Thursday, March 3, 2016

Anti-Cancer/Anti-Inflammation Tea Recipe...

I am drinking my newest anti-cancer/inflammation concoction this morning..
My customized recipe is in my comment on Dr. Mercola's comprehensive environmental toxin article, below. He includes a large list of cleaning alternatives. Did you know the US bans 11 toxins in personal care products like soap, shampoos and toothpaste while the EU bans over 1300?

Cleaning Product Alternatives. Environmental Toxins to Keep Out of our Homes:

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My comment on the article above, and recipe:
(Because of Comment content limits, I've edited my comment below to be more helpful.)

**For water storage, I keep several 5 gallon jugs of 5-staged filtered water, and then, I take it from the ceramic dispenser and put it through a coconut medium filter. Shaklee makes them. The water is sweet. I don't like storing water in plastic jugs, or drinking out of them. I'd like to see a ceramic reservoir container that uses a Coconut filter. (With no plastic jugs on top or plastic pitchers, regardless of BPA free, etc.) In my car I use an empty glass quart container for water. My daily routine is putting a one quart widemouth full of water and working on it throughout the day, to stay hydrated. It's hard for the body to clean out all these environmental toxins without water. My goal is to get 2 qts. of water in a day, but part of that can be tea, etc. A cup of coffee acts as a diuretic, and has to be replaced with 2 cups of water, so for me, coffee is a luxury.
Another 'luxury' I found lately is using organic cotton 'Swisspers' or cosmetic pads to put on a facial PH balancer or take off makeup, which I don't use much any more. Cotton is heavily sprayed, and whether it's used in tampons, clothing, towels or cosmetic pads, I don't want the residues. I actually cut the Swisspers in half to half the cost.

My neighbors use dryer sheets, which fill the outside air with those nasty toxins. Most are unaware of this pollutant. The article above is a great article for cleaning ideas and alternatives. I've been using Shaklee's cleaning products, mostly made from corn and coconut surfactants for a long time. Very economical. I was invited to pay attention when diagnosed with endocervical cancer in 2004. Instead of breathing up chlorine gas with dishwasher products like Cascade, for instance, I encourage my friends to use Shaklee's enzyme-based product, dryer sheets, etc. I like  my friends to stay around. 

Exercise moves things along in the blood, like water helping me to avoid what I call 'sludge blood'. The newest preventative tea recipe I've found on Dr. Coldwell's? blog is also a welcome alternative to regular tea or coffee:
My version below:
Boil 1-1.5 cups of water. I like 1.5, as some of the water is lost in simmering. Turn down to simmer (5-7 min.) and add 1/4 tsp. dry ginger and turmeric, and about 1-3 tsp's of fresh grated ginger. The original recipe called for adding the ginger and turmeric and bringing to a boil, but I like to use lower heat to preserve enzymes or qualities that may boil out, so I've started doing it this way.

When my timer goes off, I pour the tea into a large mug through a strainer & add honey to taste (I use a tsp.) Add a Tbsp or so of coconut milk. You can use Coconut cream, or add your daily Alzheimer's prevention of a dollop of coconut oil. (I'd still add the coconut milk, though, even with the oil, because it makes such a smooth creamy cup of tea. Very pleasant!)

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