Friday, July 3, 2009

Comparison Study of None, One or Multi Supplement Users

The above link is to an online nutrition journal available to public and scientists alike, that has published the 20 year Landmark Study. This was a comparison study of people who took none, one multi-vitamin, or Shaklee supplements. Check out the results!

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Dr. Bruce Miller suggests 4 supplements to start your own 'Nutritional Pyramid Program' with.

1. Vita Lea-Shaklee's multi-vitamin. (Vita Lea Gold w/ or w/out Vitamin K for those over 50.)
2. Energizing Soy Protein. (Vanilla or Cocoa. I keep both on hand.)
3. B Complex. A well-balanced B complex, not made from animal products. Those who are under high stress, eat sugar in their diet, use alcohol, etc. need B Complex.
4. Cor-Energy. This product uses Panax Ginseng, Green Tea and Cordyceps Mushroom to normalize the stress response and energy level of the body.

Use the above program for 30 days and you will notice healthy change, from exceptional to subtle.
Dr. Miller then suggests people add antioxidants: Vitamin C, E, and Betacarotene.
The tip of the 'Nutritional Pyramid Program' are your own individualized needs.
ie: Men w/ prostate problems often use the zinc and saw palmetto.
Those with high blood pressure use garlic to thin the blood, and Omega Guard for the essential fatty acids.

Some people like a daily strip of all the vitamins, and use Vitalizer. For an anti-aging and cellular level protection they add Vivix-a powerful antioxidant made from grape skins and seeds,etc. 'Crazy- good" tasting, and very beneficial for diabetes, cholesterol control, energy, anti-cancer prevention,etc.

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