Friday, August 7, 2009

High Energy Wellness Program

Order online at and then sign up for your One-time $19.95 Membership at the end of the process for 15% off all Retail prices.

The basics for optimal energy and health are:
1. Vita Lea natural multi vitamin/mineral w/ or w/out iron
Vita Lea Gold-w/ or w/out Vitamin K for those over 50. This may be the only natural, bioavailable Mulit-vitamin with a choice of Vitamin K or not, for those using blood thinners.

2. Energizing Soy Protein in Vanilla, Cocoa or Plain, or Meal Shakes. (Great for kids or meal replacements for elderly.) We offer Whey Protein, also.

3. B complex-a non-animal source of balanced b vitamins especially important for nerve transmission, and numerous bodily functions and protections. Important for vegetarians, those under a lot of stress, those drinking alcohol, and those on certain medications that deplete the B vitamins.
(Medication-Induced Nutrient Deficiency sheet available in earlier blog postings.)

4. Cor-Energy for normalizing energy and stress response. For those with High Blood Pressure, since Panax Ginseng can cause an increase in blood pressure in some, and a decrease in others, the Stress Relief complex or Garlic and Fish Oil may be used instead. Ginseng is known as an adaptogen. It normalizes stress response and energy.

The 'new kid on the block' for energy because it promotes mitochondria biogenesis, (as we age and lose mitochondria we tire more easily) is Vivix, the powerful ANTI-AGING liquid antioxidant over 5000 ORAC value. Just one teaspoon a day has the resveratrol of 100 glasses of red wine. It protects the DNA, etc. Google grape skins and seeds to find our how these antioxidants help type II Diabetes, Alzheimers, etc.

Use the SEARCH BOX to find what you need at and be sure to read the ABOUT ME section for my experiences with Shaklee supplements, and why I use and recommend them.

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The RX for Health is a 30 day packet of 80 natural bioavailable vitamins called Vitalizer.
(Vitalizer has your 2 daily Vita Lea multi's, 2 Sustained Release C&B Complex, 2 Vitamin E/Fish OIl/Betacarotene called Carotomax, and the Probiotic called Optiflora.)

This is sold as a package deal with Vivix, the Anti-aging Antioxidant, Nutriferon for stimulating the body's production of interferon for optimal immune function, and your choice of Cinch Protein for healthy weight loss, and is 10% off with AUTOSHIP. About $7 a day for an entire program. THIS RX FOR HEALTH INCLUDES A $10 COUPON FOR ANY SHAKLEE PRODUCT UP TO $93.25 RETAIL, INCLUDING VIVIX. This RX for HEALTH makes taking food supplements easy.

OR: TRY VITALIZER AND VIVIX AND SAVE 10% AUTOSHIP if desired. This includes a $10 coupon for a canister of Cinch Healthy Weight Protein Mix. $40.80 Member price/$48 Retail.
Ask how to get an additional 10% off these products with AutoShip, or as a distributor.
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