Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love in 90 Days?

Just to share, the following embedded video gives a tip on getting out of a recycled abusive relationship.

Social health is just as important as physical health, and they are very much tied together...
I've been looking at some handouts from my social work practice about relationship skills, like How to Turn An Argument Into A Discussion, Equal/Non-Violent Relationship Model, Non-Equal/Violent Relationship Model, Controlling Behaviors, Verbal Abuse Categories, Thinking Errors, 12 Dating Mistakes, etc.

I have other condensed informational sheets that will be available on Decreasing Anxiety and Depression, etc. Requests are welcome.

I'm planning on making a website for my social work business and including a tab for other interests and things I like to share like recipes/cooking, poetry, gardening tips, preparedness/survival skills and supplies, etc.

 I will be offering Skype sessions or email letters/advice on a variety of subjects: single parenting, nutrition, surviving cancer and natural solutions for healing, elder care, dementia, sexual abuse recovery, divorce adjustment, general issues and life transitions.

Questions? Contact us at

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