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Soluble and Unsoluble Fiber. What kind to use....

Below is a letter from someone who learned the difference between soluble and non-soluble fiber, and what is important to know. They shared what they had learned. I hope you enjoy the letter....

"I was reading an article about fiber. Most of us know we need fiber in our diet. There are two kinds of fiber soluble and non-soluble. I found out that when the toxins are dumped from our cells into the blood they are carried to the liver for removal. The liver removes the toxins from the blood and sends them to the intestine in what is called bile. When in the intestine the toxins get attached to the soluble fiber and carried out of our bodies. If there is no soluble fiber the toxins get reabsorbed back into the blood.
I took a look at my Cinch shake and found that it contained 6 gm of soluble fiber. In fact that was the only fiber that was in it. The organic high fiber cereal that I have been eating made by Kashi had 6 gm fiber but only 1 gm of it was soluble. I would have to eat 6 bowls of Kashi cereal to get that same amount of soluble fiber that is in one Cinch shake.  I also noticed when I was at the store that a lot of products just say fiber and don’t tell you what kind is in it. My guess would be that those may not have any soluble fiber at all."

I use a teaspoon of Fiber Plan in my Cocoa Soy Shake each morning. I also take 1 Herb Lax because I like to keep my pipes clean. 90% of disease starts in the colon. Keeping the colon clean so toxins are not reabsorbed is important. Fiber also lowers cholesterol. Fiber Plan lasts me two months. I like the Fiber Tabs, also, but since they have dairy in them, and I avoid it, I use the Fiber Plan.

Many people use the Metameucil products. One has aspartame in it, which has serious possible side effects, and the other kind of Metameucil has sugar in it. Picture fiber bulking up and moving slowly down the intestinal tract, feeding all the Candida yeast and bad bacteria with sugar. Cinch products like the Shake, Snack bars and Meal bars all have fiber in them. When a person starts using  fiber, and their system is not used to it, they can get gas. If this happens, you have to back off and start slowly. This also indicates a Colon Cleanse would be a wise step to clear waste, mucous, parasites, etc.  The Colon Cleanse instructions are included below...

 Detox/Innoculate/Nourish/Protect                                     Pamela Cohen. Indep. Shaklee Distrib.
Start out with Herb-Lax…            503-429-0240
1. For 7 to 10 days take 1/4 to 1/2 tablet  Herb-Lax with each meal - this may have to continue for another 3 to 4 days - depending  on how it went.  Some people can take 1/2 tablet but others 1/4 tablet - they will have to just try it.  If you feel your body can handle it you may take more but not more then the bottle says.  Each body is different.  The whole idea is to get the peristalsis going in the colon. 1 a day w/ fiber thereafter is helpful for many. 90% of Disease starts in the colon.
2. Start Alfalfa about 5 to 7 days after the Herb-Lax - continue until bottle (700 tabs leaf powder w/spearmint oil) is done. Alfalfa tea is comforting. If this is helpful you may want to continue using alfalfa after this.  Alfalfa helps arthritis pain, reduces water retention and alkalizes 25% more than any other food. Take the large bottle  - Alfalfa is the broom that sweeps the colon. Take the recommended amount -10- no less - more if they want. Some take 20-30 a day depending on needs and diet.
3. Five to 7 days after you start the alfalfa, begin the Optiflora Probiotic - once started, take daily.  This puts the good bacteria in the colon, to rebalance.  Medications, steroids, anti-biotics, birth control pills, etc. all kill good bacteria. Sugar, carbs, bleached flour, hormones in meat and dairy, etc. all feed the bad bacteria or yeast. Pro-biotics protect against urinary tract infections, psoriasis, Candida overgrowth, prostate and female trouble. Triple-encased pearl arrives in colon. No refrig.. needed. Prebiotic powder feeds the lactobacillus and bifidus. Start w/ ¼ tsp. Comes in a set.
4. Five to 7 days after you start the Optiflora start on the Fiber – Capsule form or  Powdered Fiber Plan.   Start out with ¼ to ½ the  dosage and work your way up. Fiber moves toxins from the colon, especially any dead yeast from Candida. Fiber also removes cholesterol.
5. Five to 7 days after you start the fiber, begin with the Liver DTX - this should be continued until your liver enzymes are back to normal or forever – whichever is best for your condition.  Because we live in a toxic society, Liver DTX will help keep your liver detoxified.  Essential with use of meds, alcohol, psoriasis Candida, parasites or environmental toxins. “All roads lead to the liver”.
6. Five to 7 days after you begin the Liver DTX start with the BASICS: Vita Lea (multi-vitamin) or Vitalizer-30 vitamin strips. Soy Protein, keep on Optiflora -add Nutriferon for immune health and Vivix –anti-aging, antioxidant- 1 tsp. daily for Optimal Health, Energy and Cancer Protection.
* For $7daily, get Vivix, Vitalizer (30 days of 80 bioavailable nutrients) Cinch weight loss protein shake cannister and Nutriferon. Save 10% with Autoship (Save $24.91 and get a $10 coupon for a Shaklee Product. Add a second Cinch Protein Canister, or Vivix –which is an $85 Member priced value! Or get an extra Vitalizer-$79.25 value for a family member.) Or try Enfuselle Skin Care, etc.
 You take whatever product your body needs for Optimal Health . Get a blood panel from your doctor or fill out the HEALTH AND WELLNESS SURVEY for deficiencies. *You begin with Herb-lax and every  5-7 days for 5 weeks you add a product to prepare your body to absorb the nutrients in your Personal Nutrition Program. Diet: Fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish and chicken, protein and green smoothies. Exercise w/ 20-30 min. sun. Supplement for Vibrant Health!

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