Saturday, July 20, 2013

USDA: Arm of the Illegal Totalitarianist US Government. Focus: Raisin Farmers

The United States need to do just that. Unite. The government is so corrupt at this point. The battles are many and diverse. This Saturday morning, I listened to California raisin farmers tell how the USDA steals 47% of their work each year, forcing them into debt and ruin, and now is punishing them for not complying with fines like the $700,000 oppressive tactics one elderly farm couple is giving part of their lives for. The stress alone will take these farmers down. Farmers that have labored for generations, watching the US jack prices of produce for their political agendas, illegally.
Bankrupt the farmers for your Oneworld political agenda, or should we just say generic greed?

American citizens are fighting a war at home, while our drones are killing people worldwide. Time to clean up: Assassinations, fracking the water into flammable liquid, chemtrail the air and land, GMO the cancer rates, vaccinate and process American kids after foreign kids are used as guinea pigs...for what? All involved are unwelcome here....or anywhere.

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