Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mercury in Dental Work. Tungsten in Implants...Lead in Vitamins.

The following story I heard two days ago from a doctor about sudden early onset of dementia in a friend of hers:
One of the things I've done recently is listen to a lecture on detoxing. A friend of the doctor speaking called to say she was having signs of sudden onset early dementia. She had just gotten a tooth implant. The dr. does a bloodtest, in which tungsten shows up as a toxic metal in the blood. They call the dentist, and then the manufacturer of the implant post. It seems the post was just changed to tungsten, coated with titanium.

The following article is also a victory to rational thought, about banning mercury in dental fillings in Norway.
Amalgam Fillings: Norway is first to ban mercury in teeth
Published on Saturday, March 29, 2008
by Healthy News Service
Mercury has been banned from all dental fillings in Norway. Dentists in the country had to start using safer alternatives as a matter of law from the beginning of this year. The metal has also been banned from all products, including measuring instruments.

The country had previously restricted the use of amalgam fillings, especially in children and pregnant and nursing women, but is the first in the world to enforce a complete ban.

Announcing the ban, Norway’s Minister of Environment and Development Erik Solheim said: “Mercury is among the most dangerous environmental toxins. Satisfactory alternatives to mercury in products are available, and it is therefore fitting to introduce a ban.”

Norway is concerned that mercury in our teeth and in the environment is extremely dangerous, and can harm the development of children. Unfortunately for Norway, most of the mercury in its environment comes from other countries that take a more relaxed view to one of the most toxic substances known to man.

Don’t expect our dental guardians in the UK and the USA to follow their lead any time soon.

(Source: Townsend Letter, 2008; 297: 33).

I just thought you would want to know this info. More coming on iodine deficiency causing thyroid issues, fat cells storing toxins and ways to detox.

There is an FDA website listing prenatal, women's and children's vitamins with lead in them.

When I say I feel comfortable recommending Shaklee vitamins, one reason is they are tested for purity problems like this. One year, when the supply of Panax Ginseng was polluted with an anti-fungal, Shaklee was the only company who pulled their Ginseng as they couldn't find a supplier without this problem.
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