Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Natural...vs Organic

So, even though many of us are now leery about 'organic' labels, that may contain GMO's, etc., here is a great video about marketing the Natural vs. Organic.

Gotta love this...

See the last line under this news article about Kashi:

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Whistleblowers. Moral Courage...

Today, I feel more proud of my fellow humans, and less alone...
There are days when I ask, "Is anybody out there?" Yes.

The Nurse Who Needed Body Guards.
Town kids losing adult teeth by 12, and losing hair...
See: "I Am Moral Courage" videos...



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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why Are 1 in 6 Children in the US Being Diagnosed with Autism and other Neurological and Immune Disorders?

Protect your Children and Grandbabies with Information.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Corruption of Congress. Shackles of Slavery. A Clearer Picture...

How are Corporations like Big Pharma able to rape the American people? Watch from several years ago, a list of people who sold their souls and sold out all of us, for a high-paying job. Watch the 'rule' changing, the on-floor bribes and threats at 3 AM, the 1000 page 'bill' written by the Pharmaceuticals, passed after 3 hours of breaking down the present Congress, when they only had 15 min, and what happened after the duping and fraud that ensured Big Pharma would continue their exploding profit margin, on America's back.

After hearing a local elderly resident who cares for a huge load of other elderly health-stricken people express her gratitude of being only on "one" medication (Fosamax), I did some concentrated research on this drug. Among its toxic effects are cancer, bone rotting, fractures, liver damage and eye damage. So, despite engaging willing movie stars to influence others to use this fraudulent concoction, and paying them well, who is actually paying the cost? Snapshot: slavery at its best. Bankrupt nation, healthcare, medical trust, individual health, and pimping lost, empty souls. We cannot also forget the amount of these chemicals showing up in our drinking water. A true scourge and pollution of this earth.

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Tip: Type in a drug you take, and in your browser.
Read the rating and experiences of those poor folks who trusted their medical personnel, and took the stuff. Become informed.

The alternative is focused nutrition and detoxing. See information on one company that I recommend-- for their bio-available food supplements. Please pay attention to the X-ray taken that shows several days of Centrum Silver making its toxic undissolved way down the alimentary canal, to become "bedpan bullets."

Whether you are looking for better health, alternatives for health concerns or a way to earn more income, I will be glad to help you.

My recommendations for health are:
1. Daily juicing for concentrated easily-digested nutrients.
2. Daily exercise-20-30 min in the sun if possible.
3. Meditation/Prayer
4. Reducing Stress in your life. Seek a mentor/counselor, etc.
5. Focused Nutritional supplements
6. Detoxing. ie: A simple colon cleanse, coffee enemas, etc.
7. Clean, filtered water

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