a much higher rate of smoking
than US men.

It seems like they are doing everything wrong - but
they still have a much lower risk of heart disease!

Actually, they are not doing everything wrong. They do
eat a lot more fish than US men - and since those fish
come from the Northern Pacific they are loaded with
omega-3 fatty acids.

But it had never been clear whether it was the omega-3
fatty acids in their diet or differences in their
genetic make up that were protecting the Japanese men.

So Dr. Akira Sekikawa and colleagues at the University
of Pittsburgh School of Public Health undertook a study
to determine the cause of the remarkably lower
incidence of heart disease among Japanese men (The
study was published in the August 5, 2008 issue of
Journal of the American College of Cardiology).

The study enrolled 868 randomly selected men aged 40 to
49. Of these, 281 were Japanese men from Kusatsu,
Shiga, Japan; 306 were white men from Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania; and 281 were third- or fourth-generation
Japanese-American men from Honolulu, Hawaii.

As previous studies had shown, all three groups of men
had similar blood cholesterol and blood pressure
readings and similar rates of diabetes.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Self Therapy....in Poetic Form

Photo at Cannon Beach. My friend, Ali, kept asking if "I was ready for the picture"?
How long can I smile with the wind drying out my eyes? lol

Many are discouraged in these hard financial and world times. We have to adjust to survive, and some are probably blaming themselves or finding life difficult. Adversity is said to be the 'Breakfast of Champions", but it isn't always welcome...

I have FREE information on how to reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise for example, works better than anti-depressants, without the negative side effects and eventual withdrawals, etc. You can request this information on reducing anxiety and depression by writing me and putting FREE INFO in the subject line.

Dr. Amen, a famous doctor who takes images of the brain to determine the 7 reasons for depression, suggests a good multi-vitamin and fish oil for EVERYONE!!! Fish oil is good for the brain and the heart. The only multi I recommend is Shaklee's Vita Lea, (See sidebar for the Catalog on which one is right for you) and their fish oil is called Omega Guard, free of mercury and PCB's, and triple distilled for purity. It has twice the DHA and EPA of other leading brands. Fish oil helps to balance all the Omega 6's in our diet, to FIGHT INFLAMMATION! Shaklee's Moodlift is also helpful, with St. John's Wort. Their herbal products are standardized, which means consistent amounts. VERY IMPORTANT!!

Just wanted to share an article from the San Francisco newspaper in regard to contaminated fish oil.

Shaklee products have never had a product recall, they have 75 scientists on staff, every day.
Shaklee OmegaGuard is the World's Finest Fish Oil, Ultra-Pure and Pharmaceutical Grade.
More information at your Shaklee member center, my website, or just call for information. 503-429-0240, www.leangreencafe.myshaklee.com, or see the catalog on the upper right sidebar.

Subject: SFGate: Lawsuit says fish oil supplements contain PCB

The original article can be found on SFGate.com here:
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 (SF Chronicle)
Lawsuit says fish oil supplements contain PCB
Erin Allday, Chronicle Staff Writer

 An environmental group filed a lawsuit in San Francisco on Tuesday
alleging that 10 types of fish oil or shark oil supplements contain a
toxic industrial compound, and that manufacturers and sellers need to warn

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alternative Energy. Alternative Thought.

Here is an engine run mostly on water that creates power from steam, and has minimal pollution. For $15, Andreas Kalcker transforms a generator into a GEET engine, developed by Paul Pantone. Mr. Kalcker is a man traveling the world in a truck powered with mostly water.

He shares the simple concepts with those he meets, and here in this YouTube video. (See above.)  I also listened to him discuss the making of a documentary on MMS, the 'Miracle Mineral Solution' mixed with citric acid solution to release chlorine dioxide. Taken internally by mouth, IV, soaking in it, etc., according to the health issue, MMS has cured thousands of cases of malaria in several African countries, and has helped many people with cancer, diabetic ulcers, hepatitis, herpes, flu, Candida, teeth and gum problems, etc. (See previous posting).

In my opinion, everyone should have an MMS kit on their shelf, for spider bites, flu, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, abscessed teeth, malaria, or any blood borne pathogen...
Here's a link for the MMS Starter Kit

Or  Call: 1-888-349-9428   x4788

I think it's important to share alternative methods for healing and health issues, and someday I hope these methods will be recognized as the 'real medicine' they are, and help to balance what allopathic doctors offer. Despite lifesaving knowledge and procedures, the AMA/Pharmaceutical bonds have caused countless deaths and needless suffering, much like the Petro dollar has oppressed the world with glut for a few at the expense of what is good for mankind. For example, a chemo sensitivity test would have saved many cancer victims from needless assaults to their immune systems in demonstrating no effect with their particular cancers. Just the statistics alone are gruesome, as is the attitude of 'managing' disease.

Personally, I'm weary of seeing individuals trust their medical doctors without doing research of their own. Readers would learn their doctors are not well-trained in nutrition for the prevention or treatment of disease in the human body, nor do many have time to do their own research to keep up with new findings. They would begin to realize the scope of collusion with Big Pharma, and that many drugs create nutritional deficiencies that ensure disease,  weakened immune systems and side effects, sometimes including death.

I'm weary of the cost of gas and electricity shaping our societies, and am grateful for Dr. Stephen Greer and his efforts to forge ahead as a leader for the good of mankind with the Orion Project and Project Disclosure.

These leaders need recognition and support. Leaders like Michael Moore who forge ahead, without regard to popularity, to say what must be said. Men like Robin Williams, who can crystallize in comedic lines the truths of our political quagmire. They are the Movers and Shakers of our times. They are the men worthy of respect; they are men who are making their lives count for the betterment of mankind.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Herpes, Hepatitis, Skin Infections, Cancer, Arthritis, etc.

What can cure MRSA, when high-powered antibiotics aren't doing the job? What can bring a Herpes outbreak down in 3 days (besides freeze-drying an outbreak with ice cubes or using medications), decrease and eliminate Hepatitis, cure skin infections, replace necrotic skin tissue in cancers, attack the acid of arthritis and attract to anerobic cancer cells? What can eradicate malaria, and has cured thousands of cases of this world killer, caused by mosquitos depositing a parasite in their human victim?