Sunday, December 13, 2009

Easy-to-Make Holiday Baskets

This Post Will offer:
1. Holiday Baskets to Make....
2. Give the Gift of Health!
3. Onion Cheese Bread Recipe

1. Nothing erases the Holiday doldrums better than cheering someone up with a Holiday Gift Basket. This collection of baked goods, fruit, nuts, a plant nestled in red and green decorative 'grass' and possibly some Gifts of Health tucked in is easy and affordable.
Decide on a limit of spending, Purchase a Gift Certificate, or use the materials you have around the house. This is also the time to give gifts to others that they may appreciate, but do nothing but collect dust and take up room in your shelves and drawers.

You'll need: a basket from the Dollar Store, or one you have saved for this very season. My picture today is one with little red Christmas balls on a woven basket from a local Dollar store that is too cute to keep to myself. I'll fill it with some cookies, an orange or two, a beautiful new necklace I will never wear, still in the box, a gingerbread cookie cutter (my friend has grandkids and no gingerbread boy cookie cutter) and a few bath items that I love, from Shaklee:

The Multi-purpose Herbal Cream smells like WintoGreen Lifesavers, and heals chapped hands, is great for foot massages, takes away itches almost immediately, and is called Face to Fanny cream, for its wide variety of uses. (I'll send the list upon request. It's good to place in the bottom of the basket.)
The friend I'm thinking of loves hot baths, and so I also am including a Shaklee white scrubby net and my favorite body soap-Meadowblend Bar. It's actually not soap, and instead of the alkaline soaps that compromise our skins' natural acid mantle, this one is easy and gentle, and leaves no soap scum rings behind.(A cleansing bar, enriched with pH-balanced formula is gentle on your skin, and contains oatmeal, vitamin E, and wheat germ oil to make you feel and look clean, healthy and soft.)

Another basket idea is for particular health problems, like the Arthritis Basket, with Shaklee's Alfalfa, Osteomatrix (calcium), Joint Health Complex if it's a knee problem with a loss of cartilage, and the Joint and Muscle Pain Cream. This Cream works really well. After a warm bath, massage it in and slip under the covers for a comforting night's sleep. A neighbor who ran a 5K run, discovered his body was aching all over. I had him do an experiment. We rubbed Joint and Muscle Pain Cream on one of his calves, and by the time he walked home, he noticed that leg no longer hurt. Another friend rubbed it on a damaged knee, and it stopped the pain. He then could feel pain in other joints that the knee had taken focus from. It works!

A loaf of bread, Applesauce Oatmeal Walnut muffins with Cranberries, Bread Sticks or Pretzels with coarse kosher salt, or Onion Cheese Bread, with a pint or quart of soup is also a nice basket. Have fun with the bows and ribbons, garlands, and Christmas labels made from old Christmas cards.


Write and ask for a Gift Certificate for Shaklee Products. You choose the amount of the gift.

Basics: For Women, Children, Teens or Men there is a Vita Lea Multi-vitamin/mineral for everyone.

Soy or Whey Protein, or Cinch for Healthy Weight. Leucine ensures lean muscle mass won't be lost, so calories can be burned efficiently.

Optiflora (probiotics) and Omega Guard (fish oil) are also part of the Basics!
Basics=4 products: Vita Lea, Soy Protein, Optiflora and Omega Guard.
OR: Vitalizer is a month's supply of daily strips with all the above and more, except the protein of course, which is Soy, Whey, or Cinch Healthy Weight.
Try Vivix for a powerful Antioxidant. (Grape skins and seeds and polyphenols for anti-aging and cellular protection. Testimonials of PSA to normal after 6 weeks of Vivix, lowered Blood pressure, thins blood naturally, protects against cancer and diabetes vascular damage, especially eyes).

Call me for a FREE personalized recommendation:
Pamela/Lean Green Cafe 503-429-0240

3. Onion Cheese Bread Recipe

I've really loved this recipe with a good soup, or with salad, or a casserole. I made my own biscuit mix in the past. There are many recipes for it on the internet.

**Cook 1/2 c. chopped Onion in 1T. shortening or olive oil till clear
Blend 1 1/2 c. Biscuit Mix, 1/2 c. milk, 1 beaten egg, cooked onion, & 1/2 c. grated cheddar cheese.
Spread in a greased pie plate. Top with 1/2 c. grated cheese, 1T. poppy or sesame seed, and 2Tbsp. melted butter over all.
Bake at 375 for 20-25 min.

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