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Resolving Bone Spurs, Arthritis, Back Pain/Sciatica... The Why and How. Success Stories.

1.Bone Spur/Back Pain/Sciatica Help

Please feel free to glean from these stories what you can, for the problems mentioned above. These are testimonials from people who had bone spurs, arthritis and back and sciatica pain, and what they did to get relief. They used Shaklee products.

 I have used them also, starting with my third pregnancy. My body absorbed them so well, the doctors were astounded at the healthy baby, placenta and cord. My experience was 180 degrees different than when I used the synthetic prenatal vitamins with my first two babies. Over the years I quit using Shaklee, not paying attention or putting myself and my health first. After years of single parenting stress, I was diagnosed with endocervical cancer. It was changing my diet, research and going back to focused supplementation with Shaklee that helped me regain my health and live, though I had no prognosis. I don't want to preach about it, but there are many technical reasons that I choose this little 50+ yr. old Company when it comes to healing with nutrition.

In the article above, it's pointed out that supposed bone-strengthening medications actually reverse after taken for a time. At the end of this article, several nurses point out their bone density tests just get better each time, and they're taking Shaklee's Osteomatrix calcium.

Here is a collection of testimonials from real people....

It works!  At the end of three weeks of taking the calcium/magnesium/vitamin D tablets three times daily, I am walking without pain. I am now using one dose daily (4 tabs) as maintenance and so far I have had no return of the excruciating pain of the heel spur.

Thanks for the info.. My doctor is using me for a guinea pig and has all the information that came with my order. Thankfully, he is open to valid alternative methods. Hopefully, other of his patients can benefit from your product. Thanks again and God bless.
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RE : heel spur and Calcium Magnesium tablets

Here is a brief summary of my heel spur problem and you certainly
have my permission to post it if you wish:

I am 63 Years old now and have been retired since Sept. 1994. At that time I had had a sore right heel for a couple of years and doctors could not find any good solution to get rid of my right heel spur problem.
They suggested special soles to add in my shoes, etc.. At my retirement time, my pain in my right heel got worse. I had difficulty  walking in the morning. The worst of the pain normally went away after an hour or so after I got up. This is the time I decided to obtain more information about heel spur on the Internet. Due to my inexperience with Internet, it took me a little while before I found your site Barbara. The information that you have passed to me opened my eyes and the way It was presented
 (no pressure of any kind, etc) really convinced me to try these Calcium Magnesium tablets. I ordered 2 bottles the first time and after I took one serving (4 tablets) at each meal, it cleared most of my problem.

 However, to ensure that it would not come back I ordered two more bottles and I completed taking them in the same manner. The results I would say cleared 95% of my original right heel spur problem. There is still a little bit of pain once in a while, but not in the morning and I can live with that. I'll see, if does get worse I will not hesitate to order more of these tablets. It is unfortunate that Doctors do not recommend them,  It is so easy to take and no operation, no recovery time, etc. I was going to explain this to my own doctor, however he just retired before I had a chance to do it. But I will discuss it with my new doctor in due course.

  The conclusion: It is almost a miracle compared to what doctors recommend.
There are certainly exceptions where Doctors have to intervene, but I would recommend to try these first if results of tests indicate that it is a heel spur problem. I have already recommended them to other people and the feedback I get is that it helped them as well.

 Gaston Boucher

Hi Fred.

 Thank you for the information that you have sent to me. You asked me how long it took for the pain in my heel to go away. I would say about two months, taking twelve tabs a day of the calcium. I had ultrasound treatments done which gave me little or no relief. I also went to a Podiatrist, who suggested I have orthotics made for my shoe, which would cost me four hundred dollars. Another Podiatrist said to forget the orthotics, taped up my  foot and gave me exercises to do. Needless to say,

 I am so happy with the results of taking the calcium. I am supposed to be taking calcium anyway, so I'm killing two birds with one stone.

 Thanks again,

 Paula Michel

My mother-in-law has (had) bone spurs on her spine along with
arthritis, diabetes, and degenerative disks. She was in extreme pain and went to many specialists. She received cortisone shots which helped temporarily, but the pain would always return. She was using a walker and was headed for a wheelchair. When the doctors told her that there was nothing else they could do for her, she FINALLY took my advice of 9 cal mag a day (3 -3 times a day) and with in a couple of weeks her pain was completely
 She also went to therapy, to regain them didn't need it anymore and the pain returned. In addition to remaining pain free, thanks to the cal mag, she has increased her bone density. I know this because, on several occasions, she has lost her balance and fallen in the kitchen on the ceramic floor. She never had any breaks or any bruises. She is 76.
Hope this helps

 Anne and Doug Siloy/Berea, Ohio

Here is the testimonial I promised to send you, sorry for the length,
 but we send our testimonials unedited and with the sender'spermission.-Barbara

 Bone Spur Testimony 6-8-98

Anybody who is diagnosed with a bone spur problem, also anybody who has back or sciatic pain that doesn't respond to physical therapy may be helped by this letter. I have had occasional back problems for most of my adult life. (I'm in my fifties.) I could go months or even years without

 a problem, then I'd bend down to feed the dog (or do something
 similar)and my back would go out, causing me months of pain and/or discomfort.
 During one of those periods 20 or so years ago I went to a doctor who gave me a series of back strengthening exercises. I'm not very exercise-oriented but I would do them occasionally, mostly after a minor back-pain incident, and they seemed to speed up the healing process. One of the exercises on the chart was not recommended for people with sciatic pain.
 I was unable to do this exercise, making it obvious that I had some
kind of sciatic sensitivity in addition to my weak back. (Sciatic pain is a pain that runs down the back of your leg.) In thinking back, I had always had at least a minor discomfort that ran from my buttocks and down my thigh. I just never thought much about it until a year or so ago when it flared up and became more persistent and painful. This seemed to be full-blown sciatica, unrelated to my back- (or so I thought). My current doctor sent me to a physical therapist, but after weeks of trying various things, the sciatic discomfort just kept getting worse. It was difficult finding a position to stand in or to sit in to relieve the pain. I
 discovered that straight back chairs were my best bet for taking the pressure off the sciatic nerve (or whatever was causing this pain) soI went out and bought a bunch of used old wooden straight back chairs, one for every room in the house. I was walking in a weird, ultra upright position in order to minimize the pain. Finally the physical therapist realized that nothing she could do was helping me and she recommended several back specialists, one of which I went to. The new doctor ran me through some tests and concluded that I probably had a pinched nerve or a spinal bone spur that had caused a nerve to become inflamed. This was
 the first time I had heard the term bone spur.  She put me on a regular regimen of super-sized ibuprofen to relieve the inflammation and she sent me to another physical therapist who was going to try to come up with an exercise that might possibly take the stress off the problem area, allowing the inflammation to go away. I was told that this whole process sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. On my own I did some research into bone spurs and learned some interesting things. It appears that the body needs a lot more calcium than most people think. Calcium is not just for
 strong bones and health teeth and all those things we think in terms of.
EVERY function of the human body requires calcium, and when there's not enough calcium to go around, the body will sometimes leech it out of our bones.   This is what causes bone spurs to occur...little bumps or protrusions in certain bones. Typically, we don't notice these eruptions unless they're in a place that impedes us in some way, like on the heel.
 But they can occur anywhere, even on the spine, where we have thousands (millions? I'm not a doctor) of nerves threading through a series of very narrow openings. If a bone spur erupts in one of those tiny spaces you get a pinched nerve, and depending on where that nerve runs, you'll have pain that won't necessarily be localized along your spine or your lower back. It can run down your leg, as in sciatic pain. Or it can even manifest itself in other areas. Now, I didn't think that this was my problem. I've always taken a lot of vitamins, and since I consume hardly any dairy products, I would often chew on Tums (or one of those calcium rich mints). This is getting to be a very long letter so I'll cut to the chase. Weeks more of physical therapy and an expensive M.R.I. confirmed my doctor's theory. I had a bone spur AND a pinched nerve on either side
 of continued one of those little spinal conduits.
 MEANWHILE...after reading about bone spurs...learning about how properly absorbed calcium can conceivably reduce or even melt away bone spurs...and coming upon a testimonial letter on the internet (similar to this one but, mercifully, much shorter) recommending a particular calcium/magnesium formula made by Shaklee, I put myself on a calcium/magnesium regimen as recommended by the Shaklee distributor.
 (Sounds strange, but I was desperate,  physical therapy was getting me nowhere. My doctor's conclusion: operate or learn to live with it.) I was taking 16 pills a day, every day, and after around 45 days I began to feel results. At this point I had once again given up on physical therapy.
 Also, I found I could ease up on the ibuprofen. After that things
happened rather quickly. After 60 days of the calcium magnesium therapy I was dramatically improved. After 120 days I'd say that I was back to normal, but that would be an understatement. The mild sciatica that I'd had my entire life was gone Today I take 3 pills with each meal...9 a day...and I haven't had a new back incident since. A few caveats. Calcium is not easily absorbed by the body. The type of calcium used by Shaklee (dicalcium phosphate...a form of calcium I haven't seen in any other supplement) in combination with the other ingredients in the Shaklee pills (magnesium oxide and vitamin D) is apparently more useful to the body than other calcium formulations on the market. After what it did for me I would not use or recommend anything else. That's my story.

 Dear Rose, Fred and Viola

Our tax counselor had noticed my limping as I walked into his office and inquired about it. I explained that I had surgery several weeks earlier on a heel spur. Both of my heels had painful spurs, but I decided to have only one taken care of at a time. However, the surgery increased the pain in the foot operated on dramatically. This tax counselor then began to counsel me on a certain Calcium which had done the most amazing things for him. This exceptional product was only distributed by the Shaklee Corporation. I asked if he still takes it and his reply was, I'm afraid not to take it. Upon arriving home, without even removing my coat, I reached for the yellow pages and called your number. You have indeed proved exemplary representatives for the Shaklee Corporation-a great
 corporation that distributes truly wonderful products. I'm so glad I made that call because you have become more like friends. A remarkable thing happened. The pain in my heels made walking difficult. I canceled every outing I possibly could. I sat with pillows under my legs, even usingthem at night so my heels did not touch the sheets. Because even touching my skin made them hurt. But, astonishingly, by the time I had taken only half of my second bottle of Shaklee Calcium Magnesium, my husband and I were going dancing again. It was wonderful. Both feet were perfectly pain free after a year and a half of constant pain. Not just the one that had been operated on. If that had been the case, I would
 have thought it was the natural consequence of the operation itself. But,both feet were equally pain free and amazingly both at the same identical time.  Proving the tremendous benefit Shaklee Calcium can produce.

 That was two years ago. Like people sometimes do, I occasionally
become too busy to remember to take my Shaklee Calcium regularly. When that became too frequent I started limping because of the return of pain in the heel that was not operated on. As soon as I took my Shaklee Calcium for a few days the pain left totally. Do I take it regularly now? I'll tell you like someone once told me - I'm afraid not to take it.


 Dolores Arpidone

 Broadview Heights, Ohio


Not all calciums are created equal.  This is how people get rid of bone 
spurs, too


Willa Virkler not only has Osteo-Arthritis but also a calcium deposit
on a vertebrae which is closing off 1/2 of the opening that the nerves
go through. The nerves are pinched leading to her shoulder and down
her arm, creating severe pain. She was taking Motrin several times daily
to help control the pain whenever she turned her head.

The doctor wanted to surgically remove the calcium deposit and said,
"take no calcium"

Willa decided to try some Shaklee and she started on the whole program
with a special emphasis on calcium to try to dissolve her calcium deposits.
Just 4 days later she bubbled, "I don't have any pain in my shoulder or
arm -- Oh, a little bit maybe if I turn too quickly, but not enough to
bother.  In fact, I haven't taken any pain pills recently."

Willa works in the pharmacy of the St. James Hospital in Pontiac.
Noticing that she was moving better, the pharmacist asked what she
was doing. "I'm not going to tell you," she replied. "Because you are a
pharmacist and you're just like my doctor. "He persisted in knowing
and after promising not to laugh, she told him she was taking Shaklee

When she went back to her doctor for a checkup he wanted to know
what she had been doing for he noticed a big improvement. She told
him she was taking Shaklee supplements. He reminded her that he had
told her not to take extra calcium. Willa told him Shaklee's was dicalcium
phosphate to which he replied, "Oh, that's O.K. then!"

She still takes 10 Vita-Cal and 10 Calcium Magnesium a day and  she
needs 8 Alfalfa with each meal and at bed time. Willa isn't even considering
surgery any more!

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