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Psoriasis Solutions II. No April Fools!


My introduction to Psoriasis was when my younger sister got it while we lived in cold Spokane, Washington. She had to take tar baths. I would later sometimes get a little patch on my lip or chest in the winter, usually when I was under some kind of stress. I have a friend who came home from Vietnam with Psoriasis, and still has it in his 60's. That will change if he reads this post.

There is a new kid on the block to kill blood borne pathogens, and it is MMS or the Miracle Mineral Supplement. You can go to and read about this sodium chlorite activated by citric acid. A person starts with one drop twice a day, adding 5 drops of citric acid solution PER DROP OF MMS- (a year's supply comes in a kit for less than $26 including shipping) and taking 3 minutes to allow activation. The person using it then adds 1/2 a glass of water or some juice without ANY added citric acid, and drinks it down. The person starts with 1 drop and works up to 15 drops, twice a day, and then takes 15 drops 3x a day. If the person has cancer or a serious disease, they can take a maintenance dose of 4-6 drops per instructions once a day. It can be used in an IV, by enema, tub water, or dabbed on a burn, wart, or psoriasis. To order:
OR: Call 1-888.349.9428 (PST) and order with # 2909

Once the fungal problem is killed, and treated for, inside the blood, if it were my sister or husband, etc., I would suggest doing a gentle colon cleanse which ends up using Liver DTX by Shaklee. All roads lead to the liver, and it should be cleansed, also. Milk thistle in the DTX does a great job of detoxing. A supplement program below is also important, and changing the diet to alkaline to change the internal environment.

I've read accounts where the Vital Repair in Shaklee's Enfuselle products like the C&E Day Moisturizer has healed psoriasis on the skin, and that Fish Oil and GLA essential fatty acids are also important, in a 3/1 ratio usually. See below the supplement list:

Here is the list again of what has been helpful in changing someone's health to get rid of psoriasis. Sun is important for the Vitamin D that creates calcium. The further from the equator, the more cases of cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Fungus has become a large problem in our society because of the antibiotics and prescriptions used. Cortisone and steroid use would not be in my regiman, as they are immune suppressants. Many getting injections of cortisone have ended up having to get hip replacements, as it destroys cartilage. I like natural products. Unknown side effects can be a problem. MMS is in the experimental stage, and many are using it for TB, Giardia, 75,000 cured of Malaria by blood test results pre and post MMS use, etc. You can find personal accounts and info on YouTube.

I told my friend if he were my husband, he would do the Dr. Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse, ($16.99 through, then MMS, ( and then take the Natural Food Supplements below:

**Vita Lea for a multivitamin/mineral supplement. 2 a day
**Soy Protein for a clean plant protein-lowers cholesterol, stops angiogenesis or tumor growth, binds to the receptor sites to protect against breast and prostate cancer, builds bone mass better than calcium alone (60 studies), etc. 1-2 servings a day @ a little over a dollar a serving Member Price.
**Optiflora-Balances the 5lbs. of gut flora towards the good guys. The Lactobacillus and Bifidus actually gets past the stomach acid to arrive in the colon. With the prebiotic powder of fructoligosaccharides, (1 tsp in water or juice or a smoothie) the little triple-encased pearl opens up to ....ahh, breakfast. (I tell my customers to order two of the pearls (probiotics) so you order one when you run out of the first one, so as to never be without them.)

He would do the Gentle Colon Cleanse, and use most or several of the products below until his psoriasis was resolved. Medications do not offer the vitamins, minerals and protein needed for the body to make new healthy cells. I firmly believe that with the amount of fungus we are now dealing with, that psoriasis is a parasite/fungal problem. Fungus doesn't do well or grow in sunlight.
Dr. Hulda Clark is a scientist that showed Candida lives inside and on the exterior of parasites. Dysbiosis or an imbalance of gut flora is expressed on the skin. LIver DTX is necessary in the Gentle Colon Cleanse to clean the body's greatest filter: the LIver, of toxins, parasite waste, and mycotoxins from the blood.

Water is the first thing mentioned below. Just a bit more info in general: 8-12 glasses of pure water a day lower bladder cancer by 50% and colon cancer risk by 45%. Hydration lowers significant aches and pains by 80%. Lack of water is the number one cause of daytime fatigue, and causes indigestion, constipation, fuzzy thinking and contributes to obesity as thirsty people think they are hungry.

* PSORIASIS: * (drink adequate water for proper detoxification of skin,
bowels & kidneys)

**1. ALFALFA: blood purifier & cleanser; strengthens & cleanses kidneys
**2. GLA: IMPORTANT for all skin disorders.
**3. HERB-LAX: detoxifies toxins from the body
**4. DTX: reduce toxin load
5. STRESS RELIEF COMPLEX: to relieve stress related root causes
**6. CAROTOMAX: reduces effects of UV light from the sun; nourishes epithelium skin tissue
**7. VITA C: speeds tissue healing; detoxifies sensitizing substances; boosts immune system
**8. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: promotes healing of skin; increases circulation
**9. ZINC: needed for connective tissue repair in scar tissue
**10. B COMPLEX: improved nutrient absorption
**11. OPTIFLORA: detoxifies many chemicals
**12. GARLIC: detoxification; increases capillary circulation; speeds tissue healing
**13. OMEGA GUARD: Pure Fish Oil for Essential Fatty Acids. ***Very Important.
**14. Lecithin...

Testimonials and Shared Helpful Info:

One of the side benefits of EPA is to help some people with psoriasis; also Shaklee Laundry concentrate is, I have been told, recommended by the Psoriasis Foundation. Laurine
Subject: Re: Psoriasis......
Vita-lea, along with Epa & Lecithin seem to work very well with people that have psoriasis. The body needs the fatty acids to heal this disease. Epa does not work alone, it needs a balance of other nutrients, as in Vita-lea.

Subject: Re: Psoriasis......

My dad has had psoriasis since he was 5. He started adding EPA 3-4 with each meal to reduce his cholesterol and as a SIDE BENEFIT his psoriasis cleared up! Worth a try!!! But BE CONSISTANT!
Subject: Re: Psoriasis......
From: Zannrose

HI - I went to a seminar with Dr. Linda Rodrigez -- she mentioned that there seems to be a link between candida and psioriasis -- the program she recommends is: cleansing/de-toxing -- optiflora, dtx, herblax, fiber tabs, alfalfa, lots of pure water. Add foundation nutrients: protein, multi, b-complex, cal/mag, vit. c. Add fatty acids, gla, epa, lecithin, antioxidents. Also garlic is helpful for candida related problems.

Hope this helps.
Subject: Psoriasis, using Enfuselle
From: Dino6987

I have been using Enfuselle for only one week on my Elbows and Knees. I have Psoriasis on them. In the morning I use Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Toner, Calming complex and A.M. Repair. In the Evening: Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Toner, Calming complex and Hydrating Moisturizer. After one week I can not believe the difference. On my elbows it is starting to clear up, my knees are taking a little longer. I have had Psoriasis for years and never found anything that works like Enfuselle.
Subj: Help for psoriasis
Date: 10/31/1999 7:48:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

We have had several astounding reversals of psoriasis using a simple
program: Optiflora, GLA, EPA, E capsules and Slim Plan! (Now Cinch) It's great and
it works! One was a severe case! Hope this helps others.

Gerri Stiner

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