Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Reasons People Don't Heal

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What upsetting factors from your past are lurking in your present? Factors that might very well be stopping your healing ... within your subconscious state, physical state, and spiritual state ... withholding your mind, body, and spirit?
  1. Where is your personal truth? Personal baggage of loss? Painful yesterdays unknowingly personified?
  2. Can FORGIVENESS accelerate the speed by which your wounds heal? (Wounds being physical, mental and/or spiritual challenges and barriers)
  3. Do you know anyone who is carrying around subconscious mind and body baggage that is draining them? Baggage that is holding them back from their true potential and purpose?
  4. Are you "unknowingly frozen" by your past, in the present?
  5. The abyss of lacking insight. As you break through, ideally this very moment, gaining renewed value and insights, will you promise to share these learned steps with loved ones?
"When failure is suddenly not an option" we can live a purposeful life, minus the subconscious drag that otherwise binds us to yesterday.
Most of us will harbor (or are harboring right now) feelings of pain, anger, resentment and hurt against someone we feel did us wrong. If they are not released, by way of forgiveness, these negative notions will slowly drain your energy while fanning the fires of chronic stress.
Caroline Myss’ story about a Navajo Indian could be the sudden awakening that brings you past prior limitations and belief(s), allowing yourself to forgive and release.
Another approach that can be very successful and beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit can be found at, which blends ancient and contemporary movements with eastern philosophy to open your mind and nourish your total self.
SheaNetics is based on the Five Living Principles, which are intertwined with your core mind, body, and spirit:

We truly wish you a life of wellness through continuous inner-peace.

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