Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Am Bradley Manning...

Bradley Manning is a hero, who could not in good conscience cooperate with the corrupt military, and kill innocent civilians, quietly going along with war crimes, becoming complicit.

People all over the world are supporting Bradley Manning. 'I am Bradley Manning' is the movement's strongest statement. The Obama Administration has punished more Whistleblowers than any other Presidency in our history. (When I hear O complaining about the delay to adopt his appointees, that the Constitutional process should be followed, I am disgusted and humored at once. Wahhhhh. You can't have it both ways, O. Tearing up the Constitution and wanting to selectively have it honored. ???)

What are Obama and Holder and Clinton still going through the motions of office for, anyway? Get out!

Like Daniel Ellsberg in the Vietnam Era, Bradley stood up and marched forward, knowing what he had to do, so the American public knew what was going on in Iraq, and was no longer conned by the Conglomerate-One Owner US Media.

Bradley has been tortured, allowed no sun or daylight for 23 hours a day, kept in a solitary 8x6' cage, stripped each night, only allowed to stand or sit w/ feet on floor, on duty, until he looks like a ghost. The deficiency of Vitamin D is perhaps the largest indicator of coming disease and cancer for him. Additionally, the forced 'vaccinations' with their toxic adjuvants and foreign proteins if not the food, etc. will finish the job to quiet Bradley. This is all done to make him the 'example', of what will happen if you tell the truth.
He has already acted. Will you?


***So, in other interesting areas: why has the media covered up nuclear silos being shut down by UFO's, the goal of the World Banksters to take over each country left-Syria, Libya, Iran, etc.

It is time for the energy to change from oil to what the UFO reverse science has already given us. See YouTube for 'The Disclosure Project.'

So, who holds the schemers accountable? Russia and China are not going to allow Iran's oil and monetary system to fall. The schemers who think money and power are the reasons for life, will be the cause of WWIII if we allow it.

Like Leonard Peltier (whoops. a slip. Leonard Cohen. Peltier is just another political prisoner. Don't get me started.) sings, "It's a cold and a very broken, Hallelujah".

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