Friday, September 11, 2009

Ripples on the Lake. September 11th and more...

A few days ago I heard from some fellow lake walkers, that the Vernonia Lake Park Host, Bill Yeo saw a cougar down by the sewer ponds, on the trail going to Anderson park. Another walker friend had seen one between Rose and First Streets when he moved in several years ago. We are a pocket in the woods, here in Vernonia. Coyotes roam at night, rabbits hide in the briars, eagles and ospreys hunt on the lake. Deer frequent my back yard at times, and tonight on the way home from a trip to 'the valley' (Banks, Forest Grove, Cornelius, Hillsboro and Beaverton) I spotted two deer at the Museum on Bridge Street. They were pretty things. One was in the front yard, and another in the back. Where there are deer, there are usually predators.

This news made me a little leery about walking by myself. I have a new walking partner, and I'd much rather wait for company when going around the lake.

In other news, the gas prices are up around $3 a gallon, and the food prices are squeezing families all over this nation. There is a sense of dread and anxiety, especially as credit card debt grows, jobs are lost, pensions are cut or lost, and foreclosures grow. The haves and have nots are farther apart it seems. There are more predators than cougars in these parts. The petro dollar, greed of a few, and those hungry for world domination are ruining our country. Many Americans have been apathetic for a long time. Freedoms have to be treasured and valued, not taken for granted.

I watched a senior citizen on YouTube speak of the proposed healthcare plan. He said instead of knee and hip replacements, cancer and heart treatments, the elderly will instead be given 'death counseling'. He said "Shame on you", and reminded those that we have trusted to serve in government that he started working for 25 cents an hour, and was proud of what he did, and he started putting money into Social Security, which system has been looted, along with Medicare. He reminded the young and those in power that they are there, because of the elderly. They stand on the backs and shoulders of what he and others have worked for.

Here is the result of other research I have done lately. It is worth discussing:
There is free energy out there, that has been kept from mankind. We are about 100 years behind where we should be, according to Dr. Steven Greer, who is speaking all over the world, sharing his Disclosure Project, that we have had contact from other planets and our government has known for years. He trains thousands of people to communicate telepathically to Extra-terrestrials, and then tapes the 'visits'. Listen to him on YouTube. Put his name in the search box. There is an era of peace and evolution coming, that cannot be stopped. Not by secretive shadow governments, the Bilderbergs that have unlawfully and illegally met with our world leaders, including the Clintons and Obama, all buddies, all thinking they are protected, elite and apart from mankind. The plots and plans of martial law, fake induced bio-wars and pandemics with looming forced vaccines, Blackhawk or Blackwater? and Northcom secret armies which we have financed unknowingly by the billions are all on record. WHO and UN plots to reduce the population to 500 million, mind control, television brainwashing, chemtrails dumping barium and other chemicals to thin a population that believe in a Race against Breast Cancer, and wearing pink ribbons, lab-created swine/avian flu strains, along with the HIV virus they already put into Hepatitis vaccines which were given to men in New York and Africa. September 11th was an inside job, and the proof of chemicals used to set the charges to bring the buildings down is documented, including building WTC#7 not hit by any plane, and announced by the BBC news about 20 min. before it actually happened. Criminals are bumblers, too. It's all there on the alternative news and internet and YouTube accounts. The problem has been many do not want to be bothered, or want to know. "Someone" will do something about it.

With a planned economic collapse, and an orchestrated need for martial law, a New World Order will be pushed on the peoples of the earth. Our government has been hijacked by the Federal Reserve and it's banker/Bilderberg cohorts, getting rid of any in their way, like John F. Kennedy. Once martial law is in force, no one will be allowed to leave the country except perhaps the privileged. On YouTube you can see actual footage that there are FEMA internment camps all over America, stacks of plastic multi-corpse coffins, cement rooms with gas lines to them, and the National Guard is being given job offers for internment camp work. You can see the actual job notices filmed on YouTube. Even weather can be orchestrated and used as a disaster weapon. I watched a Congressman read a bill for martial law under a list of circumstances, and most of it was "classified", with blurbs like "flesh-eating virus", etc.

What has happened to Americans, who like the frog in the pot of water, have reached a deadly degree of apathy and laziness? We have allowed our families and selves to be drugged by the Pharmaceutical pimps, who have created a symbiotic parasitical bond with our 'trusted' medical personnel. Trust is earned, not given. Rational trust has no place in what has transpired. Our food has been so processed and adulterated, irradiated, imported with DDT that was banned here, but sold for profit in other countries growing our fruits and vegetables, and even small-brained chickens refuse to eat the GMO grains offered them, but we have fed our children Aspartame in soft drinks and 99% of gum, and a huge list of foods, high fructose corn syrup, and other 'convenient' chemical cocktails to cause obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

I was at the dentist a while back, and the hygienist told me that there was flouride in the white fillings. She said she was for flouridating the water, so the level could be controlled. Some areas have too much flouride she said, and the children get flouridosis or flourosis that shows on their teeth. Who asked me if I wanted an industrial waste, a poison permanently placed in my mouth, to bleed into my body on a continual basis, for my immune system to fight? How is that 'controlled' exposure? The mercury in amalgams is bad enough. What is causing all the osteoporosis in this country? It seems to me, we run our own story of The Emperor's New Clothes. Even chicken farmers take the chlorine out of the water for their 'investment', so the poor birds live long enough without arteriosclerosis and other disease, to produce enough eggs for a profit.

Why are so many systems of our country dysfunctional? Where are our true leaders? I voted for Ron Paul, not some poor embarrassing thug like George Bush, or a young 'unknown' groomed Obama, whom I heard recently encouraging Americans to accept the 'findings' of 9-11. What is sad, is having a ballot without a third choice: NONE OF THE ABOVE. TRY AGAIN.

On this September 11th, I'm posting this to say we are in dire straits. Break the televisions, or use them only for selected DVD's and videos. Cancel the service. You are getting controlled news anyway, and do you really want your children to act like the characters creating our supposed social 'norms', or think taking the plethora of drugs pushed, is an American way of life? Do you know how many are on Coumadin? The right flu shot, and they can hemorrhage inside. Some side effects of this now well-used rat poison are blood clots, gangrene and cognitive decline. See:

Coumadin Side Effects Poll Results
Have you experienced side effects?
Yes, Severe 95%
Yes, Mild 5%
Yes, Minor 0%
No 1%

HRT causes blood clots. Garlic thins the blood, and fish oil makes the RBC's slippery so they don't stick together, and relaxes the blood vessel walls. No side effects. No body ever had a deficiency in Medications, but vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids and complex carbohydrates are another story... Medications deplete your nutrients and set you up for disease. We have become a 7-11 generation. We want instant gratification. Medical doctors have been enablers, and have profited with their 'scrips'.
Americans are the most constipated nation, with our diets of dairy and meat, which are full of saturated fats, hormones and antibiotics and no fiber.
Looking to normalize your cholesterol? Use Shaklee's Fiber Plan to pull out cholesterol, Herb Lax to get rid of toxins, and Soy Protein which will help normalize your LDL/HDL ratios and maintain blood sugar levels.
My uninvited, and unapologized-for suggestions:
Don't get toxic vaccines or allow your kids to get them. Get informed, and stop being lazy, riding on the backs of others, and contributing to the downfall of our entire nation. Exercise every day and get some dignity and oxygen back into your brains and bodies. Check out eating with whole foods, like recipes on Stop buying processed foods and fast foods, and spend time with family and neighbors. Get a little garden growing, even if it's in pots, or sprouting grains. Start reading in books and on the internet. Get a hobby. Learn a new language or take up dancing.

Don't be used to harm others by being ignorant. WE ARE MEANT TO BE A PROTECTOR TO OUR FELLOW HUMANS. NO CALLING IS HIGHER THAN THIS. LOOK AT A BABY'S FACE AND SEE YOUR OWN HEART. WE ARE BEINGS OF LOVE AND LIGHT. Think in ways of including others, and helping others, and making your life count. Make this world better because you have been here. Make it a more hopeful world. What we do impacts not only those around us, but our entire nation, planet and solar system. Absorbed consumerism is not happiness. Chemical and sexual addictions don't allow for joy. We need you to be AVAILABLE. People need you. Wake up America!

Postscript: We have lost a great humanitarian. Dr. Hulda Clark, a well-known scientist and researcher who unselfishly gave her life and intellectual property to others, has died. She showed many that parasites in human hosts wear down the immune system and can cause cancer. She also did work on AZO dyes, which were outlawed in the 50's, but still remain in various products including white caps for teeth, and hair dyes, and was searching for and creating natural hair dyes for women without the aluminum and other harmful metals and chemicals. She said aluminum was absorbed within seconds into the brain. Many are suffering and dying from Alzheimer's. She also tested over 3000 of her patients for about 70 parasites. She said she never met anyone with cancer who did not have parasites. She also said everyone with Diabetes, had the pancreatic fluke, or Eurytrema. Her simple remedy using 3 herbal ingredients: cloves, wormwood and green Black walnut hull in a tincture or freeze-dried, treated 100 different types of parasites, and was affordable for most of mankind. You can find it on for about $16.99 plus shipping. It's an 18 day cleanse. MMS is a good mop-up cleanse also, that is from another selfless individual, Jim Humble, who found that sodium chlorite when activated with citric acid, killed most blood-born pathogens. He has been instrumental in curing thousands of cases of malaria with two treatments. Malaria is caused by a parasite injected into the human body by a mosquito.
After killing parasites and pathogens, one must detox gently, and then build the immune system with food....supplements. With our diets, lifestyles of stress and lack of exercise, most people have some serious educating and cellular rebuilding to do.

About Dr. Hulda Clark. Died at 82 after 5 years of fighting a spinal cord injury. She will be missed.


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