Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Proctor and Gamble Doesn't Disclose Ingredients in Sanitary Pads, etc. B/C They're a Medical Device?

Monsanto has bullied, bought and cheated away our right to know what we are eating and feeding our children and grandchildren, in America. No problem. As we get cancer and disease, the Pharmaceuticals can clean up with major profits.

Proctor and Gamble doesn't have to disclose what toxic ingredients are in their tampon and sanitary pads because they are considered a medical device? Watch the experiment with pads shown on this video. Imagine. Women in the US get to absorb whatever chemicals are in these products monthly, as the cancer rates soar.

Eric Holder recuses himself from giving any information or testimony. The IRS minimizes White House involvement from the top, by defining their harassment of political groups as "bad customer service". A lead IRS witness takes the 5th. The Press is investigated in the name of 'national security'. People are afraid to speak out or even voice their opinion on the phone, as they can be labeled a 'terrorist', be neutralized or harmed in some way.

The clearest sign of our Rogue, Authoritarian Government is the punishment of Whistle Blowers. Or is it the total erosion of the Constitution w/ the ability to declare war without Congressional approval, the drones, the FEMA camps, the NDAA so people can disappear, the silent campaign for a year to push fluoridation of the public water supply without public consent in one of the last non-fluoridated major cities? Take your pick, but be aware. Beware.

Could the cheating and fraud get any worse?

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