Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Update on Lyme...

This post is to follow up on the previous post of my experience with Lyme Disease. It is my belief, that if we share what has worked for us, and what we've learned with this nasty disease, that we can help each other, and our families and friends to better understand and support those who suffer with this horrible infection.

First of all, contagious vs. infectious: Lyme is considered an infectious disease, as we are infected with the Borrelia Burgdorferi when we're bitten by an infected tick, flea, spider, gnat, horsefly or mosquito. Remember, I shared research of people from Asia  infected w/ Lyme who were documented to have gotten it from gnats and fleas. The transmission of Lyme is not just in specific areas, or just because of ticks. The size of ticks by the way, are often as small as poppy seeds. I spoke w/ a Medical person in Utah who insisted that Borrelia are too big for many insects. He is mistaken. When this spirochete or bacteria w/ flagella is threatened by antibiotics, it throws down particles with the DNA necessary to produce new spirochetes. There are six different forms of this bacteria, including the protected, cyst-type, that survive the body's immune system. Borrelia also can hide in the red and white blood cells, in tissue and organs and inside the bone marrow, as people who use the HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment tanks for treatment, have learned.

Like other pathogens, we can kill a majority of them and get the numbers down with certain treatments, but if any are left, they will simply burrow in connective tissue and reproduce, to come out again with a vengeance when the immune system is compromised. Since Borrelia like to feed on cartilage and collagen (think connective tissue), the feeling of losing this on your ribs, the sides of your feet and throughout the body in joints like knees and hips and shoulders is painful, and the residual inflammation a stamp of evidence that you are a host to a hungry band of critters.

To really complicate and challenge us, there are least 60 (sixty) + different co-infections that can accompany Borrelia when a person is infected. The tick (or other insect bites) are referred to as 'Nature's dirty needle'. The biting insect has also been feeding on blood from rodents, birds, deer or other animals. When the animal population is down, they move on to humans. They are opportunists.
I can just hear George Carlin: "And they like to share"...
Co-infections include parasites, virus's and bacteria, like protozoa, Ehrlichia, Babeesia, Bartonella, etc. that can cause additional symptoms and make humans very...sick.

Transmission of the Borrelia and its 'friends (tbd)' is a concern, as it's passed in vitro to the fetus, can be passed in families, with fluids involved in sexual activity, kissing, coughing, (any saliva) blood and tears. It can be passed on in Mother's milk, or unpasteurized milk. Though I have not read any evidence that Lyme is contagious as in shedding of virus's like a friend of mine read about after getting a Shingles vaccine (7-10 days or longer), and may have been the cause of the Measles outbreak, flu, whooping cough, etc. from 'the vaccinated' to those unvaccinated or immune compromised, Lyme is 'infectious', so caution is called for or required.

Last night I listened to a fellow who has had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for ten years, and finally went to a Naturopath who sent his blood to Igenex, and he tested positive for Lyme, Babeesia and Epstein Barr. I hope he starts the MMS protocol, or finds one of the many out there, that will work for him.
A Pathologist educating on Lyme found the spirochete in all of the brains of those he studied who had died of Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's seems to be a placque-involved disease still not fully understood, as to how aluminum (which is in everything from hair dyes, food cooked in alum. foil, vaccines and chemtrail spraying-documented in labs-see story below marked ***), and Vitamin B-12 deficiency etc., are involved. Vitamin B-12 deficiency can come from Bariatric Surgery used to cause weight loss, diet or drugs such as Metformin, etc.
Before a person accepts a diagnosis of Dementia, or early dementia, a nutritional profile should be done, along with what nutrient-sucking/blocking medications they've been put on, because a lack of Vitamin B-12 and other B's can cause confusion, memory problems and other cognitive impairments. And NO, your Doc will not let you in on the secret that his bigger income, supplemented by recommending Pharmaceuticals have caused your problems. Search 'Medication-induced Nutrient Deficiencies' on this blog to see a generalized chart showing different diseases and side effects that come from types of medication use such as aspirin, blood pressure and cholesterol meds, etc.

One of the isolating and frightening realities of Lyme, is that whole families have gotten it, and it can be passed on during pregnancy to the fetus and cause miscarriage, stillborn babies, etc. if the mother has Lyme. As dicussed, blood, tears, saliva and sexual fluids are also possible transmitters. When I had my instant cough with Lyme, I worried constantly about passing this nasty stuff on. I have not read any scientific study that shows how long Borrelia can survive once exposed to oxygen or air. I found that I had black mold, Candida and Pneumonia in my lungs, along with Borrelia. When Dr. Cowden did his Biometric testing, I had an astounding amount of a certain kind of Lyme to a ratio of body parts. I could have also had a co-infection of roundworms in my lungs. Part of my Lyme treatment was a strong Parasite Cleanse.

I remember flying home from Texas, and having to keep my coughing mouth covered the entire trip, while breathing in everyone's concoction of deodorant, perfume, sweat, dust, cigg smoke and toxins, etc. It was like an asthma attack for me. Think of those who don't know they have Lyme, and recycled air.

There is so much to share. I hope my efforts will help inform you and inspire you to do your own research. You cannot count on doctors, who may still think a dose of Doxycycline or several days or weeks of it or various kinds of antibiotics with possible side effects of organ damage and death, will erradicate this Borrelia survivalist.

Only approximately 50% of those infected actually get a bullseye rash, and it takes up to two weeks for that to appear. To hope the exchange of fluids involved in an infected tick feeding didn't infect us, or a dose of Antibiotics would just kill everything may be a bit illusory.
There are 100 different Genomes of Borrelia in the US, while Europe has 3. This points to genetic alteration to destabilize the bacteria,  or bio-warfare, which is what happened on Plum Island. This is where we get the name for this tick-transferred disease: Lyme, (therefore, not Lyme(s))Connecticut. Infected birds were allowed to get the bacteria, and they flew across the bay to Lyme, and a lot of children came down with this disease. I believe they had neural Lyme symptoms, which include seizures, nerve damage and a palsy of the face and Arthritis. 'Lyme' or Borrelia seems to keep morphing and evolving. Does anyone know the number of times our Government has done unethical, illegal tests on the incarcerated, mentally ill, military or general public?

Within 12 hours, this bacteria is in the frontal lobe of the brain. I think I'll scan my Driver's License picture so you can see what Lyme looks like....on a good day. (Coming soon). You can see the brain fog and fatigue. The amount of sleep it demands cuts into meal times and I was so tired that I often wasn't hungry. I had no appetite and things didn't sound good. I eventually lost 25 lbs. The damage to muscles and nerves, the infection in the brain and heart and other organs and tissues and the amount of horrible pain and damage to the Synovial tissues and joints demand....sleep.
I also ended up with a torn retina in that left eye that I reported had been invaded by this spirochete.  Retinitis and other neuritis or inflammation is common with those who have Lyme. Check out the forum reports that most docs seem to be oblivious of. Maybe they see this Qualitative Data reporting as "Anectdotal"-that lousy excuse for dismissive malpractice-kind-of-talk.
My 'retinal specialist' denied or negated any association with Lyme. I bet half of his patients have Lyme. The fact that his office was so full, and the parking all the way down the neighborhood's street said something was going on. I wonder if they even sterilize their tools, or pass this stuff from one person to another, like the dentist's tools that people are way too trusting about.

Had my pain threshhold not been high, I would have been bed-ridden. I am also single, and had no one to make me meals, check on me daily or able to offer much assistance. I did have a neighbor who would bring me juice from the store and offer to mow my lawn, etc. He didn't cook, and a neighbor that did,  didn't have the slightest idea about GMO's, nitrates, etc. He would bring fleas into my house from his infested cat, so that option was out. Another of my neighbors has a wife who is a heavy smoker, and the residue on his clothes would make me sick, as I'm still very allergic or sensitive to cigg toxins. This points to a fungal infection of Candida, which is why diet, lack of antibiotics to cause more fungus and things like Candex and Grapefruit Seed Extract were also part of my treatment.
My neighbor/friend and I stopped walking together for exercise before the Lyme problem because downwind I could get instant sinus swelling and then get sick. So, I had my challenges.
I told my son that should I start having seizures, I may not make it, which at that point, I felt okay with. He of course didn't like hearing that, thinking it was 'negative', but a person with Lyme, undiagnosed by the ignorance of the medical field, left to suffer, will often die of heart failure, etc. Many suicide-as much as 20-25%, so it is an act of courage to fight and survive this disease, not so much for the suffering it brings, but as for the extended suffering set up by a medical field untrained (no internist in Portland, Oregon or infectious disease doctor was trained in Lyme or took  my insurance. The insurance company had no list of Lyme Literate Docs. These guys use antibiotics mainly, anyway, which harms the gut flora, causing immune deficiencies and worse problems like Celiac and IBS, depression, Candida overgrowth which morphs into the fungal form. The DNA of Candida is cancer. Candida was what caused my endocervical cancer, along with the Macrobid given to me for urinary tract infections. I also had recurring sinus infections which would often travel to my lungs, causing bronchitis and pneumonia). I remember the Uro-gynecologist who could only offer more antibiotics for urinary tract infection prevention. One of the side effects of Macrobid is a reduction of white blood cells, which of course opens you up for infections and cancer.
A note on antibiotic-using docs: If they don't know which strain of Borrelia or which Co-infections you have, and are not trained on Parasites or nutritional deficiencies, how can they 'practice' good medicine, vs. just giving one Antibiotic at a time, or several, or in a pic once a month like a Niece of mine gets to the tune of $1000+ ? Since even my niece's symptoms come back, that is evidence that the antibiotic may be resolving some of the infection and inflammation of the damage done by this spirochete and friends, but it isn't 'curing' it which in this case means killing the Borrelia and friends. Eventually the dysbiosis of the gut flora will turn on you, as the immune system has a priority of digestive work. Not only will the brain be unable to produce the chemicals to function and you'll have Depression, anxiety and brain fog, but you are on your way to cancer, female problems, colon diseases, etc.

Pro-biotics are your best friend, found in a simple Optiflora 'pearl' that gets to your large intestine where you need it (I use Shaklee's triple- enteric coated brand), or yogurt and fermented vegetables like Kimchee, raw sauerkraut etc. Dr. Mercola has recipes for fermented veggies you can find from his search box or check Youtube. If you are on Anti-biotics, you'd most likely need to space the Pro-biotics so they don't interfere w/ the Antibiotic. You can put yogurt in a green smoothie, or pop an Optiflora before you go to bed.

There were two or three Naturopaths in the Portland, Oregon area who treated people with Lyme. They of course were not covered by most insurance companies. I also felt they were just 'practicing' what they knew at the moment. I don't want to 'manage' this disease. I want to eradicate it.
One office quoted me up to $500 for a consultation of what their 'protocol' was. ???. I ended up spending $500 per hour with Dr. Cowden, (usually 2-3 hrs.) who was training another doctor and his clinic members. This included a flight to Dallas, as he practices once a month for a week in Flower Mound, Texas, hotels for a week and renting a car and eating out, and then about $1200 worth of 'supplement's. It was individualized instead of the normal Cowden Protocol which is a one-size-fits-all. They did  biometric testing, running my frequencies through a myriad of pathogen possibilities. They can even tell what my ancestors contributed and fought, as there is a genetic cellular history.

Mainly, I worked up to 40 drops of Samento and Banderol alternated with Houttunia to kill the Borrelia, took Pinella (a brain detoxer) and Parsley alternated with Burbur for detoxing as we killed the Borrelia, took 2-3000 mg. of Vitamin C, Vitamin D liquid drops, drops for my Adrenals and took a Parasite Cleanse every month two days before the full moon cycle till two days after. This may sound strange, but these varmints and parasites actually become active and reproduce during these times. You can find this info on Government websites yourself by Google or other search engines. Killing the Borrellia became about stealth, letting off of treatment, and then hitting them when they came out to play, when they were vulnerable, without the hard cyst protective coating.


My plan has been to kill 90% of these things, which is what the microscope shows after the Cowden protocol, so you do feel better, though there is a lot of healing left to do w/ muscles and nerves, etc. I also started having heart palpitations, and so I backed off the Samento etc. till I'm down to 6 drops, which is like a homeopathic dose.
Then, I'll take the MMS (Sodium Chlorite activated with Citric Acid to create Chlorine Dioxide), which goes into the blood stream and ends up a small grain of salt. It kills a lot of pathogens, and there are reported cases-a man and his son (I saw their pictures on Ms. Rivera's Autism One presentation), a young woman I watched on Youtube, an Australian who saw results in only two days, and is now symptom-free etc.)
I saw results in one day-like a lifting of this curtain of fatigue and pain. The acidic-like smell and taste like chlorine (it's not chemically the same) didn't appeal to me back then, and I felt I needed more. The killing with detox, immune building and parasite cleansing, etc. was a good mix or balance for me, and I'm glad I went for a more in-depth and personalized treatment. Our bodies are individual. I have my own health history, and the 60+ co-infections possibilities are added to my own biological history and weaknesses.
Not to forget: part of Lyme is dealing with the Biofilms that float like a cancer thru the blood, housing this critter and his friends, protecting them from the immune system. So....I alternated daily taking Serrapeptase and a Vegetarian type Enzyme to dissolve those biofilms. VERY IMPORTANT I think, but a problem is how much enzyme is good for the body, and for how long? Where are the long term studies on dose, etc.? I didn't want to start dissolving critical body parts. When I got palpitations, I stopped the enzymes, and started backing off the Samento, etc. Another woman had palpitations when she took Samento at the beginning. I was already on 40 drops, so I'm not sure what that is about, but there are too many unknowns here, and I opted on the side of safety. It could merely have been a migration of the Bb's to the heart, the Adrenal supplements, etc. but this pointed out my need for a Doctor I could speak with for followup... Not depend on a month or two email reply wait. The lack of trained local doctors is a huge problem. Here in the Ashland/Medford, Oregon area, a nurse said there is not one LLD (Lyme Literate Doctor) in Oregon. Doctors who agree to see Lyme patients here already have 3-400 patients and are full.

I will start with one activated drop of the MMS or sodium chlorite in 1 cup of water, taking one ounce every hour. I have to set a timer, as it's really easy to get lost in when I'm supposed to take it. I get busy, especially emptying my two storage units and moving them into a new house. The only reason I was able to move and lift and load and supervise a 26-ft. Uhaul is that my symptoms have subsided for the main part with the Cowden Protocol. Movement in Physical Therapy helped, too. LOTS OF SLEEP!!! Pamper yourself. Forget about missing out on something in life. My truth was in order to heal, I had to rest, and I learned to luxuriate in it. I couldn't have done that very easily or well if I was still raising my seven. Lyme folks need support!

The sun (100 more days of it than Portland) and warmth in southern Oregon helps my Lyme Arthritis, and the Vitamin D is crucial for healing. When I was in Utah and then Texas for a week at a time, my pain level with the arthritis reduced by half. Dry and warm helped a lot. Portland, Oregon is so beautiful, but the wet rain and cloudy weather and changing barometric pressure was really....difficult on the Lyme Arthritis. My challenge is to start juicing and eating well again when my house is a pile of boxes and I'm tired. I get sore from working, but nothing like happened March of 2014 and on. I am healing. There is hope. I still fight feeling alone in this battle, and I get down. When I feel down, I seek comfort, which is not the best diet. Juicing, etc. is such a fight at times.

 Kerry Riviera's crew had the best success taking MMS every hour for 24? hours (See  
 as part of the protocol, as it doesn't allow the bacteria time to regroup and hide, I think. MMS also kills parasites. Enemas are important to clean out the dead stuff which is toxic, from the colon, and organic coffee enemas  get the liver to dump the toxins. The liver is our main filter.
I must be doing something right, as during the look for a place to move, I stayed in a motel and met this guy who was going to his room. He just stared at me, and said...."your skin". I'm sure what also helps is my Shaklee eye treatment and Enfuselle Balancing Moisturizer. I love...it. Anyway, his comment gave me a little boost of hope. Those infected with Lyme need every bit of positive feedback they can get. Meals. A snack. A visit. A phone call. A card. An invitation to 'coffee or tea'. It's easy to be isolated and start down the Rabbit Hole.

One of my daughters has a Halloween birthday, and mine is the 20th of October. We met at the Olive Garden for supper, which is among the normal restaurant serving GMO's and hormones in the milk and meat and inorganic coffee, etc. Sometimes I had to just 'cheat' to get some food in. She looked at me and said, "Mom, have you thought about your mortality lately? Because you look like you are dying." I was, but I told her my next door neighbor had told me that week I was looking better. I decided to stick to his comment for my reality and direction. He had seen my progression and then inching out of the grave.
Of course it's hard for family to see this type of thing. I then heard how I didn't know what I had, and needed blood tests and a work-up. I didn't have much patience for more idiot Doctors screening for Depression so they can make a little on the side w/ some Pharma scrip, when I could die being treated for my symptoms (100 possible w/ Lyme and I had 30+) while the Lyme was untreated. One internist x-rayed my lungs and sent me to a Pulmonary specialist because the Xray tech said I had COPD. (The 'specialist' disagreed, but tried to market the flu shot three times. Kickbacks a little?) Grrrrrr......
She also wanted me to see a Doc for the Arthritis. When I asked the Rheumatologist's receptionist how many Lyme patients she saw, I heard she didn't know, but my Primary Care Doc should be treating me for Lyme. I said she is untrained in Lyme, and hasn't even referred me to anyone, and seems unable to. She really seemed irritated that I had done my own Medical Research as usual, and came in with my own diagnosis. I needed her to rule out or verify Lyme. What other disease has a Bullseye rash? (Erythema Migrans). I finally got the Western Blot from the next and so far, last doctor who was another epic professional failure, which shows only 14% of the cases of Lyme, and it showed the Flagella, which is the motoring part or Antigen of the Borrelia. There are supposedly only two other bacteria with Flagella: Syphillis or Dental Caries. I'll see if this information is correct.

Now that I've moved, I will have those 'ruled out' to get an Oregon Medical Doc licensed here to finally give me a Social Security-accepted legitimate Diagnosis of Lyme just in case. You'd think with 30+ symptoms and a Bullseye rash which only about 50% of people get, I'd be lucky enough to get at least a 'Clinical Diagnosis'.
What a bunch of Hooey to have to deal with when you feel so sick.

During my ordeal, my next-door neighbor saw my decline, until I could hardly get up and down the steps, or drive. Lifting my legs into the car and turning my neck were tough. I had to use two hands to shift the car. I couldn't brush my hair for months, and it fell out wherever I was, until I could move my hand in a circular motion on the carpet when I got to the point that I could bend down that far, and get a big bunch of it. Probably lack of protein or nutrients as I had no appetite and most food sounded awful --contributed. I had to lift my right hand to the shower knob to turn the water on, lift my legs one at a time into the tub to shower, and I could barely shampoo my hair. The right side had much less range of motion. The muscles had atrophied, shortened and pulled other muscles out, until I was a knotted mess. I couldn't reach in the back of the fridge, or get down on my knees or get up easily. I had to be very...careful with the knees, etc. They felt stiff and dry inside, like they could give out.

When I witnessed a pedestrian being hit at 40+ mph and tried to kneel beside him to determine if he was breathing for the 911 Dispatch, my knees gave out, and I fell to the road. I'm sure the people around thought I must be the one who hit him, and was drunk. Not me, and I don't drink. I certainly didn't want to break my fall with his body.

After suffering for so long, I got really irritated with the ignorant doctors I had gone to. Half a dozen incompetent people who would only treat the symptoms, deny I had Lyme, argue, not read an article I handed to them of a study of the Western Blot for instance that I included in the last blog that gave very important information, etc. I had to be my own doctor as usual.

I went in once...to a fellow who immediately began screening me for mental health issues, and asking questions if I smoked, had diabetes, had had a mammogram, a colonoscopy, etc. Marketing all of this crap7489020-093480q1pdfk.mzn,m when I had floaters in my left eye. (Hello-a preview of retinal detachment or a tear...) He became angry when I said I'd be glad to give him blood next week (which he initially agreed to) for a Lyme test, but by the way, which Lab do you use, and which test? He seemed not to know the answers, and all of a sudden came in and said "We are drawing blood today!"in the best authoritative tone he could muster. "We said next week", I said, after having explained that sitting blood over a weekend waiting for the lab to open can clump and mess up the results. No thanks to more time and confusion.

 "What did you come in for, anyway?" (His learning Doctor student assistant who had said it was mandatory by my insurance company to be screened every year for mental health issues like depression had also asked me a lot of stupid questions that I had just filled out on their New Patient Sheet.)
I should have said, have you looked on your Intake Sheet? Instead, I said, "My eye."... He of course didn't have the equipment to see anything, and he referred me to someone, but failed to hand me the  referral or put which company it was beyond a phone number.
Later, before I left his dysfunctional office, when I requested the Mental Health Questionnaire, which was provided by ....a Pharmaceutical Company, he got friendly and said they were 'his' forms, and he just does this screening once a year w/ his patients.

My insurance company's Customer Service Supervisor lied to me, saying if the Questionnaire didn't have their name or letterhead on it, they had nothing to do with it. Since 3 docs in a row had handed me this ridiculous sheet and others, one threatening if I didn't fill them out I would have no insurance, I finally found out through a mistakenly honest insurance staff that yes, these were Quality Metrics', and there was money to be had for them and the docs for inquiring about six different possible conditions. From whom??? Can you guess? Pharma. This is nothing but a class action lawsuit waiting to happen, lying and extorting unsuspecting people with lousy insurance for the economically challenged to fill out unasked-for forms to market unnecessary drugs and medical procedures.

I was so angry...wasting my time and the reason I even came in, with marketing to come up with 'unnecessary tests and drugs' to get compensated by Pharmaceuticals. What fraud.  More later. This is a serious problem in healthcare today.
I have not been to one Medical Personnel that I would recommend since I became infected with Lyme. They would all get F's in several areas. Perhaps it is time to just give them an internet Review.

Note on Colonoscopies: A friend just related how his wife went in for a Colonoscopy, was full of tumors, and oops...they called to inform him to come to the ER because of course, they had nicked one of them and she was bleeding. After that reparative surgery, the doctors asked permission to open up her chest and upper torso to do an exploratory. Yes. Full of cancer, which of course now would absolutely go all over, due to the Lymph system that cleans their surgery mess up. Not that she could survive two surgeries when her system was fighting cancer already. She died 30 days later. I told him they asked basically to do a pre-autopsy. Wouldn't a non-invasive test or using the knowledge they now had w/ tumors throughout the colon have given her a chance to seek alternative help?

It is not the Lyme that causes me to be extremely angry at this malpractice. It's the consistency of the stupidity. So, when you are marketed by idiots saying you need a yearly anything, just say NO>! Mammograms give unnecessary radiation, and a recent article finally admitted with all the false positives and removals of breasts and tissue that were benign, Mammograms have not reduced breast cancer. How about looking into the environmental and food toxins that fatty tissue stores? Use non-aluminum baking soda for your deodorant and eat organically well. And remember my tip-off about the 6 great money-makers so the doctors can afford their steak meals, cars, mortgages and pay off the school loans. What happened to 'the best interest of the patient'?

After the 6th? Doctor I went to, seeking a Primary Care Doc to refer me out, I went across the street and met a woman quite disillusioned with the gal Physician's Asst. I had just seen. She said she was diagnosed with Diabetes and lectured on her weight before the tests were in, which showed no Diabetes. I realized after my next and last visit that this former Client probably ran into the Screening for the Half a Dozen Procedures and Meds list: Quali-Metrics that I had, in the final visit.

 I requested a Physical Therapist (PT) after paying for a few massage sessions and seeing a young Chiropractor, knowing my range of motion may not come back or my muscles that had deteriorated if I didn't get some help. PT helped immensely. I remember the Internist/Primary Care gal fighting me at every turn, even asking if she had made the referral to the Physical Therapist. I had to call in and request Physical Therapy to get the referral. I finally told her I didn't need this negativity and stress with my Lyme, or actually, at all. I told her I did not have the energy to both fight her (ignorance) and educate her on Lyme, when I needed help. The next office was horrific also. I could write a book just on the ignorance of the Medical Field with Lyme Disease. Cancer was no different, actually. Both my Pelvic Oncologists were unethical. And dense. You really have to do your own research instead of hoping you are going to an educated, intelligent medical person who has integrity. That's a hard combo to find, I've found. Maybe in another post.

Back to my neighbor and another one or two. They were all amazed at this vibrant active woman changing 180 degrees, to a disabled person who could hardly get down 3-4 steps, and who disappeared in her home to sleep and barely function. I am grateful for their care and offering to help w/ my lawn and watering the flower beds when I left for the week to see my Mom as she was passing with Alzheimer's. She had stopped eating and drinking. It took 12 days for her body to deteriorate w/ the lack of liquid and food and the morphine added in, to let go. Fifteen minutes after I got home to Oregon from Utah, I got the call that she had died. My neighbors-M, J and R helped the following week with lawn care when I was gone to Texas, to see Dr. Cowden, also.

I am so independent, that when they'd offer to mow the lawn after that, I'd usually say no, and it went a while sometimes, as I was determined to do it myself. My friend R was patient, as he inevitably had to mow after it had grown too long. I didn't want to become an invalid. Not being able to mow my little bit of lawn and water a small garden made me angry. Better fighting angry and irritated than to sink into a Depression. I had to fight for my life. It's pretty disillusioning knowing that even Cowden's clinic was presenting Lyme as being 'managed', not being able to get a Social Security AMA state-licensed positive test or diagnosis and knowing if my money ran out, I was out of luck. People with little resources have my utmost empathy. If nothing else, the best bet is the $20-25 bottle of MMS like one gal on Youtube had used, as she had -0- health insurance. The lab had never seen all but one of the antigens turn from positive to negative, and then all of them negative.

Another friend brought a portable sauna igloo, but getting to the ground and moving to get inside was too difficult, literally. I did it once. I can't take heat as well.

I also bought an 'Ultra Zapper to kill the little bugs with a frequency that would rattle them till their guts spilled out like I'd seen on video. It's like the Rife, only one frequency. I felt 2-3 times as tired the next day, like a Herx reaction, but unlike the actress Karen Allen, my symptoms didn't disappear after a four-hour session of alternate zapping (7 min.) and resting (20 min.). I think the different possible co-infections are a big part of the varied treatment results AND how long we've been infected. Who knows which 'bug' has which frequency? I didn't ask her if she had the arthritis w/ her Lyme. (See video below. Yes, on joint pain, which left 48 hours after zapping.) She suffered for a couple of years at least, and spent several thousand dollars-$20-30,000 before finding the Zapper which helped her. Her headache of 2 years was gone the next morning after her 4-hour Zapping session. She uses it if she feels a little bad or ill and has never gotten sick in ten years, or returned to her Lyme Hell. I'll review the emails we shared and add more later. This reminded me to find my Zapper, and use it weekly. (I found and added her video/audio account below.)

When my mother passed in September, a brother gifted me a little money, and a sister shared part of her inheritance, as I had been cut out of the will and estate. Something about not being Mormon perhaps, or the fact that I was not about to betray my children that had been abused by several family members, to maintain 'membership' in that group. The family back then didn't seem to know how to handle this news, and turned their backs, saying it was none of their business, or just pretending that we were dead.

 When I went to Utah to say my last goodbye to my Mother, I let go and just loved them for who they were. I had forgotten what family felt like. Even today it's hard for them to deal with me, as no, I'm not 'coming back' to the Mormon religion. One sister told me it was because I was angry and bitter and remembered everything that I got cancer and Lyme. She said my job was to 'move on'. Besides requesting she not assign me emotions, or blame the victim as it's also called, I asked her what 'her job' was? She had no reply. It is quite the challenge to be human, isn't it, and to love regardless? The differences in our lives can separate us from our friends and family, but we can only do our best. How would a tick seek out someone who was feeling angry, anyway? Would it be angry all the time, or only when you thought of certain unresolved things that would make one a target? EEEEEK!!! I told her never to utter such things in a cancer ward. And...I am not interested in joining or participating in any religion or organization that shuts others, including family out, like a cult because they choose not to join or belong, or have different beliefs.

The two sibs that shared enabled me to go to Texas the next weekend without so much financial stress as I hadn't worked in over a year. The brain fog, incessant cough, fatigue and chronic pain didn't allow me to think I could listen to other people's problems as a Social Worker/Counselor and do a good job or last an hour. An appointment had been cancelled by someone else to see Dr. Cowden, and I began my road to recovery. I had the suggested supplements shipped to me after my appointments that week to avoid the airline fluid restrictions post-9/11. The Government will keep us 'safe' while killing us softly with Lyme, GMO's, Chemtrails and vaccines.

I had been reading and using Silver, Vitamin C and Salt, some MMS, Pao d'Arco, Turmeric, that desert herb Chapperal and Olive Leaf. I thought about Teasel root, but it was tiring not knowing the doses, or how long, etc. Lyme folks need a support medical person. One they can afford. Raping people financially while they are dying is in pretty poor taste. The poor or unfortunately broke may not make it.

Well, it's now 10:16 AM and I haven't had breakfast or gotten ready for my day. I wanted to write this while it came up, to further give my experience and help others on this road to Lyme recovery. I left my initial account of Lyme on my blog without adding any other subject, to make it easy when anyone came to the site, to find this information.

 I am removing my storage unit lock today and am planning to go to Ashland and put my feet in the creek at Lithia Park as a reward for clearing out this last unit.  Believe me I am aware of standing under trees or putting my feet in tall grass or dead leaves without my socks over my pants, etc. I am also going to up my magnesium and selenium, and B vitamins to see if my blood cannot be so tempting to ticks and mosquitos. It might be genetic, like a lack of enzymes or co-factors to make these nutrients that set us up.

My remaining challenge besides keeping an eye on my diet, exercise, stress level and health in general is to understand when I can safely have a relationship, as I'm single. Those like Yolanda Foster and Avril Lavigne are already married when they got Lyme. The possibility of passing this stuff to someone, even if it's 90% gone or 'inactive' is not what I'd want to do. It is true many have it without knowing it, and the blood in the US is not filtered or screened for it, but I wouldn't want my worst enemy to experience this journey. It's been painful that my youngest daughter with a toddler who is normally a bit overprotective with her first says if there is one chance in a million that her son could catch it, she doesn't want him to be around me, and to deal with that. I've lost the cough thank goodness, but some of my kids still think of me as a Leper, and they are nervous because I've given them a heads up on the 'infectious' part.

It would be very hard to take, at 60, for me to finally be ready for a mate, when I could pass this on, and be single for the remainder. MMS and I are going to get quite friendly. With the bad, faulty test results, of false negatives and positives, work needs to be done to better diagnose. There are new tests coming out. Now to make them affordable, and for the Medical Doctors to have Lyme Disease become part of their training curriculum. To not be the case, along with the CDC interference and their false information out there like "there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme" and removing two of the antigens from the testing that strongly indicate Lyme for no reason, says there is a Government agenda. Do you know what the reason or agenda might be: past bio-warfare experiments and/or depopulation?

Testing: Blood Cultures: Check with Sharon, a nurse, who had a lab in Pennsylvania culture her blood. It grew the Borrelia. A positive result, not to be argued with. I didn't quite catch the name of the lab in our phone conversation this morning (7-7-15). She told me there are still no LLD's in Oregon. Just 'practicing' Naturopaths who use antibiotics and herbals... and a few MD's prescribing antibiotics.
Her Youtube video from 3 years ago w/ her contact info:
Information on this lab and culture is now included in the first? Lyme posting.

Below: Karen Allen on her Lyme Recovery using the Ultimate Zapper.
In my own search for what would work to heal my Lyme, I bought a Zapper as I shared, and used it for the 4 hrs. 7 min. on, and 20 min. off. I felt 2-3 x more tired after using it, but my joint pain was still there. Karen's joint pain left in 48 hrs., but her headache of 2 years was gone when she got up the next day after her first 4 hr. session w/ the Ultimate Zapper. The frequencies kill parasites, bacteria, virus's, etc.
Today when I listened to this Youtube Audio interview again, I realized I may have had on some kind of metal when I did my Zapping. The lethargy of not wanting to move or make efforts to do what you need to was really a strong part of my Lyme, as was depression and just feeling alone. Also, there are copper and steel hand holds and foot pads now. I think w/ our personal frequencies, one may work better than the other. I will contact Ken Presner, as they have a lifetime warranty. He will discuss your purchase via email.
Since my symptoms seem to be in remission or mainly cleared, except for some residual fatigue and depression that comes back when I'm off the Cowden Protocol Supplements totally, it may be a good time for the Zapper. The MMS may also be part of the cleanup of this disease.

After searching and receiving a misdiagnosis of 'depression' (which for me is just an attempt of a Physician to push a patient away because he/she don't have the answers to test and treat Lyme) IV's, etc., here is the simple 6 product protocol of a woman recovering well from Lyme.

***Chemtrail Account: In my journey of looking for a home, I called a fellow who was selling his place. He opened up and said for me not to move there, because he said the chemtrails are so thick, they settle on your skin like a fog, and the red moss growing around his place afterwards, he took to a lab. There, it was found the moss was full of aluminum. He also said he was thinking of New Zealand for a place to live, as the Prime Minister there went to the United Nations and said if there were any planes spraying chemtrails over his country, they would be shot down.

Yes. The question is: Where is our protection? For aluminum or Lyme? What do our tax dollars support, anyway?

Questions? Contact us at leangreencafe@yahoo.com

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