Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Expecting Different Results

Today I picked up a daughter who has realized not changing her environment, and expecting different results has a very stiff price.

I was out of contact with this daughter who was going through a difficult part of her journey here. One day I got a call, around mid-March. After being in bed, totally sick and fatigued for over a month and going to nine medical doctors and ER rooms for help, my daughter called. She was on the 4th day of the Dr. Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse, and felt worms move in her stomach. She had felt them in her head, and coming out the bottom end. My guess was she had various kinds of parasites, as our former well had an artesian pipe without a check valve or vent that had sucked up winter's muddy creek water into the aquifer when the pump turned on, as someone in the house used water. No well person, real estate person or anyone had said anything about this in all 17 years of owning this property. Finally, when the well didn't pass a potability test during a failed sale of the house, a friend suggested filling up a gallon jar with water and turning the water on in the house to see what would happen. Slurp. It was obvious then. What a grievous mistake. (It has been fixed.) All six children were raised in that house from 1990 until one by one they flew from the nest. I emailed them all and asked them to get Dr. Clark's Parasite Cleanse.

So, my dark-haired daughter had ordered her kit in 2005. Most if not all of the rest are still thinking in teenage places that Mom doesn't know anything, so I doubt if any of the others have done what I asked. This daughter was just now using it. On the 4th day, she felt many worms moving. She was horrified, and said on that phone call, "Mom, I don't want to die this way."

All the medical doctors she saw from the Good Sam Legacy Healthcare and Providence Systems who are obviously not trained in Parasitology (or Nutrition) merely laughed away her symptoms, and gave her laxatives or stool softeners. One young man in the extensive research I've done, after seeking help in vain, being treated as if he had Parisitosis Delusions, finally killed himself. One ER doctor finally ordered a stool test that turned up negative. We called because it obviously wasn't important enough for this ER Room or 'Doctor' to call into her main doctor or to call the patient, who was dying. Sometimes it takes ten attempts to find a positive Giardia test, and the research says there are 1000 different kinds of parasites, and repeat stool samples and sometimes blood tests are necessary to get the right answers. The test results have from 1-20% accuracy.

In my research, from Curezone.com a young man reported finally finding out he needed a blood serum test to look for antigens of parasites, and this is the way he finally got a positive lab result for Ascaris, which is Round Worm. This person even put a worm in one lab sample, which came back negative. Be sure to see the May 12th posting about Quest Diagnostics fined $302 million for producing false and inaccurate lab results, in general medical lab work and the comments from a former employee. Quest is certainly not the only lab with this problem.

I live 45 min. away from this daughter, and needed her to come to my home so I could care for her. When I picked her up, I immediately noticed the black circles under her eyes and her nail beds were cyanotic, or bluish-purple with raised brown-red cuticles. She was about 90 lbs., totally malnourished now, with worms eating her literally, alive. Thousands die every year from parasites. Malaria is the number one killer in the world, and is caused by a mosquito depositing a parasite when they bite.

She had started smoking a year before, on her birthday, and even though she was using 4 ciggs a day, it was obvious she had minimal red blood cells to carry needed oxygen. A friend who took a stop-smoking class told me that once carbon monoxide has attached to the red blood cell, oxygen can no longer fit there, and the person needs more red blood cells. This daughter had been working in a smoky bar for several years, on two different night shifts during one week, had taken on a new relationship with a small child, often missed sleep to get him to his soccer pictures, etc., and was drinking daily espresso with triple shots of caffeine and 'energy' drinks like Red Bull for her chronic fatigue. She had cervical dysplasia issues, and with smoking, the Alotek I had referred her to for immune recognition of HPV does not guarantee good results, as the immune system is already maxed with the poisons of nicotine and the other chemicals added to cigarettes to cause addiction and shortened-life customers.

Part of the cyanotic nail beds and black eyes and fatigue and worms having a hatching heyday came from a highly acidic diet (coffee, dairy, meat and sugars) and low oxygen environment inside her body. Caffeine has a half life of approx. 18 hours, and can cause sleep disorders, with tired people reaching for that cup of coffee first thing again, in the morning. It also leaches calcium and other vital vitamins and minerals from the body. Sudden cessation of coffee can cause severe...caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Metabolic acidosis (tipping the normal PH balance with acidic foods and low oxygen) shuts down the immune system, and is the perfect breeding ground for virus, bacteria, fungus, cancer and yes, parasites. When a person dies, the low or NO oxygen is perfect for the hatching of all kinds of parasites we've carried for years, like the tapeworm eggs from the sandbox, fertilized eggs from that 'fashionable' sushi and undercooked meat, unsanitary conditions, inside pets, dirt under our fingernails from gardening, incompletely washed fruits and vegetables, etc. My daughter got to experience what it's like to be the nursery for parasites while she was alive. Other symptoms besides complete fatigue where she couldn't get out of bed, or wanted to sleep all day, were fever and chills, nausea, constipation, no appetite and wheezing with every breath.

She completed the 18 day Dr. Clark parasite cleanse, while we waited for the MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement that Mom had ordered, for a Mop-up or reassurance cleanse of blood pathogens, including parasites. MMS has killed Malaria parasites in over 75,000 people, works for TB, AIDS, Giardia, all but one fungus, bladder infections, etc. without causing toxic side effects like drugs and drug resistence. The oxygen molecules in the sodium chlorite simply is attracted to the acidic molecules like bacteria, fungus, etc. and the collision implodes the pathogen and it's eliminated from the body. For some reason, the first MMS ordered wasn't shipped, the second order got to Vernonia with a 'Notice Given' on the tracking information though no notice was ever given and the mail carrier didn't call me as my note had requested. I did everything in my power to get my daughter this product, as it was critical in her recovery. The third order got here. Unbelievable struggle and emotions. I now keep both the Dr. Clark and the MMS kits on my shelf for people who need it immediately. I called one supplier and found Doctors are ordering MMS by large numbers.

During the parasite cleanses, I knew my daughter needed nutrition to survive, but not too much too fast. Soy protein and meal shakes from Shaklee in small doses throughout the day ensured that the hemoglobin (the protein in red blood cells) could be produced to carry needed oxygen. I started my daughter on the Gentle Colon Cleanse, as nutrients aren't easily absorbed with a dirty colon, and the worms had so constipated her, especially as they died, that she had some nasty laxative she had demanded from one of her doctors. It was the kind people with liver failure use. Side effects of Lactulose may include: Diarrhea, gas (temporary, at the beginning of use), intestinal cramps (temporary, at the beginning of use), nausea, potassium and fluid loss, vomiting.

Shaklee's Herb Lax is much more gentle, and has herbal ingredients that also kill parasites. She began on a regimen of one Herb Lax with each meal for a few days, then one in the morning with a couple of fiber tablets. You have to remove the toxins, as you don't want them reabsorbed as they sit in the colon. Getting meals into her was difficult at first, as she wanted to sleep all day, and so I could see how she was totally unregulated. 70% of people with cancer die of cachexia or becoming malnourished as they grow tired and don't eat. This is where Shaklee's Soy Protein and Meal Shakes can be a life saver.

She cut down on her 4 ciggs a day to -0-. I took her on slow walks around the lake, a little at a time, trying to time her walks when the sun was out for the Vitamin D benefit. What a journey we were on!

I made my daughter protein smoothies with berries, and Cocoa Soy Drinks with almond butter. Her favorite meal shake was Vanilla. I either blended up drinks or shook the protein in a pint jar with some organic brown rice milk or juice. (Not a lot of juice, as it's sugar or carbs.) I gave her a green smoothie with organic cucumber, avocado (more usable protein than a small steak) celery, cored apple, parsley, kale leaf off the stalk and filtered water. She got my Bestwater 2000 alkaline filtered water that takes out the Crystosporidium and Giardia that is in 50% or more of public water now. It removed 40+ Volatile Organic Chemicals and the nasty Chlorine that sets up acidosis and helps lay down placque in the blood vessels. "Mom" made soups, especially with organic chicken. I also made hummus, hot cereal and scrambled eggs, etc. She would stay for most of the week, then go back on the weekend to her partner. We did this for 3 weeks, until she only stayed for a couple of days the third week.
She took the following supplements:

*Vita Lea (no iron, as if her cervical tumor removal is part of the problem, cancer loves iron. Then I relearned that Wormwood also loves iron, and kills the cancer cells in leukemia and breast cancer in laboratory testing. Wormwood is one of the simple 3 herbal ingredients in the Dr. Hulda Clark parasite cleanse. A person is fed extra iron, and then given Wormwood. See www.onelifeusa under the parasite cleanse info.)

*Calcium as Chewable and Osteomatrix. I had her take 2 per meal or so.

*Optiflora-Shaklee's probiotic to rebalance her colon and add good bacteria to the mess inside. This product changed my life, personally when I experienced a form of IBS.

*Alfalfa-to alkalinize and feed her microminerals. She added these tablets to her bathtub. I saved a posting of someone with Morgellan's (a nasty parasite perhaps from cats? (they can get it, also.)The parasite sends awful fibers out of the skin.) who lost parasites in droves when their cat accidentally knocked over some alfalfa capsules into their bath water. They had previously added a pinch of Sun detergent with non-chlorine bleach. I don't know if the former product helped by opening pores, or at all, but I mention it for the record. No effect from the detergent used to bathe in was reported from previous uses.

*Liver DTX: My daughter added this after a few days to pull the toxins and parasite waste out of the body's greatest filter. The cigarette toxins had to go, also.

*Stress Relief Complex: Withdrawal from smoking was necessary, as Mom is allergic to the stuff, and my daughter had to get serious about living, if that was her choice. We waited for a few days, as her body was under enough stress. It's a bit of a waste to be pouring in nutrients as someone continues suicide by the cigg.
One Stress Relief a day creates Alpha waves and keeps the person alert. Cortisol produced by stress distresses organs and feeds Candida. Candida is actually found inside and on the skins of parasites, so they bring them in with them. A 'gut flora' imbalance and fungal development of Candida cause leaky gut and can eventually set up cancer and be fatal.

*B Complex: You can bet both of us needed this. Important for nerve transmission, and so many other bodily functions, it's worth Googling this one. DO NOT use immense doses of separate B's, as it can imbalance the rest. Shaklee's Vita Lea Multi-vitamin/mineral is coated with folic acid, for instance, and dissolves in the stomach where it's needed, instead of being bound up in some large pill bound to become a Bedpan Bullet, or one that spills it's entire contents in the stomach instead of where it's needed, elsewhere. I appreciate Shaklee's scientific attention to delivery details. They are in a class by themselves.

*GLA and Fish Oil: Essential Fatty Acids for the skin, heart and brain.

*Vitamin C: Helps the body absorb calcium and iron. Fights infection and a host of other tasks.

*Garlic: Kills virus's, bacteria, parasites, and is an anti-fungal. 2 GARLIC, 2 VITAMIN C SUSTAINED RELEASE and 1 NUTRIFERON that stimulates production of the body's interferon is what I use to BOOST IMMUNITY and KNOCK OUT FLU SYMPTOMS. IN MY HUMBLE BUT EXPERIENCED OPINION, THESE 3 SHAKLEE PRODUCTS SHOULD BE IN EVERY...MEDICINE CABINET.

**I would have given my daughter CAROTOMAX (betacarotene) and VITAMIN E (SHAKLEE'S IS THE BEST ON THE MARKET WITH A COMPLETE AND NATURAL PRODUCT), but there are studies that show a smoker can actually get lung cancer from these substances. When she is far enough out for me to feel safe, I'll make sure she has these. Cervical Cancer that spreads is associated with a deficiency in Betacarotene. (Gray hair from parenting never seems to end.)

My daughter is also on 1/4 tsp. of Vivix for energy and antioxidants. Grape seeds and skins have incredible benefits for many organ systems.

How is she? She regained her color, her strength, her nailbeds went back to normal. Her recovery was rapid but tenuous. When she was too toxic with detoxing from dead parasites, she got nauseous from the MMS at times. I told her the one-size fits all 15 drops on a 90 lb. girl may be too much for her. Oh, no, she wanted to make sure these awful worms were gone.

She went back to the same environment. Her boyfriend is out of work currently. The washing machine has been broken for months, so the bedding wasn't changed often enough. The two dogs still go in and out of the house, and as Dr. Clark says in a wonderful hourlong DVD I watched, all the dust in a home with animals that she tested had ascaris eggs in it. Her boyfriend is still smoking I believe. I heard him coughing this morning when I went to pick her up for a doctor's appt. His fingers act like a nicotine patch so my daughter can absorb the toxins. She had overslept. She is not on a schedule of waking at a certain time, eating at a certain time, etc., which throws off the whole system. Staying up at night impairs the health, as growth hormones are given off during the hours of 10-2 am that are an integral part of the immune system. She still doesn't realize that making a cake is sugar she can't afford. It's hard to change eating habits. What is there that's good to eat? I believe a Blog Posting is in order. COMING.... Remind me if you don't see it soon.

Weeks later now, she finally called to say she was again feeling worms move in her reproductive area, her lower abdomen and in and out of the lower end. Roundworms are ingested easily in an environment with pets. Fertilized eggs hatch around 10 days, the larvae crawl into the lungs and then the mouth where they are coughed out, or swallowed. The swallowed larvae then grow into 6-10" worms in the lumen of the small intestine, so within 2-3 months, the life cycle is reproduced, with a female worm laying a capacity of 240,000 eggs. Dogs and cats both can have roundworms. There is a sand pile in the front yard where the dogs track in and out of, before coming inside. She with thousands of other people have jumped on the 'fun' and 'popular' activity of eating raw fish in the form of sushi.

Habits and comfortable styles of life are a challenge to change. I look at her reddish cuticles, and know if she keeps this cycle up, nothing will help her. Youth is on her side, but she alone will either listen and make it, or not. Of course I want her to live. My 'children' are now adults, ranging in age from 24-35. If the wisdom of age is not accepted, history repeats itself and failures occur. My daughter and I have a 'date' to watch the Dr. Hulda Clark DVD. Sometimes others besides parents can make the biggest impression on 'kids' or should I say, offspring. Education helps us from repeating the same actions, and expecting different results, but we humans are great rationalizers.

Yesterday I was saddened to hear of the passing of Portland Oregon Providence Systems -Dr. Paul Kucera of cancer. He was the last Pelvic Oncologist I saw. He passed out Twinkies to his patients, despite cancer cells having more insulin receptors than other cells, and sugar lending to metabolic acidosis (we are what we eat?) and bragged to me that he didn't listen to the one hour of nutritional training he received as a Medical Student. He had some type of throat surgery that made it hard for him to talk. He loved his work. He lived his theories and chose what part of his training to pay attention to. He will be missed.

What do I suggest to my own children? Live without pets in the house. Eat organic fruits and veggies, whole grains and cooked fish or occasional meats. Don't taunt Death and your Health with smoking and drinking. For Immunity: Take Vita Lea multivitamin, Soy Protein as 90% of the immune system and most everything depends on protein, and diets often are deficient in it, & Optiflora for a probiotic to avoid dysbiosis, bladder infections and fungal overgrowth.
Pure Fish Oil for the brain and heart, etc.
For the Medicine Cabinet: At the first sign of a cold, sinus problem or flu: Take 2 Vitamin C, 2 Garlic, and 1 Nutriferon twice a day. One day has been the extent of the Immune boost needed for me, and my immune system was compromised with Endocervical Cancer in 2004. I am proactive, in that I take what I suggest, and most of the things that I shared in the Supplement Paragraph.

**Nutriferon boosts the body's own production of interferon, and is so powerful, that 2/3 of the Hepatitis C virus is reduced within a month of taking it.

*Despite more tailored changes coming, my daughter has been amazed at how much energy she has taking the Shaklee supplements Mom set her up with. I just smile. She said she has never taken a vitamin that has given her so much energy. I feel like the dog in the Blog Picture. I watch over my children, and I am always at their back.
(The picture was in the Birkenfield, Oregon store.)

My best. To your Health!

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