Thursday, February 25, 2016

Government Accountability. A Necessity. Our Right and Responsibility to Monitor.

My response:
What is yours?

The judicial crew that came up with this definition of lack of expression is pretty lame, or corrupt. They didn't want the lawsuits to be successful, or a precedent set to regain accountability in any Govt. office. 
Non-verbal surveillance because of whatever fear of abuse of power or public keeping law enforcement accountable because of a legion of illegality and excessive force, or merely expressing interest in the process is a right not to be given up. Ever. Non-verbal expression is legitimate, regardless if the photographers were deaf and dumb. No one has to 'say it right' in the complaint. The act of photographing is expression.
Bullying the people that support their jobs. Pretty stupid. Accountability! Freedom! Is that enough expression?
P.S. Asking the American Public to trust Police cameras will operate and be released without doing the Hillary 'dump and smile' is a blatant Conflict of Interest request. It's called Contempt of the very people that hire and trust you to do your job. 
 Are they really requesting we be that 'Unsophisticated'? Like the holograph images of planes hitting the Trade Centers which showed the side of the buildings through the plane wings? LOLOLOL, The 'wrong' engine left by a Govt. Terrorist employee/Bumbler that United Airlines doesn't use, the stupid placed passport, or the piece of a plane not belonging to the alleged one running into the building. How disrespectful. Like Bush's face. I'm waiting for the Military General to come back and clean house, because folks, we've been dismantled by liars and cheats like the stooges in this court.
Meanwhile, take a listen to Pilot Leer and others (Youtube-before they sanitize it for 'our own good') who explain why the planes never hit the towers or the Pentagon, (impossible and 2 engines, not one hole and no plane parts left...)and how Russian intelligence has satellite proof that our own Terrorist Government created a False Flag to excuse their Oil/Banking hungry illegal invasion of foreign soil.
Most people don't have time to read or listen, and accept  media fraud, read from supplied scripts. I am furious at the ignorance, cowardice, relentless crime and apathy. Who can actually stand to look at or listen to Bush, Clintons or Obama? How have they become our Leaders? Disgusting. Stand Up! If not for yourselves, do it for your children and grandchildren, and for the world that depends on the goodness in America. 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scalia's Murder...

Scalia's Murder. Should we bend our minds to believe he 'just had prior health concerns', or look at the Abnormal Death Protocol?

Texas law says an "unattended death" MUST have an inquest. With a pillow over his head, the ranch host being a buddy contributor to Obama and the importance of Scalia's position, anyone should know it was a hit. A phone call to determine cause of death from Judge Cinderella Gueverra, vs. a visit, a reported embalming before... an 8PM phone call with his Physician late in the day after he was found dead, aligns with murder. Brazen murder.

A family should not be able to make a decision not to autopsy for two apparent reasons.
1. The political position of the deceased.
2. If it is murder, the family could also be threatened by the killers.
The first legal reason of course, is Protocol, which is set because of years of experience in death investigation. We cannot blame it on "incompetence" because it was deliberate. 
The Russian intelligence reported a secret flight of Obama, in which he lied about his whereabouts on return, and the 'changing of normal security protocol' to the Secret Service. We all have heard this 'stand down/open door to opportunity' history.

Here below on youtube, a knowledgeable, senior Attorney discusses the above, and what Scalia's death means:

With the appointment of a liberal fill in that becomes permanent, or a permanent Supreme Court Justice, we will now have a:
"fulfillment of the ideological divide" to move the Supreme Court to a Marxist ideology. Our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and the very Constitution is now in imminent danger.

Another opinion weighs in:
The Supreme Court rules by 'Judicial Fiat'= Becomes law of the land and can’t be overturned. ie: 1868 SC rulings limited marriage to one man and one woman. Same-sex act done without even a thin layer of law. Whitehouse lit up in rainbows the day after SC ruling, which was known before. Preplanned, as no way to accomplish lighting that quickly. Another brazen, in your face act to law and protocol.
A weapon was developed 41 yrs. ago that causes death by poisoning with a frozen dart and only a small red dot left as a mark with no autopsy finding.

Breitbart was an investigative journalist/activist killed with a 'heart attack' weapon most likely, as he had information that would change the election outcome at the time.

We live in murderous times, with a country that has been dismantled so the criminals remain in office.
The despair of the US citizen is so thick, no Anti-Depressant will ever be able to cloak it. (Of course, the homicidal and suicidal ideation attached to those drugs has never been addressed either, because of the Corruption and Crony Capitalism and the eroding of safeguards in the FDA and CDC.)

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