Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Do Sinus Infections, Itchy Ears, Vertigo, Urinary Tract and Yeast Infections and Prostatitis Have in Common?

Ever feel like this dog looks?

Sinus infections, itchy ears, dry scalp and skin rashes, vertigo, urinary tract and yeast infections, prostatitis, thrush and skin fungal infections all signal an overgrowth of Candida. We all have this bacterium or yeast, that can develop into the fungal form, send its roots through our intestinal walls, and leak molecules of our food into the body cavity, setting up many allergies. We have health issues like the above mentioned ones, when Candida becomes overly abundant, or imbalanced in our bodies.

So, what keeps this Candida in balance with our good flora, and what feeds this fungus? Remember, Dr. Mercola interviewed the Italian Oncologist who says cancer is white, or fungal based. The more we tip towards acid, the closer to disease and death we become. We cannot feed ourselves sugar, coffee, soda, processed food, simple carbs like balloon bread and pasta, and dairy and meat with hormones and antibiotics- without having it affect our ph balance and health. The European Union won't import our beef, because of the half dozen or more hormones and antibiotics American growers add to their herds. Make bread, and watch the yeast grow exponentially with the sugar or honey that you put in the water or bread mixture. The growth of the yeast makes the bread rise. Sugar and carbs feed yeast, fungus and cancer. Cancer cells have many times the insulin receptors of normal cells.

I had a pelvic oncologist who bragged to me that he didn't listen to the hour nutritional training while in medical school. He handed out Twinkies to his cancer patients. He is now dead of his own oral cancer.

One of the reasons I use and promote Vita Lea multi-vitamin/mineral is it's natural and breaks down quickly to be used by the body. It also is coated in folic acid, and has 100% biotin. Biotin keeps Candida from developing into the fungal form, and helps to manage it. It also has 45% calcium, which besides being good to build our bones and teeth, is an alkalinizer. Countries with the most centenarians, (living to 100) have water supplies rich in calcium. Remember, fungus and yeast love acidic environments.

I just listened to a presentation on the Power of Soy, and the difference of Shaklee's cold water-washed soy by Dr. Sandra Bevacqua. In this educational CD, she related how cancer patients who are on a nutritional program suddenly made great healing progress with an added probiotic. Those with itchy ears, white tongues and throats, and sinus infections, etc. can benefit from a Shaklee product called Citriboost for the mucosal membrane of mouth, throat and esophagus, and the Optiflora probiotic pearl that gets into the colon. It was recommended in the past to just suck on an Optiflora pearl, biting it open, and letting it bathe the mouth and throat. Citriboost can be added to a little orange juice, water, etc. and gargled and swished, before being swallowed, and can make a huge difference in managing Candida from the head and oral cavities to the stomach, while Optiflora probiotic can manage balancing the flora, feeding the colon lactobacillus and bifidus. Products that have many kinds of bacteria, are often for marketing purposes only, and not scientifically confirmed, like Shaklee takes the time to do, and writes its scientific peer-reviewed published studies on.

Optiflora probiotic changed my health. The indigestion, gas and general malaise are gone. We have about 5 pounds of flora in our 'gut' that often is overwhelmed with the bad flora. The colon can get covered in placque also, and not absorb what nutrients we are taking in. Supplementation is essential for optimal health, as is a Gentle Colon Cleanse once or twice a year. I use Herb Lax and Fiber Plan to keep the pipes clean, remove toxins and cholesterol, and kill parasites with the herbs in Herb Lax. Diet and exercise in sunshine also help. Oxygenating exercise and Vitamin D and a good diet are important to maintain optimal health.


There's a urine/toxic test for around $100 to test for heavy metal toxicity: Candida is a symptom says Dr. Sandra Bevacqua of heavy metal poisoning. She has found that people with Candida usually have heavy metal toxicity. If they can test for that and use IV or oral chelation (oral is less expensive but takes longer to get rid of it. Approx. $20-50 depending on your source, or what you use, like Cardioflow or EDTA). Naturopathic Dr.s usually offer this process and products.

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