Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Basics: Clean Air and Water in your Home

I read the following article this morning from Dr. Mercola: Link below...


In this Mercola Newsletter article, Dr. Mercola warns against wasting money in areas that are unnecessary, that hurt the wallet.
His list includes: Extended Warranties, Gym Fees, Fast Food Runs, Cell Phone Apps and Ringtones, Late fees, Landline Extras, Rental Car Insurance, Computer Software, Unlimited Texting, and…..
“10. Bottled Water
Invest in a filter pitcher or install an inexpensive faucet filter. You’ll still come out ahead.”

Since the charcoal-carbon filtered pitchers and faucet filters make acidic water, I want to share with you my Point-of-Use Water Filter. The casing is made with Surgical Stainless Steel, and it uses a large filter of coconut shell medium. The resulting 22 cents a gallon for the first 1000 gallons, and 9 cents for the next 1000 gallons, (Replacement filter costs $90.80 Member Price) gives me alkaline water, with almost 100% reduction in chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, crystosporidium cysts and gardia, etc.

When I tested the Brita Filter, Culligan water, and Reverse Osmosis, they were more acidic than plain tap water. Reverse Osmosis is good if the water is flouridated, but it is acidic water.

Every morning, I run my cold water in the kitchen for a couple of minutes, and then I pull the diverter button on the faucet to filter my water. After another 1-2 minutes, I fill up a freshly washed gallon jar with wonderfully clean water. I feel spoiled. During the day, I can tell how much water I’m drinking, and I know that I’m not absorbing some (estrogen) hormone-mimicking Bisphenol A from plastic. Since the regulations of bottled water are the same as tap water, I politely say, NO THANKS. I am also not contributing to global warming with the shipment of water from some other place, or filling landfills or oceans with plastic bottles.

Since I’m a single gal, and 1000 gallons will mean about 3 years of use for me, from my $220 investment, I have shared a gallon of clean water most mornings in the summer with my visiting birds, in my bird bath. They LOVE it! I clean the bath out with a few drops of my Shaklee Dish drops, rinse it, and give them wonderfully clean water. I spoil my birds -especially the frantic parents running nurseries from various bird houses on my place. I watch them drink the water, and younger red-winged blackbirds, etc. splish-splash happily in the birdbath.

There is an on-counter unit which I have, and an under-counter Bestwater Water Filter available. I chose the on-counter, as it doesn’t involve connection by a plumber. (Undercounter unit is $283.20 Member Price –$19.95 1-time Membership) I feel like I’m in the 70’s, but my body appreciates less toxins. Chlorine as you may know, contributes to metabolic acidosis, clogging our blood vessels and tipping us towards cancer and disease. Even chicken farmers filter out chlorine for their flock, to get their money’s worth, instead of having their egg producers croak before their time.

It's not only the chlorine that is toxic to us, but its byproducts that cause cancer. Bestwater takes them out, so we don't have to add them to our immune systems to handle.

“The compact design of the countertop model takes up little space on your counter, but belies its impressive capacity to produce up to 1,000 gallons of filtered, great-tasting water. It's certified by NSF International to significantly reduce dissolved lead and over 40 volatile organic compounds that may be in your water. And like the RO System II, it reduces cryptosporidium cysts, which have been recognized as one of the most common causes of waterborne diseases within humans in the U.S. (According to the CDC*).
This advanced carbon filtration system installs easily, providing instant, clean, delicious water for just pennies a day. The MTS2000 system is ideal for the majority of homes with municipal water supplies. It carries a Five-Year Warranty.
*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”

Link to Order: Copy and Paste: http://leangreencafe.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=82300

For a limited time: 30 days or until the stock is gone, Shaklee’s AirSource Air Filter is being offered by my Business Leader for a great price. I’ll post the comparisons with other air filters. Though the ten year technology is considered old technology, it works and is most cost effective for whole house or spot treating cars, rental property after moveouts, etc.
Once they are out of stock, they are gone, though the annual UV plate module will be available afterwards. ASK FOR DETAILS. leangreencafe@yahoo.com
For Asthma Sufferers: Clean Air, Non-toxic cleaners which don’t trigger asthma attacks and natural food supplements are the solutions to rid yourself of this problem. Drugs all have side effects. If you build the immune system and take away the toxic triggers, you will find natural solutions.
**Next posting: Asthma Solutions more in depth.

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