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YouTube vids on Natural Solutions for Cancer

Spring at Vernonia Lake this year includes these goslings with their protective parents, and a Mallard couple with 7 ducklings. The sun has been hiding for a while, and will be welcome when it returns.
I'll post the ducklings when I get the photo from a friend who snapped the little webbed critters with her phone as we walked around the lake this morning.

Now for weightier matters:
Being a cancer survivor, and having done hours of my own research, I try to share this with others for their benefit. Below is just a bit of it.

Here is a smattering of info on Ph-adjusted water adding MMS, and a few videos about Dr. Simoncini's work. The pressure on  him is tremendous, from the conventional witch doctors, as he tries to share his simple treatment for fungal-based cancer. The corruption of the medical field reminds me how many great scientists have been killed, neutralized with slander, etc. all for greed, ego, ignorance and jealousy. Check out Eustace Mullins for instance, for the history of chemotherapy, flouride, etc. (Older posts.) Or read about Dr. Revici in The Doctor Who Cured Cancer, and find out why his lipid-based Ph treatments where none of his cancer patients had the pain of conventionally-treated patients and many recovered after the medical doctors had given up, never went mainstream to help mankind.

This week I heard some murmurings about Canada banning MMS from a complaint. When I think of the deaths from medical idiocy treatments of radiation, chemo and surgery, and the medications that have killed so many, I am both humored and disgusted. I have always despised liars and cheaters since I noticed them in grade school. Droves of humans have suffered and died needlessly because of false piety and ignorance of the medical field and the conspiracy of greed. It makes the warrior in me brace.

How to make your own Ph water by the liter-with 3 drops of MMS:


What I heard in listening to these videos, listed below, is to take non-aluminum bicarb of soda in water in the morning on an empty stomach. Dr. Simoncini gives the amounts on his video. It goes to the liver, which filters everything. The alkalinity and oxygen shocks the cancer. The fungus dies in 6 treatments when applied topically, or by IV. Watch the vids below for actual results.

What I've also learned is that heavy metals can shield parasites and Candida, making them hard to get rid of. Parasites can actually carry Candida and virus's, like miniature Trojan horses. It seems cancer and parasites, virus's and fungus are very interrelated.

I've been using cilantro in my 1/3 organic cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, 1/2 an apple in filtered water green smoothie. Cilantro and parsley is a good detoxifier, especially for heavy metals.  Wheat grass is, also. More is not better-- in most applications, and starting small, like with MMS drops (1 vs. 15) is not so burdensome on the liver, etc. when it comes to flushing out toxins from blood and tissues. Despite the rush to flush, being kind to your organs, rest, gentle walks and sunshine, nutritious organic foods and food supplementation is a program and journey best taken gently. There is a saying: Kindness matters, and Go with your gut. 

Speaking of the gut: Candida says the yeast has overgrown and is probably now in the fungal form, throughout the body. To aid healing of cancer, and fungal related problems leading to cancer or the overwhelming of the immune system, such as sinusitis, recurring bladder and yeast infections, prostatitis, etc., I would use 2 of Shaklee's garlic morning and night, and at least 1-2 Optiflora to balance the gut flora. Garlic is an antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. I would also take 2 Vitamin C, morning and night for a while. I like natural sustained release Vitamin C, and it's in the Vitalizer daily strip.

Also, 4-6 Nutriferon taken at night with an extra dose of Soy Protein was taken by a man with pancreatic cancer. Several weeks later, there was no sign of it. He was also on the Basics, like Vita Lea or Vitalizer with the Wellness Pack Vitamin C, fish oil (OmegaGuard)  Optiflora, (included in the Vitalizer daily strip)  calcium (Osteomatrix), etc. Any epithelial cancer is usually a sign of Zinc and betacarotene deficiency. (Carotomax is Shaklee's Betacarotene, and is included in the Vitalizer Daily Strip.) Vita Lea has increased Vitamin D now, to keep up with the increased knowledge of the importance of the sunshine vitamin.

Remember to drink lots of FILTERED WATER. Try cleaning something in your house without water.... (Now, think of your body having to do the same, being dehydrated.) I have the on-counter Bestwater Filter, instead of drinking chlorine and it's cancer-causing byproducts. Avoid flouride, etc. My water tastes really great, clear and clean, and costs me 22 cents per gallon the first year, and 9 cents a gallon for a clean coconut shell medium large filter per year after that, MEMBER PRICE.  I feel good about not contributing to the land fills with lots of plastic bottles or polluting the air with the shipping of water on our highways, and avoid drinking acidic plastic-leached water. Coconut is an anti-fungal, if you didn't know this, and is alkaline vs. acidic.

Video #1: Dr. Simoncini on bicarbonate soda and cancer...

Video #2: Candida always found in tissues of cancer patients. This film shows how fungus functions...

Video #3:  Terrible suffering and endless experiments with the unfounded theories of allopathic medicine, while many natural solutions make cancer disappear quickly.


*****A man who had melanoma and went to Dr. Simoncini


*****Woman w/ breast cancer:

*****Lorna w/ bladder cancer:

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