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Discussion of a Cancer Treatment/Cure

Discussion on New Cancer, (autoimmune disease, etc.) Treatments/Cures

‘End-stage’ Pancreatic and other cancers along with MS and autoimmune diseases, ie: (Crohn’s) are being cured (documented by pre and post scans for cancer, etc.) by using a low dose of Naltrexone (an opioid receptor antagonist) used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence) at night with IV’s twice a week of ALA also known as LA (alpha-linolenic acid.) Below are my comments on Mercola’s website. Edited…May 26th ’09 issue:
For curing cancers and autoimmune diseases such as MS: Along with the Naltrexone, ALA is mentioned. Since it is an essential fatty acid, could it be the alkalinity caused in the tissues, and immune boost that factors in with the cancer cure? If people are able to sleep with an opoid given at night, it would cause reparative function to occur. (Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist, though) Inflammation can interrupt sleep. Sleep deficit leads to the deterioration of the organism. Is ALA used in all cases with the Nal....? {Twice a week by IV}
What strikes me is information or full information being withheld by gatekeepers for monetary gain. This seems unethical to me. Is information for the good of mankind, or so a few can profit or have some kind of fame and power, or accolades? Puzzling. I say, open the gates.

See this web quote (below) about ALA. Dr. Hannah Budwig used flax seed oil which is the food highest in ALA, combined with cottage cheese (a sulphurated protein) to treat cancer. In giving cells what they need to repair themselves, she had great results. LA (or ALA) seems to be given by IV twice a week by the doctor speaking on Dr. Mercola's Video. Sleep/pain relief for repair and healing with Naltrexone combined with LA (ALA) is giving good results. My take on this....anyway. Quote below:

"Fatty acids are simply components of fats. There are TWO essential fatty acids. Essential means you NEED to get them from the diet because the body cannot manufacture them.

The first is alpha-linolenic acid (LNA or ALA), and it belongs to the omega-3 family of fatty acids. You can find ALA in flax (abundantly), and in small quantities in walnuts, cold pressed canola oil, wheat germ (the part taken out when making white flour), and dark green leafy vegetables (in tiny amounts). By far the best food source of ALA is flax seed and flax oil.
These foods are not especially popular in the typical American diet, so it is no wonder that about 95-99% of the US population is deficient in the essential fat ALA. This deficiency plays a role in practically all degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, diabetic neuropathy, immune function, and premenstrual syndrome."

In my former comment or reply, I used the term opioid for Naltrexone, and talked about sleep as a repair for the body. In a little research and reading, I see that accurately, Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist, and a man with 3mg. of Naltrexone reported sleep disturbance. I'm wondering what the 'low dose' of this drug is, or what is being used? Since Dr. Hannah Budwig used flax seed oil -(high in ALA- the essential fatty acid being given intravenously by the doctor in Mercola's video) and sulphurated protein, like cottage cheese to give the cancer cells the nutrients needed to heal, I'm also curious what cellular changes or compounds are released with the Naltrexone.

It would be nice if more doctors collaborated and freely shared what they're doing, and didn't worry about being acknowledged for discovering a cure that may prove to be reinventing the wheel. Competition and profit need to be put aside for the good of mankind. I feel strongly about this, so I don't mind being a broken record. This doctor speaks about an MD Anderson patient stripped of hope, yet it could be many of that type of institution. I mentioned before that a couple of family members worked at MD Anderson, and when I asked if they thought a 'cure' was actually being sought, they both didn't hesitate to say NO. There is too much profit in keeping people sick. 'Managing' disease, etc.

Alkalinity from foods and the water you drink and oxygenating with exercise in the sun, staying clear of toxins and additives in food and cleaning products and building materials, can all help prevent and heal various kinds of disease.

Grind flax seeds 1-2Tbsp. in an inexpensive coffee grinder ($10-20) and sprinkle on cereal, use in muffin and bread recipes, and smoothies. You will not only get fiber, you’ll get the ALA your body needs to repair and heal itself and maintain healthy cells. America is one of the most constipated nations, so we get to reabsorb the food additives and toxins as they slowly make their way down the alimentary canal.

There is a Dr. Hannah Budwig Flaxseed forum on Yahoo if you or someone you know has cancer, complete with a protocol to use. Please read the other cancer treatment options on this blog, for further information.

To prevent cancer and disease, use a good diet and food supplements to get what you need. I use Shaklee because they are manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility, they test all of their raw materials and the end product for purity, (Not listed on the FDA ‘Lead in vitamins’ list), their herbs are standardized so the bottle has the same amount of potency throughout instead of 0-1000x what is on the bottle, they test their products for effectiveness, and don’t throw in twenty different superfluous ingredients not scientifically proven to work, in amounts too small to do any good, just for marketing appeal. Also, I like simplicity. For instance, using a product with 20 or multiple ingredients increases the chance for an allergic reaction. How would you know what you are allergic to? I like Dr. Hulda Clark’s simple, effective parasite cleanse for this reason. Three ingredients.

I see Naturapaths using products with powdered ingredients thrown into a capsule, to open up or be dumped into the stomach all at once instead of scientifically proven delivery systems like Shaklee’s triple-encased Probiotic pearl (Optiflora), designed to get past the stomach’s acid and into the colon where it’s needed, the Sustained Release Vitamin C, etc. Ever see a product with Echinacea in it -to be taken daily? It’s not to be taken more than 10-14 days at a time.
Be safe. Treat yourself well. Trust ‘professional’ people who don’t make a living by keeping you sick with side effects of drugs, only to prescribe more, and who ‘gloss’ over the dangers and nutrient deficiencies their drugs cause. Who wants cancer ‘managed’? Why is our FDA disallowing the word ‘CURE’ when it is proven with medical technology such as blood work and scans? Who is going to reign them in, when our tax dollars are supporting the graft?

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