Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Doctors Telling Citizens What they Have to Do/Medical Paternalism for Profit

This morning I read where a bill is being presented to increase the pap and mammogram screening coverage for women in the proposed Health Insurance bill. The brazen woman who is proposing the bill says that if the doctor advises either, then the woman must have it done. Since when do adults allow ignorant government figures to treat us like children, so the doctors and pharmaceuticals can ensure their profits? This is like the vaccine program, which was laced with the term Mandatory, as if parents can't decide for their children or themselves, and the Government, (with corporate ties) takes over the place of Parent. Paternalism for Profit. What kind of stupidity and corruption has this government come to? How long will the suffering go on, before an absolute revolution takes place?

This reminds me of the 'Drug War', where the CIA plants crack cocaine in ghetto neighborhoods, and suddenly we have a huge BUSINESS of CORRECTIONS. The DEA has so many corrupt ties, and profits are like Christmas for a few, that the tax-paying citizen is destined to be the low man on the totem pole. No drug treatment or legitimate drug treatment offered, but the citizens are NAIVE enough to support $25,000 per year and up, per our sons and daughters behind bars. With no legitimate help offered the small percentage of sexual abuse victims with convicted perpetrators, our resulting drug and alcohol addicts can fuel the prison economy. Who is making money? What is the expense?

This reminds me of AIDS, where the HIV virus is created, (now bear with me and do your own research and thought) implanted in Africa and New York in the vaccines, and then the Pharmaceuticals become giant powers, dripping with grants for research, etc., and eventually can compromise economic systems by infiltrating rescue of African children, etc. Managing CANCER, AIDS, DIABETES, etc. after creating it with toxins and drugs and adulterated nutrient-deprived crops is quite the business.

Where are the ADULTS in this country, with logical, rational abilities for thought? Where are the scientists with a curiosity in patterns and theories?
First we are shocked (giving live syphilis to inmates for lab rats), enraged, but not outraged, and eventually with the wave of corruption, we have become apathetic and easy targets for a variety of experiments and money-making projects, from Aspartame to Birth Control Hormones, Coumadin to Blood Pressure Meds to Psych Drugs, while we march with pink ribbons.

What if Alzheimers, cervical cancer, etc. were nothing but a money-making agenda with voiceless victims? Worse yet, thankful victims for the failed synthetic 'wonder drugs' to keep us out of the rest home for a few months, but result in early death. Kind of reminds me of the movie, Soylent Green. What if Macrobid, the drug given to women to 'avoid' urinary tract infections was creating the cervical cancer, tipping the DNA to become erratic, creating squamous and/or adenocarcinoma or the chemicals laced in cigarettes which are found in the cervical tissues were merely symbiotic hands with Tobacco/Big Pharma companies and the silent Medical field, and all along the HPV vaccines which can kill or harm more women, Pap smears, cervical procedures, etc. were merely the bread and butter for 'helpful' medical personnel and their Pharmaceutical and Lab and Diagnostic -doctor-invested Machines? Do we have a right to know the 'goals' of a hospital? Like, how many heart transplants they are shooting for in the year? Do we have a right to know, or would it be good sense to know, who has financial interests in the Diagnostic Machines?

This Holiday season, my wish is not small. I am wanting balance to return to this planet. I want to see media policy enforced, with ALL men, women and children of BOTH sides listed as killed or maimed. I want pictures of the reality of war shared, so we can be emotionally intelligent, and begin to shape world policy. I want mothers of integrity to take over in Government positions. Communication is a pivotal point of power. I want the owners and interests of ALL media shared with the public. I want Education to become the unpolluted basis to galvanize the young to help the old mend what is broken. No law school to reinforce the incestual Bar Membership of judge and lawyer, but to dig our country out of the fraudulent label of Justice. I know this is a lot, but we are many, and our spirit invincible despite the numbing and dumbing. I want the 'lights' to go on for the rest of the year.

Note: I will be posting photos of the aging/dying process of a young woman who was tricked into taking Psych Meds, and manipulated by fear in that 'getting off the drug would make her go crazy', which is a Party Line of many 'medical personnel' and 'counselors'. I believe in your right to be informed.

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