Monday, May 20, 2013

"You're the Answer that Makes My Questions Disappear...."

Just a different angle, to revisit some history, waiting to be unearthed...

So, (the famous intro line of NPR(National Public Radio)) the witnesses and survivors who told of the 'explosions', and the water-tight witness: Bldg 7.

After looking at the news this morning....Thoughts.

Ordering help to 'stand down' after misleading the public w/ some stupid video- sparked action suggestion, means prison. Not rhetoric. Stop the vacuous 'lawyer speak'. Whistle blowers are getting harassed or killed in Obama’s administration, ordered by the ‘Chief’. It is the Patriots that are ‘standing down’, to live with themselves the rest of their lives. We need to go retroactive, and take care of all the 'Stand down' and changed Protocols, from 9/11 Towers and Bldg 7 which showcased the 'real controlled demolition story', which fraud---financed by higher rates for the American People.... The Pentagon fraud-missile. 

Oh that's right. What's the difference in financing a war by dead Americans? 3000+ all the war dead, the civilian dead, the hungry and elderly who go hungry to feed an illegal war. Our borders open to do a controlled demolition on economics, schools are closing, but we can send soldiers who will be pharmaceutically abandoned once they return, if they do. Like Rodriguez’s song: “And give a medal to replace the son of Mrs. Annie Johnson” For what? A UN agenda? The filthy rich? So the Banksters can take over one of 4-5 countries left without their Banking scourge?

Boots down. Gun Control so we can't protect ourselves. Remember Katrina, where women were raped by New Orleans Police, etc. w/ no protection? Citizens ordered to turn in their guns, against Constitutional Rights to Protection? Boots down, asking if the high and dry citizens needed help while kicking down their doors, and demanding the guns. Did you know any verbal protesters were 'tuffed and cuffed' and arrested? A practice run of the Despot.

Why do we live in a country where it's common knowledge the Government is trying to thin the herd with poisoning the food, the air and water-drugs and vaccines, and the confusion is, "Who is minding the store?" What does it take for action and protection? Which Enforcement and Judicial offices have had their beams strapped with Nano Thermate, (the military grade of Nano Thermite)-with a letter stuffed full of money, or threats, to ensure criminal Government actions? The corruption level is no less than Organized Crime. The Gang of 8.

Where are our leaders? Were they herded (politicians, media and actors) into a large room of late, to drink champagne and tolerate inane jokes from a lying President? Laughing, grateful to be included?  If you speak out, the IRS can be sent to harass you and bankrupt your life with legal fees, or worse. How many witnesses from 9/11 have been murdered, along with their families, like Philip Marshall? But hey, let's toast the Chief, with our gowns, guffaws and hair products. Do we really all need a tuning fork to recognize a Liar? Is this harsh and unfounded? Not if you don't have your head in the sand.

This is the age of "I recuse myself", in a blatant attempt to avoid accountability. Does it matter if Holder and Obama lie about 'not knowing'? Bush in the classroom? Rumsfield away from his Pentagon post, so he couldn't give the order to protect the Washington DC No Fly zone w/ jets that fly faster than the speed of sound? Why isn’t it media news every day, that the Protocols to Protect DC were re-instated on 9/12? No focus on the removal of evidence from both sites? Our regime just murders to accomplish their goals with White Glove Dinner courtesy, and a President so full of self-hatred, his lying cheating voice falls flat. Soulless. While his henchmen, like Hillary Clinton, hope that the aneurysm won’t get in the way of her next chess move. Where is the Robin Williams’ waiter to tell them all,  “Your table is ready?” Like Dr. Leonard Coldwell says, “We do not forget”. Those of us who have avoided the not forget. We wait to see the karma of justice.

And by the way, "give a medal to replace the son of Mrs. Annie Johnson…"
One of Rodriguez's songs, via Youtube or the album.  'Cause'

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