Friday, March 5, 2010

Herpes, Hepatitis, Skin Infections, Cancer, Arthritis, etc.

What can cure MRSA, when high-powered antibiotics aren't doing the job? What can bring a Herpes outbreak down in 3 days (besides freeze-drying an outbreak with ice cubes or using medications), decrease and eliminate Hepatitis, cure skin infections, replace necrotic skin tissue in cancers, attack the acid of arthritis and attract to anerobic cancer cells? What can eradicate malaria, and has cured thousands of cases of this world killer, caused by mosquitos depositing a parasite in their human victim?

Watch this YouTube video documentary maker, as he travels all over the world to investigate MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement-or Solution, more accurately).

This common water purification chemical that is also used to sterilize hospital floors and equipment is used in small doses externally and internally, to attack blood-borne pathogens such as virus's, bacteria, fungus, parasites and cancer. Listen to this investigator explain how his arthritis is now gone, his family members cured of skin cancers, thousands cured of malaria, etc. This is not mainstream yet, but MMS is getting a lot of attention. Medical doctors have been using MMS in increasing numbers. Sodium Chlorite is mixed with ascorbic acid to cause a reaction that seeks blood-borne pathogens. Use instructions are available on the video, and on the site below.

Seven Steps to Optimal Health:
1. Parasite Cleanse -at least once a year. More often if you have inside pets.
2. MMS-mop up cleanse. Have in medicine cabinet for flu, urinary tract infections, etc.
3. Gentle Colon Cleanse-at least once a year is advisable to clear colon so you can absorb nutrients. 90% of disease starts in the colon. 5 simple products to gently stimulate intestinal peristalsis, alkalinize with missing microminerals, pull out dead parasites and yeast, etc., innoculate with probiotics that actually make it to the colon vs. being killed by stomach acids, and clean and detox your main filter-the liver. 
Free Colon Cleanse information: Write Colon Cleanse in the Subject line.
See this YouTube video of a famous doctor who has done thousands of colonoscopies: watch:
4. FREE HEALTH PROFILE for Nutritional Deficiencies by Symptoms.
Write Pam or LeanGreenCafe after your name...
5. Use the RX for HEALTH and/or customize your individual Food Supplement Program to: Build your Immune System, Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight, etc.
6. Get daily sensible exercise, 20-30 min. of sun, socialize with friends and family and have meditative, spiritual or stress relief time.
7. Create Healthier Lives for yourself and loved ones by educating yourself on diet, healthy cooking, natural food supplements, etc. Ask me any health question on the Comments Section, and please share your own successes.

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