Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Air Filter Comparisons. Clean Air Pt II

Here is a comparison chart for Air Filters. Though it's from 2001, it's still usable, although the Member price is $611, and modules are $60. Contact me for a special closeout offer from my business leader.

Perhaps the best way to figure out if purchasing an air or water filter is right for you, is to read reviews. I've read and heard great reviews for Shaklee's AirSource3000, and have borrowed one a few times, until I just purchased my own. The friend who owns one has had hers for approx. 9 years. The proof is in results, and how people feel, especially those with allergies and asthma, and how the air smells.

I put the AirSource 3000 in a friend's car overnight as he had smoked in it, and his dog had been in it. It smelled like a new car the next day. A room I rented out, smelled like a locker room. AirSource cleaned it right up. The fruit room downstairs can smell moldy, and the UV plate on AirSource kills the mold. I like the 3000 sq. ft. capacity of the AirSource, and that I can use it to spot clean small areas.

Cleaning carpet, inside car surfaces, etc. with Basic H and Basic G (cleaner/deodorizer/disinfectant) applied separately, would be advisable, if necessary. For instance, a pet box that needs changing, or dirty carpet or brown film from nicotine, or dusting and vaccuming all need to be addressed to maintain fresh air, as they generate smells, but the odor, mold and dust-killing capacity of the AirSource is remarkable.

(Basic G is mixed 3/8 tsp to a pint bottle of water. It costs 27cents a gallon, $17.30 qt. bottle of concentrate, Member pricing.)
Tough on Germs
Bacteria, fungi, and viruses can wreak havoc on your family's health and safety. Used as directed, Basic-G tackles over 40 of these pesky microbes, including several animal viruses. That makes it an excellent choice for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or pet area. In addition to being economical - one quart makes up to 64 gallons - it's also EPA registered.
(Clorox has approx. 6% sodium hypochlorite, and purportedly, contains lye, which for grooming pets can make them very ill. Basic G is a better alternative.)

There is a small amount of ozone generated from this model, but it is EPA approved. I want to research more about ozone, as I've read about it being used to oxygenate blood to fight cancer, and I've seen a cleanse using olive oil call for ozonating it first. They used fish tank equipment to do it.

There are only a small amount left in inventory. After October 1st, Shaklee will no longer offer AirSource 3000, but will still service the unit for 3 years. I'll buy several extra UV plate modules for the annual replacement, and the protective carrying case, as I will probably loan it out to help others. After another flood last year in Vernonia, where I live, the black mold from sweating winter windows in temporary trailers, along with dust and spores floating everywhere as people cleaned out soggy fiberglass insulation, lumber and furniture, etc. made many people very sick. Antibiotics don't do much for fungus in the lungs. Everyone here could have used an AirSource3000 for their homes, and especially with the stuff that got tracked into the relief centers.

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