Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eggstra, Eggstra...Read All About It

The subject matter on the last post was serious, and needed to be aired. This post is much lighter, and hopefully will move us into Spring.

On a walk with my middle daughter, Steph, we stopped to inquire about a sign for fresh eggs for sale the day or so before, at a house where the owners wheel the portable chicken pen around the yard. The hens are very healthy looking, and I love fresh eggs, so I brought some egg cartons along, thinking that regardless of the supply, the chicken owners would appreciate some of them.
A man answered the door and said he had eggs, and no they don't need any of the cartons. They used to have over a hundred of them, but they don't use them anymore. I was curious. I'd like a dozen eggs, I said.

He came back to the door with a yellow knitted drawstring bag that held a dozen brown eggs, 6 on the bottom, and 6 on top of another layer of knitted material. They didn't want a deposit for the cute egg carrier, and I walked away incredulous at how adorable this egg carrier was. I decided to share the picture, so you could enjoy it, also.

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As for the Cafe from my kitchen, use and share these products with two others, and I'll cook you the best meal you've had in a long time. I'll be sure to use the fresh eggs. Call me for a sample of my favorite berry smoothie, or an almond butter/cocoa protein shake, or an orange juice/Physique iced drink for the Weekend Warrior days, when you don't have time to nurse sore muscles. It has a unique blend of carbs and protein for sports nutrition. Mowing the lawn is around the corner....
My best,

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