Friday, August 31, 2012

Snacks Without Guilt...

My summer snack favorite this year has been Darigold cottage cheese (No growth hormones in Darigold or Tillamook products) to which I add halved cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber pieces and either chives, green onion, red onion or a sweet yellow onion, sprinkled w/ a bit of salt and pepper and fresh or dried basil. Black or green olive slices make this quick salad bowl pop.

Also, cottage cheese mixed with an organic vanilla yogurt, w/ cold red grapes, sliced almonds and sprinkled with unsweetened, organic coconut tastes  great. A friend of mine lately assured me that peaches and pineapple were the best thing in cottage cheese and yogurt. We all have our favorite flavors and foods.

A hummus plate Recipe Here: is colorful, and full of protein. You can spice hummus to taste. Making your own Pita Bread is also fun.  You can  bake Pita Bread triangles to make your own crunchy chips.

Avocados have more protein than a small steak, and can be eaten in the winter with grapefruit slices, or all seasons on crackers, and as guacamole w/ chips, etc. (I love them on tortilla soup, as a garnish.)

I have a new favorite food: Mexican Style Sour Cream by Darigold-which tastes like cream cheese. I made a turkey chile and put some of that sour cream on top w/ sliced green onions and sliced olives. What a treat that was! Makes my mouth water.

I'm excited to share an upcoming snack chip from the Shaklee Company, coming in the Fall, w/ 7 grams of protein per bag, no MSG or GMO products, in sea salt or barbecue flavors.  See video below:

Another snack that picks me up in the afternoon, before my morning walk, or even after dinner, is a protein shake. When I say that Shaklee's Cocoa Soy Protein makes a smooth, great-tasting drink, you will have to make it to really know what I mean. With 14 grams of healthy non-GMO soy protein, this drink stabilizes my blood sugar and my energy level, instead of the quick up and down spikes of carbs and sugar drinks. No caffeine highs here.

My recipe for a smile:
1 serving of Shaklee's Cocoa Soy Protein (3 Tablespoons) is about $1.20 a serving MN or Member pricing!
Put into 1-2 c. of cold organic brown rice milk.
I add a nice dollop of almond butter or organic peanut butter
In the summer, I add 2-3 ice cubes for a frothy cold shake.
Blenderize. Enjoy.

The Vanilla Soy Protein is great in juice, or with almond or rice milk or milk and fruit like fresh or frozen strawberries, fresh pineapple, etc.

I have never found any... drink that equaled the taste of Cinch Vanilla Whey Protein (1 serving = 24 grams of protein) in a blender of 1 c. pineapple juice and about 1/4-1/2 c. coconut milk. I like to add cherries (sour pie cherries, frozen or fresh sweet cherries or maraschinos and some of the juice --once in a great...while (because of the dye, etc.) or strawberries and/or pineapple. I add 1 tsp. of Fiber in morning or evening w/ my protein drinks. Fiber reduces cholesterol, puts a smile on your face, helps keep the colon clean, etc.

Because Whey Protein is more expensive, (a cannister makes 15 servings instead of 30 with the soy protein) I sometimes mix 1 heaping Tbsp. of Whey w/ 1 heaping Tbsp. of Vanilla Soy. The Vanilla Whey has the taste of a vanilla ice cream cone, and is really smooth and wonderful! Shaklee's Whey Protein has added Leucine, which supports lean muscle mass and makes losing weight successful if that is your goal. Check out the Cinch Program. Right now Shaklee is offering 3 months of their Cinch Healthy Weight Program---with the 4th month FREE.

Why ensure protein intake? Protein makes up about 90% of your immune system. It makes you feel full and satisfied, doesn't spike blood sugar  give you highs and lows, and it gives you steady, sure energy. Try it before your morning exercise routine, or after a strenuous workout.  Physique is what serious athletes use for strength, endurance and recovery. (No added sweeteners, artificial flavors or preservatives.)

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